Lamar Odom: Endless Booing

    March 22, 2012
    Heather Campobello
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Mavericks fans are completely fed up with Lamar Odom.

Odom has struggled throughout the season. His shooting has gone down by over 50% from last year and he totally tanked last night’s game against the Lakers; he finished 0-3 with 1 point and 1 rebound on the night.

Sports analysts predict that Odom will be bought out of his contract and receive $2.4 million.

Check out his stats compared to lead and league averages from the Yahoo Sports page:


Fans have been demonstrating their distaste for Odom by showering him with boos each time he enters the court in Dallas.

Kobe Bryant is friends with Odom and thinks that the booing is totally stupid. He went on to defend Odom’s performance to NBC sports, “It’s tough,” Bryant said. “He comes to a team that’s pretty much set, you know what I mean? So it’s hard for him to find his niche. The fans, they don’t really understand what he does or how he can do it, you know what I mean?

“I hope they don’t unlock that mystery. I know. I know how to use him and to use his skill set and this, that and the other. But with this team, the roster that they had being pretty much set, it’s tough for him to be able to find his groove here.”

Bryant gave Odom a hug after the Mavericks lost last night.

A few months ago Bryant was visibly upset about losing Odom as a teammate and was short with interviewers:

Two months ago Odom was welcomed back in LA as a Maverick and received a standing ovation:

Do you think Bryant is putting too much of the blame on the team?

Dirk Norwitzki is a forward for the Mavericks and thinks Odom is suffering because he is over thinking his moves and should rely on his kinesthetic memory, “As a shooter, as a player, if you get a little hesitant, it’s over”…“Once you start thinking in this game, that’s tough.”

Hopefully Odom will find a team that will suit him better next season. Odom thanked people for their support on Twitter but he has lost fans along the way:

whats good people been a minute . still standing thanks 4 the positive energy and support(image) 17 days ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Was a fan of Lamar Odom but now I can’t watch him play.(image) 6 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Lamar Odom=

dallas gon release lamar odom ass after this season he ain’t doing shit this year he gon be back in LA next year(image) 9 minutes ago via Plume for Android ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

real shit, if lamar odom doesn’t wanna be here, let him leave! i’m getting tired of, rumored or not, his complaints about playing here(image) 20 minutes ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

@fishsports I’m tired of people telling me I don’t understand Lamar Odom. I understand fully that he sucks and does not try hard.(image) 27 minutes ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

when i saw lamar odom had 1 point 1 assist & 1 rebound from the game last night i busted out laughing hahaha(image) 31 minutes ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

  • andrew

    Lamar needs to give up all the drugs he’s doing….and mistresses~!
    You cant tell me this guy isnt a coke or molly head

    • http://webpronews.com gloria

      Ignorance is BLiss! Obviously you know what someone looks when on drugs.. Stop it HATER!!!

      • tom

        no one is hatin—— just dont think hes playing up to his capabilities

      • http://yahoo tria

        takes one to know one

    • Elle

      what? I don’t think Lamar’s the one with the drug problem.

    • http://yahoo tina wilmington

      How can you just say he is taking drugs.Are you a drug head and want to put everyone in the same category?? Its ignorant ass people like you who want to sterotype everyone. So what he is having a bad season or maybe he just dont want to play for the sorry ass mavericks. Of course, we know its a business and he didnt have the final say.

      • Nerfmore

        Lamar while he was a Clipper had a drug problem.It is well documented and was national news l2read before jumping all over that poster for talking the truth. Lets call it what it is though, he married a drama queen who wants the spotlight. Tough luck Lamar but you picked your poison(s).Lamar Kardashien FTL

        • q2danutz

          Nerf u had me until u jumped to him being married to a drama queen. Lamar could care less about the spotlight. There’s one reason he’s not having a good season and its quite obvious. He does not wanna be in Dallas. He wants to be in LA. Same thing just happened to Derick Fisher. Difference is Fisher told Houston he wasn’t coming to play for them and that they needed to just buy him out. Lamar didn’t do that. Its definitely not drugs or wanting a spotlight. He knew who and what he was marrying into dealing with a Kardashian. So did Kris Humphries and Reggie Bush. The smartest one was Ray-J cause he made a sec tape with one of them and actually made money off of one of them. Dallas will buy him out and then he will be back in LA next year.

