Lena Headey: “Game of Thrones” Star Buys a $790,000 Fixer-Upper Home

    April 28, 2014
    Jerrica Tisdale
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Game of Thrones star finds a new castle.

In 2013, Lena Headey topped headlines by discussing her financial troubles. She revealed that her 2012 divorce from Peter Loughran left her with barely enough to make ends meet. Headey wanted a $6,000 advance on their 2011 $46,000 tax refund, which would be used to cover her and her then 2 year old son’s daily expenses.

Additionally, her financial misfortune resulted in Headey selling her $1.8 million home, which she purchased in 2008 with Loughran, for less than its market value. TMZ obtained legal documents that claimed Headey said she had less than $5 in her bank account. This sent Game of Thrones fans into a shock, who believed her salary from the show should be enough to support her lifestyle.

Now things are looking up for Queen Cersei. A little over a year later, Trulia Luxe Living reports that on April 4, Headey closed a deal on a $790,000 1,808 square foot home in Sherman Oaks, CA. Property records for the place reveal that it contains 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, and a backyard with a pool and covered patio and garden. Trulia said the property isn’t “much to look at (by Hollywood standards), but it does have potential.” It’s located in one of the best neighborhoods in Sherman Oaks. Headey’s home has a “mid-century modern twist and sits on a beautiful and quiet tree-lined street.”

On April 21, 2014, Headey posted a picture of her sitting by a pool on Instagram, which could be the first look at her new home for the public.

It’s described as ‘spacious, bright, and airy, with a good floor plan and great ‘bones,’ Headey’s new home has a decent-sized kitchen that conveniently opens to the family room for easy entertaining.” If Headey needs to get some down time, her home has a large master suite with a private bath.

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Image via Lena Headey, Instagram

  • Pansy Blackwell

    Where I live, a house costing that much would be “turn key.” there also would be so many amenities, you could not count them all. Some real estate broker, got away with one,.

    • Nate

      Pansy never heard of location, location, location.

    • VerbaExMachina

      Pansy, here in SoCal that’s def the cost of a fixer or a nice mobile home… Sherman Oaks isn’t BelAir, but it’s not bad digs by any means… That money might but 8 rooms and acreage in The Bible Belt, but its average out here, we just sold a property of similar size for 640k 40 miles North of Sherman.
      Because California.

  • Jeff Meskan

    Glad to see she is getting on her feet and has the good sense to appreciate this “modest” home. I wish her a lifetime of success!