LG Is Making The Nexus 5, Will Be Similar To The G2 [Rumor]


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Last year, Google and LG released one of the best Android phones on the market with the Nexus 4. Since then, a lot of quality phones, including the HTC One and Galaxy S 4, have gone a long way in making the Nexus 4 look a little old. Google will no doubt fix that later this year with a new Nexus device, but it's currently unknown which company will have the honor.

Chinese site MyDrivers (as translated by DroidLife) reports that LG will once again make the next Nexus device. For now, the device is being called the Nexus 5 in reference to its rumored 5.2-inch display.

Beyond the larger display, the rumors state that the Nexus 5 will be almost identical to the recently revealed LG G2. The latest flagship from LG features the same 5.2-inch display alongside a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2GB of RAM and either 16 or 32GB of internal memory. The only difference between the G2 and the Nexus 5 is that Google is supposedly swapping out the Snapdragon 800 for the cheaper 600 to keep costs down.

Interestingly enough, it's also rumored that the Nexus 5 will be the device that Google uses to introduce Android 5.0, or Key Lime Pie. Google only recently starting pushing out Android 4.3 to its Nexus devices, but a late 2013 release for Key Lime Pie makes sense if only to satiate the masses who are demanding something beyond incremental updates from the Android team.

So, when might we see the mythical Nexus 5 and Key Lime Pie? The rumor states that Google is pushing for an October reveal. That would put the announcement roughly a year after the announcement of the Nexus 4 which itself was delayed due to Hurricane Sandy. Barring any repeat performances from Mother Nature this year, Google may be able to do a mid-October reveal.

Like always, all of the above are nothing but rumors. LG might not even be making the next Nexus device as there are other rumors floating around that say Motorola might be making a Nexus version of the Moto X. It's even possible that LG and Motorola will both release a Nexus device, but that's the most unlikely out of all the possible scenarios.

Regardless of whoever Google chooses to make the next Nexus phone, they'd be wise not to celebrate the launch with an ill-informed stunt involving BB guns.