Lady Gaga Concert Protests: No One Under 18 Admitted

    April 27, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Lady Gaga concert protests were underway this week in South Korea, where the controversial singer’s “Born This Way” tour is set to kick off. Conservative Christians aren’t very happy with Gaga’s scheduled appearance in Seoul, so much so that they’ve managed to convince authorities that no one under the age of 18 should be permitted to attend the concert. This is unfortunate news for underage fans who have been awaiting Gaga’s arrival.

Protesters gathered outside of Olympic Stadium, where the singer was scheduled to perform. The groups claim that Gaga’s shows are “pornographic”, and that they promote homosexuality.

Reverence Yoon Jung-hoon, the mastermind behind “Civilians Network against the Lady Gaga Concert”, has a lot to say on the subject. “Some people can accept this as another culture but its impact is huge beyond art and debases religions. Even adults can’t see her performance which is too homosexual and pornographic.” Yoon also claims that he will attend the concert himself in order to properly monitor the show for objectionable content.

Yeah, right. Pull the other one, Yoon.

Despite all of the hoopla, thousands of “little monsters” (read: Gaga fans) showed up outside the venue dressed as their favorite pop icon.

Given the extreme nature of some of South Korea’s cinematic output — anyone who has seen “Oldboy” can attest to the country’s cinematic intensity — it’s kind of strange to see certain groups getting all worked up over Gaga. Personally, I think this is the sort of publicity that these so-called “controversial” artists thrive on. The more they protest, the more their kids will want to see her in concert. Just ask any parent whose kid has attended a Marilyn Manson concert.

What do you think? Are conservative Christians going too far, or are they justified in thinking that Lady Gaga could “corrupt” their kids? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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  • Mya

    Americans are too raunchy, aggressive and risqe with their volume, language and sexuality. Other countries are offended and I know how they feel. I have traveled the world and watched Americans from an outsiders perspective so, I must say that I am sometimes an embarrassed American and we should tone it down a bit. Ok Alot.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck no we shouldn’t!One of the USA s greatest strengths is its right to offend.It keeps our country from absorbing bad culture like the rest of the world.

      • American dreams

        Even more-so… it allows us to be what we want to be. We can express ourselves fully, while some people in the world will never express themselves fully… not even once. With all the suppressed emotions so many people hold in, sometimes they just need to release that stress. So let them call us raunchy, aggressive, and risqe… cause they’re becoming front row guests to a revolution of the ages.

      • John Sanchez

        This is the thing that makes the rest of the world wanna start a war with us and kill Americans.. When we export our perversion, like homosexuality, the rest of the world doesn’t want their daughters to grow up to be tramps and prostitutes or their son’s engaging in the dirty anal. This must be to hard for todd rigney to accept. DON”T shove your perverted culture down anothers throat!

        • Anonymous

          We don’t shove it down anyone’s throat!If you don’t like it don’t watch.If your kid goes out and likes something you’re against it’s not our problem.We have no responsibility to absorb the hatred and delusions of the rest of the world.Homosexuality is not a US concept.It’s existed in cultures like Greece for a long time.

  • Jessica Nowk

    She isn’t promoting homosexuality as a new brand. She has homoerotic dancers and dance moves between men. So what there aren’t homosexuals in Korea? No one in the entire country can relate or feel a little .oz of pride? I am so tired of people putting a stigma on Aerica we are too raunchy too this too that. We are a liberated country that has the freedom to be to anything we damn well please! And I thank god everyday for that! Yeah I said GOD I am a Christian and I watch and listen to Lady Gaga. And I’m nit going to hell I am not running to become a homosexula because I wasn’t BORN THAT WAY!!!!!!

    • TJ


    • carl

      people problm with merica is that we like to rub everytone elses faces in it. theyd admire us if we didnt go around making other contries seem inferior cuz if it.

    • jordan

      You talk about God like you have him on a string, just realize that you put his name on something, and if your wrong about God being “ok” with that, then your misrepresenting him and using his Name simply as a validation of your beliefs. The most powerful name ever spoken, from which darkness always flees, you just took it and used it to validate a lifestyle that his Word says is sin. At the end the intolerant will be judged right beside the overly permissive. He is a God full of love but also a God of justice. He decides what is sin and what is not, Human reasoning will never overcome what he says. Think about it… are you shaping God? or allowing him to shape you? Im not after a fight, I dont want to be elevated above anyone, I dont want to be proven right, I just want truth to be available for everyone to see, the rest is up to you.

