Rush Limbaugh Former Advertiser Issues Statement

    March 12, 2012
    Mike Tuttle
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Regal Assets, a gold investment firm, used to advertise with Rush Limbaugh’s program. Now they have stopped. Tyler Gallagher, CEO of Regal assets, has come forward to tell why his company has withdrawn their support for Limbaugh.

Limbaugh has been under heavy fire from the public after he called Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” following her appearance before a House of Representatives panel to discuss birth control. Fluke had argued that providing birth control coverage in insurance is important because of the many non-pregnancy issues that such medications address including ovarian cysts and the like. Limbaugh took the opportunity to call her names and insist that she and others like her post videos of themselves having sex online. He issued an apology for his comments, but many have said they were half-hearted and were mitigated by his statements to his audience on his radio show the following Monday. Advertisers have been fleeing his program, leaving his flagship station WABC to have to populate most of his commercial spots with free public service announcements. Limbaugh has said that the exodus of local advertisers can not affect him, but that statement does not bear scrutiny.

Here is Gallagher’s statement to the press, in full.

As CEO of Regal Assets, LLC, I want to personally respond to the Rush Limbaugh scandal and the decision our company made last week to pull our advertising from Limbaugh’s show. We want to make it very clear that this was by no means a political decision; this was simply a moral choice.

The attacks on Sandra Fluke were unwarranted and, we believe, intentionally inflammatory. Realizing the Limbaugh show no longer fell in line with our core values as a company, we had to take action in light of this scandal and respond appropriately, and that led us to our decision to remove our advertising from the show.

We do not see Rush Limbaugh as a bad or evil person but as someone who misjudged his own destructive power. As we step into 2012, this is no way to treat each other. We are more evolved than that, and I hope at the end of the day we can all learn from this situation.

I personally do not believe any company should support the type of slanderous, defaming attacks that came from Limbaugh, whether or not they agree with the other side of the issue. There is a far more civilized way to communicate, and we wish Limbaugh had taken the high road with the Sandra Fluke topic.

We urge people to see the bigger picture of the scandal, as it is not about supporting one side’s argument but supporting each other as a whole and not condoning that type of abuse toward anyone. If we lose business because of our decision to do what is morally right, then so be it. Moral substance and dignity are more precious than the almighty dollar.

We at Regal Assets want to personally thank everyone who has sent positive feedback for our choice in this matter. It warms our souls to know people like this exist. For the backlash we have received over the past week from some, we urge those individuals to look past the politics and focus on the way Sandra Fluke was condemned and attacked. Put yourself in her shoes, and if you’re a parent with a daughter, imagine it was your daughter who was addressed in that inappropriate manner. I am sure if you honestly evaluate the incident, like we have at Regal Assets, your stance on the scandal will change.

  • Jack Van Riper

    It is so nice to see a company stand up for what is the moral and right thing to co. I don’t think you’ll loose business over your choice.

    • liberalsRlosers

      u liberal loser hypocrites. where’s your so called moral outrage for Maher, Stewart, Letterman or any of a slew of others. Dont worry while they may boycott Rush, there are those who will boycott their services. so take your hypocrisy and shut up.

      • Scott

        This…is the most intelligent, well thought out comment you can make? With the name you hide behind…I am not surprised in the least. Aside from someone with deep rooted insecurities, who goes to the trouble to communicate behind a name like that anyway?

      • Danny Boy, The Pipes are calling

        @liberalsRlosers they is a big difference between someone making a one time joke about someone in power, and when somebody in power attacks a powerless person 38 times over three days.

        • M Kendrick

          You’re wasting your time. You’d have better luck debating plant life than this cretin. It’s the typical con job…he can’t defend Rush so he makes totally illogical and non-parallel comparisons to Bill Maher, etc. Santorum said that not everyone should go to college. Maybe…but this guy should have at least finished elementary school.

      • steve mitchell

        all liberals do not fall into lock step with bill maher. i , for 1, wouldn’t mind seeing bill go along with rush. i find maher’s islamophobic remarks just as offensive and insulting as limbaugh’s. so i will go along with seeing both these nusanses go. and as a bonus you can throw cenk uyger in with them.

      • Bgolds

        Hey stupid. Watch this:

        If Bill Maher called a woman derogatory sexual slurs, that is wrong. Period.

        Is it REALLY that hard for you dopes to say something like that about Rush Limbaugh?


    • Joan Weigle

      I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for pulling your sponsorship from this bully. He doesn’t deserve anybody paying him to go on the air and belittle and hurt other people. Thank you for your courage in doing this! It’s really appreciated.

  • Patti Strawder

    You were correct in pulling your sponsers. Rush Linbaugh is a BULLY and he needs to know that isn’t acceptable.

    • davr

      Rush is Doomed
      are your a dork
      you and rush deserve cancer

  • Cindy Bassett, attorney at law

    What an excellent statement. Thank you for your stand.

  • http://net-temps.com Sue Booth

    I want to commend you on your stance on the issue of civililty. It’s past time for us all to support that.

  • William Van Vechten

    Thank you! It’s time for more people and companies to speak out against false accusations and hate speech.

    • Michael

      What about Bill Maher?

