Lil Phat Shooting: Rapper, 19, Killed in Atlanta

By: WebProNews Staff - June 9, 2012

Lil Phat shooting: Budding rapper Lil Phat, member of the hip-hop label Trill, was shot and killed in Atlanta on Thursday night. He was only 19 years-old. According to Hollywood Life, the musician, whose real name was Melvin Vernell III, was found dead outside of an area hospital from multiple gunshot wounds.

Authorities have stated that the shooting took place inside a parking deck around 7PM. Although police currently have no suspects in the shooting, “two black males” were apparently spotted “running from the location at the time of the shooting.” An investigation is underway.

Vernell, who released the album “Trill 4 Life” under the Lil Phat monicker back in 2010, was a rising star in the hip-hop community. Trill, a hip-hop label was started in 2000 by Turk and Mel, issued a statement on their official website, describing Lil Phat as “the underdog ready to bust to the front line with his consistent street anthems and hustler music lyrics.”

How are fans of Vernell’s music reacting to his death on Twitter? You can find a small selection of their condolences below.

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  • Derek

    So he made money and still acted like a thug think he all that. He got himself killed for sure.

    Back in the day other rappers made money, they got out of the hood and didn’t act like a thug think they all bad and that. He prolly deserved what he got coming acting immature as a teenager and the money he made.

    • hh

      Fuck all da phat haters n go 2 hell

  • conrad

    Who give a flying flip. nowadays you can take them out the ghetto but cant take the ghetto outta them.

  • Lori

    Unfortunate yet again that an aspiring young rapper had gotten murdered~! And just like Biggie Smalls, Tupac and all the rest that have been murdered, his will NEVER be solved because of the code that all rappers & their affiliates go by~! So sad…that world will always be doomed, no doubt about it…I certainly don’t see it getting any better.

  • tech256

    When the hell is somebody going to learn to spell???

  • lil jackson ms

    Yall stupid.. lil pharmacist from the hoof an stayed in the hood.. just cuz he got rich don’t mean he finna go hollywood on erbody

  • lil jackson ms


  • Kim

    Typical. Why isn’t NBC reporting lies and doctoring video?

    • renee dickerson

      they dont care one less black male

  • renee dickerson

    come black people when are we going learn, you cant hurt one person without hurting anther!!!!!!!! grow up!!!!!!

  • rackiya

    Dats sad how people think just cuz his young and still hood do not mean shit derek u must b young to say some shit like dat or just a fuckin hater cuz he still a person like u with money or with out money

  • LIL DJ

    shame if only rapping would die this world be a much better place

    • SGT Jones

      Because when blacks kill blacks they put them under the jail. Blacks get more time for dealing drugs then whites get for murder. Casey Anthony killed her own daughter and was out partying and still beat the charge and got rich from it. Zimmerman is getting rich from it they had to stop his Pay Pal because money was pouring in. OJ beat the charge and had to pay the victims family and as soon as he did anything illegal he got 65 years. Are you really that dumb to ask this question?

  • http://Yahoo Phyllis Prall

    Why is it that when a black shoots another black you don’t see Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Yet when a Hispanic or a white man shoot a black man all you see on TV are these two idiots saying it’s racially motivated, that it’s a hate crime of some kind. When are these idiots going to figure out that when you get caught you go to prison. I guess that’s how they have their family reunions. Well, I guess it’s one less “bro” on the streets.

    • cynthia

      shut up us hispanics dont like white people either fuck the kkk they can eat that ham

  • Aggro

    Yeah…!!! I wish all rappers did each other in.

  • gessica

    wy my name and e=mail address are still on your screen and the whole public can still see it for the past two hours. please erase

    • gessica

      yes u are right your name and full e-mail address shouldnt b in the screen for everybody to see. they need to erase it.

  • gessica

    he is a teenager for god sick he do not know any better. why do they have to kill him. why didnt’they give him counseling about life and money instead of killing him. why they always like to kill those blacks rappers. Is it for being jealous of their success. All black young teenagers like rapping some do it for their own churches. When they are going to remove guns from those teenagers hands in the street. when the governement is going to do something about it. It.s all over in usa everybody has gun even crazy people have one. so when that is going to stop. when Jesus comes.

  • Seek

    Wow matters how he got his money or how he lived he is still human. Death shouldn’t be wished on anyone. What about his family. His daughter will grow up without him. When will people stop hating on the next because of what they have.

  • deven

    This is a sad sad thing. I have been a lil phat fan since day 1.. I have all his CDs and mixtapes. This is senseless .. its still hard to believe… its gonna take quite some time to get over this.. as for the family and friends of phat who knew him personally, my prayers and condolences are with you.. imma stay bumpin that phat… for the people responsible, GOD will deal with u .. may u rest in peace youngn’

  • deven

    This is a sad sad thing. I have been a lil phat fan since day 1.. I have all his CDs and mixtapes(even his 3deep) this is senseless .. its still hard to believe… its gonna take quite some time to get over this.. as for the family and friends of phat who knew him personally, my prayers and condolences are with you.. imma stay bumpin that phat… for the people responsible, GOD will deal with u .. may u rest in peace youngn’

  • http://yahoo Renee

    ive ben reading all this, ive never herd of tis boy, but my hart go’s out to his family and frinds,,, and all his fans as well, RIP!! things ppl have ben saying are just crazy, but what ever they say God brought him hear and know one had that right to take it from him. i dont care if he was poor rich what ever God had his plans not the one’s who killed him, im a big 48 hours fanm and it herts to see the family weep over there love one’s, so i hope that who killed him is reading this, why now God has bigger plans for you, how would you have felt if it was you, your family weeping? rich or poor like i said it dont matter he was Gods chiled and you took that not only from him but God as well!!! my hart is going out to hi family, and let God take care of them who did this, God has even bigger plans for them…..

  • SeanDaMFNBarber

    RIP Younging… And I wish people would stop blaming hip hop for every violent thing that happens in America today… We live in one of the most “ready to go to war” countries in the world… A country that glorifies killings of world leaders that we consider a threat to american society… A country that believes in shoot first and ask questions later… Rap music is not the problem with america’s youth. Society and what we stand for as a country mirror’s off to our youth… If rap was to disappear from this planet tomorrow, guess what? America will still be the same ole violent ass America… And nigga’s like Phat still be dying everyday for nothing…

  • mark

    I hope all who tlk bad about da dead burn in hell wit all there older family members who didn’t teach these ignorant bastard no manors….wat if it was yur old as grandma or great grandma

  • Terrell

    Mane Dat Shit Crazy R.I.P Phats . I Count My $$$ Backwards Kuzz Of’em

  • 4rmdaBOOTH

    We are sorry to hear about Lil Phat’s death. This is very sad. He was only 19yrs old. Life was just beginning for him. Somebody knows something. It will come out. RIP LIL PHAT AND FOR THE REST OF TRILL ENT KEEP YALL HEAD UP!! FREE BOOSIE BAD AZZ !!!

  • Ell

    That’s the dumbest shit i’ve ever heard in my fuckin life. “Wack on your own friend, jack your own ken”? well that’s why you’re fuckin dead witht he rest of these young black men!
    You live by this stupid, street, ghetto, demonic shit…you die by it! BULLSHIT!

  • Bri

    I prey for u n ur family hun I enjoyed knowing u for the time I dif ; ) God Took U From Here To Give U Peace n Sanity Watch over Ur Daughter n Family n.Maby Bring Change Among Them Love U Always As A Fan N Friend #The Good, Die Young Hope U Made It To Heaven Babe