Kourtney Kardashian’s Baby Girl Might Be Named Rosie

    April 11, 2012
    Heather Campobello
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Kourtney Kardashian wll be having a baby girl with beau Scott Disick in July.

The star told People that she feels nauseous in the morning but other than that she has been doing great. She admitted that her current pregnancy is slightly more difficult because her toddler son, Mason, is very energetic and doesn’t give her enough time to rest.

The couple has not decided on any names but she claims that she is keeping her baby name list in her phone.

Hopefully this news doesn’t inspire someone to hack into her phone and ruin the surprise.

In a more recent interview with Extra’s AJ Calloway, Kourtney said her nausea was over, that she loved being preggers, and said that Mason wanted to name the baby Rosie because his favorite show is “Caillou,” and Rosie is the name of Caillou’s sister.

Kourtney Kardashian was at the launch of Nokia’s Lumia 900 Smartphone in NYC and said the phone was a real time saver. She thinks the phone is fast and she is obsessed with the weather apps.

For now, Kourtney is focusing on filming the seventh season of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and decorating her home.

  • Tiffiney

    That is funny. My son loves Caillou also and had even mentioned naming his baby sister Rosie too.

    • http://TimeWarner Geronimo

      I like *Sloan*, *Melanie*Jackii* & *Julie*. What about an *Armenian* name, or *Krystal*. That is with a *K* and it is a pretty name. Just my thoughts.GOOD LUCK and hope you have a EASY pop OUT delivery.

    • http://kamaransalemhosman@yahoo.com kamaran


  • http://yahoo Katlyn

    Rosie is a beautiful name!!!:D

  • a b turner

    How does this trash make the news?? Morals are out the door. When I was her age this was called knocked up and she lost her respect due to this action. Now it is news that a baby born to unmarried parents will be born. Sad day for the baby.

    • http://yahoo jenn

      A lot of very happy families are made up of unmarried parents. Instead of divorced because they got married for the wrong reasons. If you don’t care for the kardasians don’t click on the newsfeed for them. I happen to enjoy them despite your feel on their morals. Go read the stock report!

    • Shaniece

      shes 31. it not called knocked up

      • Courtney

        That was in your time this is 2012 and not everyone has to get married just because their expecting. If you don’t like kourtney then why read this and comment. She is my favorite kardashian and I wish her the best of luck.





        • Brad

          Get a life

      • jimi p.

        Sad day for anyone who isn’t ready for a child mature wise emotionally, financially, patience wise, and last but not least, and loving. She seems to have all that. Already has a child so she is not a newcomer to the scene. Sometimes two married parents aren’t the perfect situation either.

      • trinity

        Yeah not Knocked up, but ‘Desperate’. It seems every time things are on rocky ground with Scott, she gets preggers. first Mason now this one. Sure, another mouth to feed and raise in the Fame-Mongering way is exactly what resolves all issues in FameLand. Funny how that works out. Actually either working the issues out, or walking away doesn’t seem to be the answer for the desperate sort. Too bad.

    • miranda

      That was back in your days now where in a new generation and who says you have to be married to have babies if there independible and working to support them who cares.

      • Kim

        And wow, look how good this new generation is doing — kids deserve two parents plain and simple. Your way is the easy way, its not necessarily what’s best for kids Miranda. And when you have babies, its about the children – not about you having a new toy to play with. Oh and by the way – when I was 31 and having babies, I could spell independent and I arranged it with my husband so I was home raising my daughter and not putting them in day care so a stranger could raise them. Yeah, your way is really working out well for society.

        • Diva M.

          Kim, very well stated, I agree.

          • http://yahoo Amber

            The new generation is failing because of the parents from the last one, pat yourself on the back!

          • kayti

            since when is it a bad thing for a child to be in daycare? my only child loves the social interaction he gets from being there 2 days a week. You can have an opinion about something without knocking how other people raise their children. Try to be a little more open minded, eh?