          • rukiddingme

            Wait…wasn’t it LA who didn’t want Lamar when they got rid of him?? If they didn’t want him then, why would they would want him now? Especially after the laughable season he’s having! He shouldn’t have come to Dallas in the first place. He wasted a lot of people’s time – and a lot of people’s money. Wish him the best, but he should probably stick to his “reality” day job.

        • Linda

          Learn to spell KardashiAn before you go hating on them too.

          • KiraH

            Don’t you mean: Kartrashian. I think it fits best. :)

      • http://webpronews Tom

        Sorry ass Mavericks? Uh, hate to break it to you but they are the defending champs. Lamar has an attitude problem, not a drug problem. He tanks his play everytime he doesn’t like the situation. He did it for years with the Clippers, and only played hard 70-80% of his time as a Laker. He needs to get his priorities straight. It must be tough being a 7ft tall millionare, don’t blame him for having a chip on his shoulder…

    • Brown

      Thats stupid hes too chill…

    • kin

      Unfortunately, the young man is correct. LO was not ready when the lock out ended, physically nor mentally. Partying, drugs, and that mistress did a number on him. But he’s been trying to get it together. Disappointment of the trade didn’t help either, but he’s Lamar, he’ll be fine.

  • http://jamesmsingleton.com/ James M Singleton

    I can’t watch the NBA. Basketball is not the same game game as is was when it was invented. How would they know that players would be over 7 feet tall? Move the basket up a couple of feet and that will put an end to all that dunking.

    • Antiix

      Lol you want to go back to when they first nailed a peach basket to the top of a pole?? Those were your best memories of basketball?? Sure let’s go ahead and take out the most exciting play in the game. While we’re at it I don’t think they anticipated baseball players to be all juiced up, let’s push those walls back some more. That’ll get rid of all those homeruns. I don’t think they anticipated football players to get so big and so fast. Why don’t we just have them play flag football. That’ll stop all those exciting big hits from happening. Better yet, let’s just go outside and watch grass grow. Don’t want any sort of adrenaline rush now do we.

      • Sir Q

        LOL!!! now that is funny

    • tito

      It’s not 1912 anymore Grampy.

  • r. smith

    How in the world can someone play their best with all the hissing and booing!! Some people need to grow up and act like THEY have some sense and rally around a player and give encouragement!! Grow up fans, you are the ones who need booing! You are the losers!

  • Bev

    Lamar is a positive role model for youth, and a dedicated family man. Whenever blacks go into the South, they are going to experience just what is happening to him. No question. There is also that element in society that is jealous of the whole family and will do anything to print bad stuff about them, but they actually bring the negative spotlight to themselves in that poor journalism is disgusting!

    • mike garus

      here we go with the “back south” thing!

      • Ron Hoskin

        Lamar,is acting like a 7ft.kid. How quickly He has forgot the days when His bank account was zero.His attitude sucks and he better enjoy his opportunity , because soon it will be over and we will not remember anything but his attitude.Lamar should watch the NCAA Tournament because the next Lamar is on the way.

        • Shante

          I totally agree.. Act silly here. What team in there right mind would pick him up. I would be playing my hardest to show other teams I am great and would be a benefit to them.

    • vcmg


      You couldn’t be more wrong. First, Dallas is hardly the south. Second, “the South” has a long history of welcoming black athletes. The first and best example I can think of is SEC football. Those who denigrate the south are demonstrating a type of bigotry. That would include you but you will never acknowledge it.

      • cac

        Texas is in the south. There is discrimation in all the states. Things have not changed. It is not so obvious but it is still there. Whites are fine with great black sports players. When they are not playing well or retire like O.J. and do something stupid they plot on you and make sure you end up in jail on a trump up charge when his peers found him innocent of murder. Black players, get you a black wife and stop giving the money back to the white man.

