LeAnn Rimes Feud With Brandi Glanville Just Keeps Going

    May 16, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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LeAnn Rimes has a long and storied past with Brandi Glanville; since LeAnn married Brandi’s ex, Eddie Cibrian, the two have been going at it in the press nonstop. Brandi was initially upset that Eddie cheated on her with LeAnn while the two of them were filming a movie together, but now she’s set her sights on LeAnn’s mothering skills and even the way she gives Mother’s Day gifts.

Glanville took to Twitter to talk about LeAnn’s gift–a bouquet of flowers–and said that the two of them don’t speak when they run into each other in public.

LeAnn reportedly replied with, “This was actually the first acknowledgement of my gesture I was made aware of. I didn’t see anything else sent to me. It wasn’t for the ‘thank you.’ It was to just simply say Happy Mother’s Day,” though that tweet appears to have been deleted. She did seem to allude to the situation in another post, however.

LeAnn has claimed in the past that she entered a rehab program to learn how to cope with stress after two of Brandi’s friends allegedly began harassing her and making threatening phone calls. They have also had Twitter wars before, after Brandi accused LeAnn of keeping laxative pills in her purse and being negligent when Brandi’s son ate them, thinking they were candy.

  • Nanette

    I think LeeAnn Rhines is mean and I think she needs to go to rehab.
    Please pray for me God save me, Nanette Tron and God bless the U.S.A.

    • Nanett

      I could careless about these 2…females, but I am worried about Nanette. Are you ok gf? Why do you need to be saved or was this just an attention getter? just ask’n

  • Lisa Hyde

    Both of you need to grow up and start being adults.

  • Cori

    I’m not sure how LeAnn can be considered mean? She sent her flowers as a nice gesture nothing else. It’s not hard to say thank you in person, but apparently Brandi’s only form of communication is via “twitter.” Someone needs to grow up already.

    • P

      Or you serious? Brandi’s only method is twitter? Wasn’t it leann who went to tweehab? Sending flowers was a passive agressive move by Leann. She always has a purpose. She wants to be acknowledged as the mother of the kids. Too bad for her they already have one. Leann is a very sick woman and really needs professional mental health.

      • Kim

        Oh thank God you know Leann and have cleared this up for everyone. My God! I am thrilled to have clarification from someone on the inside. LMBO!

      • Phyllis

        Are you a doctor? Just asking since you made the comment “LeAnn is a very sick woman and really needs professional mental health”. This can be taken as slander.

        • Sara

          Actually, Phyllis Slander is verbal; Libel is a written statement.

          She can’t sue for either; read the 1st amendment. Personal opinion is of no matter here. It has no effect on the person’s life via damage or otherwise. No one gives a sh*& about Yahoo and their news but you, and me until yesterday. Signing off!

          Get a life.

    • Robert

      First, LeAnn stole her husband. Second, if something needed to be sent to the Mother of the children it should be from the Father, not the home wrecker. By LeAnn sending things like this it like gloating.

      • Diva M.

        Robert, you are right on! It is gloating. LeAnn cannot win this one, nor should she as she stole another woman’s life!

      • Liz

        Nobody stoled anyone’s husband that marriage was over when LeAnn came in the picture. Besides when is Brandie going to get over it and move on. She’s putting on this big show for everyone to see. That’s life! Have you even heard from LeAnn’s ex? no because he knows things happened and you can’t dwell on them you move on. Brandi is just an attention whore and a bully. She stoled your husband yes ok it sucks but really you want to torment her forever? Please give me a break

      • Jane

        Noone stills another womens husband, its obvious here he didnt love his wife enough not to cheat on her and leave her. I think Brandi should move on and get a life of her own.

      • jackie17

        First of all you cannot “steal” someone unless they want to go. Then it really isn’t stealing is it? Also, is eveyone forgetting Brandi cheated on Eddie when they were married long before he cheated. Just saying….

    • missm70

      Are you serious! Leann is a mean. Karma is a bitch and one day she will get hers. Leann didn’t send flowers to be nice she did it to get a response out Brandi. They both need to grow up! What is Leann going to do when Eddie moves on to the next whore who is richer?

    • Chick

      Seriously Cori? LeAnn had an affair with Brandi’s husband. AND Brandi was PREGNANT at that time. LeAnn needs to understand Brandi’s perspective. How would LeAnn like it if another woman had an affair with Eddie? Which he will most likely cheat on her too. Once a cheater always a cheater.