          • Karissa

            my fiance and I both work full time jobs and then we come home to raise our 2 children together. My children both attend daycare , my son full time ( he’s 2 ) and my 4 year old daughter is in part time ( she’s in pre-k). There is nothing wrong with them being in daycare. We can barely afford it but in order to have health insurance and pay the bills we both have to work. I would love to stay at home with them more, however this society won’t allow it unless I plan on being on welfare and being taken care of.Not with groceries and gas being as expensive as they are.

          • Gracelee

            umm…Kim, “you arranged it with your husband?” Was he the one in control – no wonder “this new generation” does not want to get married.

          • Cristal

            Lets see, if we are staying on subject and talking about Kourtney and Scott, their kids do have two parents who do love each other even through the normal problems that couples have, except we see them go through it. They also have their son with them all the time or with another family member or trustworthy friend, not daycare. As far as todays society, I am 34, my mother was 35 when she had me, she was getting divorced from my father, her second husband and she raised me by working 2 full time jobs, I usually went to the second job and slept in the office or I was with my sister who was 15 or 16 at the time, btw she was married at 17 and stayed married to the same man for 20 years, until her death, I have been married to the same man for 12 years,my mother met my step-dad when I was 3 and has been married to him for 30 years, my point, even though my raising was unconventional I turned out fine, about to graduate with a BA in Business Management. Don’t judge others lest you be judged yourself. Thank you for your time!

        • Lauren

          Since when does having a child without a ring mean that they wont have 2 parents?! I am 27, married with two kids, the first of which was born before we were married, and I am a stay at home mom. We own a home, I volunteer with my kids school and community and they participate in other activities outside of school. How dare you judge anyone for their life choices? I am no Kardashian fan, but this woman is 31 with MILLIONS, why on earth shouldn’t she have children? Because she isn’t wearing a ring? What a sad life you must live, judging others on their status and not their abilities. And if you have a problem with parents who WORK, maybe your generation, which you seem to think is wonderful, should take a look at what they have left in regards to opportunities for us to stay home. When this recession hit, I was barely old enough to vote. As my Grandmother always told me, when you point a finger, you always have three pointing back at you.

          • Danielle

            Very well said. I agree a million percent.

          • ling

            looks like u have some inner issue which is not settled yet.. don’t be angry over what other said… Your child which born before u married will still be your child… don’t worry…

        • Jenniffer

          My siblings and I were raised by my single mother and not once in my life did I feel as if i lacked something in my upbringing. Not all women have the chance to be with the father of their children, My father for example had a drug problem and rather than expose her children to addiction she separated us from it and raised us on her own. she made a point to surround us with love we weren’t raised by strangers but by family My grandparents, aunts and uncles help when need. I like to think that since all my mother children graduated from college and are employed were doing ok two out of three are happily married (i sadly haven’t found the right person yet). I like to think that children need love and discipline more than they need anything else, i know plenty of people from two parent homes that aren’t filled with love or who’s parent let them run wild and some of them didn’t turn out as well as we did. You make it sound as if as women we should be ashamed if we have to for whatever reason raise a child alone, not all women have the luxury of a loving spouse to help raise a child.

          • Kua

            You’re family exeprience of being raised in a THRIVING single parent home is NOT the norm… So STOP promoting the FOOLISHNESS!

        • debbie

          yes in a perfect world there would be two parents. not always the case though. i have done quite well without my child molesting ex-husband. dont be so quick to judge you just never know what the lord has planned for you or yours.

        • Nikki

          I totally agree with you Kim. Kids deserve 2 parents, who are married. My hubby lived with a woman before we got married and he says marriage creates a very different atmosphere in the home. Daycare has lots of pros, but at the end of the day, you are still responsible for your kids and what they learn and do, and if they are gone, who knows what they’re learning. I am a stay at home mom and can definately tell the difference in attitude and actions of my kids versus kids who spend a lot of time in daycare. My cousin and his wife’s kids spend 40-50 hours a week at a daycare/babysitter and they are always whining and crying to spend more time with their parents. They feel so neglected by their parents, its sad. And they are very well off, they don’t NEED two incomes.

