Kris Humphries Serves Kanye, Drags Out Divorce

    August 15, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Kris Humphries is reportedly not backing down on his goal to prove his brief marriage to Kim Kardashian was a sham predicated on lies in order to boost the ratings of her show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. In fact, he allegedly had Kim’s boyfriend Kanye West served with a subpoena which was hidden in a Nordstrom box, a desperate act for sure.

Lawyers for both parties will appear in court today on a mission to prove the case is on the way to being settled, but considering Humphries is so adamant about his claims that the marriage was a fraud, it looks like the case will move to trial. Reps for Kardashian say she just wants her divorce to be finalized and doesn’t understand what Humphries is after; he signed a pre-nup that excludes him from any monetary compensation based on the marriage. It’s also been reported that Kim wants him to pay for the $250,000 in legal fees she’s racked up.

  • Justin Blomgren

    MY thoughts on this and the “Kardashian legacy”. I believe that Kris Jenner has created a dynasty for her family based on lies and public deceit similar to our government who I feel believes that the individual is smart and “people” are dumb. The marriage was a total sham, created to make boo koo bucks for the spoiled family. In my opinion since it seems Kris H. has nothing to gain monetarily from dragging out the divorce, he is simply sick and tired of the family being famous for “no reason”. Lets all be honest, If it hadn’t been for the OJ trial would we even know this family? Wouldnt they be just another wealthy family in the Hollywood hills? What do they do anyway, go to appearances, make half a million dollars, drive Bentley’s, jet set the world and act like spoiled brats? Sadly I believe we live in a word that champions liars and the calaced. At 32 years of age I hope that once my generation is the majority this will change. Judging by our past things only seem to get worse. If half the number of Kardashian followers were passionate about making our country a better place maybe just maybe , we would be on our way to a brighter tomorrow.

  • Lee

    I think the only one that has their shit together is Kloe/Lamar and Bruce. Kloe is not big on public appearance and drama. She a private person for the most part. She doesn’t hang it out there for Rag mags to write things. She puts marriage and business first and then worries about what others think. Kortney needs to stop making kids and get some balls with Scott. He can still be the father and play the role, but she doesn’t have to settle for less than she deserves. I think she is strong enough to support herself and the kids by herself. And she could make something of herself with out him. To always worry about what he’s doing when he leaves the house and the trust issues takes alot out of a person. He’s like 13 kids in one. She should be happy and focus on herself for once and not the drama he brings to the house hold. And if its with just herself and the kids or someone else she can trust and will be there 100% so be it. Overall you don’t need a dick in your bed to be a family or to feel whole. I know kim has grown a little, but she needs to finish one thing before she starts another! Now Kayne is stuck in the middle of the trash. Like he needs more neg shit in his life. He’s trying to get his own shit together after the whole Taylor swift moment. Step back for Kayne I think. Kim for someone that is supposably so responsible for your life and your career you need to take another step and truley look yourself in the mirror. Look at your past and the person you want to be and work on that. Step away from having a relationship and fix your shit first before dragging someone else into your mess. You have a long way before you can call yourself a grown adult! WOW. Therapy! Your mom’s not setting a good example these days either.Need closure with an old boyfriend that screwed everything up the first time. REALLY?? Bruce your a saint for putting up with the whole drama! For all you have done and gave up for the whole family. wow! You deserve to be happy and feel loved too. Kris you were jealous over his golf partner and instead of being mature about it you acted like a child. I see where Kim gets it. And Now for Kris Humpty Dumpty! WOW dude! you put her down for the way she acts. Look in the mirror. Get over the thorn in the paw sign the damn papers and get on with your life. The longer you drag it out the more of a dick you make yourself out to be. Be glad you were only with her a short while. Be the better more mature person and mOOOOVE on. Be the person you say you are and not what your becoming. Do damage control while you can. Kayne. I wish you the best in what ever you do. I’m proud of you for appologizing to Taylor and being more responsible with your actions. Please no more bashing songs. Use your talent where it can be a positive thing where people can relate to your Lyrics and grow from them. Bashing don’t bring you fame. Just haters. You want to feel the love and be successful dude. Do yourself proud. 2 steps forward and not 5 back. If you want a realationship with Kim. Take a step back til she fixes her shit first. Then move forward. Not looking good for you right now.

  • smt

    Didn’t this guy ever watch Kim’s TV show before he met her?

    OF COURSE the marriage thing was a sham. The entire Kardashian Empire is based on shams, ruses, and con jobs.

    Just move on and work on that jump shot.