Lance Armstrong Ruling: Stripped of Tour de France Titles

    October 22, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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The International Cycling Union (UCI) today announced that it has completed its review of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s (USADA) decision regarding Lance Armstrong’s alleged doping. The UCI has decided not to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, and will recognize the USADA’s sanctions against Armstrong, which include stripping the athlete of his seven Tour de France titles. The titles, which Armstrong won in seven consecutive Tour de France’s starting in 1999, will be wiped from official record books.

In reviewing the USADA’s decistion, the UCI had considered the issues of jurisdiction, statutes of limitation, the evidence against Armstrong, and the sanctions imposed on Armstrong. From the UCI’s statement:

The USADA decision explains how riders on the USPS Team showed no inclination to share the full extent of what they knew until they were subpoenaed or called by federal investigators and that their only reason for telling the truth is because the law required them to do so.

These riders have confronted their past and told their stories. Their accounts of their past provide a shocking insight into the USPS Team where the expression to ‘win at all costs’ was redefined in terms of deceit, intimidation, coercion and evasion.

The USADA’s findings showed that the anti-doping tests and policies were inadequate during the time team USPS is accused of systematically doping. The UCI stated that it recognizes the problem of doping in cycling, and has taken “significant” steps to curb it. The organization stressed that today’s cycling culture has already changed and that young riders do not deserve to be tarnished or live under the stigma of what they are calling the “Armstrong Era.”

  • Ken Overton

    It is sad – the USADA, a supposed governmental agency, has persued Lance for several years about doping. All of these years, all the tests while participating, all the hype and they never had anything against Lance other than he won to much and they just knew he had to be cheating, well that is a bunch of caca. Check the bank accounts of all those who “now” say he was the kingpin in the doping scheme! Check their backgrounds and motivations for this debaucle! USADA – just a bunch of wanna-b’s trying to make a purpose for their existance. What a sad day for our country and for Lance. Reminds me of the McCarthy era, shame on us (U.S.).

  • Fred Flanagan

    What a disgrace. A 16 year witchhunt ratified by weak men in the UCI. Lance Armstrong has never been convicted of doping ,just accused by those who have been caught trying to salvage their careers by plea bargaining with the ASADA , which is not a government body. The press and all asociated with this have blood on their hands and I shall never add to their coffers by watching the Tour de France or any other cycling event again. Shame on this system of guilty until proven innocent.

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  • Rick Komm

    Using drugs or steroids cannot make great athletes; they can only destroy them. Having to start one’s life all over again is going to be tough. Pity!

  • H. Campbell

    Hmmmm. What can I say, folks? Easy come easy go.

  • Val Welch

    Mr. Lance Armstrong allowed us to be “let in” to his life, so to speak, and lived “in front of us” during these times; Who would have thought that this “public persona Lance” would have been the one to shed light on the sport of cycling, a section of light towards allowing some athletes to line up what was required with what is known. Sure, investigation brought this “lining up” about, but had Lance not pushed so far to win so hard and many, would the search ever have happened? The old boys network is as tough as Hoffa car being driven onto a loading ramp of a semi truck (with a dead Hoffa inside)and never found again, and here we are, hearing athletes discuss the conflict publicly. I hope the courage of all the athletes on every side of these arguments seeps over into other investigative work, investigative work that will make the world a safer place, that the past never hold us hostage to the future. May we endure this and bring courage tools to a table of international safety, and other great mysteries.