Kyron Horman’s Parents Face-off On Dr. Phil

    September 18, 2013
    Matt Spencer
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The Kyron Horman case made national headlines in 2010 when the then 7-year-old vanished in his hometown of Portland, Oregon. In the three years since Kyron’s disappearance his parents have not faced each other. That all changed recently on the Dr. Phil Show.

Kaine Horman and Desiree Young appeared on the show Tuesday to discuss their son’s disappearance and air long-held grievances. Much of the discussion focused on Horman’s ex-wife Terri, who both Horman and Young suspect of having had a hand in Kyron’s disappearance.

The main disagreement revolved around Young asking Horman if he had noticed anything unusual with Horman replying that like much of the working population of the country he was focused on the difficult economy. Young also accused Horman of infidelity in his second marriage, which she claims could have lead to her son’s abduction. Horman also stated that he suspects Terri may have had a drinking problem during their time together.

Despite the speculation from both parties Terri has never been named a suspect in the case, and although the two parties disagreed about much regarding the case, they agreed to remain in contact in the future. Whether or not you agree with how they televised their dirty laundry for a national audience in the face of a tragedy, it can at least be agreed that the two of them working together will be far more productive and maybe they can finally receive some closure.

[Image via Dr. Phil Show on Youtube]

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