        • Sir Q

          When they get a black wife they go on a reality show and embarrass them

    • Troy

      Your crazy. They have coddled him all year. He left his team in the middle of the season. Who does that? He claimed his dad was very ill. His dad said he had a slight bug, thats all. This guy is a major wimp. He had kobe and Gasol to bail him out in LA. He is overrated as a player and is lame as a TV star as well. The mavs should have traded him but I’m sure no other team wanted the baby either.

      • adele

        his dad had a slight BUG? his dad’s a crackhead, fool. not sure how you think, but to me that’s VERY ILL. anyway, i’m surprised odom is still even playing. how would YOU feel if you played for a team for so long and were hoping to end your career someday with them, and one day someone said “you’re out.” people hand situations differently and quite frankly, he’s pissed. anyway, screw the Mavs.

    • Hugh

      Dallas fans booed Steve Nash when he wasn’t playing well! I guess in the south we discriminate against everyone.

      Lamar doesn’t want to be here, it is obvious, that is why he is getting booed.

  • Mathai

    Mavericks fans are so unclassy! Poor Odom. He is a great player, just going through a lot. You can tell he doesn’t find the chemistry playing with them, it’s too bad he asked the Lakers to trade him. He should have waited before making that split decision just because he was upset.

    Odom, LA fans still love you to death! I hope and wish someday you will come back to the team you were meant to stay will, but IDK if that will happen.

    • giggles

      @Mathai you can have Lamar, we don’t want him in Dallas, I think he got a chance but blew it. How long do we have to wait for him to get his act together??? Enough is enough!

  • flory

    she needs to run from the kartrashain bimbo’s spell.

  • awake3444

    Booing is for the opposing team, not for your players. Wow, how backward can you be? No, he’s not on drugs–give him the adjustment period he needs.

    • BMaple214

      @awake3444 I’m sorry, but how much of an “adjustment period” does he need, this is already a short season, time is money…this is his profession he should have already adjusted…instead all he does is complain and half ass smh.

  • http://yahoo rich

    Ododm is not a baller anymore, he’s a reality t.v. star. He’s a disgrace. What a child.

  • Elle

    Lamar, just stay positive and don’t let anyone’s negativity get you down. Whatever you’re going through, people don’t realize that you’re human and the amount of pressure bb players and athletes as a whole are under. Just do your best!!!

    • Jason

      Lamar doesn’t want to be in Texas. He has a westcoast personality. He is just homesick right now. He will be back in LA next season just watch. Dallas fans are just upset because they lost to the LA. GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elle

    Lamar is a winner. Get over it.

  • willd088

    First, Lamar is a good guy and we’d all love to see him do well.

    Second, season almost over. He’ had more than enough time to “get it together” and we Mav fans have been more than patient with him. Sports is a very much “what have you done for me lately” business. The Lamar from LA, stayed in LA, even though management wanted to get rid of him. He comes to the defending NBA Champions and is welcomed by all with open arms. Good guy or not, there are expectations that have not been met.
    So yes, we will boo him. Yes, we have the right. Yes, we’ve given him time to work it out, but no, its not happening. Biggest YES, we still want this guy to do well cause we still like him, but liking a guy doesn’t defend your title…LA fans should know this first hand.

    • SteveP

      I agree wholeheartedly. In the end – people pay to be entertained. Mr. Odom is paid to be entertaining. Scoring a few points per game is not very entertaining. It does appear that things went south for him personally when he anchored himself a woman and family that are if anything extrmely negative. With his life focus on anything other than basketball – his game is going to suffer.

      And honestly – a guy that size should be able to play anywhere on any day and have a positive impact – if he chooses to.

  • http://yahoo rich

    I’ve been a Laker fan my whole life. I always thought highly of Lamar. When this tv thing started I figured it would be a problem at some point. He’s always been streaky (emotional). Well, no more L.A.scene. No, it’s time to go back to what got him here in the 1st place. Step away from the B.S. and step back up to manhhod. Without bball, he’s just a tall, nice guy married to a white girl with a big butt.

