Rush Limbaugh’s Advertiser Troubles Via SNL

By: Mike Tuttle - March 12, 2012

Rush Limbaugh’s recent remarks about University of Georgetown student Sandra Fluke, calling her a “slut” and a “prostitute”, have continued to come back to haunt him. He blogged a Saturday apology, then explained to his listeners on Monday that he had apologized because he realized that his statements made him sound like a liberal. The debate rages on about whether this comment and the fallout from it might be the end for Limbaugh. His opponents have organized an advertiser boycott that claims to have taken out dozens of ad-buyers. Limbaugh says those local ad buys are inconsequential to him and will not affect his business. Our analysis of that statement says it is not true. Local ad buys affect the local stations, which cannot sustain the kind of advertiser exodus that is happening. At WABC radio recently, the flagship station for Limbaugh’s program, over half of Limbaugh’s commercial spots were replaced with free public service announcements, a sure sign in the radio world that advertisers were leaving and staying away.

Some businesses are coming forward to say that they will gladly advertise with Limbaugh, but he is denying those since they are for such websites as AshleyMadison, which promisses to help people find a way to cheat on their spouses.

Into this fracas steps Saturday Night Live, famous for its impersonations of other political figures, including President Obama and Sarah Palin. The cold open piece pokes fun at the advertiser troubles Limbaugh has. SNL cast member Taran Killiam plays Limbaugh in the piece.

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  • topnotch

    When you become an employer, you become subject to all sorts of employment laws about how you treat your employees and you don’t get to decide everything about that job where the employee’s choice is to take the job or not.
    In fact, there are a whole shiatload of things you absolutely don’t get to decide about that job that employers would very much like to decide about the job.
    Yep, I think it’s a great idea that we have a body of employment law that employers can’t get around and are stuck with. Hooray for employment law. It protects employees by forcing all employees to adhere to a basic set of standards whether they want to or not.
    Exactly like this one.
    And hooray for civil rights law. I think it’s fantastic that Denny’s and Cracker Barrel can’t decide they don’t want to serve lunch to black people.
    Hooray for concealed carry laws. I think it’s terrific that most places Denny’s, Cracker Barrel, Red Lobster, Ruby Tuesday, etc., can’t post a “No Guns Allowed” sign and make people who carry concealed leave their guns in their cars.
    When you step out and do business with other people, you are involving Other People. You are stepping enough into the public sphere that sometimes there are rules governing what you can and cannot do—and sometimes there should be.
    Not getting your beliefs involved in your employee’s health is one of those places where there damned well should be a law stepping in and telling you yes you have to pay for coverage because he’s an employee and yes you have to keep your big nose out of the details because it’s the employee’s health.

    • Dave Springer


    • buddy gibbs

      Apparently millions of conservatives have done what I did. Cancel all ties with the sponsors who left Rush’s show. I called each one to cancel personally so they know why.Almost all who cancelled his show have since tried to beg back after the fact. Rush told them to go to hell he had already replaced them. Let this be a lesson to Lefties. Conservatives spend money, lefties have to get it from their parents.(or the government)

      • norm

        Buddy Gibbs, you are an idiot!!!

        • David Santana

          Is EVERYBODY somehow forgetting that birth control prevents the result of HETEROSEXUAL sex? It takes a representative of BOTH GENDERS to create a pregnancy. How is it that MEN are free of the responsibility and STIGMA attached to the use of birth control by the extreme right? In my generation, and those before mine, daughters were told to “save their virtue for marriage”, while junior was instructed to “go out and get some experience before you settle down”. When are we, as a society, going to come to terms with this male-dominated, ignorant and perverse viewpoint of sex? Don’t we all produce daughters as well as sons? How can we continue to burden our women with the consequences of this stupidity? To use another gender fallacy, I think it’s time we “MAN UP”, and do the right thing, guys…

      • Limpbag

        1:18 “ms. fluke, who bought your condoms in junior high? who bought your condoms in the sixth grade? who bought your contraceptive pills in high school?”
        2:29 “she’s having so much sex it’s amazing she can still walk.”
        2:32 “does she have more boyfriends? ha! they’re lined up around the block.”
        2:39 “they wanna have sex anytime. as many partners, whatever. no limits on this. she and her classmates are have sex 3 times a day for 3 years straight, apparently.”
        2:57 “we’re talking sex addict frequency. thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars to satisfy the sexual habits of female law students at georgetown”
        3:06 “i’m not questioning her virtue. i KNOW what her virtue is. she’s having so much sex she’s going broke.”
        3:13 “the woman who is happily presenting herself as an immoral, baseless, no-purpose-to-her-life, woman. here’s a woman exercising no self control. she wants to have repeated, never-ending, as-often-as-she-wants-it sex.”
        3:30 “she wants a penalty-free, moral-free life where everybody else pays for the mistakes she makes”
        3:46 “the woman wants unlimited, no responsibility, no consequences sex.”
        4:22 “did you ever think about backing off the amount of sex that you have?”
        4:27 “were these kinds of women around when i was in school? no. i didn’t know any flukes. every school had a couple of them.”
        4:36 “so ms. fluke, and the rest of you feminazis, here’s the deal. if WE are going to PAY for your contraceptives, if we’re gonna have to pay for this, thus PAY for you to have sex, we want something for it. we want something in return. we want you to post the videos, on line, the videos of all this sex, posted on line, so we can see what we are getting for our money.”

      • Nutty Gibbs

        Millions? Really? Millions? Is there a list or something that shows these millions?

