Kyra Sedgwick Says Goodbye To “The Closer”

    August 13, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Kyra Sedgwick has inhabited the role of Brenda Leigh Johnson for seven years now. She moved her family from New York to L.A. to focus on the show that would give her career a sudden boost; she’s been nominated for four Emmys (and won one), given credit for propelling a “groundbreaking” show into extraordinarily high ratings, and found a tightly-knit group of friends in the cast and crew of “The Closer”. Fans, therefore, might be surprised to know that she almost didn’t take the role.

“My manager told me about it for three months, and I said: “Don’t send it. I’m not going to do it because it’s in L.A.,” she said.

It was her husband, iconic actor Kevin Bacon, who talked her into taking a leap for the show. Also, she says, her children had been her main priority, but they were getting older. It was the perfect time to take a big step in her career. That step would lead to seven years of hard work in a role she felt close to; Brenda is a strong, ballsy woman in her 40’s, much like Kyra herself.

“I admire her a great deal,” Sedgwick says about her character. “I admire her tenacity. I admire her number-one focus being the people that are gone and who can no longer speak for themselves. I’ll miss her complexities and her flaws.”

The past season has been full of surprises and sadness for Brenda and her fans, and Sedgwick says she doubts anyone will be disappointed by the series finale, which airs tonight. The last episode will see her tangle with longtime enemy Philip Stroh, which should be interesting.

  • SAM

    Unbelievable. Best show I have ever watched and they are gonna change it. I was cop for ten years and these people produce an exact replica of a Murder scene all the way down to the jokes.I hope NetFlix will have the courtesy of making this one of their shows.

    • Danielle Alfaro

      One of the best shows ever!……Kyra Sedgwick gave Brenda Lee’s character such depth, I’m really going to miss it,I guess all good things really do come to an end.

  • closerkyrafan!

    I loved the show because of the way Kyra played it! I loved the accent, the unsuspecting cajoling of confessions from crims and most of all I wanted all her clothes! Great portrayal of a strong woman in the workplace with a feminine touch and a HOME life with a cool dude!

  • http://Yahoo Linda troup

    This has been my favorite show since it started. I can’t wait to see what happens tonight.

  • Marian Douglas

    Gonna miss Brenda – love, love this show. Hate to see this show end!!!

  • http://yahoo.com Jeannie Bryant

    Why is The Closer ending?

  • Kim Simoneaux

    Love Kyra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only watch the show because of her. Wont be the same without her. Don’t think I can watch the other show without her the other female character is not for the people……… You will sadly be missed by millions of fans Kyra “Brenda”.

  • susan713

    I love Kyra, and can’t believe it’s been seven years! “The Closer” is ending because Kyra needs to do other things… she has a career that’s even bigger than Brenda and she has a personal life as well. We forget that about our beloved stars — they are actually real people quite separate from their wonderful, fascinating characters. I felt the same sadness over the ending of “In Plain Sight”, but Mary McCormack also wanted a change… she has a family with small children to raise… imagine putting them ahead of a great television series! I’ll always miss Brenda and I’ll always miss Mary — two of the best, but we’re lucky to have them in our lives every week for so long. We can still see the work they’ve done — it’s ours forever if we want it. Also, I think the cast of “Major Crimes” is smashing — these guys have lots of depth — and Mary McDonnell will surprise us all — she’s quite a talent in her own right. The cast is fundamentally intact, and I think they’ll process a crime scene just as SAM, the former cop, would like!!! Please give Major Crimes a chance… from a fan who knows it can be great too!

    • http://Yahoo Roxanne

      To Susan713, I couldn’t have said it better.

      • Dani

        That goes ditto for me!

  • Tony Daysog

    I love her tag-line . . . “Thank keeeeew.”

  • http://yahoo.com Jim

    I’m sure the loss of funds thanks to Bernie Madoff played an important role in her decision with a little urging by her husband who isn’t bringing home a whole lot of bacon.

  • Donna

    I am really going to miss her and her crew. I loved this show from the very first episode and didn’t miss any. I still watch the re-runs all the time. I am also looking forward to the spin off Major Crimes. Almost the same cew will be there so it’s on my must-see list. But much luck to Kyra and her family, she deserves to rest for a while but please send her back in another show. I also am looking to watch Keven Bacon’s new show that will air in the fall. Miss you “Brenda”

  • http://google kim

    I have always enjoyed the show because I loved Helen Miren in Prime Suspect. I always wanted Brenda to be a bit more aloof and smoke like Helen did in her role. ps Her husband the AA guy is a wimp.