    • Jaxxed65

      Ya I’m a lakers fan too sometime but isn’t it the mgsment was the one who got rid of him? So why not show the Lakers how good he is than having to look like stupid and standing around the the ring to avoid the embarassment why they got rid of him in the first place.Go Odom go start playing & show them you can do it. quit being a whimp!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gd Luck.

      • http://yahoo.com Dmoore97

        I really like Lamar. He went to Rhode Island and he’s from NY. Kloe is not the blame for this current situation and all she has done is be a loving and supportive wife of Lamar. People always want to blame her and her family, but they had money and were on tv long before Lamar and Kris came into the picture. Kloe is not the one that showed uo out of shape and she is not the one falling apart on the court night after night. Lamar has too much talent to play like he is right now and I am very sad to see this happen to him. Give LA or whatever team you want to play for a reason to want you, but you scoring one point is certainly not going to get you what you want.

  • TheAnnoyedOne

    Can’t we all just get along……………….*sigh*

  • Patricia Lacy-Burks

    Need to learn to dress as well. You don’t dress like that in Texas.

  • http://yahoo rich

    In the real world, you do the job you are getting paid to do. At this point, it’s coming down to character. Lamar needs to pull up his shorts and make his new situation work for him. The only way he can do that is if he feels good about himself. That will happen when he starts living up to his obligations as an employee of the Dallas Mavs.

  • Guest

    I feel for Lamar O. and Kris H. He’s getting the same hate Kris H. has endured since the Kim K. disaster. Being associated with the Kardashians is not all positive.

  • AG


  • http://webpronews maureen babcock

    He needs to get off the reality show circus, people will never take him serious until he does, he is on the Kardashian train wreck….His wife is a joke, adults do not carry on like her….spoiled and a Kris Kardashian clone…

  • kristy

    That had the most boring video of a basketball game recap!!!

  • Monica Salinas

    Hasn’t it been reported that he’s not happy with the Maverick’s? I think he’s doing this intentionally. 50%. really?

  • bo bo

    Why he is getting this treatment from Dallas fans? Because he has done nothing but whine and cry about being here since he was traded. He doesn’t want to play basketball, he wants to be a star. That is why he wants to go to the Clippers or Nets. LA and NJ.. not traditionally winning teams. If he wanted to play for a winner.. he wouldn’t have minded the trade to the Mavs.. at least they have shot. He never wanted to be here.. so why should we treat him with anything less than boos? Let him go Cuban. I hate to say it, but his wife seems to have more sense than he does.

  • bo bo

    Oh.. and Lamar.. weren’t you ever told if you want to be treated like an adult then act like one? Quit throwing yourself on the floor kicking and screaming about being in Dallas.

  • ipis everywhere

    Me thinks Lamar Kartrashian and D Fisher do NOT like Texas so they both are tanking and going thru the motions(ya know like Kim holetrashian and her brother Klhoey is probably a better BALLER)they both are “taking the money and runnin’…….

  • itsogone

    When someone mentions that race is an issue in the treatment that Lamar is getting no one wants to admit to it. D E N I A L( get the Nile) is a river in Egypt. Isn’t that what happened to Jackie Robinson when he broke the color line in baseball he was mistreated by his own players and fans. Isn’t booing Lamar by the team he is playing for the same thing. C’mon people stop trying to hide your ugly past and present inborn stigmatism of racism admit to it for gods sake and then maybe we can get past it. Really!!!Blame Mavs management for jumping into a situation that was built on emotions in the first place.

  • http://yahoo rich

    Lamar Odom could easily be one of the top 20 to 30 scorers in the NBA, playing for any team. It’s my opinion that somewhere along the way, he stopped living his own life and started living his wife’s instead. I dont mean marriage. I mean he stopped doing what got him to where he was. His identity became that of the lifestyle. The trade has taken that away from him and he’s lost. He can make that life work anywhere, should he decide to. He seems to have good support. It’s time to draw on his numerous past achievements as inspiration. Act like the WORLD CHAMPION that you are !

