Lea Michele Is Just Not That Into Being Famous

    August 18, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Lea Michele became an instant star on the television show Glee, but the actress and singer says that while she appreciates her fans, being famous just doesn’t really appeal to her.

She recently talked about the down side of fame and said that it can be a bit overwhelming at times.

Michele grew up with a big Italian family and said that she still leans on her family during stressful times.

“A good dinner with my mom and dad and my big Italian family,” she said when asked how she copes with fame. “No matter what is going on in my life or in this business, that is my home and that is my heart.”

Michele grew up in New York but moved to Los Angeles to work on Glee. The young actress said that she worked hard to get where she is today, but is still shocked at how fast it all happened.

“I never thought I would be on such an amazing show and living in LA, so this has so far exceeded anything I could have dreamt of,” she said. “I think it teaches you not to set limits for yourself and to go 100 percent into whatever you believe in.”

Michelle said that she was inspired by Barbra Streisand when she was younger and that she hopes she can inspire others the way Streisand inspired her.

“I really love her. She’s always been a role model. She built her career by focusing on what makes her unique. It’s how she became so successful,” she said.

“I want to introduce that idea to this generation – that you take what makes you unique, what makes you you, and you will achieve all your dreams. It really is what has got me to where I am today.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • wm123

    Bullshit. She has P.R. staff working daily to keep her face, name and half naked bod in the press 24/7! And shes writing her 2nd book? Shes a bigger diva than Barbara ever thought of being…and not that hot for a short, bony chick with a big nose that keeps tossin her bod-pic online almost daily.

    • bianca920

      Is this why she’s constantly popping up with her gigalo everywhere?

  • guest

    Is this woman ever truthful?

  • gleek101

    Wow lots of haters here. Why would she lie. Did it ever occur to anyone that bcause she frequents the same places mayt times that the paps automatically know where to find her. Don’t like then don’t read and post comments.

    • Gunny

      OR she purposely goes to the places that the paps hang out. I don’t know that she lies as much as she is not sure of who she is. What I’m not buying is her “uniqueness” goal – she seems to be trying to be just like so many singers and actresses willing to expose themselves to be popular. I imagine with her show tanking and not that great of a showing for her album, she would get a little desperate.

  • Texasismyhome

    Why must those who don’t like her always have to comment on her looks, good grief she’s gorgeous. Like her or don’t but she seems like a sweet kid to me.

    • Gunny

      I think she is pretty, but I have never heard a colleague say she was sweet.