Lil’ Wayne Denied Entry To See Thunder, Tweets Disappointment

    June 2, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Tattooed rapper Lil’ Wayne was pretty peeved about being denied entry to an Oklahoma City Thunder game last Thursday, and took to Twitter to tell fans all about it.

The game was part of the playoffs, and apparently a rep for the rapper contacted the arena to get him a seat, but specified it had to be courtside. Officials said those seats had already been spoken for and denied him entry.

Dan Mahoney, a spokesman for the team, said, “We’d love to have him at a game, but like anyone else, he needs a ticket.”

The rapper made it out to be more harsh than it actually was, as the team insists they have no beef with him…they just have to treat him like anyone else.

Was going to go to the Thunder game tonight but was denied by the team to be in their arena. Wow. Smh. Go Spurs!
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New precident courtesy Lil Wayne. Now I can show up at any arena, demand tickets and when I don’t get them, announce I was “denied entrence”
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just saw that OKC denied Lil Wayne tickets to one of their games….i am officially an OKC fan!
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OKC denied Lil Wayne entrance to their arena. Not because of who he is, but because he had on the same exact clothes as Russell Westbrook.
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  • Dee

    Who cares, everybody else has to pay for a seat why should he get special treatment, give me a break.

  • baybek8s

    Who does Lil Wayne think he is? I think he is a self entitled Lil Worm. He needs to pay for his ticket like everyone else!!!!

  • george barnes

    Im disappointed too, I ate two burritos last night and was hoping for a tremendous shit but all I got was a couple of rabbit turds…I hope you got my drift….

  • Sam Aims

    This guy makes enough money to buy his own tickets instead of demanding them from the team. He wants to support them he can pay for the tickets and really help the team and the arena out instead of looking for a fricken handout. Swear all these stars need to stop thinking they so darn entitled to everything.

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    He is a idiot and should of gotten the season ticket plan to be able to purchase playoff tickets like all of us do. Rich people need to stop trying to use there famous name to get free handouts of favor’s.

    In fact, they should of gave him ticket’s but instead give him the worse seat possible and then move that person in the worst seat to courtside for free. lol

  • http://talkic.com talkic social network

    I’m sure they would have comped him a bag of popcorn if he would be willing to pay for a seat. Next time little fella.

  • John Porter

    Lil Wayne you are an embarrassment. I wouldn’t allow you on my lawn. If there’s anyone in the world that doesn’t deserve to be wealthy with no talent its you. Okay shortstack. YOU SUCK