Kristen Stewart is Glamour UK’s Best Dressed Star

    April 27, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Kristen Stewart is Glamour UK’s best dressed star? I’m just as genuinely surprised as you are. Every single time I see a photo of the “Twilight” star, she looks miserably unhappy. Her posture, her expressions, her attitude — everything about the poor girl just screams maladjusted, and, for a while, that included her wardrobe. Now, it would seem, she’s become a fashion darling, so much so that Glamour UK has named her their best dressed star.

Some of you are smiling, some are cringing. I can feel it.

I’m sure select individuals will be quick to bash me for hating on Stewart, and I can appreciate their anger. After all, Kristen is well liked by many people, including Charlize Theron. Then again, what does she know? All I have to say is “Reindeer Games” and her opinion on just about anything become instantly moot. But, I digress.

Stewart beat out such fashionable females as Kate Middleton, Emma Watson, Selena Gomez, and Blake Lively to land the title of “Best Dressed”. Since I know next to nothing about fashion — I own nearly two dozen black t-shirts, each one with a different B-movie plastered across the front — I have to assuming that the boys and girls at Glamour UK know what they’re talking about. Balenciaga just signed up on as the face of their new fragrance for women, so it would appear that I have no clue as to what I’m talking about.

Glamour UK also named Robert Pattinson as their best dressed guy, which leads me to believe there’s some sort of sinister “Twilight”-oriented cabal operating within the dungeons of the magazine. I’m kidding, of course, but feel free to speculate on the matter while you check out the emotional differences between Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart.


  • Kryptonite Balls

    I’ve always said that if a rain cloud could be personified it would be Kristen Stewart. How she was chose to be the “fairest of them all” is beyond me. Thought I guess that has nothing to do with fashion.

    But come on man, Reindeer Games wasn’t that bad. It’s the ultimate 4pm on a Sunday, with nothing to do kind of movie, but it’s on AMC so you watch it.

    • Nicole

      I so agree! She is such a “frump!” She doesn’t know how to carry herself at all. Perhaps RPatz really did win best dressed and then they said “wouldn’t it be cute if Kirsten Stewart had won, so the winners would be a real life couple?” So they moved her up from #1,000,000,0000 past Boy George, David Lee Roth and Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon A Time.

      Congratulations Kirsten, relish it because it will probably be your last.

  • Bess

    Sorry but I am a huge fan of KS. She is not fake like Kim whatever her name is and no one smiles 24/7. She’s down to earth and yet so beautiful and a co star also sees it; because they seen to be so in love. Plus I bet she smiles alot with all her millions in bank!

    • Dacia

      Who wouldn’t smile after having that much money in the bank? Wait KS, the moodless monster. Now that she is rich she thinks shes better than everyone else.

      • Jay

        pretty sure she’s been making bank way before twilight. she’s a critically acclaimed child actor that actual made the transition as a full-on actress without any mishaps. and she’s really talented and grounded. she’s not “too good for hollywood” like many critics say her attitude is..i think she just appreciates a certain amount of privacy. besides, she stuck with indie films until they offered her the role in twilight.
        with this one post i know about as much as you as i know about kristen personally..so i can say with the attitude you’re giving,i;d say she is better than you

      • T SALEM

        …All “pretty” women think their better than everyone else!?! BUT, They’re all “pink n’ bloody” on the inside!…

  • caleb

    she does smile. just not often which is why she gets cast in movies which require a darker character. every actor is eventually typecast for what they are good at. for instance how many movies have you seen gerard butler as not an action type character? does no one rememeber the cameo that kristen stewart played in the last % minutes of the movie jumper?

  • Patti

    KS fan or not this article and the photo comparison to Emma Watson is just plain mean-spirited and ugly. I’m not sure why the sarcastic photo comparison was necessary, it’s comparing apples to oranges – everyone is different and has their own qualities. KS was given the “Golden Ticket” when she landed the roll of Bella Swan. At that time, who knew how huge it would become? She received so much criticism and backlash for Twilight and went through some major life changes all in such a short period of time. I found her to be very annoying BUT she has won me over. There is notable improvment in her acting since Twilight, it appears she listened to all the criticism and chose to work hard and rise above it. I love her tenacity and spunk when it comes to protecting her private life and not giving in to the pressures of Hollywood by doing what everyone wants her to do. She is a breath of fresh air from the typical young Hollywood girl who becomes sensationalized overnight, hats off to you KS for having a backbone and some class. Although I was not an instant fan, the fact that she won me over that holds alot more weight in my opinion.