          • http://yahoo-face noel

            right one isnt beter then 2 and a babie dont deserve to be rased alone and to all dads out there u guys choce to free ball it now take it like a men and take care of the best gift this world could offer (: splashing

        • Spud

          Good for you Kim, live YOUR life the way YOU want to, but do stop telling others how to live theirs. And, Kourtney’s children do have a two parents. Scott is with the family day in day out. Live YOUR lives people and let others live theirs!

        • http://yahoo-face noel

          she is haveing a cute babie the name dont mater its all in the look ant the mother ant a bad look laddy

      • Anne

        @miranda, what an impression you’ve made on your “new” generation! I doubt that you could find a job to be “dependable” enough to care for a child as your english and spelling are terrible.

        • Linette

          As a proper noun, English should be capitalized. Don’t judge lest you be judged!

        • ling

          the message is more important than the language itself….pat yourself that your english is better than hers.. Great job… Back to the topic….

      • Guy Garner


      • cc

        It’s we are or we’re not where. Where is when you are looking for something.

      • serena

        Well back in my day, “where” was a location, and we’re was a conjunction for we are, and independible was not a word in the English language

    • Margo Lind

      What an idiot! There are so many so called “Parents” out there that are raising children that they can’t afford, don’t care about, that are abusive, but still continue to have babies…just because they are married, doesn’t make them worthy of having children. Kourtney and Scott may not be married, but they are grown adults, they take care of and nurture their son and will be excellent parents to their new baby girl. Their not a couple that is married, procreating, without a thought as to who or how these children they are making will be brought up by and how. Get your priorities straight! Open your eyes…

    • Laua

      This isn’t the stone age anymore…times have changed. Many people do have families without being married. It doesn’t make anyone a bad person nor does it affect the child. Times change…get used to it.

    • Alison

      Just because theyre not married does not mean she does not have morals. In this day and age it is more common to take your time and be more independent. This isn’t 1950.

      • Joanna Backman

        no, but some people still think being married is the best way to raise a family. morals? wow. these people will do ANYTHING for money.

    • susie orbit

      her age? lmfao shes over 30!

      • http://yahoo Amber

        How could you possibly think that it is your place to declare that a parent may be less of one, because of their marital status? Allow me to also shed light on what also has been taught as acceptable family life. For generations women have been getting married, and then having children because they were taught this. Also they were taught that you stay in the marriage no matter the abuse, or infidelity that may take place. So while marriage may look good on paper, it is not always the best way to raise a family! I’d rather teach my children that it is more important to stand up for themselves, and their children. Rather than obtain a piece of paper so society approves!

    • Lauren

      It is a sad day for this child, who will be labeled by people like you. Its a sad day when anyone judges someones parenting ability by their relationship status. And I am sorry for those who were previously judged by their peers for this same reason. It’s a shame that good people were treated this way in the PAST.

      • http://hATERsucks liza


    • ahannah

      Sounds like you need to wake up and get in to 2012. many great parents are not married and have a great life for their children.

    • nicole

      Maybe you should not watch the news and get involved in the media since obviously you are way past your time and you are so judgemental! I just had a baby and I am not married due to issues between the father and I at the time. We are great now and about to get married. How about you take a look at your own life and find something wrong with it and fix it and leave others alone! I promise there has to be something imperfect because you are not Jesus!

    • liza

      shut you dont have to be marry it dont change any thing ok get you hater

    • Judy

      I think you should not judge anyone since God is the one who judges only, really. You have no reason for this really. I think you should start working on what’s in your heart then looking at others like you have no shame ever! The old saying goes, “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones”.

