La Toya Jackson Marries Longtime Best Friend

    December 8, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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La Toya Jackson’s best friend Jeffre Phillips proposed to her on her reality show, Life With La Toya, and on Friday the two officially tied the knot. Longtime friends and business partners, the two exchanged vows in front of a small group of very close friends and family members.

Katherine Jackson, La Toya’s mom, and Prince Jackson, son of the late Michael Jackson, were in attendance for the nuptials.

La Toya reportedly sought a boyfriend as part of her reality show a while back, but friends say that was fake. It was simply hype to insert some excitement into the show. Jeffre reportedly knew all about the plan, and went along with the scheme in order to help boost the show’s ratings. La Toya and Phillips have purportedly been an item for a while now.

Twitter was abuzz with La Toya Jackson’s wedding news.

Hopefully this marriage is a far cry better than La Toya Jackson’s previous marriage. She and Jack Gordon, her former manager, were married in the late 1980s. Said to be a horrific marriage, Gordon supposedly abused and controlled her for about seven years.

Congratulations to both La Toya Jackson and Jeffre Phillips on their marriage. May they enjoy many years together.

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  • Ken

    Like her late sibling she resembles a primate after all the cosmetic changes she has gone thru.

    • imani

      She definitely resembles a primate. I think the years that Bubble, Michael’s chimpanzee spent with the family, caused his looks to rub off on Latoys and Michael. Those two out of all the family members were the closest to Bubbles the chimp.

      It is painfully obvious that this marriage is a sham and is a ratings booster. She is hoping that this will get on her reality show, if she is allowed another season, which is doubtful. And the real star of that wedding, that will bring a few viewers viewers, is neither her or Jeffrey Philips, but Prince Jackson. She has been trying to get that trio ( Prince, Paris, Blanket) on her show from the beginning.

      Jeffrey Philips is obviously gay. Hopefully for her, Prince Jackson’s guest appearance will bring in the ratings, for her fledgling show.

      The reality of this reality show, is that nobody cares about the Jackson’s including Michael’s three kids. If she really wants to pull in ratings, she should go to the boarding school, where Paris Jackson is, and do a show there. That might boost her ratings for a minute, although the Paris Jackson drama is getting old also.

  • http://WebProNews Montessahall

    LaToya looks like an old tranny. She hasn’t aged well for
    her age due to the numerous skin lighting and cosmetic
    surgery procedures. The only Jackson with talent is Janet
    and she had the good sense to leave the spotlight and marry
    a billionaire. The rest of the Jackson family members need
    to stop exploiting Micheal’s legacy and get real jobs to
    support themselves.

  • Karen

    OK! Don’t start going off on me!

    But isn’t it clear (and there is nothing wrong with it) that Jeffre is gay?

    There are so many thing wrong with this. First of all. Who knew Latoya had a reality show? ha ha It it on TV or online?

    2nd like I stated above, I don’t believe Jeffre is interest sexually in women

    3rd, Oh forget it. I don’t want to comment on Latoya. You all know what I’m thinking just look at her!

  • Brian

    Looks like LaToya and Michael had the same plastic surgeon. Maybe this is called the “MJ” package.

  • AW

    If marrying this guy makes her happy more power to her. I am still annoyed when she accused her brother (MJJ) of molesting children and now she is his champion. #hypocrite She is almost 60 years old (the least talented of the family)Now maybe she just need companionship. She does not look like a primate but she should have thought it through. I was a fan of MJJ from the beginning and it was sad to see him destroy his face. Good luck to her and her hubby.

  • LovMan


  • timothy littke

    she looks just fine in fact she is beautiful…as a sons writer myself i know that it is a mixed blessing to have that ability and keep a normal life. i can only hope for her that she has true happiness…so let her live her life in peace

  • deereid

    Congrats to you and jeffe.

  • auto

    good for her, regardless of age, or family relationships. everyone deserves someone loving. I wish she and Janet would at least have 1 child. get a surrogate and enjoy family

  • Sharyn

    Why is a gay man asking her to marry him?

  • Vanessa Cheek

    i never understood why people just say crazy things about someone they don’t know, she is a person she needs love like everyone else and Jefferee is in love with her so let them be. and do something with your life so you can understand others