Leaving Your Kids in a Hot Ass Car Will Likely Get Your Windows Smashed

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It seems like every summer we hear some tragic story about someone leaving their kid(s) in a sweltering car while they run an errand – or in the case of this summer's worst thing ever, while they work for seven hours. This continues to happen despite attempts from rational folks to dissuade parents from this utterly irrational practice. This year, especially, ever since the aforementioned worst thing ever happened, people are even more aware of just how hot a parked car can get under the blistering sun – and various YouTube videos of people showing what it's like to be in such a situation have gone viral.

With the public on high alert for situations of neglect, it's no surprise that a group of shoppers smashed a Texas woman's Jeep windows to free two crying children from a car oven.

In Katy, Texas the temperature approached 90 degrees on Monday. According to Houston's KHOU, shoppers at a local strip mall were drawn to a parked Jeep with its windows rolled up by the sounds of crying children.

They quickly sprang into action, smashing a side window with a hammer. After finagling with the child locks for a few minutes, the crowd was able to free the kids.

The rescue was captured on video:

The woman's excuse? She was getting a haircut.

Police weren't called to the scene, as the woman pleaded with the bystanders and assured them that she'd simply made a huge mistake.

Look, it's hard to advocate busting into someone else's car for many reasons - but temperatures in parked, rolled-up cars can exceed 130 degrees in less than a half hour. Kids die in hot cars. Pets die in hot cars. This shit happens. Even if you're going to be five minutes – even if you're just going to be a couple minutes – it's best to avoid this scenario at all costs. Not only is it child neglect, but there's a high probability that someone is going to bust up your ride.

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