    • legacy@inbox.com

      I have never missed an episode and feel really terrible the show is going into retirement. I’m glad there will be a follow-up series, but I do love Kyra – nothing against Mary McDonald, Brenda is Brenda. Her husband in the series is not a wimp. He is a kind and thoughtful “man”. If there were more men like him relationships would last a lot longer. His bout with AA is a very minor factor in the story line, but his being a thoughtful, considerate husband and great FBI agent is the real focus of his character.

  • Judy Pennington

    I hate that Kyra is leaving the show, but her reasons are well understood. I loved her characterization of Brenda!!! No one could have done a better job! Good Luck Kyra and Kevin, what ever you do in the future!!

  • Mele

    You will be missed. Good luck

  • Riva

    Well, that’s it for Saturday night. Without “The Closer” there’s no point in turning on the boob tube. That show had a winning combination of good plots, great actors and just the right pace …..Thank you, Mr/Ms. Director. We’ll miss you, Kyra.

  • Lisa Ramos

    Was my best show. another gone I just hope major crimes is just as good but I’m going to mis Kyra so much.

    • carol taylor

      I agree with you, I will miss Brenda Lee and her family.

  • dimples

    No…No…No. I love her as Brenda Lee Johnson. Please don’t go, but I guess this is a done deal. I hope much success for you and your new ventures, Stay happy with that hunk hunh of a husband Kevin and family. I will be following your carreer. I loved your acting in Something to Talk about. The best to you and yours.

  • carol taylor

    I will miss her, she made me laugh, I will start looking at the new show, but if I don’t like it, I won’t watch it.

  • Linda Hall

    Will miss Brenda, love, love the show. The reason I love Monday was ‘The Closer’. Can’t wait to see it tonight. Bye Brenda

  • http://rcousin@sbcglobal.net Rico

    Thanks Kyra!

    Outstanding job see you in your next venture.

    Thank you too Kevin for sharing Kyra with us.


  • Jodee

    Loved the show.Watch it everyday. Hopefully monday nite will stay true with Major Crimes..GOOD LUCK

  • http://ClerkSurgicalServices Dorothy50

    LOVE (The Closer) I will miss it. There is no other show that has the attention like the Closer. She has a following on Facebook . Can’t wait to see whether or not Major Crimes can pull it off. She is a wonderful actor , very classic in her own way . Looking at the marathon now. My hats off to TNT. Thank you for 7 wonderful years. Job well done. Be Blessed

  • chris dahm

    Superb writing. Superb acting. Plots that had me laughing out loud and totally enthralled into the only drama moments later. My wife has been in a real funk as the last episode has gotten closer.


    Kyra, “Brenda Leigh Johnson”, You are the show, I don’t just mean the Closer, but YOU ARE “Major Crimes Unit”. While I’m not familiar with Mary MC Donald, I have to say that I didn’t particularly care for her part in the Closer and don’t see her in Major Crimes much less without you there. She reminds me of a 2yr old trying to play grownup. I don’t think that anyone believed her about the writers not coming up with anymore story lines on FOX ch 11. Please, tell us on any show why you are leaving, the absolute truth of it. If anything the network should NOT let you go. I hope that somehow you will still make visits on Major Crimes and let everyone see that you ARE Major Crimes. Kyra, in our womens group you have helped women stand up for their rights and believe in themselves. Perhaps no one has told you of your strong impact on women who have allowed themselves to believe that they were worthless and how you have given them that push to believe in themselves. YOU did that and we are so very proud of you. We know that you have a life and your projects, however if the network and it’s writers had half of a brain they would incorporate you traveling and coming accrossed new crimes and allow you the time you need to work on other projects as well. We pray (all 500 of us) for you and the network to reconsider and even take you back to New York if that is where you are happiest and give it it’s all in New York! We miss you even on the times that you are not on the T.V. We always hoped that they would have you on ION for at least 3-4 hours just like the Ghost Whisperer and Without A Trace and Criminal Minds. You are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, come back!!!!!!!! Your series mom and dad and handsome HUMAN hunk of a Husband also needs you!!!!!!!!!! Respectfully yours, Renee

    • Karen Diggs

      I so agree with you. I will not watch the spin off show because Kyra Sedgwick is not a part of it. I’m so sad to see her leave.