  • mary

    what I think is that Gaga doesn’t care one iota about protests as publicity. It’s a bigger world than you think, Mr. Rigney, and you don’t have to agree her product is art for art’s sake for the fact to remain. And Mya guess what? As an American, I really don’t CARE what you think about how we’re observed by other countries. You prefer their citizens’ behaviour? Please move. This is America. You’re allowed to leave.

  • kevin

    Galen Riehl. go screw yourself!!

  • Annalisse Mayer

    I personally love Gaga, but I am 55. I can see rating her concerts R. I don’t think she does the most extreme things in the concerts like she does on some of the videos.

    Gaga is wonderfully creative.

    Yes, she does things with the intention of shocking. Yes, I think somehow the more we try to shock the less shocking everything becomes and we have to keep upping the shock value to get the same result — which is a bit frightening. Nevertheless, what she does is really art. It’s not porn. It’s not done with the intent of titillating. It’s done with the intent of making us think, and think deeply.

    For instance, we might feel uncomfortable seeing men in fishnets & high heels, but in fact that’s just a fashion prejudice. We might feel comfortable seeing Gaga pretend to give birth, but giving birth is not fundamentally an obscene thing.

    For all Gaga’s desire to be bisexual and include gays in her performance, her personal life shows pretty clearly that she is straight — that she cannot choose to be bi, even if she wants to be, because she wasn’t born that way. For me, that is, one of the more thought provoking parts of this story.

    And the dancing and choreography are just beyond fabulous.

  • Alli

    Promoting homosexuality makes it pornographic? I’m pretty sure more straight people actually watch porn than gay people. It’s usually the ones who find homosexuals “sick and disgusting” that have the most sick and disgusting habits. Like promoting a religion that preaches love for all, then bashing another fellow human being because THEY WERE BORN THIS WAY.

  • Dave

    If anyone under 18 is allowed to attend Christian church services, they’re getting an earful of violence, prejudice, superstition and downright stupidity. If you think that Jesus was really born of a virgin and that your sins are somehow counted up by an invisible all-powerful being who really cares about you, then you need to see a psychiatrist. Lady Gaga can’t be any worse for you than the nonsense they’re trying to sell in the name of God.

    • Gabby

      Just because you find something hard to believe doesn’t mean it’s not true. I’m sure you’ve messed up in life, so what’s the point of blaming others?

  • http://yahoo.com Marc

    Lady Gaga is a piece of crap. I support South Korea banning this cunt.Western culture used to be great until 20 years ago. Death to homos and pornography!!!


    Ideas and personal outputs of tolerant religious people are welcome, and make good sense most of the times…. However, there are the extremist religious people that make this planet a living Hell. The main reason for intolerance is IGNORANCE, STUPIDITY, and HATE for informed and educated person. Those are the real EVIL on this Earth. One permanent solution: Achieve Knowledge or Die !

    • Steeve

      It’s not extreme religious groups. These people simply don’t want to expose their society to this type of entertainment. You have to understand that Korea is a lot smaller country than the US, so word travels fast, especially among teenagers. They don’t want their kids being exposed to this kind of thing and I don’t blame them. If you had kids you would understand.

      The US was once conservative too. Now, it’s turning into this land of “anything goes”. The same thing is happening in Korea. Without standards and values, our society will eventually fall.

  • linda

    It may seem to some people that she is promoting porn and/or homosexuality, but if you don’t want your kid to see it than don’t let them go.

  • Peachescartoon

    I never liked Gaga and feel that she is a bisexual cocaine, methanphetamine drug and alcohol user who gets away with her eccentric, wierd lifestyle. She is the kind of person who is narsicistic and is addicted to constant attention from the media and not much different than the Kardashians. In my opinion, she has a distorted persception of reality and is very egotistical. I think it was stupid of her to wear meat as apparrel. She is also vulgar, I do not have a hight opinion of her or her “talent”.

  • Abbie

    Overly religious people just ruin everything. They are the reason why most nations arent free nations. Just think of what the U.s. would be if they took over.

    • Gabby

      Well.. you wouldn’t go to hell if Christians ruled, now would you?

      • Mercenary

        Hey Gabby, just STFU and let others say their piece ok? Get a life, loser!