      • Skip

        You’re wrong my friend. Consumers spend money and consumers are both left, right, and center. When a block of consumer’s feel threatened or offended they can stop spending their money on a focused entity or group there of. It is there capitalism has it’s true power. Sit back a watch capitalism work on Mr. Limbaugh…ha ha ha ha haa……

    • james fields

      While I do not support Obama Health Care. As a 61 year old, vet,and a Dept of the US Army, Dept of the US State Dept. contractor, that has put his life on the line for the good of this country too many times, I find that
      what Rush said is not Freedom of the press or freedom of speech
      and if the FCC ever does their job Rush will be out of a job.
      The problem with Rush is he had said more than 1 time he will do
      anything to keep Obama from a second term. Lie miss state facts
      I am considering voting for 1 of 4 non Democrats. But who ever does not agree with Rush is either a left Nazi or Right wing Communist. Communist are Left wing and Nazi or right wing for your FYI.
      At one time their as a difference in who was running. Well you have Ron Paul and Obama and the other 3 look almost like Obama twins.
      The US is in trouble and we need to look a who is running and vote for the best not for his title.
      For you FYI that bill that you keep talking about that did away with do process was McCain and seven other Ring winger that you continue to support.
      O by the way just when did you serve FREEDOM IS NOT FREE AND WE DESERVE MORE THAT WHAT WE ARE GETTING

      • blufish63

        Thank you James Fields for your comment, I couldn’t have said it better myself. & Thank you for serving our country. I’ll just add one more thing!!


  • Hanna

    I’m liberal and I don’t go around calling people sluts…

    • lafferty

      weres the list so we can boycott them ,you made that up i heard the other way around ,they should get out and go some were else .There being exposed like sleep train,Dawn.people need to know who they are unless you dont like girls. women who have used birth control.

  • denny

    what can you say the girl likes sex 3000 dollars to be safe . but the question is why do i have to pay for her fun i dont want to pay for it let her boyfriends pay for im sure she has enough boyfriends she can get money from to pay for there rubbers. but for rush hes a crazy man but i do have to say i like his tea . i feel like a pimp if i have to pay for her sex exploits and im not even getting a percentage of the take.

    • Rouge

      Your an idiot!!!!!

      • lafferty

        Im a lliberal and Limbo full of it,i dont use slut to degrade women and girls on the right.I dont no any repuckes that listen to libo,heard of yes, but they heard of Jerry Springer also.I bet his listners rateing are made up.He cant prove them.His clients need to swich to a liberal program theres more liberals.We are a center right nation,i dont care what libo says.President Regan was a Moderate .He raised taxes 12 times.Obama has not raised taxes.Regan cut and ran for lebanon.In my opinion libo needs a mental evaluation to see whats wrong with him.Why so many wifes?Why dose he make things up, like a child in la la land.Why dont he like women?He calls them neofashest the women he talks about. Why no children? This guy speaks for Gop and they condone this. lieing is normal for him.By his standard of liberal,he will join us in hail.We will torcher him there.Gop condones this,Not a single teabagger said a word,There for they condone the hate of women and young girls on birthcontrol.Health ins,has always coverd this it cheaper then take care of babys.I wish he would drop dead and i will see him in hail were liberal willburn his butt.

    • John Daley

      Check the liberal media, look at things they called Sara Palin. Their your media, with out you supporting them they wouldn’t be able to say those things.

      • Baron

        LIBERAL media?? Still spouting that myth? All I hear in these parts is NEOCON media! As for that twit Palin, when you continuously hand people ammunition to expose you for the idiot you are, then who is to blame? Sarah Palin is a poser, an intellectual lightweight, who is a hypocrite. BTW, those very same “values” she claims to have never apply when it comes to her or her family! And Katie Couric, a journalist, handed Sarah her own a$$ on national tv. Why is that funny and so typical? Cuz A) Palin should have prepared; B) Couric is a professional C) once Sarah finally settled on a college major after 6 colleges, it was — journalism! Liberal media, eh?

      • lafferty

        Not true media has leaned right sense bush was in office.Its a made up talking point by Gop> THE MEDIA lead us to Bushes wars with ther lies about Sadam attacking us on 911 Or WMD the media along with Fox and libo lead us to war with there lies.Media leans right Dont belive Gop talking point.THey made up a storey aboult Tillman.did not check facts.You notice they never had a Mission accomplished when Obama order the capture of beedladen,dead or alive.When the mission was accomplished.None of the Media gave the president credit for this highley riskey mission that his Bush defense chief though was to riskey.Weres media credit there was none because media still leans right sense president bush.So dont belive Gop talking point on media.Its made up.

    • Dan Pro

      You dont pay and neither does any one else – INSURANCE pays for health insurance…duh.

      • BD

        Dan Pro, I read your comment about WHO PAYS and the first thing that popped into my head is that you must be borderline retarded.

        It’s sad that there are people in this country that are that damn ignorant of how business and insurance operates.

        Do you think the insurance companies have a tree out back that they go and pick 100 dollar bills off of when they need it? It’s pathetic that I would even have to explain this to someone, but that’s the state of our country these days. Barry Soetero has these people believing that as long as a corporation pays for it, you’re in the clear and it’s free so go ahead and take whatever you can get.

        When Insurance companies are forced to cover things like birth control pills for the Floozy, sure they’ll do it, but you know what happens then? They RAISE the premiums that everyone has to pay. You’re not getting a damn thing FREE from insurance companies. They aren’t a charity, they are in business to MAKE MONEY. I know that’s a bad thing to libtards and Barry Soetero, but that’s how it works.

        So Dan Pro, now you know. The next time you open your Cake Hole about who pays for the birth control pills you won’t look like and sound like an absolute total frigging MORON. Maybe some of your other libtard pals that may read this will also learn something about how CAPITALISM actually WORKS.

        What a sad state this country is in. I’ll bet Dan Pro is fully capable of passing on his pea sized brain to another generation. That should scare the hell out of everyone reading this.

        • blufish63

          It’s too bad BD that you can’t keep your comments civil. Name calling is how this all started. Respect and toleration for fellow Americans is the #1 problem in this country. Unfortunately you just keep breeding more intoleration. SAD.

      • Keith

        Guess you need to understand insurance….. everyone pays a premium. every one pays for the insurance so everyone pays for health care in one way or another

        • lafferty

          You dont know what your talking about sure it cost company money,Thats why middle class workers dont get raises inmore because of the hi cost of medical care,Its not birh control pills thats a minor part of there cost.Babys and there care cost a hail of a lot more money then birth control pills.Your meds And mine cost more then birth control there call matience drugs,.You dont no what your talking about.If we get cancer that really hurts your employer with higer cost.Shut the hail up if you dont know what your talking about Fox And Libo make things up.Thats prob.were you got your lack that sir.