      • John

        Bill needs to go to!!!…The difference between the two is this though: Bill is on the pay for viewing program of HBO and has warning clauses and statements at the beginning of his show…Rush is on the open air FCC controlled FREE Radio Air Waves of America with no statement before his show saying something about the views expressed here are blah blah blah…

        • ken

          I agree with you about Bill Maher. I quit watching him also. Life is too short to listen to crap from both sides. I vote Republican, but don’t want listen to commentators bashing people on either side.

      • Bgolds

        Hey stupid. Watch this:

        If Bill Maher called a woman derogatory sexual slurs, that is wrong. Period.

        Is it REALLY that hard for you dopes to say something like that about Rush Limbaugh?


        Of the thousands of Limbaugh fans I’ve seen comment on these sites, not ONE has said something like ‘Maybe Limbaugh went a little too far this time.’

        I think that omission speaks volumes about the character of the average listener.

  • Marilyn Gill

    Bravo! That statement was upstanding, compassionate, and right-on. It was also sensible. How can we ever work out our many problems unless we show respect and consideration for each other? Even if we don’t completely agree we must search for common ground.

  • http://n/a/ Denny

    Nicely stated, I wish the rest of his former advertisers would follow suit. I’m afraid the man is a hopless “gas bag” who just doesn’t get it!!!!

  • Larry Jackson

    As a father of a 20 year old daughter I am disscussed with anyone who would make a statement like thatabout any woman. I am proud of all the sponsers who have pulled their ads

  • http://www.pearlsjewelrys.com art

    we would like take the jewelry spot from regal please email we thinks rush good guy comments out line
    we don’t support killing young babes ,42 million already any good women wouldn’t either

    most respects person world is a mom only reason see abortion out fear support their child we hope all widows get more moneys supports theirs chidden threw their youth most important job worlds mom

    obama should give then a big raise and republican elects whoever it going be.and cut back on other program to do its.such one rush was rights a bouts ,but said untastely .just say pray for that type women’s .

    • Chrisi

      What?!?! Please tell me English is not your first language.

  • http://www.pearlsjewelrys.com art

    rush just say pray for that type women’s ,their lot good critian women don’t need hear that language baby killing wrongs , 42 million and growing , only one benefits from this shrinks,

    widow women need more moneys take cares theirs kids need double pays ,fear the unknown supports kid that wrongs

    cut back on party mr president supports moms.

  • Terry

    Proper statement…thankyou…..it makes me ‘re-think’ and change Rush Limbaugh’s much used quote to: “with talent on ‘SUB-Prime’ loan from God”………

  • Mary Waterton

    So far Rush has held onto 99.99% of his stations and 99.99% of his advertisers while enlarging his pool of listeners. Go figure. It would appear that the so-called “outrage” coming from the 99% of women was actually coming from the 1% calling themselves “feminist”. I suspected as much when I started receiving robocalls from them telling me to “call so-and-so and tell them such-and-such”. Only the 1% have the time and money necessary to stir up noise over election year nonsense like this. The 99% are too busy trying to survive in an economy with no jobs.

    • Dan

      Great post, and right on Mary! Of course you don’t approve of what Rush said, but your point is the Liberals are making too big a deal over this, becasue they have nothing else good to talk about (like the economy).

      Right on!

  • scott

    I don’t doubt Regal’s decision to pull its advertising is moral and not political. But I’d be interested to know the moral integrity of their other advertising partners. Sorry to be cynical, but…

  • http://facebook Leonora Keathley

    I would like to see him get off the air. Only one local station in my town and the only reason I listen to it is to hear local news and weather. When he comes on before all of this with his big mouth I would turn it off immediately. Will celebrate when he is off the air for good. A real jerk!

  • Sandra

    Mary Waterton, I guess you approve of guys calling women sluts and prostitutes, you know especially guys who take Viagra, I don’t know you, but maybe you like being called names, most women don’t because they do have self-respect!

    Are you aware that women have tremendous spending power? I guess not, statements that 99% are trying to survive without jobs is a very uneducated and amazingly stupid comment. I hope it’s not typical for what comes out of your mouth!

    • Dan

      Here is one of your 1%….

  • http://mattoneal.com Matt

    Well said, and thank you for taking this stance. I’m no big-time investor, but your firm now has a fan in me.

  • Alberto Enriquez

    Dear Mr. Gallagher:

    Thank you! Although this was by no means the first such instance of dishonest and abusive broadcasting by Mr. Limbaugh, this shocking three-day defamatory tirade against a young woman who only testified before Congress was so far beyond the norms of decency as to merit universal condemnation. I am the father of two daughters––and once again, I thank you and your board for taking a stand.

  • Lisa McClellan

    Wow, what a breath of fresh air in this malodorous political season. Ad hominem attacks have no place in politics. If more people and businesses would speak up and act as Regal Assets did, then political leaders and people like Rush would have no choice but to listen and act accordingly. Thank you Regal Assets!

  • mike

    you are to be congratulated for your swift, strong and positive response.