        • TINA

          Why is it that everyone should be allowed to say what’s on their mind and shout to the rooftops what they believe–as long as you’re not a Christian? If you want to put your opinion out there, don’t tell Christians they can’t express their opinion. And Christians have lives, and will continue to have lives beyond this world.

  • Rocko

    Even though these people are in the minority(well at least at the concert itself) I’m glad these people are standing up and protesting this and its about time somebody does. Everything about her is true in regards to promoting homosexuality and the pornographic type show. Of course she promotes and encourages homosexuality because she’s into freaky crap like that but the worst part on top of that is she is a major contributing factor to the dumbing down of not only America but all around the world. This is a woman who tells people that being gay is the same as being black, white, Mexican, Asian, etc which is NOT true! You can’t control your skin color because you’re a product of your parents but your sexual orientation is something that a person CHOOSES! NOBODY IS BORN GAY! Of course no homosexual will ever say that because they want to convince themselves that they have no control over that and can’t help themselves, BS! They just don’t want to admit that they made a choice to live a lifestyle that goes against the norm. Homosexuality is not normal and its not natural so to any gay person or gay advocate who reads this, you’re only fooling yourselves if you actually believe that someone is born gay.

  • carl

    she is the next mrilyn manson. she is awesome because she isnt afraid to do what she wants and make an impact. people are afraid of this because they cant understand wat isnt noral. tell me if this make sense i am really high lolllllllllllllllllllll

  • Gerry

    I’m no Gaga fan, but it’s time to stand up against these annoying hypocrites who promote censorship in the name of God. Conservative christian groups suck!!!

  • Sir Gaga

    The so called protests are a attempt to make her more appealing to the music buying public. ELVIS pissed more people off than she did without even trying.

  • Duff Smith

    I see you neglect to mention who this show’s sponsor is. That’s all right, because I will find out and make sure to participate in this boycott.

    Yeah, some people think it’s OK to partake of this sleaze and give their pledges of allegiance along with Lady Gaga to all that evil stands for, and Christians are the other guys.

    If marginalizing Christianity and its concept of morality is supposed to take this world places it’s never been… why is it going down the tubes? You ever think about that? Oh well…

  • Martin

    I guess if I was born a pedophile, that’s ok too. You can’t throw your arguments out there and then put caveats on them. Back in the day when people (American’s) had morals, if you were born ABNORMAL you would be expected to do what you had to do to overcome your abnormal behavior. Now, we’re just expected to accept you for what you are.

    Well, I’m sorry. I don’t agree with your lifestyle and therefore I will express my right to free speech to let you know it. It doesn’t mean that I hate you, it just means that I don’t have to accept your abnormal why of life.

    If you were born that way, then why do we not accept the way that EVERYONE is born? This would include: Pedophiles, polygamist, pyromaniacs, kleptomaniacs and the list could go on and on.

    Please don’t give me that slippery slope fallacy argument either. You don’t want to be discriminated against, who are you to discriminate?

  • Glenn

    What makes some people think they are better than other people? EGO. Not religion. To claim that your actions are righteous just because of your faith is to take the Lord’s Name In Vain, and that is sin, according to the Bible. So, live and let live.

    By the way, there is no such thing as “Conservative Christian”. Do you know why? Because Jesus was a LIBERAL who spent his entire life associating with people who were cast out and rejected by society (like lepers, prostitutes, thieves, drunks, homeless, etc).

    Jesus was about love, acceptance, and tolerance. These hardcorp “Conservative Christian” groups are about hate, intolerance, and divisivness.

    • John Sanchez

      glenno, you need to actually read the bible, Jesus condemned the prostitute and theives. He NEVER tolerated or excepted them. You have a grossly distorted viev of Jesus. You need to stay away from those gaga concerts cuz i’m sure you are more interested in the young meat just for your own pleasure.

  • Amo Green

    Ah Yes – Christians – They Really are Worthless Weak Smelly TURDS Always ” BANGING ” THAT ” BOOK Of FAIRY TALES ” While Telling Us All How FANTASTIC They Are & EVERYONE Should Be JUST Like THEM OR You Will GO TO HELL !!— NEWSFLASH — They Are The Ones Who Already Reside In HELL Trying To ” Trick ” Everyone Else Into Their ” CULT ” !! F**K THEM & All They ” Believe IN !!