    • kristen

      Why is it such a sad day for the baby? As long as it has two loving parents and is well taken care then what’s the big deal? Clearly times have changed since you were her age. Ideally, it would be great for two parents to be married when welcoming a child into the world, I’m sure there are plenty of families that aren’t married and have a better family life then some people that are married. Maybe you should get with the times and keep a more open mind. Mason seems to be well taken care of by his mother and father and very loved by all, I’m sure their baby girl will turn out just fine as well.

      • Wow

        I agree Kristen! It’s a sad day for babies if the parents aren’t married? Or brought up in a single family home? Get real…there’s alot of divorced single mothers raising their kids just like their are single mothers who never got married raising their kids. All that matters is if the child is happy, being raised in a loving, supportive, safe home. I’m a 27 year old single mom of two young kids, their father is very much involved in raising them. Our kids are happy, well taken care of and are raised in a loving, supportive, safe environment. Kourtney and Scott take care of mason just fine and I’m sure it’ll be the same for their baby girl. Judgemental people are beyong annoying. THINK before you type and dont start bashing people because they’re a single parent.

    • twopointsformorals

      Agreed. Not really ‘cool’ to have two children previous to a loving, committed marriage. Old fashioned morals still work.

  • karsuckians

    man shes stupid. that baby must be sucking her brain down if shes obsessed with weather apps. Hey you dumb broad, look out the window. kardashians suck!

  • http://TimeWarner Geronimo

    Kourt, that RED top you are wearing in this interview is *BRILLIANT* on you.Just sayin.

  • http://goggle ORLANDO CHAVEZ

    I think she shouldnt have any more kids fronm him because he is a asshole to her

  • http://yahoo KMike

    She feels nauseated? Probably not quite at the level yet to match what the general public feels with regard to every Kardashian family member update every thirty seconds. There really is other life on the planet.

  • Don

    If that kid knew what awaits her she would strangle herself with her umbilical cord. Hopefully she miscarries, bleeds to death on the table and her entire family is so distraught they all commit mass suicide

    • Shaniece

      wow.ur going to straight to hell.have fun

      • Kim

        Shaniece – you are at work while you comment here on the internet? Are the Kardashians – like – your idols – or something? Do you think they are just so wonderful?? Great….good for you.

      • http://hATERsucks liza

        you are

      • Wanda

        DON…..really????? Who or what pissed in your wheaties???? How about this????? Maybe you should stop and take a look at yourself!!!!! Did you spawn any children???? If so I really feel sorry for them because your parenting skills are no doubt screwed up like you are!!!!!

    • Margot

      Wow, you are going straight to hell… who wishes that fate on ANYBODY? You are truly sick!

    • Diva M.

      What despicable remarks to make regarding this topic!! You sound deranged.

    • Kim

      You really need Jesus in your life after seeing that comment you wrote. Id be scared to lay my head down to go to sleep if i were you.

  • T in Miami

    Hey kourtney, good luck with having all these kids from sorry ass Scott. Any who i think you should name the baby girl Macy, since you name your son Mason. Stay with the “M” theme.

    • Shaniece

      would that be so cool if she actually named her baby Macy.

  • RB

    well thank god I know what she might name her baby.. Finally, a peaceful nights sleep!!

  • dz

    i feel nauseous every time i hear about the kardashians

    • http://yahoo Kathy

      AMEN TO THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A Chapa

    I hope you have a safe and speedy delivery. You are so blessed. Good Luck!!!!

  • http://yahoo Kathy

    Oh g-o-d. This is the stupidest article ever. Who cares what she will name her daughter. Someone named “Heather” – that wrote this probably didn’t have much to do at the office. Let’s see, what can I write about today ? “Oh I know, I will write an article about Kourtney, and EVERYONE WILL BE SO INTERESTED. HEATHER…please write about something MORE interesting… this is crap and no one cares one bit.

