Lady Gaga Shaves It Off For Friend

    September 13, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Lady Gaga isn’t one to care much about changing up her look in a drastic way; she’s got a posse of stylists and designers at her beck and call who can change it back when she gets tired of it, and besides, it’s part of her charm.

Gaga recently debuted a new partially-shaved head and posted a photo of the new haircut on Twitter, explaining that it was in honor of the passing of a dear friend’s mother.

“Terry” refers to Terry Richardson, a high-profile photographer and good friend of Gaga’s who lost his mother recently. Though it’s not exactly clear what having a shorn head has to do with honoring the dead, it’s clear Gaga meant it as a show of respect to Richardson, as was the Twitter quote which comes from one of her latest songs.

  • bry99

    Sorry Lady, Kellie Pickler beat you to this headline.

    • me

      exactly bry99! Pickler just did this! She is a follower through and through. First Madonna now this. When will she learn to be her own person? She is her own idiot though!!
      Be GONE Lady Ca Ca!!

  • http://nycnyc@hotelswithlice.com michael moore

    she anit fooling no one she sleept at a seedy hotel and woke up with head lice shaved half her hair and started the other on fire, then as they (lice) came running across she stabed them wth a ice pick

  • you r wright

    is that the front or back?

  • dogged

    When I first saw the headline I thought they were talking about her shaving her legs and armpits. I wasn’t really interested in her, I just wondered who made a 4-wheel drive razor!

  • Floyd The Cat

    Somehow, she has to point all the attention back to herself. Sick puppy that one.

  • BcdErick

    I am so disappointed. That’s not what I thought you were going to show us. Maybe she shaved something a little lower? :)

    • jo blo

      it might help with the smell if it’s shaved… thanks lady gaga..

  • Artman

    Think of all the young girls minds this gaga creature effects!!!!