Kylie Jenner: Is She A Dangerous Driver?

    July 15, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Being a teen driver can be tough, and although Kylie Jenner is famous, that doesn’t make her a better driver. Kylie was pulled over on Monday when police noticed her dark window tint. When the officer who pulled Kylie over walked up to the window, he noticed that she also had a friend with her.

The law in California says that a 16-year-old driver is not allowed to drive another teenager around unless an adult over the age of 25 is also in the vehicle. There were no adults with the two teens and Kylie was given two tickets, one for her window tint and another for having a teen passenger.

Kylie hasn’t had her license for very long but has gotten several driving citations already. She wrecked her Mercedes just 18 days after getting her license and also received a speeding ticket in January.

It’s amazing that Kylie hasn’t gotten more citations or been in another accident. While you would think the tickets would make her think twice about messing around behind the wheel, she doesn’t seem to be phased by them.

One of Kylie’s friends recently posted a video of Kylie dancing while driving.

The video also showed that she was not paying attention to the road at all.

In the video Kylie dances and closes her eyes while she sings the song. She also looks at the camera for several seconds. Kylie has also been known to snap a few selfies behind the wheel.

Kylie may have thought the video was cute, but she has received a lot of criticism from social network members who are angry that Kylie would endanger not only her own life but the lives of other travelers as well.

What do you think of Kylie’s bad driving?

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  • Jazmin

    that is not being a bad driver, i take my hands of the wheel and dance too, have i hit anyone or been in a wreck? No! and getting a ticket for having a passenger is stupid every teen in america does it. dont believe me ask your kid, TRUST ME I KNOW i’m a 16 yr old girl driver. and every thing she’s doing driving wise is what every teen does. The only reason y’all are making a big deal about it is because she’s famous and y’all have nothing better to be doing with your lives like seriously this isnt even news worthy. But seriously i dare y’all to go out and watch people drive and you’ll be seeing a whole lot more of this.

  • Anthony Swift

    Yes 16 years old and you know nothing.