  • Joanna Backman

    really? you are tired bcause your first child doesn’t give you time to rest? God help you. Hire a nanny or something, but quit whining about this, there are people in this country, you Kardashians do not seem to understand, who don’t have homes for their children to live in, not enough for them to eat. Wow. You wouldn’t know reality if you fell into it, off of your Jimmy Choos.

  • Mia Mamma

    She is having a baby- her baby- with her boyfriend who happens to be the baby’s father. She has every right to name the baby what she wants to- she has the right to be tired from being pregnant and taking care of a two year old at the same time. This is her life- stop living vicariously through her with hate. I hope this baby girl makes her and the father so happy. She is human despite all the other annoyances- and has a right to a healthy happy baby. It’s her body and if she wants to give birth in Jimmy Choo Shoes- so be it- do it girl.

  • Mia Mamma

    and if you didn’t give a crap about her or her baby’s name- why did you take the time to read the article- then take the time to comment- haters

    • http://firefox kitty


  • princess

    Kourtney is my favorite!!! Dont care about the others!! 😉

  • Whitney

    My sister was 19 and her boyfriend was 21 when my nephew was born 13 years ago. They are still together raising my nephew without rings on their fingers. You don’t have to be married to raise a well-rounded, happy child or children. Whatever works for you and your kid(s) is what matters most, regardless of if you are a “celebrity” or not.

  • C CRUZ

    @Mia Mamma.. I agree with your comments totally. All these angry words to a woman that is just lucky to live the kind of life that most of us envy. All you haters just BACKOFF, don’t watch their shows, buy their clothes or read their articles.

  • http://TimeWarner Geronimo

    Kourtney, I just thought of a couple EXTRA names.
    *Kristin*,*Marnie*,*Sloan*,*Krystal* and my FAVORITE name would be *Kaitlyn*. Hope you give them ALL some thought. Yahooooo

  • http://webpronews Peggy hopfinger

    I always liked the name Aliana very feminine and pretty just threw it out there for a cute baby girl

  • Jamma

    Hey Kourtney,
    What about the name “Marniece”? It’s unusal, rare and one of a kind!

  • marie

    What about Mia or Olivia

  • chuck

    It’s sad that this is what we’ve come to… This is not news

  • maria

    Her toddler doesn’t give her time to rest? Jesus Christ, gimme a break. She’s a millionaire with at least one nanny we know of. Try working 40 hrs a week/commute 1 hr each way to work/no family in town and having a 3 year old…then you can talk about being tired. smh

  • http://yahoo Sam

    All of these girls are sluts

  • http://yahoo Sam

    Feel sorry for Bruce to be around them

  • http://moopey b deek

    so shes f**kn and poppin out kids. shes a Cardasheeeeeeean. Proud mama. Go Bruce Jenner. Im so d…m stupid and still smarter than your kids. I’d hide from media if these were my daughters but you go. Make money. “Hey look what I raised”

  • Charlimarie

    Nice normal name for a child…I really like that name for a little girl…

  • Eric

    I love the kardashians; oh I love kourtney, she ‘s my favourite.
    please, do not mind all those confused critics.

  • Gigi

    I like Rose better than Rosie….Rosie O’Donnell ruin that name for me..I’ve always like the name Gina Marie or Lisa Marie, both are very pretty names..

  • http://hATERsucks liza

    wat about eliza

  • http://hATERsucks liza

    are elisha

  • delilah

    Someone said that is was called being “knocked up” back in her day, and sounded proud of the fact that a girl’s reputation was ruined forever. This lady, and I use the word lady very generously here, must have lived her entire life without mistakes or sin. Judgemental, sad, plain pathetic.

  • ashlee

    I”m 20, have a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 month old. I’m still with the father. I have been for 4 years now and were not married.He has a very respectable job and makes enough so i can be a stay at home mom an attend college online.There is no need to be married if you are happy and successful.I am very grateful because not everyone in my situation is this lucky.