  • mom23boys

    How sad that 2 grown women act like this. However, what a nice gesture on LeAnn’s part to send flowers for her stepchildren’s sake. It says to the kids “I know who your real mom is but I want to express my gratitude for her having you.” What always confuses me is if a woman leaves her husband for cheating why she wants to keep up the hatred (especially publically) unless she is alone herself. Get a boyfriend or new spouse…you left Eddie and filed for Divorce (for good reason). Please grow up for the sake of your kids! The past is over and unless you are wanting Eddie the cheater back…let his past be in the past and move forward as he has done to happiness.

    • P

      I just love how everyone is blaming Brandi. She doesn’t talk about Leann and ignores her, yet people still keep telling her to get over it. She is over it, but apparently people like you aren’t.

      • Callie

        Watch the Real House wife’s of Beverly Hills. Brandi is always downing Leann. If she would learn to be a lady instead of slum city trash talking mouth of hers maybe Eddie would of stayed with her. I feel sorry for her children. She is trash trying to be Hollywood….lame fake ass Brandi

        • susie

          You who are calling LeAnn a home wrecker need to check up on Brandi…see’s no saint. Her “husband” was sleeping around long before LeAnn came on the scene and at the same time Brandi was not sitting home kissing by the fireplace. Please do tune in and listen to her foul mouth berating anyone who call her out on the housewives show. She likes dumping on people and when they retaliate back at her she becomes “the poor me single mother….ya right! Guess what kids if not LeAnn it would have been someone else can’t blame her x for wandering around for years and then running away from her

          • marie

            leann is a HOMEWRECKING WHORE.

      • susie

        Brandi doesn’t talk about her??? You must be in a cave somewhere she talks about her all the time on national TV!

      • Liz

        Brandi is over it? LMAO really? That’s why when she got the flowers she couldn’t just keep her mouth shut the first thing she thought of is let’s go public with this.

      • marehoop

        I don’t know what you are watching…Brandi EAT, SLEEP AND DRINK LeAnn…And vice versa…

        They both need to stop. Kids are involved and they have taken this way to far.

        As for those saying LeAnn stole Brandi’s husband. I was once in Brandi shoes, YOU CANNOT STOP A MAN FROM CHEATING, HE IS GOING TO CHEAT IF IT IS IN HIM. NOBODY CAN STEAL HIM IF HE DOESN’T WANT TO BE STOLE!!!

    • Sara

      and you KNOW what her ‘intent’ was?? a slutty homewrecker who stole the woman’s (albeit, stupid, cheating) husband??

      Boy, looks like YOU are the idiot here.

  • https://www.facebook.com/rockyourhair2013 Joan Semmie

    Screw that, if someone took my man away I would make her life hell till the day she died. Yes, women are childish but how would you feel? Yea she sent flowers but to munipulate the situation.

    • Alina Rodriguez

      HELL’S YEAH!!! I’ve told my husband a million times……you cheat on me….I will (immaturely, but don’t give a $#!+) torture you and your chick FOREVER!!!

      • Phyllis

        Why would you do that? If someone don’t want to be with you any longer, move on. Women like you are the reason most men don’t want to enter into marriage. Just because you married him dosen’t mean you own him. I bet you wouldn’t feel this way if the situation was reversed.

      • Phyllis

        Sounds to me like you want to go to jail. Big Bertha will welcome you with open arms. lol.

    • tgirl

      No one can take a man from someone else. If a man or a woman has affairs it is because there is something missing in the relationship. To continue blaming the other woman or the other man is absurd…..when children are involved you have to step up, be the better person and move on!

      • http://yahoo Dianne

        when you’re married and you start an affair with someone you are a cheater both parties are and in her case she is a whore trying to be another womans kid mom.

        • Diva M.

          Dianne, right on! I totally agree with you.

        • Jane

          what about putting a little blame on Eddie, after all he cheated on his wife too and btw the word is not wh… its STEP-MOTHER……if you call her wh… what do you call Eddie?

      • marie

        BULL CRAP, and man cheats because he has no moral or Christian values. I know a lot of good women that were cheated on. Males like that DONT deserve good women, they are WHORE mongers. I Think ALL CHEATERS SHOULD BE STONES TO DEATH.

        • Marsha

          Christian values that is a oxymoron, christians are the best at having no values.

    • Phyllis

      No one can take your man. If he leaves it will be because he wants to be with that woman. You sound childish, believe me there are real women in this world.

    • Liz

      That’s just immature. Look at Jennifer Aniston for example she is a prime example of a true lady. She never harrased Jolie. She just moved on with her life. Brandi is just garbage.

