LB Prostitution Sting: Browns Player Arrested

    April 24, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Browns linebacker Quentin Groves was arrested last week in Ohio for soliciting a prostitute during a police sting, officials say.

Groves made arrangements over the phone to spend time with an escort, unknowingly putting himself square in the sights of local law enforcement, who had set up an operation at a local hotel.

“[Groves] made arrangements for certain acts … and requested ‘full service’ and stated he would bring condoms,” read the police report.

The footballer showed up to Homestead Guest Studios in Beachwood with almost $200 cash and a box of condoms, which were confiscated as evidence. Groves was one of 15 people arrested in the sting.

  • http://yahoo M.A.

    Some one should take a rolled up newspaper and smack that brown in the nose for even doing that. Like playing in the NFL is enough for him. Most people would kill just to play in the NFL

  • Alfonso Rodriguez

    It’s a shame if he is married. If not? Still a shame. But I’m not here to judge him. Just a bad choice!

  • Donald Forbes

    Don’t those dumb cops have anything better to do?

    • OldBiker

      Like investigating the robberies and drug crimes that go hand in hand with prostitution? You cop-haters make me queasy.

      • Ted Nurner

        If you want to stop robberies and drug crimes, how about enforcing those laws first. This is like stopping drunk driving by making bars illegal.

        Prostitution is legal in most of the world. Its not about hating cops, its about hating the wasted resources and puritanical priorities.

  • Don

    I’m really sorry for him. This is obviously very embarrassing to him and to his team and to his city. Teaching kids to throw condoms at every sexual desire instead of valuing sex as sacred between husband and wife and encouraging self control at a higher level than barnyard animals leads to more than just unwanted pregnancy, the STD epidemic that CONDOMS DO NOT PROTECT AGAINST 60% of the time and life failures such as this. There is a better way than acting like monkeys we supposedly came from.

    • Jay

      UMMMM Dude, we did not come from monkeys. Have you ever taken a science course? I think not with a stupid comment like yous stating we came from Monkeys. Evolution says that man an ape (not monkey) have common ancestors. The big difference between Ape and monkey is monkeys have tails and apes do not. I do not know what to believe, but am damn sure that there is no and never was an invisible man living in the sky. In fact we are all animals and the basic need to reproduce is imprinted in all of us. Paying for sex is degrading I agree there, but sex is sex not sacred at all, unless said husband and wife are bring a wanted child into this world.

  • http://yahoo D.D.

    Another pro athlete with a pocket full of cash and looking for a good time! So what else is new?

  • Dick Von Hugenstein

    The only people who gravitate to trouble more than knee grows is knee grows with money!!

    • RandallMulholland

      Racist scumbag…you aren’t even up front about it…a racist in the closet. You’re the lowest kind of human.

    • Rod

      Internet tough guys are the biggest Wussies in real life.

    • d.craig

      that was sooooo white of you…thanx for being the crakkka ass crakkka Uv always been

  • howard fallen

    Why should I care ?

  • Benny

    He should have went to Vegas where it’s legal!!!

    • rob

      Hey Benny! You need to learn English. “He should have GONE,” not “went.” Oh, and BTW, prostitution is ILLEGAL in Vegas. What are you, thirteen or something?

      • Bob

        It’s “should have gone”

      • Nick

        Actually Rob, went is proper, not gone. “Gone” implies no longer existing, or departed, while “went” implies the act of travelling. Look it up next time and stop acting like you know something you do not.

      • Joe Jones

        Hey Rob, prostitution is legal in Nevada, the state collects tax dollars from this profession, before you critizize someone you should get your facts right. Research, my friend

        • Reply

          Actually Joe Jones, prostitution is legal in Nevada but not in every county. Clark County (where Vegas resides) is NOT one of those counties.

    • OldBiker

      Legal in parts of Nevada, NOT Vegas! Don’t make that mistake.

    • d.craig

      legal in reno,playa.still against the law in vegas

    • tessie

      That is so tru… or he could have called me. LOL

  • PittUSMC

    If a girl wants to sell her body, and a dude is willing to pay….then how is that even against the law? Once again, we have Police wasting tax dollars on a victimless crime.

    • nwsdelight


  • Bob

    We have terrorists, unemployment, dysfunctional Govt, wars etc
    and then we have these “authorities” stinging people for having sex.
    Give me a break!
    If you are one of these Cops, you are the lowest slime on the earth!
    Get a life!

  • njs

    Poor chap, should have spent a few dollars and gone to Las Vegas!

    Why is it illegal anyway?