    • wilma

      Can someone tell this “old schooler” why it is ok not to get married once you have committed to spend your life with a person, and have children together? Is it a fear of sharing respective or individual wealth should things go wrong?
      I was a teen mom, and my boyfriend and I were both “the “first”
      for each other, absent sex education from our parents, an older sibling, or what I have learned some schools are providing.ool.
      We fooling around with danger, and the very first time, I became pregnant. We were both nice kids, highly ranked in high school, with great plans for college. I thank God for our respective parents, who continued to support us by not sending is into exile, but rather baby sitting,andm helping out tremendously with our daughter (an only child). I was terified at first, being so young and all. We both graduated from high school he ranked number four in his class,a year ahead of me. I graduated in the top ten percent. We both got part-time jobs, while still in high school. We married while in college. Our daughter is now 42 and has her Masters degree;has studied abroad, and is successful in her career. Based on the economic status of our community, we were labled “disadvantaged students”. Yes my family got by on a shoe sting, however, my mom,who passed on to Glory Mach 28, 2012, had the “mother wit” to raise 6 of us vitually alone. Why then do those who are affluent, not see the value of bringing children into this world with the benefit of matrimony? I operate in current times, yet remain perplexed about rich people who seem to shun marriage, yet bring children into this world. By the way, I am a retired school principal.
      on the socio-economic status of our community. We did not allow that to detour us.

  • http://webpronews.com angelsrok

    Scott Disick is Jewish—The baby’s name needs to begin with a letter that is not from a releative, (hers or his) that is still alive. Considered an issue (to his family) if it is.

  • Joe Blow

    too bad, this guy is such a friggin tool, and she’s the hottest and most decent Kardashian. He’s such a rick with a P.

  • khyarra

    I What happened to news. I could careless what someone might be naming their child let alone the K family.

  • Isaiah Staten

    this is my thing she claim that she dont think scott is the one, and she dont want to marry him but you got pregnant a second time by him? OMG celeb’s?

  • Joe

    Why does these sluts get so much public exposure!!!

    • A ELI

      cuz they be ho”s and they like the dark side…

  • http://yahoo Joe Smith

    Why do these slut sisters always get so much public attention, just high classed street walkers

  • natty55

    so let me get this straight people who did not pay a document which is the some type of paper is used to clean your vagina with is living inmortal life?…..and since when does having a ring on your finger makes you think you will live a fairy tale life?….really to those people who are ignorant a paper dosen’t buy you happiness, if you have a good spouse with you…, you dont need to pay something you can do for free,… live with your spouse without a cost of a dime, lady we are in 2012 you dont like it suck it up, get a time machine and head back to the 1920 were woman were only allowed to only cook and raise kids and nothing else.

    • shirly

      amen so effin true if it was against the law to have kids and not be married i gurantee almost every mother would b n jail

  • ED

    First an foremost … Who Cares! Why is she referred to as a “Star” ? What has she ever done to warrant “Star” status ? How about REPORTING real news for a change instead of your never ending attempt to Make Up stories about nothing, while referring to them as actual news ? That would be a nice change of pace !

  • Selina

    The thing that perplexes me is how someone can maintain a relationship, live together, own property together, make life changing decisions together (such as having a child), yet claim they “aren’t ready” for marriage. That doesn’t make a lick of sense.

    Be that as it may, Kourtney Kardashian, for her all faults, seems to be a loving mother. Although her children may not have been born into a nurturing, loving family (given Scott’s faults that we’ve seen on air), nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. All the best to Kourtney and her two little ones.

    • A ELI

      that is called little sense of reality..it runs in this family …ever see their step daddy Bruce Jenner???hell he looks like Freddy Kruger s brother!!!

    • A ELI

      FINALLY !!!!!! A WOMAN WITH COMMON SENSE!!!!!! if your not married would you consider having a cup of coffee???…

  • Violet

    How about and name Scottland if a girl??