  • Miss Lucky

    Its been a running joke that if I love something its the kiss of death. A perfume its discountinued, a man he becomes gay, a restaurant, it goes out of business.

    I knew loving Brenda Leigh would not go well. But boy it was worth it!!!!

  • http://www.readcharlottehughes.com Charlotte Hughes

    I really hate to see her go. I never realized just how talented she was until I began watching The Closer, but she is an awesome actor! The rest of the cast ain’t too shabby either. As an author, I have to applaud the writers who put such a great script in Kyra’s hands. It doesn’t matter if you’re the greatest actor in the world . . . if you don’t have top-notch writers the show is going to flop. The Closer had great characters AND writers, the perfect recipe for success. I can’t wait to see what Kyra does next!

  • http://YAHOO slysi

    my wife and i both loved the way KYRA portrayed BRENDA right from the start, but sometimes.. you hafta do watcha hafta do..the cast was all great and i believe the new ladie will be fine. actually we always thought she would take over when we heard KYRA was leaving! anyway she will be missed !

  • Carol Sibley

    This show was the BEST!!! I really will miss it, but hopefully I can continue to see reruns. My very best to your family and your future projects.

    You certainly were loved!

  • Jim Aubry

    Sorry I am in the minority but I am happy there is another show replacing her. I have watched a lot of tv in 60 years but she is first that turned my stomach afte 5 shows.

  • Linda Guyse

    I really don’t how I can put into words what watching The Closer has meant to me. Can’t believe it started 7 years ago—seems like only 7 days ago!(Where does the time go?) I think I understand what Ms Sedgwick is feeling. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think she took the role to help out her family financially so for that I’m glad things worked out. Now she can step back (just for a little while!!), get reacquainted with family and friends and take time to select her next project. I’ll miss ya—but I do understand. Actors are people too. Maybe she’ll become the “Meryl Streep” of television! Hey, a girl can dream, right? Good luck Ms. Sedgwick! I’ll have a chocolate bar in your honor! While I’m sad about “The Closer”; I’m also glad about “Major Crimes” especially because of the “dynamic duo”–Provenza and Flynn! So tears flowing with a smile on my face! If it’s ok…would like to make some new friends–hit me up on Facebook and we’ll talk.

  • http://TNTtheCloser Patricia Slocum

    The Closer has been my favorite show, yes i will miss Brenda Leigh Johnson,I just can’t believe she would leave us. I also love the cast and am happy that there will be a spinoff and I know I will continue to follow them because I dearly love the Cast..I know the show will be A big success.. Maybe Kyra will return but nevertheless I will be watching Major Crimes… Pat

  • Joann

    I love this show. I know I will watch the reruns because I know I am going to miss the character of Brenda Leigh. It is a shame with all of the garbage that is on TV a show like this is no more. Maybe she will come back if the spin off doesn’t grab hold of the audience.



  • http://webpronews.com Cora Crosier

    I have been watching the Closer for 7 years never miss a show and I hate that its not going to be on.I love watching Mrs Sedgwick in any thing that she is in I will miss the show very much.The closer is my favorite show.And I will not be watching the that will replace her.Good luck to her and hubby.

    • j cummings

      Cora….I second your emotions. Love , love the “Closer” and will miss Brenda and her strength and convictions. She loves her family so much. Those emotions are sooo real. Nothing like family.

  • Wes

    Wow!!! I can’t believe it is over…I have looked forward to watching Kyra and the supporting cast for seven years. It is a sad, sad day for me but I am happy to have had the opportuinty to experience such a great series. Im going to check out Major crimes to see how it stacks up, not expecting much, but I need something to fill the void. Good luck Kyra!!! I’ll miss you.