      • GlennH

        DanPro, Are all Libs that ignorant? The principle of insurance is spread of risk which means the greater group all pays some for the individual risk. I want Ms. Fluke to have the freedom to have birth control, but that doesn’t mean she should not pay for it. She has the right to drive too, so why don’t we all buy her a car too.

        • lafferty

          her insurance pays not tax payers.Thats made up by the Gop<Its a talking point not true By the way your the ignorant if you listen to this women hater.He has mental problems and needs to get help to find out whats wrong with him.

        • lafferty

          her insurance pays not tax payers.Thats made up by the Gop<Its a talking point not true By the way your the ignorant if you listen to this women hater.He has mental problems and needs to get help to find out whats wrong with him.

    • John Daley

      Check the liberal media, look at things they called Sara Palin. Their your media, with out you supporting them they wouldn’t be able to say those things.

      No, I don’t remember when SNL was funny and I chastise people that watch it.

      • Richard

        Start thinking for yourself instead of letting Rush do it for you. How can you compare Sara Palin and Sandra Fluke? One is a public figure and one is a private figure. Public figures do take their share of undeserved trashing but they also get millions of dollars for doing travelogues on the Discovery channel.

    • Bob


    • topnotch

      This is what Ms. Fluke ACTUALLY SAID . . .
      She kept her poise, voice faltering only slightly, as she told the story of a gay friend who needed prescription birth control to prevent the growth of ovarian cysts. When Georgetown declined to cover the pills on the grounds that they were intended to prevent a pregnancy, Fluke said, her friend developed a cyst “the size of a tennis ball” that required the removal of her ovary. As Fluke noted, oral contraceptives, which can be costly, are often prescribed for medical issues unrelated to preventing pregnancy. “A woman’s health takes a back seat to a bureaucracy focused on policing her body,” she told the assembled members of Congress.

      This is how Limbaugh DISTORTED the FACTS regarding what Ms. Fluke had stated – Limbaugh insulted Ms. Fluke at least 53 times over three days last week, often in vicious and vulgar terms as follows . . .

      “She’s having so much sex it’s amazing she can still walk,” Limbaugh said, scoffing at the notion that “she wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex” and suggesting Fluke could repay the debt by posting pornographic videos online.”

      According to the above article, Ms. Fluke having access to BIRTH CONTROL being rumored it is a TAXPAYER SUBSIDY is INACCURATE and has been DISTORTED big time!

      “Intentional or not, Limbaugh’s central point — that taxpayers shouldn’t pay the tab if students choose to use birth control — is in fact PREDICATED on a FALLACY. “Other than that it’s popular to say the taxpayers end up paying for this, I don’t see the argument,” says Timothy Jost, a law professor who studies healthcare at Washington and Lee University in Virginia. “There’s NO DIRECT SUBSIDY

    • haarry watkins

      The woman was not testifying that she needed someone to pay for her birth control pills. She was testifying that her university where she and her classmates all paid for health insurance would not pay for her friend/classmate’s pills necessary to treat ovarian cysts because they might be used for birth control. The friend lost one of her ovaries because she didn’t have enough money to pay for the medication herself. At no time was she refering to taxpayers paying the bill it was the insurance company that the University stopped from paying for such medication.

    • darrell

      What an idiot you are. Her health insurance pays for the the pills, just like someone with high blood pressure. The argument is for the insurance company to cover the medication. Learn to read and stop letting other spoon feed you incorrect information.

    • Not a Snob

      You are a freakin idiot. To not have the comon sense to know that women don’t pop a pill everytime they have sex…I’m sure in your world they do…but those are called skittles and trust me, as much as you trie to convince your 12 year old girlfriend she can’t get pregnant if she eats the red ones…she knows you’re lying just like us!

    • MizM.

      I don’t understand this point of view to be honest, is there a way you can explain to me further but all I can say is isn’t to late to have this argument?. Just look at pregnancy-leave…we are paying those women because they had sex… What is the difference in your world?. Or are you against that too…?

    • Richard

      Taxpayers don’t pay for any of it. That was a lie and you fell for it. As usual Rush’s statements and the facts are mutually exclusive.

  • Connie Armstrong

    When Bill Maher shuts up and the rest of the left. Then everyone can judge Rush. The woman can pay for her own birth control. I paid for mine.

    • Linton

      Oh! So you’re a slut that pays for her own fun? Mind you – it’s haiving to take those things that makes you a slut……you don’t fit the prostitute piece as you stated you pay for it yourself.

      But the fact remains, in Rush’s eyes, since you take birth control 365/yr – you are also a slut. Nice, huh?

    • Linton

      Bill Maher is a complete effing idiot. So, how nice that they both call women women names to make themselves feel better. And in your eyes, a liberal doing it makes it Ok for the cowardly biggot to say it?

      Please, send me your address, I’ll send you a dollar – you can go out and buy yourself a clue!

    • http://yahoo Valencia Hawkins

      Connie, I’m sure your insurance paid for your birth control methods. All woman have a right to not get pregnant if they choose to have sex. I really think you and rush are self serving idiots. Ms. Fluke has a lot of courage to stand before an ignorant male congress, and try to state her case/opinion. You should be more open to other opinions and feelings.

      • C-rats

        Valencia — My insurance never covered birth control until the last few years. It was a decision my previous employers made to help keep my insurance affordable. And back then, my insurance was affordable.

      • C-rats

        This entire issue is about the First Amendment and a religious organization’s rights. It is not about birth control. If you look at statistics, most insurance plans have not been paying for birth control. This is only an issue because our current president wants to be re-elected, has women all upset, and he doesn’t understand the Constitution.

        • Baron

          Most certainly NOT! That is how you delude yourself. A segment of crazya$$ religious zealots want to hide behind supposed religious rights to deny equal access and equal care for women. If you deal with the public, then you must serve ALL the public as you normally would.

      • haarry watkins

        I totally agree with you however The woman was not testifying that she needed someone to pay for her birth control pills. She was testifying that her university where she and her classmates all paid for health insurance would not pay for her friend/classmate’s pills necessary to treat ovarian cysts because they might be used for birth control. The friend lost one of her ovaries because she didn’t have enough money to pay for the medication herself. At no time was she refering to taxpayers paying the bill it was the insurance company that the University stopped from paying for such medication.

