Lil Wayne Ejected From Game, Tweets Hatred For Heat

    February 11, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Rapper Lil Wayne claims he was ejected from a Miami Heat game on Sunday night and tweeted about the incident, saying all he was doing was rooting for the Lakers when he was asked to leave by police.

But a fellow b-ball fan sitting nearby says that Lil Wayne was asked to leave because he made a gun gesture at someone in the crowd, tweeting, “Random guy yelled at Lil Wayne at #MiamiHeat game. Weezy looked back, gave him a mean stare & gestured he had a gun.”

Wayne has had issues at sports venues before; in June of last year, he took to Twitter to complain he was denied entrance to a Thunder game. Officials said it was only because he tried to enter without a ticket.

  • Clifford

    Lil Wayne was ejected to get publicity ’caused his name has not been in the headlines for awhile.

  • http://yahoo.com Demy

    Just give “Lil Wayne” a real “Lil gun” and be done We’s all be better off. Sorry he says he’s a Laker fan. They don’t need anymore lossers on their team

    • kristy

      learn how to spell before you start pointing fingers or calling names. I am a celtics fan so to hell with miami and l.a. If he was asked to leave then he was prob just standing up or something equally as stupid. I know at charlotte speedway they will kick you out for standing up. Ignorance is not bliss!!!!

  • http://yahoo Susan

    If he was acting as bad as he looks, he should have been kicked OUT!!

  • sierra

    look all of you who are showing hatred towards hime because he’s not your favorite artist need tostop because at the end of each day wayne really doesnt give two fucks about nun of you talking shit about his music for one he is a billionair and he is a well known artist and eathier way it goes this whole damn story is retarted .

    • uhhhhh

      learn how to spell retarded before you state something else is retarded… dumb ass.

      • uhhhhh x2

        To continue what you were saying about spelling, I wanted to also add that Lil Wayne is not, in fact, a billionaire. He is wealthy, but about 900 million short of reaching billionaire status.

        Lessons learned: Learn to spell and use proper grammar, do your research so that you can provide a coherent argument.