Lark Voorhies: Damn, What Happened To Lisa Turtle?

    May 6, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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If you’re someone who grew up with Lark Voorhies as Lisa Turtle on Saved By The Bell, then you probably are like me in that you have no idea what to make of her “transformation” in recent years.

One minute she’s absolutely adorable. The next thing any of us know, Voorhies is virtually unrecognizable.

If her bizarre physical transformation weren’t enough, there has been heavy speculation as to her mental health state.

According to the actress’s mother Tricia, she suffers from depression and is bipolar. These are claims that Voorhies herself vehemently denies.

Regardless of how one feels about her mental state, it must be said that Voorhies looks much different than she once did.

Aging cannot be the sole explanation, not in this case.

In her recent appearance at the Where We Started movie premiere, it was hard not to notice that Voorhies seemed to be having a problem with her foundation….mainly that it was entirely the wrong color for her skin tone.

Observing Voorhies walking the red carpet looking like she’d suffered severe burns made many scratch their heads. Instead of adding a youthful, clear and even look to her face, makeup fail served to make the 40-year-old actress look closer to 60.

The “overly burnt” look witnessed in video and photographs is a contrast (and not a good one) to another rare appearance where many commented on Voorhies’s seemingly bleached skin and almost grayish features.

Could this have been her way of combating skin bleaching rumors?

While fans would certainly love to see more of the reclusive actress, we hope whoever is responsible for her makeup will choose colors more carefully in the future.

Image via YouTube

  • whamo

    Time waits for no one.

  • http://slimcelebrity.com Duane C. Paige

    Its not just aging. I think its the combination of plastic surgery overdone, lupus and makeup turned the beautiful girl into such a women. I found an article talking more about her surgeries http://slimcelebrity.com/plastic-surgery/lark-voorhies-lisa-turtle-plastic-surgery-before-and-after-photos-nose-job-facial-fillers-and-skin-lightening/

  • Emily

    Who is Bill and why is he talking? He is clearly an idiot. Why is this now about Black women as opposed to a woman closely affiliated to a family known for plastic surgery and lightening. Bill is a fool and a very weak male.

  • Ray

    That’s what happens when people of color try to look white.

  • Tara

    You all are ridiculous for thinking she looks like this because she was “trying to be white”… Get over your self. Clearly there is something medically wrong for her apperance to have changed so drastically.

    • Shayna

      I don’t think she is trying to o look white.
      Kills me when I hear ‘people of color’ like white is not a color.smh
      I am more inclined to believe she has lupus. My heart goes out to her.
      I look at her and think maybe she had botox all over her face, but then I heard about lupus which makes more sense cause her entire face is swollen and it doesnt look like she chopped anything on her face. God bless u Lark. Ur still a beautiful girl regardlessly.

      • The William Wallace

        White is actually a pigment.. Not a color.