    • Baron

      Bill Maher is NOT comparable to Rush. First, Maher is a professional comedian; Rush is not. Maher is not PAID tv & standup routines you pay for in clubs; Rush is not. He is on the PUBLIC airwaves. Bet you are offended when somebody swears or the famous nipslip moment during the Super Bowl, right? But not offended at Rush’s slander & language & complete distortion of public testimony on public airwaves??
      Also, here is one for YOU: when you pay ALL my bills, live MY life; then YOU can tell me how to live. And, for the men: when you men can anatomically push a 4-appendaged bowling ball thru a straw, then that will be when I start listening to anything you say about female reproductive health care.

    • Not a Snob

      Bill Mahr is on a pay station with no advertisers…boycot HBO all you want!

  • Foo Manchoo

    Wow. That was so bad the audience barely laughed and they are there trying to have a laugh. Pathetic.

  • Bill Brendler

    Just so you know, I do not like either party. I’m a conservative independent! Rush Limbaugh’s comments should show us, in no uncertain terms, what the Republicans are really like. His comments show us their serious disregard for anyone who thinks differently than they do. Ask yourself, with this display of rude behavior what does this show are young people? Where do they find a model of integrity and statesmanship? The republicans have lost their way with this guy. He does appear to be on drugs. Who would say things like this in their right mind. Please don’t say to me he’s just an entertainer!

    • Karen O

      Are you seriously THAT UNinformed or is it your “selective” oblivion to what the far left has repeatedly called women; they even attack their CHILDREN (and NO apologies offered either!).

      HYPOCRIT…just like your CAMPAIGNER and Chief!

      • http://WebProNews Dene

        Why is it that Republicans can never take responsibility for their own actions? Its always a plot or scheme by everyone but them!! Liberals do it too but at least they don’t try blaming everyone else for their idiotic remarks.

    • Peter

      “Just so you know, I do not like either party. I’m a conservative independent!”
      Who should care what you are? Do you think that by stating this it lends to your credibility?
      That you claim this fraud, then proceed to write a paragraph bashing (only) Republicans simply makes you (another) lying liberal.

    • Upper U S

      Bill you’re full of yourself ! Rush Limbaugh an entertainer, is a lot funnier than Bill Maher could ever hope to be. As for anyone having disregard for others who think differently, look at Nancy Pelosi, Biden, Reid, & Obama,just to name a handful, totally trashing the American TAXPAYERS, who do not agree with their Socialists/Progressive/Marxist policies. The Kool-Aid’s ready; go have another glass !!

  • N1926

    Well is she? Was he telling the truth or did he make it up? Just wondering..If she is why is she so worked up about it? Now she can get more business. If she is indeed what he says she is then she should be thaking him for getting her more clients…Just sayin…

    • haarry watkins

      N1926 you do not know what you are talking about. The woman was not testifying that she needed someone to pay for her birth control pills. She was testifying that her university where she and her classmates all paid for health insurance would not pay for her friend/classmate’s pills necessary to treat ovarian cysts because they might be used for birth control. The friend lost one of her ovaries because she didn’t have enough money to pay for the medication herself. At no time was she refering to taxpayers paying the bill it was the insurance company that the University stopped from paying for such medication.

    • Baron

      Why don’t you decide by not being a lazy person and READING the transcript for YOURSELF? Oh no, far too easy to let some pompous windbag do the thinking for you.

  • Tom F

    Remember when Saturday Night Live was funny?

    • Cliff

      I certainly do remember when SNL was funny. Do you TomF?
      Wiig, Hooks, Carvey, Radner, Koechner, Walls, Oteri, Shannon, Ferrell, Sweeney, Forte, etc… Heck, I’d even include Brittain now. Wouldn’t you agree?

      What about you TomF? When do you remember SNL being ‘funny’?

      Taran killed it as Rush.

      • Greg

        I have tried to watch SNL a number of times recently. I can say that I could easily sit through 2 or 3 episodes without cracking so much as a smile.

    • Baron

      Yeah, I remember. When Tina Fey said “I can see Russia from my house!”

  • John Daley

    I will not buy from any of the companies that boycotted Rush, and our numbers are growing. We are notifying the companies so they know our feelings. I know Rush would not agree, but this is our decision. We don’t support companies that support entitlement junkies, they are the cancer that will reck this country. Just like Europe.
    Democracy will end when more people take from the country than give. We are there and this women is one example.

    • Peter

      Agreed. I too have done the same for quite some time. More conservatives should do the same. Two can play this game. I have a anti-liberal hate list as thick as a phone book and I add to it all the time. Screw them all.

    • freshied

      Really. Go ahead and boycott. Good for you. I am sure your numbers will grow in order to support a true bully and idiot. How is this woman part of the entitlement junkie??? She PAYS for her insurance so she would like HER INSURANCE to pay for the overly marked up drugs. Yes $3000 worth of drugs per year that probably takes about $30 to make, $1000 to market, $1000 to give to political campaigns, and $970 to some corporate fat cat who need it to pay for his mistress’ children they had out of wedlock and he will never acknowledge since he is a ‘a moral family man’. YEAH ENTITLEMENTS!!!!

    • Baron

      Wow. they will surely miss you! Yeah, right. You cannot even spell or use correct grammar. I am sure these companies count on your support (oh wait, Walmart is not a Rush sponsor). And for your FYI, since you are still too lazy or too illiterate to read the transcript, Fluke was asking for the cost of reproductive health care to be put on the medical insurance policy of her college. And you might be interested to know, since I am banking you have never attended college, that colleges require health policies from their students. You either provide a copy of your own insurance or they purchase one for you. If you don’t have one, they buy you one & tag it to your tuition bill. So, how is that an entitlement?

  • john taylor

    you make this country great…
    beacuse you speak the truth, are not a socialist democrat, like this administration, and unlike the media, are not drooling over obama, they aim their arrows at you!!!
    not too worry, all this will change in november–THANK GOD

    • haarry watkins

      You be a brainless jerk if you love rush limbaugh

  • Lisa

    This debate proves that Republicans are the dumbest people on Earth and I’m proud not to be one of them. This new law has absolutely nothing to do with the tax payers because tax payers don’t pay for employee health insurance. This is solely on the insurance company and the employer. So anyone going around talking about how “I don’t want to pay for her birth control with my tax dollars. I feel like a pimp.” is a fucking idiot LOL! What your tax dollars do pay for is the free clinic where you can get a bunch of free condoms.

