Liam Neeson Strips, Gets Drenched For Cancer [VIDEO]

    October 2, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Call it a kind-hearted act for cancer research, or call it a clever promotion for his new film – either way, Liam Neeson stripped down to a pair of hot pink underwear on The Ellen Show and got soaked in a dunking booth.

Liam Neeson had already agreed to possibly get wet for breast cancer research, but as Ellen directed him toward the dunking booth, Neeson called an audible:

“If I take this [his robe] off does the $10,000 become $20,000?” he asked. The answer was yes, and Neeson submitted to the aim of a breast cancer survivor.

See how it played out below:

That woman was pretty excited to meet Mr. Neeson. Don’t even try to act like you wouldn’t have done the same. I’m talking to you too, fellas.

Since the drenching was successful, Shutterfly will donate $20,000 to breast cancer research. Oh yeah, and Taken 2 opens this weekend in theaters.

  • http://Webpronews Mary

    I just love it. Mr. Neeson is a wonderful actor who produces quality work and can do no wrong in my eyes.

  • Lori Miller

    Very entertaining and courageous Liam for getting wet. I cannot wait until Taken 2 is out the first one was quite a thriller, I loved it.

  • Gail Moore

    He’s the best.

  • Vic Ward

    I think if more stars would get behind raising more awareness about Cancer we wouldn’t be dying from it…. Leiomysarcoma patient 1 in a million…Vic