  • angelina

    This a good article for a change. Rush Lindbaugh has a reponsibility to eduated His listners about what is right. This not a political issue. He made it personal He does not know the history of womens health to be making these assuptions. No one is asking him why He has been married so many times and has not fathered childred why because that is His business the same goes for women that choose contreception. His comments only made Him seem like a very stupid man.

  • Jazz

    I see a missive expounding on the morality of the situation, but I see no mention of Rush Limbaugh’s apology. Tell me, Regal Assets, what are the moral implications of ignoring an apology and continuing to complain about the underlying affront as if the apology never happened?

  • Kermo

    Rush was Wrong ing saying what he said in the way he said it. The point he was trying to make was Absoletely CORRECT ! This is What is being lost in the conversation. This woman Is NOT the “innocent” 1st year law student. She is and Has Been a “liberal, feminest lobbiest” who is trying to get her sexual activities paid for by the taxpayers of this coutry, instead of taking Personal Responsibility or perhaps insisting that her sexual partner(m,f,tg) contribute to the cause. Poor little aspiring lawer, who when she graduates will earn approx $150,000/yr. Poor Baby! Also, if I and other taxpayers are paying her to have sex, what would be her “proper” classification? Leach? Parasite? Or perhaps just a “Typical Liberal”!

    • Jenny

      His three day rant about Miss Fluke was not correct. No one is asking for taxpayers to pay for contraceptives.
      Rush is a liar and a pig.

  • Art

    Thank you for taking a stand against the blatant attacks against the Moral Majority. If we are to survive as one of the leading nations of the world, we must first, show some leadership on the moral front.

  • Mike

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could concern ourselves with the fact that Limbaugh apologized. Is there no forgiveness to be had. As my homeboy Mahatma Gandhi said: “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
    Be strong and forgive the fat man and move on with your lives.

  • Just a Girl

    This if for Tyler Gallagher:
    It brought tears to my eyes to read this statement. I didn’t think that kind of thoughtful, respectful and principled stance existed anymore in corporate America. I’m grateful for your words, and for the hope your words have given me. I’m going to print them and put them near my desk at work as a reminder when I can’t see the light through all the bitterness. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • george

    Hippocracy at its utmost. No outrage at hateful Jokes/hate speach from all on the left towards conservative women, but a giant brouha ha against one who has apologized to a person who has had a leftest agendy for years. She refused to accept an apology in effort to extend that agenda.

  • gene covan

    will someone please post a list of all advertisers that drop Rush,
    i want to make sure that I don’t do any business with them

  • Dena

    Thank you for taking a stand on this very important issue!

  • Dan

    Regal is free to do what they want.

    Rush limbaugh apologized for his comments ansd he was wrong.

    And Ms. Fluke is no ‘innocent’ bystander. She willingly put herself in the conversations to try and get woman to sympathize and detract from the assault on religious freedom, as she can afford to go to a prestigious law school, yet ask for free contraception, which is cheap.

  • Tonia Burms

    As a woman, I fully support you pulling your advertisements from Rush Limbaughs programming. He is a sorry excuse as a human being and even saying his name is a waste of air. He needs to learn to look at himself. He is a hypocrite and he needs to only open his mouth when he needs to take more oxycontin or viagra.

    I take birth control for health reasons, so I understand what other women go through. Its wrong to think men know anything about a womans health unless they have a medical license to practice it. My Gynecologist is a male and he knows what is best for me in my health matter.

    Thank you

  • Heather lee

    If any of you are outraged at Maher et al, you are free to use your voice to get him removed from HBO. quit whining like petulant little babies about what Maher says, go after him like we went after Rush. It’s easy, like your mom.

  • Eli Rivas

    We are truly appalled by the hypocrisy permeating your statement.How can you condone defending a promiscuous individual that wants us,the taxpayers,to pay for her libertine behavior.Rush was one hundred per cent right in calling a spade a spade and should be applauded, one more time, for his courage and boldness. We lament that there are too few like him in this pusillanimous society and liberal media world that chooses to take Rush to task while ignoring or sweeping under the carpet the ignominious, unwarranted, name calling perpetrated by the likes of Bill Maher upon Governor Sarah Palin, who is not a slut but a very decent lady, who deserves our full gratitude and our apology for how she was and continues to be vilified by the main stream media.Shame on you cowards at Regal Assets, and rest assured that you have lost us and many many more as clients. Rush, we love you and thank you for bravery.Eli Rivas and family.

  • Dale

    Good for you, Mr. Gallagher!

  • T. Mike Anderson

    Dear Sir, Thank you for taking the moral high ground and supporting women around the country. My hope is that we can all get along without the hateful slur’s this windbag has been perpetrating for way too long. I will keep your company in mind if and when I need your services. Thanks again for doing the right thing. Sincerely, T. Mike Anderson

  • WalterC

    Thank you for pulling your adds. And I hope his syndicate suspention becomes indefinate.

  • dan

    Did anyone here entertain the thought that Sandra fluke is a slut ? She certainly is a parasite thinking that tax payers should foot the bill for women who cant keep their legs closed and why don’t you all grow up and grow a skin ! Realy ? Slut is that the worst thing a woman can be called lol

  • dianne christensen

    when the President of the U S sets up a fluke, Rush didn’t say enough