  • MH

    I find it hard to believe that everyone has become such saints these days. One man’s opinion has brought out all these people that sound like they come from church and have nothing to do but bash a man who is hired to do his job which he does well.
    Grow up and smell the hollywood stench and enjoy the real world of anything goes and leave honest people alone. Even the good book says ” Judge not unless you be judged the same”. So shut up.!!

  • Southfork Charlie

    Goodbye SNL, We are going to boycott you and all advertisers on your show immediately.

    • Baron

      You probably can’t stay awake til when it airs….

  • John Daley

    Boycott companies that support liberal entitlement Dealers, they are no different than a drug dealer and just as dangerous to our country.

  • paroadie

    This was suppose to be funny?

  • ce

    It is amazing how many do not understand all the reasons a woman takes birth control. There are many medical reasons but of course most men would not know this, they just assume the worse in a woman if she is single and on birthcontrol. People get informed before you speak or judge.

    • C-rats

      I was under the opinion that if it were for a medical reason, other than preventing pregnancy, that many companies would cover it. (I may be wrong.)

  • http://none jerry shainock

    maybe his comments will finally result in something good,
    his show being cancelled.

  • Jim B

    The double standard in the media and on the left rears it’s ugly head once again. As John Dale said, look at the names they call Sarah Palin and her daughter. Where was the outcry from women’s supporters on the left? If the woman wants consequence free sex outside the marriage bond, that makes her a fornicator or an adultress in polite terms or a slut in common terms in my dictionary. Rush was right on and did not need to appologize. Best way to prevent babies, which are not a diesase by the way, as well as avoid STD’s is simple and costs nothing – don’t have sex! I resent being asked to pay for contraceptives for unmarried women or those with a medical condition who might benefit from the pill.

    • haarry watkins

      No one from the right supported her either.

    • haarry watkins

      She wasn’t preventing babies. The woman was not testifying that she needed someone to pay for her birth control pills. She was testifying that her university where she and her classmates all paid for health insurance would not pay for her friend/classmate’s pills necessary to treat ovarian cysts because they might be used for birth control. The friend lost one of her ovaries because she didn’t have enough money to pay for the medication herself. At no time was she refering to taxpayers paying the bill it was the insurance company that the University stopped from paying for such medication.

    • Baron

      Because she and her ilk are hypocrites! Don’t you get that? She espouses these supposed conservative values, yet she herself got knocked up & had to marry Todd. Gee, wonder what her sex life was about when she bounced around from 6 different colleges? Then, her daughter (in an apple not falling far from tree moment) turns up pregnant. Ooops. Tried to spin that one, especially to John McCain! Plenty of other hypocrisies, such as bridge-to-nowhere; advancing herself by throwing her bosses under the bus, etc. etc. Don’t preach 1 thing yet do another!!! And, your attitude about sex requires counseling. Newsflash: having sex is a healthy activity; it is part of the human experience. And I resent paying for all kinds of activities. Lastly, Jim:

  • jack anderson

    Several years ago David Letterman said “Don’t be surprised when Rush Limbaugh say’s something idiotic, Rush Limbaugh is an idiot”.

  • rich wening

    to john daley, it`s not about you paying for someones birth control it`s about insurance co`s offering it as part of coverage, also as my wife explained to me sometimes it is givin for other health rerasons not just birth control, and im just curious if that was your daughter that the moron rush call those bad names would you be so quick to defend him, my god you if you people would come to power with no checks, i`d have to move. you make me fear the furture

  • chuck

    rush will be just fine. these liberal hacks at media matters and msnbc are just wishful thinking.

  • Paul GC

    Brother, the mainstream-media apparently has nothing more important to cover in the news, that they have to continue to waste space on this by now way-past-the-expiration-date non-issue. Are we EVER going to hear the end of it? As for whatever ‘inappropriate’ comments Rush may have made about the nonentity in question, they pale in comparison to the really foul things the Left has been saying about Conservatives for ages. Such as sewer-mouthed Whoopi Goldberg making tasteless jokes about Bob Dole’s prostate cancer, Julianne Malveaux wishing Clarence Thomas’ wife would feed him cholesterol-laden foods so that he’d have a fatal coronary, and the equally vile alleged “comedienne” Wanda Sykes (who’s about as funny as having a migraine during root-canal surgery) hoping that Limbaugh’s kidney’s would fail. Or pea-brained Bill Mahr using the ‘c’ word and the ‘t’ word to describe Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. I could go on and on. But no, no one cares to object to that. It’s only when a Conservative uses a (comparatively mild) turn of phrase, and the Libs go off in high dudgeon & righteous indignation. (And–as in this case–continue to beat the issue into the ground for weeks past the brief nanosecond that it was even relevant.)

    Let it go, already. It was a non-issue from the beginning, and it’s even more relevant with each passing nanosecond you people keep dredging it up. There are far more important things to worry about.

  • Patrick

    Rush has been fueling the fires of hate with his biased ignorance for too long. I think he hates America and only serves to provide the lazy,ignorant listener with misinformation and sound bites of dissent to serve his own greed.He is no patriot.Letterman has it right.

  • jb

    Why is birth control an issue? We settled it years ago along with voting rights. Ms Fluke was speaking of birth control pills as a way of taking care of a medical condition not preventing a pregnancy. RL has been married four times and has no children. Would he be so quick to condescend if he had a daughter? The whole conversation got so distorted. I just can’t help but be insulted when so many men want to have an opinion about what a woman does with her body. I think men need to support the women they love and their decisions. Why is this so difficult? I have one question… for all the pro-lifers…where’s the list with all your names volunteering to care for and raise all the children born to women who can’t use birth control or have abortions? I’m pro-choice which does not equal pro-abortion. Pro-choice is supporting a woman’s right to choose what’s best for her. Why do so many conservatives care about other people’s lives and bodies? I just don’t understand. Everyone needs to relax, make sure their own houses are in order and find a way to contribute to the well-being of the country. Peace and love.