    • http://yahoo Ginger

      Patti, I couldn’t have said it any better. Although, I was a KS fan from the first time I saw her in “Twilight”. She’s amazing & so is Robert. She’s come a long way & will continue to grow into herself. Like you said, she won’t let people tell her what to do or how to dress, she’s her own person & that’s what makes her who she is. I guess you either like her or not & for those of you that don’t, well your missing out on a fantastic person. She’s really beautiful in a very plain & simple way & there’s nothing wrong with that. Who needs all the makeup & crap that the Hollywood women seem to need, she sure doesn’t need it. lol

      • Patti

        Thanks Ginger. And also, this article (as one other commenter already wrote) is complete journalistic bullying and displays a juvenile-type hatred toward KS and for what reason? Makes me wonder what is fueling the writer to be so spiteful, is she crushing on RP? KS doesn’t bother anyone which makes this even more uncalled for. I can see why she avoids the whole Hollywood scene.

    • Smooth

      Most of you are so missing the point. The writer (who is a guy by the way girls) isn’t bashing or comparing Kristin Stewart to others just for sport…he’s trying to understand how SHE could be Glamour UK’s best dressed of the year. You all may like her, but let’s be honest…she doesn’t exactly “carry” herself like a fashion icon. And if she beat out Pippa and Emma, there are automatically going to be comparisons…which of course won’t be favorable to her.

      • Patti

        Sorry, maybe “he” is crushing on RP or is simply bitter over his own shortcomings.
        Smooth: I get that there are others who would be more appropriate for the title “best dressed” all I’m saying is that this article was written to be mean and hurtful. There are other ways the writer could have gotten his point across tactfully and without mocking KS with those pics and choice in wording. He even took a stab at CT with his left-handed compliment.

        KS’s fashion on the red carpet is definitely A+ (minus the converse lol) and she looks gorgeous. When she is off she looks like a normal person, relaxed in comfy attire. Most of the real world (fans and common non-HW people) can identify with that. When I’m not at work I relax and dress down. Again, kudos to KS for being real :]

  • Elizabeht

    WHAT? Someone’s not happy with being famous? That’s stupid.

    It’s not like people only regonize her for her most insepid role, or that she can’t go outside without being accosted by crazed fans who all want to talk about how dreamy Robert Patterson is and how does he kiss and Taylor has pretty abs and drivel.
    Yeah, I’m sure she has as many fans of Speak and Panic Room and her amazing indies who approach her to praise her acting instead of her co workers.

    Oh wait.

    She didn’t want to get famous this way and she thinks it’s bullshit. Good for her. Maybe when these Twilight movies are over she can recede from the spotlight a little and start making good movies again and be cast in roles worthy of her talent.

    Seriously though, Hermione was a intelligent badass who got shit done. Bella was a….. girl vampires and werewolves liked? Which would you want to be associated with. AKA Emma had a better role and she knows it.

  • psst

    You need to stop this ‘bully’ journalism. Your artlicle and those people responding instigate hatred towards this girl. What has she done to you? If you don’t have anything to say then just keep quiet.

  • FU

    This article is clearly written by a potterhead. I love how people judge actors by the characters they play. Everyone is so against bullying and being stereotyped nowadays but clearly the web is very hypocritical.

  • Marshel

    Absolutely right on! LMAO!

  • Michael

    With absolutely no criticism of Emma, Kristen is more subtle. She is very emotional and it comes through in her acting… she is best playing strength in the midst of vulerability and, ironically vulnerability in the midst of apparent strength. And that strength (and vulnerability) is there, in the actress. If she happens to come across this article my guess is that she will laugh and enjoy it… but then will also be vulnerable and will question.

  • http://Yahoo Nancy

    This was a thoroughly refreshing, funny read! For once, Yahoo, thank you for posting something interesting! Ha Ha Great writing!

  • Jill

    I gave KS a chance in Twilight because i saw her in “In the land of women” and she was terrible and i though maybe becuase she aged Twilight would be better…but it was worse, idk how many times she blinked like she was have spasms in that movie but i couldn’t concentrate. Watched the second movie because everyone else at the party i was at wanted to and it was so awful. I agree, i don’t know how she gets cast in movies, or how shes was named best dressed. She always looks so SO SO unpleasant and so down on everything. It’s not just the movies she’s cast in have dark roles…she always looks the same on red carpet events. The comparison to Emma Watson….not night and day…truth.

  • rheian

    im not bias to anything but I think Emma should have won this one… without the comparisson above she should definetely got this just check how gracefeul and confident she project herself… i bet someone is with me when i said this

  • Darla

    I think EW should’ve won, why? Becuz I love KS and dont see her bloody fit as a role model. The girl can not hold back from droping the F Bomb everytime, she’s having an interview or talking with actors. RobPatz might even get bored with her moodiest and decides to pull a Brad Pitt on us and dumb her for somebody who acts as if their flippin alive. I love KS and her style but she is not best Glamourous material maybe alil less dark and gloom an alil more sunshine and puppies. Can make this girl transform from a druggie bum to a sassy hot firecracker, who knows maybe then Rob would then start to manky smile more. Another thing I love both but the haterd on KS was uncalled for you are probably not a HP fan, I am that and Twlight. But HP more so I can clearly bloody think right. An what you are saying isnt fair to KS nor EW and their fans(which I am both) plz reframed from dissing them especailly when you havnt given us a peek into your life.