  • riny

    I don’t know ANYONE who would send flowers to their husband’s ex. It’s just not appropriate and seems like an underhanded move to look good while rubbing Brandi’s face in it. If anyone was sending flowers for mother’s day, it should have been Eddie, on behalf of the kids.

    • Lacey

      I couldn’t agree more . . . that’s exactly what I thought as well . . .

    • Liz

      Im that women and you know what she did? She thanked me. Crazy right?

  • lisa

    As the stepmom it is her place to send flowers on behalf of the step children, really you expect a man to do that. for my boys I sent stuff to the step mother on their behalf and she in kind did the same thing, my ex doing really, never would ever occur to him, men expect women to handle those things for children unless there is no step mom involved. Good for LeAnn to do it. Brandi needs to grow up, she is divorced the marriage is over, move on, get over it, stop living in the past, it only hurts the children because children find out, they talk and kids can be more hurtful to each other than adults.

  • md

    I wish Brandi would dig a hole and jump in it. She is so trashy and classless.

  • Robin

    Once a cheater….always a cheater. Both of these ladies needs to realize that they are directing their venon at the wrong person. Eddie is the one who has already proven he can’t be faithful in a relationship, so these women need to realize that he is the cause of all the pain inflicted in both of their lives.

    Brandi should be thankful that Eddie is someone elses problem now. At least she has a couple of adorable boys to lessen the pain she had to endure.

    LeAnn needs to realize that history will repeat itself and decide if all the pain he has brought into her life is really worth it.

    I wish the best for both ladies and hope they can both move forward in a more positive direction, even with each other.

    • Phyllis

      I believe men and women cheat on the partner because they haven’t found the right person.

    • Sharon Davidson

      They fight while Eddie Cibrian secretly gloats about how great he is to have two women fighting over him . . . ugh!

  • http://facebook leslie elam

    Brandi is trash…Eddie is the one that broke up the marriage…if brandi was so great he would still be with her…LeeAnn keep singing and dont fall into her trap..if eddie strays from you he will really be shoing his true colors……grow up and pay attention to the kids…..

  • crissy

    The sad thing is that the children hear & feel this tension. It’s time for all three of these grown adults to put the children first & keep their bullcrap between the three of them.

  • paula

    Quit blaming Leann. It takes two! Time for all adults to act like adults! It’s the kids that are paying the price.

  • Brenda K

    Brandi should not have to say happy mothers day to someone that broke her family up! Its the fathers responsibility to help get the boys their mother a gift. You are not those boys mother or ever will be! Not just you Ms. Rimes that has no morals but every other person you meet wears their genitals on their sleeves! No one seems to care about their vow of promise , and kids what kids its all about me, me, me and what’s between my legs that matters! Feelings its all about the adulters feelings! Those boys needed their own mother and father and you LeAnn should of kept your legs together! Everyone sins but when children are involved or an innocent party I have no pity! You LeAnn will always be a whore and you need to make things right with this family if you even have an ounce of respect left! And the same goes for Brand is Ex! What goes around comes around and you better believe it he already cheated with you! Once a cheater always a cheater and never believe what they say they talk through the side of their mouth!

    • Melania Gulley

      Seriously> You need to grow up and stop being so venomous. The name calling is pathetic.

    • http://yahoo betty

      i think you need to grow up what”s happened is just what it is ok please.

    • Linda

      Wow! You are one angry lady. And it sounds as if you have never made a mistake in your life. It is so easy to judge and so hard to live a kind life. Get over your anger and learn to forgive.
      These people have no affect on your life. Move on.

  • Denyse

    How is that for Karma Ms R. So, take a husband away from his family, and expect woman of the year???I think not

  • Phyllis

    No one can take anyone away from anyone. The person that broke up the marriage is Eddie. He made the choice to be with that woman. I didn’t hear anything about Eddie being forced to leave his wife, he still has his family (his boys). So all you LeAnn haters get you a life.

  • Patty

    Eddie was the cheater, LeAnn was the wh___, Really do you want him back? Move on with your life and quit hurting your kid’s. Be the bigger person and the better parent, because Karma is a Bit__!!!

  • http://Tiftnet nechelle

    Brandi is still hurt & her type will hurt for sometime. I wouldn’t have receive those flowers from her. Brandi just needs to be quieter about Leann because the time will come. I’ve seen it too many times. You get involved with someone else’s husband & you lose. Normally, for the common, not so rich. It’s usually a lose of a house, extreme sickness, or death. Marriages of those sort don’t usually work. A former friend of mine lost her home the one she stole, her husband died, the one she stole, & her oldest daughter got strucked by a car. My heart ached for her, but she did take the other woman’s hse, husband, and future security. The former wife lives in govt a assisted home. I learned of her deceptive ways after we became friends. I’m just stating the facts.