    • Baron

      For the men out there:

      When you can anatomically push out a bowling ball with 4 appendages thru a straw, then, and only then, will I even start to listen to your opinions on reproductive health care.
      And thank you jb for eloquently stating the issues and calling out the vagina peepers & busybodies for what they are.

    • Karen O

      Pro-“Choice” are “politically correct” words. I don’t care how you slice it, dice it or “defend” it…the opposite of pro-life is pro-death. Yeah…it doesn’t sound very “humane” does it?

      Experts estimate the # on adoption waiting lists are somewhere between one and two million couples.

      Every year there are about 1.3 million abortions. Only 4% of women with unwanted pregnancies give their children up for adoption. Suppose somehow, incredibly, we were able to increase this from 4% to 50% tomorrow. Even at that rate (and assuming that all these children could make their way through the social services burocracy overnight), it would still take two to four years just to satisfy the present waiting lists. That’s not accounting for any new couples who would decide to adopt in that three years. And if that many children became available for adoption, surely there are many people who have dropped off the waiting lists in discouragement who would get back on, or people who never got on a waiting list because it seemed too hopeless.

      Planned Parenthood often justifies abortion with the slogan, “Every child a wanted child”. Every child IS wanted, and wanted desperately. Unfortunately, because of pro-death laws in America; couples are forced to seek adoption in foriegn countries.

      FYI – outside of rape or incest, women HAVE a choice; be responsible and use a form of bc. Do your research on the # of abortions from rape verses “choice.” You will be shocked.

      Do you care about the babies rights? Perhaps we should just snuff out all forms of life that cause us problems? Where do we stop? Why should we stop? After all, humans can “justify” just about anything these days!

  • Baron

    Rush’s hit list: Michael J. Fox, for his testimony about parkinson’s disease before Congress; Donovan McNabb, for being black; Amy Carter & Chelsea Clinton, as teens, for being too ugly in Rush’s eyes. Now Ms. Fluke, and — just today — Rush’s comments about the current outrage in Uganda coming back to haunt him. Pompous, arrogant, know-nothing jerk. Trouble is, his supporters have very little intellect to see thru the smoke & mirrors, so they love him, cuz he just pushes their buttons & gets them all fired up.

  • Rey

    Conservatives on here are funny. Their movement is gradually falling apart, and they are grasping at straws. It smells of desperation. Conservatives have always had a difficult time acknowledging the truth. The truth here is that they are done. America is tired of their bigoted, hateful ideology. It’s over. No more right-wing extremism. Thank God for that.

    P.S. Sarah Palin is a joke. So Conservatives, just stop embarrassing yourself by defending her. It’s pathetic.

  • Bill Hammer

    I would like to point out the uselessness of apologies in an example. When Joe Wilson shouted out to Obama that he lies, he apologized. But what do most people remember now days? Do they remember the apology or do they remember the outburst? I too think Obama was lying but that is not the point; why bother apologizing if you don’t mean it anyways? The point is that apologies do little good and for years people will remember the original rant by Rush and dismiss his apology.

  • Paul

    Thank God I am not a Republican anymore! I drank that nasty hate tea for so long! Bush does not veto one spending bill in 8 years and does not balance one budget in 8 years, had the largest deficit ever and the largest corporate bailout ever and you heard nothing from the right! Now democrats bailout the auto industry successfully protecting jobs and do not allow their bailout to go to the top 1 percent ceo and bankers as bonuses they did not deserve. They screwed our taxpayers and you say nothing about them. This president only took to years to catch that guy you could not get in 8 years. Enjoy your Nazi right wing hate. I do not fall for the right wing hate spin. I have a brain. Boy the brainwashed haters are really going to hate the next 4 years as Obama continues to turn this country in the right direction. Oh you will probably call me a liberal now. No I am a conservative independent who sees right through the greedy right who would throw everybody who does not walk, talk and hate like them right in jail!!!! Enjoy your hate! And you call yourselves Americans!! Move oversees with the other fascist!!!

    • Karen O

      You should do some “research”. How did our country end up becoming a “consumer” nation? WHY is Jeff Immelt (newly appointed head of Obama’s JOB Council) shutting down GE’s manufacturing plant and opening them in CHINA and India? Why doesn’t GE pay taxes?!

      Spare us the “partyline” rhetoric and open your eyes. Doesn’t matter WHO is prez…they ALL dance to BIG biz and their lobbyists!

      Tea partiers, occupiers, coffee clotchers and the rest should UNITE and fight against the REAL problems in Washington….CORRUPTION! As long as our “elect” keep ya’ll busy fighting each other; they can continue to do biz as usual with OUR money. And as long as they can get campaign funds from special interest groups…CORRUPTION will continue! WE THE PEOPLE need to send Washington a BIG message…ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

      • Karen O

        Paul…I reread your post and have come to the conclusion you were never a repub (nice try but no cigar). I am also convinced you are as blinded as the people you accuse of being “haters” (either you are blind or are glued to MSNBC).

        I don’t believe you are a “conservative” either, if you were you would believe in the Constitution and would know WE live in a FREE country and wether people or parties agree or not…it is their GOD GIVEN RIGHT to voice their opinion. I don’t agree with your post but I do NOT have the right to tell you to leave our country. Of course you have every right to say whatever you want BUT other posters have the right to respond.

        Of course we could ALL play the “political hypocrite correct” game Washington ‘s been trying to shove down our throats for the past 3 1/2 yrs; but I still have the RIGHT to call it the way “I” see it.

        There are a “FEW” good dem, rep and independent elected officials who really DO care about our country and the Americans in it however; there’s way to few. The corrupt ones who put the “wishes and wants” of their special interest groups and lobbyists BEFORE the taxpayers; far outweigh the good ones.

        I live on the Space Coast, I SEE what Obama did here and it ain’t pretty. He spent millions of OUR $ to speak to the “workers” at KSC and mislead the media. He did NOT speak to any KSC or NASA worker! He spoke at Space X facility…aka SPECIAL interest group! A “good” man…a TRUE leader would have had the courtesy and respect to acknowledge the “little people” for their contributions, dedication and HARD work NASA and KSC workers/contractors put into the space program.

