Leading Australian Businesses “Go Google”

Huge travel agency group, real estate firm to switch from Microsoft solutions

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Google Apps has been on something of a roll lately, sealing deals with a number of American universities and businesses.  But it seems to have achieved success on a grander scale in Australia, where two very large companies today announced plans to "go Google."

We’ll give you the official description of both businesses in case you’re not familiar with Australia’s corporate landscape.  A post on the Official Google Australia Blog explained, "Flight Centre is Australasia’s largest travel agency group with more than 2,000 shops and businesses in 11 countries."  And "Ray White manages over $30 billion worth of real estate sales across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, writing $6 billion in home loans each year."

As for how Google Apps enters the equation, Flight Centre is looking to the software mostly for email, and expects to decrease its email costs by about 30 percent thanks to the switch.  Ray White, meanwhile, wants to give its employees and customers "standardised communication and collaboration platform," and has also created "a dedicated rental property management system" on the Google App Engine platform.

These developments count as major wins for Google, in any event.  They represent losses for Microsoft, too, since both organizations previously made use of Outlook Exchange.

GoogleLooking forward, it should be interesting to see if Google’s able to press this advantage.  Other organizations may be eager to follow the lead of Flight Centre and Ray White, after all (at least after making sure nothing goes wrong during the transition process).

We’ll of course be sure to report any significant updates.

Leading Australian Businesses “Go Google”
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  • http://www.cloudlogic.com Scott McKenzie

    We started offering Google Apps for Business to Australia around 3 months ago and have seen a sharp increase in implementations even in that short space of time. Typically, small and medium businesses in Australia tend to have relatively slow upload bandwidth which requires some additional planning to migrate legacy email to the Google servers but that aside, the implementations are quick and smooth.

  • http://southpacificwireless.com Big Aussie

    Nothing like cost cutting (from the Accountants perspective) to keep everyone happy. Until the inevitable happens….. the Net connection goes down, and you are left trying to explain to customers on the end of a phone line (or in Flight Centre’s case) face to face in one of their stores “sorry sir, we are unable to help you until the internet connection to a Google server comes back up”.

    For the sake of both of these companies, I hope they have a locally synchronised copy of their data (which I doubt); or at the very least, dual internet connections from completely separate ISPs — eg., ADSL with Optus backed up with a 3G connection from Telstra.

    I would love to know if the accountants for each company are still using their local copy of Outlook or are they content to go with GMail too.

    It has been forecast by many far more knowledgeable than I; there will be a general internet failure in the very near future which will make many businesses sit up and take a long hard look at life in the clouds.

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