  • http://yahoo Brandy7174

    I happen to have a great relationship with my kids’ stepmom…now! In the beginning it wasn’t that way but after time and when I got over losing my husband to her I realized that it wasn’t her fault. My husband and I had a horrible relationship, we should’ve parted ways, but nothing really ends on a good note does it? So there had to be some pain involved. The point is when you get over the pain the fog clears and you can put it all into focus. The kids are what’s important and I think it sets an awesome example for the kids if all parties involved can get along.
    I am friends with this woman on FB, when I take the kids to her house we wind up talking alot, I actually talk more to her than my ex!!
    I don’t think the flowers were sent to be devious, I think it was a way to try to open a door. If Brandi is not over him yet though it won’t be taken that way. She has to heal first. It doesn’t matter how long ago it happened, we all heal differently.

  • bubba rydel

    Leanne had a hit when she was twelve or something. since then she’s grown up to be an unattractive middle aged home wrecker. her voice is shot and she looks like a half breed oriental shemale. i’m sick of her. please retire and go away.

  • http://www.denverista.com Misty

    Both of the ladies involved need to act and behave like ladies. Bashing each other every opportunity is not very condusive for a healthly relationship. Life happened, move on, yeah, it sucks, however, acknowledge the pain (oh, wait; you have already done that!) and learn how to handle it privately. You two may think that the kids won’t learn about this hassarement, but they will. Think like a lady! Both of you are in the public eye, so are the children. Make a better life for yourselves and the sake of the children.

  • marie

    leann is an HOMEWRECKING WHORE, SHE DESERVED EVERY BAD THING THAT HAPPENS TO HER. God has a special place in HELL for WHORES like her that breaks up a FAMILY……

    • Linda

      It takes more than one to break up a family. God forgives, why don’t you try it and quit being so venomous.

  • VI

    LEANN RIMES IS A SKANK!!! Plain & simple; a straight-up skanky hoe!

  • K Jones

    Brandi has every reason in the world to dislike Leann. Leann knew Eddie was married and had a family but she didn’t care, she wanted another woman’s husband. Eddie is scum. He has a history of cheating and Leann should know the old saying, “if he will cheat with you, he will cheat on you!”

  • http://yahoo Linda W

    well You’d think Brandi Glanville’s brain calender would just be full, but nope , she finds room for more bull sh**. I personally think Brandi is madly in love with Leanne Rimes. Maybe it’s a crush because Leanne is a County Singing Star. Brandi must dream about this woman night and day to keep stalking her like she does on every occasion.I mean Think about it, Read the Tweet Brandi wrote she doesn’t have Leanne’s number, and that’s where Brandi’s children stay some. Always the joker Brandi, but where’s the joke? It’s not funny, You love this woman, or you’re crushing on her one. Admit it or Stop it. It’s not good for your boys.And she says she’s a good Mom.

  • Linda

    What was the point of sending the flowers?
    To be mean, they have consistently fought over LeAnn calling them her kids.
    To get another story in the paper? Both women seem to do whatever they can to get a little press time.
    Did Eddy have the kids for the weekend and LeAnn was rubbing her nose in it.
    I can’t think it was to be nice. A very weird first act of kindness. And an inappropriate act. If she wanted to send flowers she should have done it from the boys and kept her name out of it.

    • Anna

      LeAnn is a mean, angry woman, she sent the flowers to be nasty.

  • Linda

    These ladies would do themselves and the public a big favor by turning off the tweeting and quit reading what the other has said about them. They need to focus on their careers and family, move on in positive ways given the situation. I am so tired of hearing about what each has said about the other. This is my last response on the whole thing. Ugh

  • Nonyabusiness

    Eddie didn’t leave Brandi because he fell in love with the fugly Leann he left Brandi for the beautiful money Leann has. Leann is ugly, immature and seriously needs help. Brandi speaks her mind and is honest, she didn’t cheat on Eddie but after the divorced she has admitted to sleeping with alot of men. So what, she is single, gorgeous unlike the homewrecking skank Leann that is a butt ugly has been.

