Kristen Bell Talks Pregnancy And Paparazzi


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Kristen Bell is enjoying her second pregnancy!

The Veronica Mars star reportedly feels a lot more comfortable in her own skin this time around, reports US Weekly.

However, it's not just because she knows the ropes of motherhood. This time, she doesn't have to deal with the stress of being followed by the paparazzi.

For those who don't know, Bell played a dominant role in the establishment of the No Kids Policy earlier this year.

In support of the policy, celebrities signees opted to decline doing interviews for media outlets that published pictures of celebrity children without parental consent.

Once a number of A-list celebrities began standing their ground, lots of media outlets quickly began complying with the policy guidelines.

During a recent interview, the 34-year-old actress touched on the benefits of the new policy. "The response has been so overwhelming that it's really almost a moral stance that the consumer demanded their publications take," Bell said during an interview. "We're all consuming healthier media now."

She went on to reveal she's no longer being hounded by the paps at all. Needless to say, she's quite relieved and pleased with the drastic changes.

The Frozen star also shared how other celebrities have said the new policy has been beneficial for them as well. "I feel a lot safer because I'm not followed at all now," Bell said.

"It makes me feel like we all rallied and did something — the good people that were on the side of responsible parenting and passionate about child welfare spoke up and made a difference, and that is a really invigorating feeling."

Although her life is less stressful, she did reveal one major change she had to make during her second pregnancy - giving up sugar. The Neutrogena Naturals spokesperson reportedly gave up sugar long before she got pregnant. Now, she's opting for healthier substitutes.

"The sugars I do now are like, I'll have an apple, I'll have two apples, I'll have peaches, I'll have a huge thing of grapes. Being aware of high fructose corn syrup has made a big difference," Bell explained. "When you give up brownies and cake, you won't believe how good an apple will taste. Brownies are good, but I don't feel good when I eat them anymore."