  • Troy

    cac you are the racist. There are more black racists today than white Racists. Its always Blacks who cry racism at the first thing to go wrong. Just crying. Grow up. You are responsible for your situation, just like Lamar is. I was at a mavs game early. Odom was cheered. We needed him. Chloe was cheered, though I’m not sure why. Why would white fans cheer a white woman with a black man? I mean, dont they remember who they are?

  • paula

    Hey give Lamar Odom some consideration! He’s moved from the Lakers to a whole new team and it takes awhile to fit in anywhere and in anything. I don’t think fans of the Mavericks or otherwise realize how tight the Lakers were as a team. They did it all so well and they all knew where they belonged and where they could shine. Kobe Bryant said the same thing about Lamar Odom. I moved from LA. last year but the Lakers made watching basketball in LA fun! I miss that the most. I live in Northern Ca. now but one thing is for sure when all is said and done, Lamar Odom was a great basketball player. (It’s too bad the Laker management traded him). Lamar is still good, go to a team that appreciates you Lamar, if the Maverick fans don’t see it then find some smarter ones who do.

  • joe


  • Omonti1

    Hey all you dallas folks…we can find a niche for Lamar right here in the Valley of the SUN. SO watcha!!

  • Troy

    Ok Lakers fans. Take him back. Theres a reason he wasnt wanted and its nothing to do with the Mavs. Your GM doesnt want him, nor does any other GM. Do you think the Mavs wouldve traded him if ANYONE wanted him? Duh, yes. Newsflash,he stinks, and so do the Lakers. You guys are going nowhere. The Mavs swept you last year. This year it will be the Thunder, and when the Mavs sign Deron Williams this summer they will sweep you again in 13. I feel bad for you. No football. The Dodgers suck. A fading basketball team. At least your economy is doing well… maybe not

    • RH

      We’d love to have him back !!! He’s a good guy with a good heart.
      I’m sure everyone posting here is sooooo perfect. THe Lakers front office effed up getting rid of him. I wouldn’t want to play in Dallas either !!! He needs to get his head back in the game….then watch out!!!!

    • RH

      p.s. I guess all you have is LAST YEAR to think about the Lakers…hmmm I’m thinkin about two days ago….GO LAKERS !!!! HAHAHAH

  • Bill

    He should be proud to play for the champion team he should be happy to have a paycheck
    kobe co-signing that b.s man up! You a grown man mad cause you got signed by the champions and had to move. we dont need a heartless player quit stop taking mark money

    • Sherry

      Give him a break, I wouldn’t want to come someplace thaqt all I got was negativity when I step on the court. The FANS in Cali would welcome him back with open arms.

  • http://yahoo Cynthia

    Maybe if Lamar Odom put all his energy in basketball and not his wife reality show,things can turn around for him. I think he is trying to do too much to please his WIFE and his BASKETBALL is going to suffer the consequences!

    • Sherry

      He knows who will be there when his career in BB is over. Don’t change a thing Lamar.

  • Carlos

    Give the man a break, he’s out there day and night for you guys and all you have to say are bad remarks. He may not be going through the best time of his career but with all this negative feed backs and ignorant nonsense, you’re really not helping at all. Give him time to adjust to his new team.

  • Jessica

    I don’t see any of you playing for the NBA, yet you have so much to say?

  • Sherry

    I can’t stand people who say they are your fan, but then when you don’t perform up to their standard they boo you. The Mavs were blessed to get LO, and he is not the first person to have a bad season. I remember when Sac did this to C-Webb. The true essance of being a fan is supporting the peson in good AND bad times.