        This prez has done the same thing he did as a senator…NOTHING. He passes a HC Bill then hands out thousands of “waivers” because his HC Bill stinks! Of course you won’t know how BAD it REALLY stinks till he’s outta office.

        4 more years of Obama? Only “if” the majority of voters are as ignorant as some posters are.

  • Karen O

    While “ALL” parties bicker back and forth over chicken sh**, George Soros HEAVILY funded organizations are having a field day with their new found power: ENDING FREEDOM of SPEECH! They threaten boycotts of sponsors via petitions. Does this NOT bother anyone but ME?!

    I don’t care who calls who what…apologize and MOVE ON! AMERICANS (ALL parties)…WAKE UP before YOU won’t have the RIGHT to VOICE an OPINION! NO ONE has the right to STOP our GOD GIVEN RIGHT to FREE SPEECH!

    NO…I do NOT agree with many hosts, comedians, etc as to what they spew outta their mouths however; I have the RIGHT to CHOOSE to turn the channel! I wasn’t a Glenn Beck fan but I was INFURIATED that he was SILENCED by none other than Soros funded groups! Since WHEN does our country cow tow to certain groups?

    I am taking a STAND and BOYCOTTING every sponsor who pull their sponsorships because of FREEDOM of SPEECH! I live in AMERICA not COMMUNIST CHINA! WTH is happening to our country?!

  • Illputitoncspan

    Sorry, only read the first paragraph… hey, moron, it’s Georgetown University, not University of Georgetown… Unbelieveable, LOL…

    • Bill Hammer

      We were all assured during the elections that Ron Paul was too old to be president-at that age he must be incompetent, yada yada. Well Soros, being 5 years older than Paul must be too old to be formidably competent without doubt! So why get worked up over an old senile man?

    • Mark McGovern

      Friend, you have it wrong. Freedom of speech is threatened by ABUSE of freedom of speech. Rush had no evidence the woman was a slut or prostitute, and therefore had no basis upon which to make the allegation.

      When practicing freedom of speech, the speaker has a moral obligation to the truth. Freedom of speech is not freedom to lie.

      The crux of America’s problems and divisions lies therein.How many times do you read “all liberals blah blah blah…” or “all repubs blah blah blah…” Such statements routinely accuse me of practices and beliefs that I do not, in fact, subscribe to.

      If you do not have credible evidence, simply STFU. How is that so difficult?

      • Karen O

        No “friend” I do NOT have it “wrong.”

        The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is the Freedom of Speech. This Freedom of speech gives everyone in the U.S. the right to speak freely without censorship or limitation. Thus, regardless of sex, color, class or creed, everyone has the right to freedom of expression. According to this bill of rights, an individual has the right to speak freely.

        I personally believe one should always use a certain degree of judgment before directing any statement towards their fellow human-being. However, that is my “opinion”… not a law. You sir, are entitled to your “opinion” however, it doesn’t make you right and others “wrong.”

    • Mark McGovern

      Freedom of speech does not = lying. They are completely different concepts.

  • BOB

    I am amazed at how many of these RUSH fans don’t know how to spell or write properly. I suppose they did not pay much attention in school. Ignorant rednecks. I do hope this is the end of RUSH. He has been spewing bile for so long it’s time for him to go. America needs to work together again. Like we did decades ago, before all this divisionist crap took over. Anyone with brains knows Rush is a woman hater, a NAZI, and a swine. Hitler would have been proud of Rush. Another Howard W. Campbell Jr., or TOKYO ROSE. Welcome to the club, Rush….

  • BOB

    Rush needs to visit AUSCHWITZ, so that he can learn what his kind of rhetoric leads to. THIS WAY TO THE SHOWERS……..

  • Eric

    Please forgive if my comments aren’t as delicate as its typical but this over indulgent fat manipulating narcissistic arrogant sociopath doesn’t just need to be taken down the rung of the ladder a couple of steps, there are those who say he should be taken to the nearest tree. Hey Rush, pill heads and prostitutes go hand in hand.. I mean are you speaking from personal experience here? Got a secret you want to share? We could talk about first amendment rights afforded Sandra Fluke and the rest of us but I guess to you that would be boring. Have another cheese burger with or course extra cheese. I like you better when your pie hole is ingesting something rather than spewing it out. Now that I have taken a bite out of the Limbaugh apple & spewed back in his direction albeit mild by comparison I will resume composure & lodge my complaint with the FCC… God Bless America!

    • Karen O

      Gee Eric, is it your hate for Rush that has your knickers in a twist or are you THAT concerned for “ALL” women? Did you call the FCC when Wisconsin radio host John “Sly” Sylvester accused GOP lieutenant governor Rebecca Kleefisch of performing “fellatio on all the talk-show hosts in Milwaukee” and sneered that she had “pulled a train” (a crude phrase for gang sex)…(Earlier, he called former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice a “black trophy” and “Aunt Jemima.”)

      Did you cancel your Playboy subscription when Playboy published a list of the top 10 “conservative women” who deserved to be “hate-f**ked.” The article, which was promoted by Anne Schroeder Mullins at, included Ingraham, “The View’s” Elisabeth Hasselbeck, former Bush spokeswoman Dana Perino, GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann, and others. Malkin topped the list with the following description: a “highly f**kable Filipina” and “a regular on Fox News, where her tight body and get-off-my-lawn stare just scream, ‘Do me!’”

      Just wondering…

  • Michael V. Caldwell


    All of us make choices everyday that have a Major Impact on Our Country on Our World on Ourselves,on Our Children & Their Children.

    Our Children and Grandchildren, are always watching us to see how we treat each other when we have a disagreement.


    That, NEED TO BE FOUND AGAIN when disagreeing with each other Especially Publicly & Especially with anyone who is choosing to be “Part Of The Solution” by Using Common Sense, Ameri-Can-Do Attitude and Respect as their “Guideline To Follow At All Times”
    These Five Words that need to found again and used when disagreeing with with each other are;


    Each of us can choose to be “Part of the Problem” or to be “Part of the Solution” this choice is up to each individual to make in our daily lives by the words we choose to use and by our attitudes.