  • http://google dee

    This article shows how biased and mean spirited this wannabe journalist is, not to mention commenting on a subject that he admittedly is totally ignorant on and on someone who he absolutely does not know anything about except for the opinions of others who are Kristen Stewart haters just because she will never submit to pressure and be molded into something that she is not. Kristen is her own person who is fiercely protective of her privacy and pursues her dreams and goals in life believing in honesty, perseverance, tenacity, and fair play. You will never hear her dissing her fellow actors or putting anyone down, even those people who have bashed her and tried to hurt her with verbal attacks and negative comments without any basis or evidence. I think it is true about the saying “heavy is the head that wears the crown” because you will have millions trying to discredit her and take the crown away from her. Bottom line is,people are so jealous of what this young woman has accomplished in her 22 years which would take most people a lifetime. I think we should celebrate that at 22 Kristen has turned out to be a person that other young people can relate to and has inspired a number of them to be successful. I know I have read a number of comments to this regard and I clebrate this. Way to go Kristen!!! You have our admiration….me and your millions of fans across the world.

    • Becky

      You go girl! Everything you said is right!

  • MJ Shaw

    What is wrong with you people? Just because Kristen Stewart doesn’t pander to your need to feel “connected” to her celebrity doesn’t make her who you’ve decided she is. For any of you to presume to know her mind (like, “because she’s rich she thinks she is better than anyone else”) is just down right delusional and you should consider going on meds – QUICK!

    She is respected by her peers and by some of the greatest modern professionals within the entertainment industry – but somehow you think that your opinion trumps those who actually know her, those who actually know what they’re talking about.

    In a way, I feel bad for those of you who talk down about this young woman. You obviously harbor some sort of jealousy: whether it is due to her exclusively, or her proximity/relationship with Robert Pattinson, I have no clue and it really does not matter. However, I would suggest you get on with your lives and stop formulating completely unreasonable and irrational assumptions concerning someone you do not know, you have never met, and will never meet…

    Your fixation is unhealthy. I promise.

  • rose

    Although this article makes a point in her lack of expression, she was voted best dressed..nothing to do with her acting or modeling or facial expression skills.

  • ann

    Kristen Stewart has been admired by many people in the entertainment industry. She works very hard and contrary to your opinions, who’s never met Kristen in your life, she’s a very down to earth and nice girl. She does smile , but not when she’s being photographed by rude paps that are always right in her face. She is very gracious to her fans. As for being named the best dressed, why not? She doesn’t need to try hard like many others. She dresses to be comfortable, and still looks amazing while at it.

  • Nikki

    Emma Watson goes through a lot of emotions in just one interview…

  • Sue

    Wow, Mr. Todd Rigney, you mean to tell me that you couldn’t come up with a better topic to write about other than how much you obviously hate this actress? What negative crap. It’s a wonder why you are here and not on The New York Times! You call yourself a writer, right? Pathetic waste of time and space.

    • Becky

      I agree with you. They are always critizing her but the is just a down to earth girl. She is very sure of herself and doesn’t need to pretend anything. And it is a complete lie that she doesn’t smile. I have tons of pictures that shows a different range of emotions. You the writer just don’t like her! Be fair!!!!!

  • immortal

    K-Stew has the ability to be herself. She is sure enough about herself that she does her own thing and dresses her way. She does not care what the so called fashion experts think. WISH MORE PEOPLE FELT THAT GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Toni

    I have to agree, I wish that girl would show some smiles from time to time or actually any emotion other than “oh my God I wish they would leave me alone”.

  • Lauren Nicole

    Okay I totally agree with you on this article! KStew is seriously overrated. I love twilight, and can deal with her as Bella, but seriously! In real life she is just plain depressing! I like her acting, loathe her utter disdain for everyone. I mean, she needs to realize how lucky she is and how many young girls will copy her terrible attitude! Not to mention, her clothes used to suck. I think she is doing better with them, but all of the other stars like Emma Watson and Blake Lively, as well as Kate Middleton have been doing their fashion the right way for their entire stay in the limelight. Is twilight seriously that popular to place Stewart above all of these other fashionistas?

  • billy

    Not that i am a big fan of Kristen,but in her defense you used the same photo cropped into each expression,poorly done if you ask me.quite childish i would say ,,,,to each “his or her own”