Lake Powell Accident: 1 Dead, 2 Missing After Boat Crash

    June 21, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A lake on the border of Utah and Arizona is the site of a search today after a motorboat and houseboat crashed into one another on Thursday.

Authorities say one woman was killed in the crash and two other women are missing but presumed dead. The victim, Marilyn Jackman, was 57 years old and was the wife of the driver of the motorboat, 59-year old Adrian Jackman. His daughter, Jessica Jackman, and another woman, Valerie Rae Bradshaw, are the subjects of an extensive search of Lake Powell. He was taken to the hospital along with his 11-year old daughter and another passenger via helicopter but all three were treated for non-life threatening injuries and released.

Kane County Sheriff’ Sgt. Alan Alldredge said they received a call about the crash a little after 8 a.m. on Thursday; Jackman allegedly became distracted by the children on his boat and lost control, colliding with the houseboat. None of the passengers on the houseboat were injured.

“This time of year, the lake can get busy and these kinds of accidents, even though they’re not rare, they do have a great potential for happening out there,” Alldredge said.

Officials say the motorboat overturned after the collision, which happened in a channel about 200 yards wide.

  • adam

    Crashed in a channel 200 yards wide?! I used to fish a couple of lakes connected by a channel that was about 10 feet of open water wide plus 3 to 4 feet on either side of reeds and cattails. Never heard of anyone even bumping into each other. At least one operator was doing something idiotic.

  • http://yahoo badron

    He killed his wife, daughter, and a friend; I don’t think I could live after that.

    • sid

      one word LifeJackets?

  • D

    Sometimes you just gotta leave the kids at home with a baby sitter.

  • Me, not you!

    Water is dangerous. I wonder why nobody was wearing life jackets? I’m going boating/fishing Saturday… we’ll have on life jackets, as always! My tan just is not important to me, no matter what! Of course I’ll have a huge hat on and 30spf suntan lotion! I fell in extremely cold water one day, I was alone. It saved my life… I paid a $25.00 for the PFD, so I bought three of them and one child’s… I always have them on the boat!

  • Bill

    Judging by most of the posts, most think the deaths were drowning.
    If that many many people were ejected than maybe not all died of drowning but maybe and or impact.
    Bottom line:
    Agreed on the life jackets
    When a approaching another yacht, Skipper must adjust speed and course.
    Assign the kid duties to the other adults.
    Anything that happens is the responsibility of the Skipper.

    BTW, doesn’t take a very intelligent person to figure out Houseboats don’t move very easily.