Lena Dunham Compared To Putin With Obama Video

By: Amanda Crum - October 26, 2012

Lena Dunham, who created and stars in the highly controversial show “Girls”, has made a little pro-Obama video which is garnering massive attention, mostly because in it, she says Obama was her “first”.

She’s referring, of course, to the first time she voted. The video is an obvious tongue-in-cheek gesture aimed at college-aged females–her show’s demographic–in order to get them into voting booths. With so many young women siding with President Obama’s stance on important issues like women’s healthcare/birth control, gay marriage, and the Lily Ledbetter Act, it’s more important than ever for them to get out and show their support on Election Day.

The ad–which Obama has nothing to do with–is drawing a lot of criticism, however, with TheRightScoop calling it “disgusting” and comparing it to an ad put out by Putin.

Talk about desperation. They’ve finally sunken to a new low trying to get the youth vote by comparing voting for the first time to having sex for the first time. “You’re first time shouldn’t be with just anybody. You wanna do it with a great guy…” Ugh.

Amanda Crum

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  • MillieP

    Just be careful Ms. Lena Dunham, the word on the street is that Obama is a highly charming player and has had many first timers in the past who have contracted some nasty STDI’s (STupid Democatic Ideas) from him including TAXitis, gonorSOCIALMEDICINErhea and the very worst which is called DEFICITitis.  DEFICITitis takes years to get rid of, can’t always be cured and the cost of the treatment is extremely high.  Thankfully, these women, after working through the trauma rejection and lies, are ready to be committed to a much healthier life style.  Since this is your first time, also be aware of the possibility that you could become impregnated with hatred for people that have different ideas from you, total apathy for unborn children and disdain for anyone that has enough money to take care of their families so please be sure to use as much protection as possible.  Just like you said, that first time is important I just hope it is not only enjoyable but something you can live with. 

    • minna

      do you know, millie, that all of the nasty ideas you project onto democrats actually originated in conservative heads and mouths? you all are such cowards you can’t even claim your own position.

  • http://www.hotelavenue.com Scott De Jack

    Cute, sweet and charming even. There’s nothing the least bit lascivious about it- and she makes her points lightly and w/ humor. Anyone taking offense at this ad- when there are so many angry, aggressive, over-dramatic, insulting ads out there that are full of LIES (yes Crossroads I’m talkin’ ’bout you) is merely feigning outrage because they’re republicans. When it comes to campaigning republicans have NO boundaries, no line in the sand….nothing is too rough, so this slight, sweet ad is about as controversial as a lollipop.

  • eric

    I am not offended. The commercial is just plain dumb.

  • http://yahoo bessie kenney

    this young lady needs to look at the video she is on supporting the president. it sure is not becoming of a young lady to say she done it the first time with obama. no wonder you want your birth control bought by the tax payers lol , this is the way our young people talke when they have sex for the first time. some parents needs to sit this girl down and have some good straight talk with her. this man is president and he has a wife and two young daughter to see this on an ad on tv. i wonder if they ever questioned their father and mother about this. good grief what is this world coming to . a campaign ad like this must be very embarrasing to this first family.