“Lincoln” Teaser Trailer Does Not Disappoint

    September 11, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Daniel Day-Lewis was pretty much destined to play the role of Lincoln, or so it would seem by the posters and new teaser trailer for the film. Aside from his uncanny resemblance to the former president, we know he’ll give his all in the performance, just like he always does. I smell an Oscar.

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    Excellent…anxious to watch the movie!!

  • http://WebProNews Rob McMahon

    “L” is in reality a myth more ignobled in his death than celebrated during his life: “L” failed to acknowkedge or even seriously consider any right that the South had to secede while ignoring New Englanders prior attempt to secede in 1812-1814 as do most, if not, all modern day Northerners; “L” also ignored the prior Jeffersonian political thought that any State enjoyed the Right to secede; “L” also