  • nwsdelight


  • jim naylor

    The REAL story should be: “Why is this Illegal?”

    • http://yahoo ron

      I totally agree, being married is the most expensive sex you can get, wait until you get the divorce, talk about getting it in the rear end.

  • Russ Wilson

    Isnt the NFL like the NBA?? Dont those guys just have women flocking all over them wherever they go?? Just show up at a trendy night club in Cleveland and start buying rounds and the ” golddiggers” will flock

  • Dick Chainy

    It’s the american way if you get married your paying for it either way you look at it sex is not free ask the politicians..lol

  • Bill Jones

    This is a waste of resources and time. Police should just cite the man/woman and move on. If you take a woman out for diner,drinks and dancing its gonna run you about $150-200 depending on your style. You may or may not get sex-either way you spent money. Going to an escort saves everyone the time and bs. Plus is not hurting anyone.

    Sex has always been a financial transaction like it or not. Men have no problem paying and women have no problem offering and getting paid.
    Now lets solve those rapes,killings and other real crimes out there….geeze!!!!

    • Will Smith

      I couldn’t say it better. It is nobodies damn business what a consenting man and woman due. WTF is the difference if he sleeps with the hoards of groupies that follow the team. Legalize it!

  • Marv Robinson

    Well this kid must feel bad and will be the joke of training camp for that of his actions to have a moment or two with wild freaky sex for a price! Of course, we want to think that any professional athlete can secure someone of the opposite sex to come play sex game but as it appears this individual wanted to save the freaky stuff for another! Those cops? A sting! Please better time could of been spent on real crime instead of tracking a man who wants to get himself off! Well it’s time to legalize the oldest form of business and bring out the pot and let’s tax them both President Obama…. Got to go before you guys think that I am crazy!!!

  • Pablo Marquez

    Seriously, the cops don’t have anything better to do that bust guys for hiring prostitutes? This is a victimless crime, go solve some real crimes, ya bums!

  • jerry bouchet

    I am surprised he isn’t a pimp he is black isn’t he?

    • CB

      What kind of racist BS is this you ass!

  • biran

    He should have brought his Iphone (video camera) and said he’s making a porno. What a joke

  • phineas fogg

    Kudoos to the young lady who could book 15 gentlemen in an evening.

    • joe prrico

      He is only doing what a man can do. We can only hold on soooo long. That is the balls guide us.

  • randy nurmi

    Well at least he’s normal and likes P,u,s,s,y.
    A hundred times better than being a f,a,g, and getting caught with a guy.

  • George

    He was just trying to get a handoff. I wonder if he had his jockstrap on? Maybe he was running a hook pattern. Strange, a football player trying to run the bases! I think he just wanted to go deep.

  • CB

    Difficult to believe a pro athlete with money AND the goods(MAGNUM condoms….ladies know lol) would have to pay for it. His buddies could have easily hooked him up lol.

    • Quin

      He was a Cardinal last year so maybe he hasn’t made any new friends just yet. He better real quick….

  • Russ

    Well at least he’s not wanting to marry his Quarterback!

  • Russ

    Well at least this black man was trying to buy something instead of stealing it! I say on those merits alone “turn him loose”!

  • cynicist

    With all the things law enforcement doesn’t have time for, they have time to get in between (apparently) consenting adults sex lives? If an adult wants to pay for sex, and another adult wants to provide it, who gives a you know what

  • Neil

    what BS . Modern prostitution can be quite safe and is grossly misunderstood since people mostly think it is unsafe.
    I have been with many ( they are called providers ) sex workers over the last two years and guess what? They are regular women that simply need to make a living. In fact they can be good friends if you get to know them.
    Yes, some forms of prostitution exploit women and unfortunately children. Make those forms of it illegal and then get on with making safe consenting adult forms of it legal and therefore safer. The more illegal it is the more underground and risky it becomes since that is the environment pimps thrive in.

  • The Reaper

    Who cares, nothing wrong with banging a good whore once and a while. Cops pretending to be criminals should be a crime..

    • Edward

      I agree 100 percent

    • Musicfreak

      F**k off with the whore comment. Women aren’t whores you coward! What a pig.

  • Edward

    Only in America they take the fun out of everything.

  • Lon B

    A single man has right to party.This guy was just at the wrong hotel at the wrong time.

  • Dan

    Cheap shot by police. They need to be out looking for terrorists, thieves , killers, rapists and leave the petty stuff alone. These cops getting their jollies with sex sting operations need to use the taxpayer dollars more wisely. The truth is they probably get it for free from the same prostitutes.