  • Susan

    I have to be honest…. I’m really torn about continuing to watch the show, now named “Major Crimes”. It’s not that I don’t like the rest of the cast (they’re WONDERFUL), it’s out of loyalty for Ms. Sedgwick and her character. After all, it was HER character that intrigued me to watch the show when it first came out and kept me as a loyal viewer, ultimately. Still, the rest of the cast, as I stated before, is WONDERFUL and since this is Ms. Sedgwick’s decision; (SAY IT AIN’T SO, MS. SEDGWICK!!!!! sigh….); then I will continue watching, but I will miss “Brenda Lee” SO much!!!! (If, however, I find out that this is NOT Ms. Sedgwick’s decision – this show WILL be deleted from my DVR – great cast or no).

  • Merry M. Ployer

    She’s a typical far left liberal Hollywood ObamaBot. Good riddance.

    • nette

      WOW Merry plober,,,, ur ignorance is truly showing!!!!!!!

    • Angel

      dumb ass…

    • j cummings

      Merry you are such an idiot. Can’t seem to seperate reality from entertainment. Get a life.

    • MrsMAC

      Really! If you don’t like her why did you response or even write something on this page. Other people love her and the show so just leave the site and go to a page you like.

  • carol simmons

    I love love love the closer and cast members. They work well and blend so effortlessly. Hate Hate Hate to see Kyra leave, I’ve watched her career a long time. But life is about change I think Major Crimes will be great. Also, maybe Brenda can drop in from time to time since she will still be the Executive Producer? Good luck on your new journey, you will be truly missed and I look forward to Sharon’s time at the helm.

  • http://WebProNews Diane

    I too, love the “Closer” and respect Kyra’s decision to move on. Since I’ve always enjoyed the rest of the cast, I’m certainly going to tune in to “Major Crimes” to see what they come up with. Mary McDonnell, simply cannot compare to Kyra Sedgewick. She doesn’t have much of a personality. She’s just blah, boring and forgetable. She’ll have to work much harder to measure up. Good luck all!

  • http://webpronews Elizabeth

    Count me in on the millions who normally watch this show every week. I’ll miss it but life goes on I guess. Hope the spin off is just as good. At least we won’t loose the other characters, too.

  • Pat

    I, too, am one of the millions that have not missed an episode. If I’m out, I record. I’ll miss this show – it’s definitely my favorite. I’m glad most of the cast is continuing on and am looking forward to this new chapter.

  • Charlie Jordan

    I have loved Kyra since I saw “Second Hand Lions”–still my favorite movie. I sure will miss Closer, and I see nothing that will take its place. Good luck to Kyra Sedgwick, in what ever she does–but I hope to see her again in something.

  • Eric R. Dorton

    As long as all the episodes of ‘The Closer’ are available for purchase,
    Ms. Sedgwick shall remain a part of my life. I wish to thank her and the
    great cast and crew which made the show an absolute favorite. God bless
    Ms. Sedgwick, her husband Kevin Bacon, their children and the rest of
    their kith and kin. Thanks for the great entertainment!

  • http://JordanAmerica.com Jim Jordan

    I was hoping The Closer would have at least a 10 year run. Kyra Sedgwick is by far my fovorite actor. I don’t hold out much hope for Major Crimes. How can Mary McDonnell compare with Kyra Sedgwick? The supporting cast is wonderful, but who’s going to pick up the slack? Povensza? Somebody please offer Kyra Sedgwick another leading role before she moves back to NY!

  • Angel

    love the show, but Brenda was the show. The new show without her hmmm I don’t think so…. Best of luck Krya hope you have another show in the making, there realy aren’t many good tv shows anymore …

  • Dianne Jones`

    The closer was a TRULY great show – one of the best!! “Brenda” will be sorly missed – it seems everyone, excet that one dumb woman, thoroughly enjoyed that show. Too bad “that women” had to mix politics with pure enjoyment, too bad for her………..

  • marie bodrie

    I will really miss new episodes. I will continue to record all previously shown episodes and enjoy rewatching them. I wish she would reconsider coming back – perhaps after finding out they can’t do without her – in reality and in the story line. To the networks: act fast before someone snatches her up! If this is not to be, I hope she is offered another shown to star in – I’m sure it would be a top rater!

  • Shelly

    Love The Closer and will probably cry as Brenda Leigh Johnson says goodbye. Thank yew so much for 7 years!

  • http://yahoo Louise

    I love this show I wish it wasn’t going to be over. The new Major Crimes isn’t going to be as great. Good luck on your new adventures Kyra.

