Kyle Bennett Dies at 33, Olympic BMX Racer

    October 15, 2012
    Chad Sweely
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Bike racing, especially Bicycle Motorcross (BMX), is a very integral part of any summer Olympic season. With this in mind, it is sad news to bear that Kyle Bennett, a well-known BMX racer, has passed away.

Kyle Bennett, from Conroe, Texas, was always interested in the bike-racing scene. At the age of seven, his grandfather took him to the Armarillo Downs racetrack, and then started racing at the age of eight years old. As his bike racing skills flourished, Bennett decided to be a professional biker, acquiring his first sponsor (S&S Racing) in 1991, and declaring his profession at the NBL Christmas Classic in 1997 when he turned 18.

Bennett achieved world-wide stardom when he represented America as part of the U.S. BMX Team at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China, along with other professional bikers: Mike Day, Donny Robinson, Jill Kintner. The picture below shows Bennett on Day 14 of the Beijing Olympics (source: Zimbio).


Unfortunately, Kyle Bennett died on Sunday, October 14th, 2012, due to a car accident at the age of 33. According to ESPN, Montgomery Police reported that Bennett’s truck (traveling at high speed) veered off the roadway and collided into a wrought iron gate, a culvert pipe and several trees. This turned his truck upside down in a nearby subdivision.

Various fans of Bennett’s bike-racing talent have left their respects via Twitter:

  • keke

    thats so sad at 33 i will kepp the family in pray

    • naja

      me to

  • Carmen Amparo Quinones

    This is a great lost, for the family, friends and in general for the sport’s world. My condolences.



  • GUEST2012

    What a tragedy that he survived the “death defying” BMX tricks, only to be killed in a car accident at such a young age. Sympathy extended to his family and friends.


    It’s a great tragedy. Sportsmen of World Fame dying in accidents. Can’t they study a little of Buddhism which explains the rebirth phenomenon through the Multiverse Theory.See HOW JOHNNY WILKINSON (ENGLISH RUGGERITE) became a Buddhist . If they study QPHYSICS in relation to Buddhism they will certainly follow a more milder path and maintain their global fame. My deepest sysmpathies to his family/fans