  • elise

    why is everybody bashing leann, i do not like her either, but what about eddie, everyone is always bashing leann i am no fan of her but please it does take two to tango! i didnt hear of leann forcing herself on eddie it was a mutual thing so lets not point fingers at just leann but eddie two. I also think that brandi and leann are acting like a bunch of kids. I wonder what was the purpose of sending flowers to brandi? that is not normal i wouldnt send her flowers if i was feuding with her. I think enough is enough end this stupid thing quit writing about it and giving it more fire. leann and eddie were wrong bottom line. brandi needs to move on with her life and all parties need to be concerned with the kids. that is it.

  • donna thompson

    hey leann,
    you are what you are. a home wrecker. you took a husband and father away from his family. i know it takes 2 to tangle. you should lose everything to that woman. she should take you to the cleaners and you end up with nothing. dont worry when your money is all gone, guess what so will eddie. he cheated on his wife and he will cheat on you. you are not that pretty. you need to get on your knees and ask god to forgive you cause we dont. go back to rehab. you need it.since you got fame, its gone way past your head.

    • Mark

      I totally agree, LeAnn is nothing more then a home wrecker.

  • http://www.eroticatoyz.com JJ

    LeAnn is batsh*t crazy. She wants to have kids so she is trying to swoop in on Brandi’s. I would be the same way with an ex if kids were involved. Brandi is their mother and LeAnn is the home wrecker their dad married. Like Phaedra said “you cant turn a whore into a housewife” but dang Eddie is trying…..

  • Deli

    Who cares???

  • Marsha

    Eddie has as far as I have seen not worked, so Leanne is the one paying you Brandi so Brandi take the money, Eddie would be just another out work broke actor, without his rich wife you would be broke also. So she is your payday do not bite that hand. Leanne is a mutant ugly woman. Happy he took for you. Really Brandi move on throw the flowers away they are a fake gesture.

  • around40

    There’s a few things these two need to remember. What goes around comes around. Every dog has their day. Karma is so sweet.
    You two need to think of the damage you are doing to the children involved. GROW UP…

  • Delilah

    Both these “ladies” need to get over themselves. If there is a villian here, it is Eddie Cibrian, the serial cheater. The only way Glanville stays in the news is by this feud and RHOBH. Seriously what does this blonde bimbo have to offer other than nasty comments about just about everyone around her. Leann, open your eyes to the gold digger you are married to. The mistake you made was leaving a good guy for a creep.. Soon you will be replaced… He seems to leave a lot of broken hearts in his wake…

    • Mary in the South

      I TOTALLY agree with Delilah! I used to like LeAnn but not anymore. She’s an idiot. Eddie is probably seeing his ex on the side! Once a cheater, always a cheater… Leave while you can!

  • Mark

    LeAnn Rimes is a mean has been that just needs to go away!

  • http://WebProNews JR

    I don’t recall Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie having catfights over Brad…but then…Jennifer didn’t have any kids…wonder if that made a difference….

  • Teresa

    I think their both being childish.Grow up!! Your a mother and step mother.Do either one of you women think about how you all “war” is affecting the kids? Be the better person.What’s the saying if you can’t say anything nice,don’t say anything at all.Gosh!!

  • anna lee

    Time for leann rimes to shut up and have some shame already…my gosh, the nerve, you have an affair with Brnadi’s husband, destroying her family and then bash her daily! leann has no decency!

  • KellyinSeattle

    LeAnn will do anything as long as she gets attention – for example , she’s suing a twitter user who said “bad things” about her…she tries to control the media’s portrayal of her.

  • Megan

    Ook, where to begin on this. First off, why do people make such a big deal when it comes to celebrities personal lives? I am not siding with anyone on this situation. Yes, Leeann did have an affair with someone who was married. But like I read in some of these comments, it takes 2 people to mess around in the situation. Why does everyone hate on Leeann and not Eddie? He is not innocent or a victim of this. The real victim is Brandi. Yes, Eddie and Brandi do have children together, but when you think about it, do you know how many women theit are out there that get cheated on? Many women have children with Men, and the Men still cheat on them. Weither its boyfriend, husband, or whatever. Learn about Love and loyalty before getting involved with someone. People need to stop criticizing these “celebrities” when they are just normal human beings like us. Stop judging and giving them all this drama and attention.

    • Megan

      Ooh and I didn’t mean to direct the cheating thing to just Men. Women and Men both do it to one another. Everybody isn’t perfect. People just need to open their eyes to reality. If true love even exists anymore, people would not be cheating on one another. In other terms, if its not meant to be, you have to face the truth. Karma will come around to people like that some day. I have learned that in many past relationships. Just putting my opinion out there bout what the world has seemed to come to now a days