  • kakster

    As a Mavs fan who regularly attends games and follows the NBA, Lamar Odom is not getting booed due to his color (as has been suggested in some of these comments) or the person he’s married to. It’s because during his time in Dallas, he’s been an extreme underachiever, left his team with no explanation for 10 days during a tough stretch of the season when many of his teammates were hurt, and seems to not care. Any of these things individually could and would be tolerated, but everything compounded together paints a pretty sorry picture. You can’t compare him to Kris Humphries who gets booed in any city he’s in, despite having the best season of his career–it’s completely ridiculous to be booing Humphries on the NBA court. Odom makes roughly $134,850 per game this season. Whatever may be going on in his personal life, he needs to get it together and contribute to his team…the defending champs who picked him up after he demanded to be traded from his beloved Lakers. The NBA is a business and the Mavs have been nothing short of completely accommodating to Odom and his family since they arrived in Dallas. As a man, he shouldn’t curl up in the fetal position due to the booing, he should grow up and use it as fuel to get his stuff together and play ball, since that’s what he’s paid generously to do.

  • Lyn

    I like Lamar. I like Khloe. But, maybe he needs to stop playing ball now and just get into the Kardashian business thing. Their names combined can probably be more fun for him and extremely lucrative. He always wanted a family and now he has a good one. Get out of basketball and enjoy your life.

  • Paul

    where do I get a suit like that?

  • http://yahoo jazzy_ga

    if anything they should boo him for wearing that suit !!! didn’t like him as a laker and being in dallas is no different !! not him personally but as a player for BOTH teams !!

  • SoSo

    OMG! The world would be soooo much better if everybody would just mind their own business and keep their unwanted opinions to themselves. Wow some people are just so heartless and cold. What happened to people lifting each other up when they are down, or just plain and simple kind words. Where are the human beings that believe in the saying, ” If you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything.” Lamar, keep your head up regardless of what some people have to say, I mean, hey, who are they. People are always gonna have something bad to say regardless. As long as you have some true people around you, the rest doesn’t matter. Do what’s best for you and your family, because in the end that’s all that matters.


    I hope you have Ten Children.

  • http://YAHOO LARRY S


  • de

    I love Lamar and sometimes people needs to adjust to a new town and lifestyle in that new town. He didn’t asked to be traded. He loved being a Laker. I wouldn’t want to play in Dallas either. I can’t stand Dallas. I hope they do buy him out.The fans in Dallas are stupid for not embracing you. Lamar is a terrific player. GOOD LUCK LAMAR!!!.I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!!!

  • Paul

    Lamar Odom is a mole for the Lakers. He was sent to destroy the Mavericks. The Lakers are very good at this. Remember, Kobe was scared of Barnes so he had to be brought to the Lakers. Kobe was scared of LaBronce, so they had to hire Brown as the new coach.

  • Morph

    The Kardasian Kurse strikes again! If you are a professional athlete and a Kardasian approaches you RUN AWAY!

  • Cathi

    Odom needs to suck it up and play as well as he can each and every game no matter what team he is on.
    having a pity party does no one any good, especially ones self.
    being traded is part of the job.

  • http://yahoo fan

    This man is a coke head like Kloe

  • joe erwin

    for all of u talking shit to lamar, get a life haters. He can do what ever he wants to, and everyone who thinks differant is just mad cause they cant make dicisions for them selves. Stop thinking about lamar and start thinking about urselves cause this man is far more succesful then any of u on this forum. You all talk shit about khloe, and ur wifes are 200 lbs and bypolar…

    • anonymous

      I agree. Everyone is just hating on him because he is married to a Kardashian and they think that is getting in the way of it all. People need to stop hating. There is too much hate in this world. He like just joined the team not too long ago. If Dallas really doesn’t want him, they are talking about an NBA farm team here. We would welcome them with open arms!

  • anonymous

    Come on! Give the guy a break! Sure he is married to a Kardashian..that is what y’all are mad about. Think about if you got traded from a company you love to another company that you didn’t have your niche in, and had to start all over basically. This is the same thing. I am not a big basketball fan, but everyone deserves a chance. The Maverick fans need to show a little love for the game and not because of who he is married to! Just my opinion.