    Disrespectful Words & Attitudes that hurt Ourselves & Others, Lack of Team Work, Constant Criticism instead of offering Solutions to the Problem at hand.


    Mutual Respect, Ameri-Can Do Attitude, Team Work & Suggesting New Ideas That Solve Our Problems As A Respectful Nation, That Leads Our World, Our Next Generation By Good Example Not By Bad Example.

    What ever Choices that each of us choose Impact “OUR CHILDREN, OUR GENERATION, THE NEXT GENERATION & OUR WORLD ! !

    I choose to be “Part of the Solution” always trying my best to use Respect as my Guideline to follow at “All Times Publicly” it’s not an easy Choice to make at times but it is; THE RIGHT CHOICE TO MAKE FOR AMERICA & for “OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE”

    Respectfully, Michael V. Caldwell

    Who Is Always Striving to be “Part Of The Solution” Using Respect, Common Sense & Ameri-Can-Do Attitude as my Guidelines to follow at all Times, Especially Publicly Because Public Comments “Impact So Many Lives”

  • Bill

    The issue isn’t if Flukes argument is right or wrong. The issue is Rush calling her a slut and a prostitute on national radio. If you look up birth control via Google, you can find the statistics that virtually ALL (over 99%) of all women, who have had sex, have used it at one time or another. The ironic thing about his disgusting statement is, he will probably have to pay to be seen with a woman, let alone have sex with one, in the future.

  • RFBurns

    Interesting that all this came about during an important time in this nation’s election processes. I mean look at you all, back and forth liberal/conservative left/right blue/red crap. Don’t you all recognize when your being played by the puppet masters?

    Obviously not. Instead of recognizing the important things, you all are thrown to the gutters fighting back and forth which is exactly what the powers at be divide you all and create division and indecision so that you are easily manipulated into their agenda keeping you all from organizing together and fight the real issues.

    What RL did was uncalled for, no doubt about that. But what is going on right now, by both sides, and by the general public, is purely childish and belongs in the play pens well stocked with rattlers and fresh diapers.

    Grow up people!


  • Karen O

    Political and Media Bias … How does a man of character accept $1 million in campaign funds from another man who refers to woman as “C” and “T” words?

    What…no ph call? WHERE was OBAMAS “CONCERN” for “ALL” women?

    How does Barack Obama with a straight face mention his “daughters” and talk about having a greater public discourse and calling Sandra Fluke but not others like Sarah Palin? Or does Obama only care about woman when they are Democrats? If so, that is hardly Presidential and the epitome of a HYPOCRITE!

    WELCOME to the latest example of the Democrat and MSM double standard (aka HYPOCISY) when it comes to comments made by Republicans and the actions taken against them. Enter Rush Limbaugh and the Sandra Fluke comments as compared to leftist Bill Maher and his comments made toward Sarah Palin and Michele Bauchmann.

    The MSM and Democrats have ripped Rush for his comment, who to his credit has “apologized” for. However, that has not stopped the crazed hypocritical LEFT from turning the issue into an attempt to silence free speech and take Rush Limbaugh down.

    But not so fast when it comes to those of the LEFT who make ever worse and misogynist pig comments toward woman who disagree with them politically:

    It was Keith Olbermann, then at MSNBC and now at Al Gore’s Current TV, who wrote on Twitter that Michelle Malkin is a “mashed up bag of meat with lipstick on it.” He stands by those remarks. Olbermann has been a special guest at the White House.

    Where was OBAMAS “concern” for “women” and his “daughters”?

    Playboy published a list of the top 10 “conservative women” who deserved to be “hate-f**ked.” The article, which was promoted by Anne Schroeder Mullins at, included Ingraham, “The View’s” Elisabeth Hasselbeck, former Bush spokeswoman Dana Perino, GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann, and others. Malkin topped the list with the following description: a “highly f**kable Filipina” and “a regular on Fox News, where her tight body and get-off-my-lawn stare just scream, ‘Do me!’”

    What…no ph call? WHERE was OBAMAS “CONCERN” for “ALL” women?

    Wisconsin radio host John “Sly” Sylvester outrageously accused GOP lieutenant governor Rebecca Kleefisch of performing “fellatio on all the talk-show hosts in Milwaukee” and sneered that she had “pulled a train” (a crude phrase for gang sex). (Earlier, he called former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice a “black trophy” and “Aunt Jemima.”)

    MSNBC misogynist Ed Schultz called talk show host Laura Ingraham a “talk slut” for criticizing Obama’s petty beer summit.

    What…no ph call? WHERE was OBAMAS “CONCERN” for “ALL” women?

    Randi Rhodes of Air America/Nova M Radio told her listeners that she knows Palin’s type — the type that can’t be trusted with teen boys in the neighborhood.

    What…no ph call? WHERE was OBAMAS “CONCERN” for “ALL” women?

    I wonder what the discussion in the media would be if a prominent individual on the RIGHT had used the “N” word to describe or make mock of a Democrat and donated money to a Republican presidential candidate? Think there would not be a hue & cry through the LEFT to give that money back? Just saying.

    I am NOT a Rush fan by any means and I’m NOT a HYPOCRITE…can’t stand HYPOCRITES…you can’t trust them. They say one thing and do the opposite. Sorry Obama…that ridiculous “hypocritical” ph call cost you votes. Perhaps you should be more concerned with people losing their jobs, homes and price of gas. Maybe you should answer the “calls” of the Syrians who have repeatedly BEGGED for your help. Ya know…the children who are being slaughtered by their dictator.

  • JKJones

    The Conservative vs Liberal debate is destructive to dialogue and prevents a true national conversation on important issues. It can only serve those who are afraid that independent thought and that true dialogue will undermine their agendas. This form of debate serves only to pigeonhole and punish groups and individuals with unwanted opinions. It true purpose can only be to use humiliation, fear and intimidation to corral the masses of people into conformity.
    It seems to me that the Rush Limbaughs of the world only existed to crush free speech and eliminate unwanted national dialogue. The ultimate result is that the dimwitted or self serving agendas prevail. In truth, Truth and justice are obscured, and the American people are victimized.
    Jack Jones