Lebron Turned Down For Date By Olympic Swimmer

    August 2, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Lebron James probably isn’t used to being turned down; that whole being a member of the “Dream Team” thing tends to endear people to you. But when you’re dealing with another Olympic athlete, sometimes there are factors that are just out of your control. Like curfew.

Apparently James wanted to get to know swimmer Lauren Perdue a bit better after his team and hers met up before the games; she tweeted about it in what was seemingly a state of shock.

“Lebron James just invited me to dinner…Um wuuuutttt?!?”

She then posted this Instagram photo of the two of them, just hanging out and being awesome Olympians.


“He was kind of joking,” Perdue said. “But he was basically like, ‘Would you like to come eat with me at the dining hall?’ And I said, ‘Um, I’m sorry, I have a curfew.'”

Of course, James is engaged, so I’m sure it was just a friendly request. But rejection still burns, eh Lebron?

  • james

    He was obviously trying to cheat on his fiance. Also, could he is one ugly dude. Those glasses are hideous

  • Buddy

    LeBron thinks he’s “God’s gift.” he needs to humble himself.

  • Martin Roberts

    Of course she is going to say no in public, but behind closed doors her answer is more than yes

  • Frank

    Smart girl….run away as fast as you can…he will leave you like he left Cleveland

  • ND

    Them NBA thugs, don’t care about legal age, they only care about tearing up them white girls, leaving them with smoke damage and an illegitimate in the belly.

    Good luck getting child support from them!

    • Jennifer

      What a strange article. She states in the second to the last paragraph that he(Lebron) was kind of joking about the dinner request, which means he probably was doing just that, joking. Well, if he was kinda joking and she knew that, then what was her purpose of sharing this information or the picture.

      If you water it down, she was probably one of the hundreds of fans who got a picture with him and blew things way out of proportion to her advantage.

    • kevin jackson

      Them NBA Thugs???? Heheheh, first learn how to speak proper english BEFORE,posting a comment!!!!

  • DEE

    Until you get to know the man, don’t judge his character and intergrity; it was probably an innocent date. I am sure you have been turned down by people and thought that person should have taken you on your offer. I am so sick and tired of people being so judgemental towards people who probably make more than you in your whole lifetime. Everyone who is a star at something don’t have the attitude that I am “God’s Gift to the world.” A lot of time statements like that comes from hate (for no reason), jealousy or being racist. Look at yourself in the mirror first and judge yourself and see what good thing comes out of it. I am sure you have some stones that you would like to leave unturn and not let someone else know what you have done in your past!

  • http://yahoo.com deuce

    ummmmm I dont date black men…..I can give you Kim K’s number…..

  • that dude

    it happens…everybody gets rejected now and then. whatever the reason,I applaud her for not being too starstruck…and those racists remarks by the other commenters on here will only lead to backfire- ur daughter will prolly get caught in the school stairwell on her knees in front of a black jock standin and tuggin on her silky blond hair…lmao

  • mrs

    She wanted to say yes but was trying to get a little fame by saying she turned down a big star ummmm wuttt the hell did u tweet about it for if you just simply turned him down u obviously was looking for attention ummm this is why i cant stand them boogy broads…it sounded innocent his fiance looks waaayyyy better than this flimsy skank….bron bron all day hatas

  • Josephine White

    I think LeBron deserved it. I mean, he does have a fiance! She probably wantedf to keep it safe so she didn’t want to go out. I mean what if it was a date! His fiance would go CRAZY!!!! Plus, now LeBron understands how Ohio felt when they got rejected by him. Now he knows how it feels! LOL :)

  • Michelle

    It was a causal gesture who wants to eat with men ALL and EVERY day. Lighten up everyone. LeBron knows the line and his fiance shouldn’t worry about atheletes like LeBron hanging out a bit. Cheers!