  • http://yahoo.com amanda

    my youngest son who is the youngest of four boys and has 1 little sister when i was pregnant with his sister wanted to name her baby bop after bjs sister on barney I have found that i think it kinda empowers kids to be a part of that decision making process.

  • Olivia

    The baby should be named Jorjae London.

  • shirly

    smh wtf i learn new things everyday i never knew if you had kids and wasnt married made you a bad parent never knew daycare and babbysitters ment tht you didnt care about your child and i damn sure didnt know because we are woman we have 2 barefoot at home all the time and pregnant sorry its parents that been together decades good kids good jobs car and homes and not freeking married marriage is nothing but a piece of paper your boyfriend last name and a freeking ring if you want to b technical you vow something and promise it to eachother and god where does parenting skills come into play with that???? your the same person who sit there and judge good mothers {who want to be kown for more then just cooking cleanig and popping out babies but that our daughter can have a good role model to look up to and not look for a suguar daddy wen she 16 for a man to take of her cause daddy do everything while mommy did nothing}when i bet your husband is the type to stay out late pretending he working when he really off with someone single mother he works with sounds to me like your using your parenting skill as being lazy and i thought ppl should get married because they love eachother not for kids

  • A ELI

    Damn!!!!!!!!!!! i don’t care what these ten dollar ho”s do in their fantasy world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Popquiz4u

    What kind of message does it send to the world, to their kids..to Scott? You’re good enough for me to fool around with and have fun with and have babies with, but you’re just not quite good enough to be married to? Isn’t that a bit screwed up thinking? How does it make him feel? Sorry, but it makes her seem like a user that she keeps around to get what she wants from. What would we call a man who refuses the marry the mother of his kids? It’s not right in either direction!

    • Wow

      popquiz4u…she doesn’t have to get married just because she wants kids. Scott knows the deal, obviously, he doesn’t mind because here they are having another one.

  • Melanie

    i think this whole thing is crazy.KOurtney is happy not being married so no one should be in her buisnaess like that. Here’s a tip if you have something negative to say, keep it to your self.She not like any other kardashian, she has a life, and a child who she loves dearly and the next.Everyone shold really settle down and stopworrying about Kounrtney and worry abiut youselves.She has a life and just because there is not a ring on her left finger means nothing.If she wants to have 30 children then get married then so be it, because nothing you guys can say is going to change it.This is the kind of fans or smart comments that have stars out there hanging themselves in closets somewhere, then you’re looking crazy somewhere.!!! Just take it into consideration!!:)

  • Wow

    Wilma, it’s called having a choice. Just because you have a child doesn’t mean you need to get married. Alot of people from “back then” got married if they got pregnant because they were forced to by family and society…divorce wasn’t big because society and family looked down on you for doing so “back then” so people stayed married even when they were miserable. Times have changed. You got pregnant then decided to get married, and your daughter is doing good…great for you. Marriage didn’t make your daughter succeed..and you got knocked up before marriage…so in other words you were a young single parent who decided to get married to the babys dad. Isn’t that what people are doing nowadays? You speak as if what you did was something different. Next..

  • doggy dog style

    that beep looks ugly and yahoo please this is not a porn site stop talking about those beep

  • G man

    Yeah, lame posts on here. It is 2012, so it is OK to look like a woman who is trashy. (The apple doesn’t fall from the tree with their immoral mother basically hawking Kim’s porn for a show), and then the moral less vacuum Ryan Seacrest produces a program of trash. Her ‘male partner’ is laughing. Women think they’re empowering themselves not marrying, but men think, “Why buy the cow when the milk, money and everything else is free?” And sorry even if it is 2012 an unwed mother is an unwed mother, and and unwed mother with money is no better than one on the streets.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/kourtney-kardashians-baby-girl-might-be-named-rosie-2012-04 Hannah


  • Amanda


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    to me i think that they make great babies and ya they dont have to me married to have a child. as long as they are happy thats all that matters.

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