Kourtney Kardashian Announces New Fashion Endeavor

    October 21, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Kourtney Kardashian and her sisters are about to embark on a new fashion endeavor with Lipsy, a line which will be available exclusively to Ireland, Russia, the U.K., and the Middle East.

The famous reality show stars already have several brands under their names, including Dash and a line of signature perfumes. The new line will be available October 24th, and the sisters say it will have something for everyone since their individual styles are so eclectic.

“Kim, Khloé and I are always looking for new ways to keep our Kollection unique and give our fans fashion-forward pieces, so we felt that teaming up with Lipsy was the perfect way to do this. There’s a little something for everyone in this new Kollection,” Kourtney said.

The line is described as including “higher-end, trend-driven” pieces with a better mix than anything they’ve done previously, and Lipsy–along with new partner Jupi Corp–hope that the extreme popularity of the young women around the globe will translate to big sales.

“Kourtney, Kim and Khloè are inspirational women. We are confident that our design collaboration has produced an exciting range that their fans will love. The Kardashians have never been more popular in the UK and we look forward to launching their aspirational range this October”, said Jeremy Stakol, Lipsy CEO.

Of course, the sisters are no strangers to controversy; Kourtney was accused recently of having an affair with a male model who claimed he was the father of her son, while Khloe and husband Lamar have been in headlines nearly every day with accusations of drug use and impending divorce. Kim, meanwhile, is always battling rumors about one thing or another. However, there never seems to be any fallout for the family as they still enjoy success on their E! reality shows.

Image: Lipsy


    Why would anyone lay down any money to buy clothes the three little Kardashian pigs endorse? cause we know they didn’t “design” anything. ANd how is it that you never see any of them wearing their own clothes, noly those by known designers?

    • Parisinthespringtime

      How rude!”Three little Kardashian pigs”; By that comment alone I can tell who the real pig is; YOU. By the way, they do wear their designs. If you have ever watched the show ( to form your opinion, but even that is evident of your ignorance), you would know that not only do they wear their designs but so too do their sisters and mother. Geez, get your facts straight.

  • Phil from Philly

    I wish they would “endeavor” to get off the TV. Everything feminists did to advance the image of women in America was destroyed by the Kardashians. I am very serious when I say that. What took feminists 40 years to build was destroyed in little under 4 years. Oh yes they are “inspirational” women — fake weddings, drug use, paternity suits, sex tapes, alcoholism, a mother who cheats on her husband on national TV, etc. Real inspiring. What generation of girls learned is that you a) need to look good and b)can use sex to get ahead.

    • Parisinthespringtime

      The Kardashians “endeavor” to put their live on t.v despite the ill concieved opinion of some in America. Feminists endeavored to empower women. We women, while amassed in a general category are individuals. The “Karashians” are individuals and have brought different life experiences to television. While some people believe the experiences of Kourtney, Khloe,Kim and their family to be false, sadly that notion is not proven. And speaking as a successful woman, “A” women do need to look “good” or in my own words, they need to have enough respect for themselves to take care of themselves( and taking care of yourself, might not include make-up or plastic surgery, or trips to the beauty salon but if you want it flaunt it) and “B” women need to have enough self confidence to define their individuality,which ofcourse is what the feminisits stand for. In addition, feminists stand for equality in each realm of society, the choice to decide which realm they would like to act, even if it is the freedom to bed whomever,and however they like.

  • http://yahoo Sandy

    Please……don’t you have enough money? Why do you complain about the paparazzi when if the paparazzi weren’t taking photos of your family, you would all be non-existent because you actually do not do anything of value except let television cameras film your personal life? Your deteriment to society is schocking!