  • tony

    Goodbye Brenda, gonna miss riding with you… Hopefully Brenda Lee will reappear somewhere…

  • shasha

    Brenda Leigh is not coming back to our t.v. screen..Kira’s decision was made over a year ago…we won’t even get a glimpse of Brenda Leigh even though she’ll be working right around the corner at the D.A.’s office and her husband, an FBI agent, has a role on Major Crimes, the spin off.

  • Renee

    I love Kyra Sedgwick and her character, Brenda Leigh. I too have watched the show since the beginning, and never missed an episode. Loved supporting cast, especially, Flynn and Provenza, and Brenda’s parents. Favorite episode was when Provenza imitated Brenda Leigh…”This is a crime scene y’all.”…”Thank yew!” Good luck to Kyra.

  • Closer FAN

    Watched the last episode twice! Held out hope to the end that the show would continue. I have watched this show from the beginning – never missed an episode. Tried watching Major Crimes – what a disaster. I suspect this show will not last long.

    Kyra Sedgwick has always been a favorite actress of mine as has her husband Kevin Bacon. I just watched Taking Chance with him again last weekend (sigh). Both need to do a series with or without each other. Preferably together. My Monday nights now wll be blah.

  • http://yahoo maryellen cabaniol

    every monday i had brenda and her crew in my house for one hour–she would leave you sittng on the edge of your seat waiting for next week show–i hope she is happy in her life, and maybe she will come back to tv some day

  • chuck carnes

    sad day for tv not even football on monday night stoped would me sader

  • Nancy

    I surely love Kyra..my week just did not seem complete unless I watched her show..she is so gutsy and chocolate sweet at the same time..I like Mary, but she is not Brenda..and Mary just isn’t spunky in her character..but I know Mary has had her share of illnesses in her real life, including Lyme disese and a long time recovery, I praise her for taking hold of her life after such a devastating illness, Mary is not a good fit with Brenda’s team, but she is a very fine actress in her own right, I watched Major Crimes, it will not last long, no spunk in it. Brenda Leigh paved the way for alot more roles like this with women at the top of the police force..I am sure Kyra has lots of reasons for the move, she too has had her share of trauma in the last year..I will watch the reruns as long as they air.

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  • Gail

    I think they left many doors open so she could come back . I hope she does . I dont care for the person that replaces her . she doesn’t have the carizma . i just think the new one will not come close to the closer.

  • Gail

    i love the show closer. and I dont think the spin off will last . I think they left the doors open for her to come back. I think she left over money that is almost always the case. So producers give her the mone she has made you plenty of money so give her what she wants . and we,ll all be happy.

  • MrsMAC

    I watched the last show twice because I got off late. I will missed the show. The new show was ok but nothing like the original.

  • Cathy Puckoris

    I definitely will miss the Closer, it has been an interesting and captivating show. I don’t think the new show will be as good because Kyra is what made the Closer. The other woman just doesn’t have it…very disappointed, don’t know what I will watch now, but I am not impressed with Major Crimes….Oh well, why do they always get rid of the best shows?

  • cristo

    I watched part of Major Crime had to change channel. Couldn’t watch without Brenda Lee character.

  • Abby

    I have been a big fan of “The Closer” for 5 years now. I will certainly miss it. By the way, is Sargent Gabriel or Sargent Julio married at all. Those two are sooooo hottt! Good luck to all of the cast, I hope to see them all in the future. “Major Crimes” show is good, but not as great as “The Closer”.

  • chris

    met her and her husband once by accident,I truly feel bad sheon’t continue on ib that role, but it’s for deffinet, that KYra and Kevin will go on to bigger and better, things.

  • allenwarren

    she can’t act. in everything i ave seen her she has ahd that horrable accent that drives me nuts and the ONLY thing gooing for her is thatshe is married to kevin.

  • larry

    This woman was the best at what she does. We will miss her and I hope to see her in a new and different episode soon.Can’t wait maybe with Kevin along her side.

    • larry

      As an after thought I hope she takes Gabriel with her he’s such a great actor/.

  • Karen Barber

    I, for one, will miss “The Closer”. I loved the character “Brenda Leigh” and always looked forward to the next episode.

  • kely white

    this stupid ass bitch!!!!!!!!