Klan Highway: KKK Chapter Wants to Help Clean Up Georgia

    June 13, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Klan highway: That’s the predicament transportation officials are facing in Georgia, where a chapter of the Klu Klux Klan has applied for the “adopt a highway” program. The whole scenario is particularly touchy in a legal sense, leaving officials to ponder what, precisely, to do about the group’s application.

“My God, when you say that the Ku Klux Klan is now being considered in that category, it stretches the imagination,” State Representative Tyrone Brooks, an African America legislator, explained to Reuters. He also added that, should Georgia lose the battle against the KKK’s application in court, the state should consider ending the program altogether.

Harley Hanson, who is known in certain circles as the Exalted Cyclops of the Union County Klan, said that the group intends to take legal action against the state should their request be denied. “Our intentions are to keep the road clean,” he said. “We love our race. We don’t promote violence.”

The “adopt a highway” program, according to Brooks, is a program for “civic-minded” organizations that are looking to clean up a stretch of road by picking up litter and planting trees. To thank people for their efforts, a sign with the group’s name is usually erected on the highway they’ve helped improve.

Twitter users have taken to the site to express their concerns about the Klan’s involvement with Georgia’s “adopt a highway” program. You can find a sampling of their opinions below.

  • Siye

    I personally don’t give a shit..if the black panthers, nazis, KKK, peta want to clean up after themselves, what is the big deal.

    • kpusmc

      Im with you siye. as long as they arent bothering anyone or infringing on anyones civil and God given rights or breaking the law, let them clean. PS Im black and from Ga. People are mixing their personal feelings with the facts. They forget this is America. You pretty much can do what you want inside the law

      • Cookie

        I was thinking who cares let em clean up, but as I start reading more comments I became concerned that they may have other intentions. I don’t trust them, but if they are going to actually do this without harrassing or hurting anyone then fine.

  • DeeDee

    I do NOT agree with the Klan’s belief system, but they are an organization in the United States of America, and provided that they are not presently doing violence against anyone, nor advocating violence (Yes, I know their past is rampant with violence and hatred) then let them clean up a highway. If we deny one group their rights, all other groups will follow. A person has the right to believe what they believe. How they ACT is a different story.

  • mesniffles

    I think they should be allowed to do it. Has Peta not assaulted people wearing fur…what about the black panthers? I’m sure they have done some damage since their organization was founded. Who cares…they want to clean up the road, let them.

    • Alex

      How stupid American’s are? There are race supremecy groups in many countries! The KKK is not suported by most Americans. You just brought yourself to their level with a statement like that.

  • Sven Gunderson

    Why the klan and race supremacy still exists in America just proves how stupid Americans are.

  • J

    I don’t think it would be legal to deny the group. I would suggest the city put up a billboard or sign on that stretch of highway stating that they in no way support the KKK or its beliefs.

  • daniel

    if klan members are doing the actual cleaning I think I know a great place to walk my dogs

  • http://yahoo Jack Martinberg

    They have the same rights as us jews and blacks under the laws of our nation..To deny them is to ignore all rights under our flag..Lahiem

    • Kendra Hawley

      when they burn a cross in your yard or beat you to a pulp, tell yourself that same silly statement.

    • Ann

      Remember, it’s about “civic-minded” groups … i’m pretty sure that applies to African-Americans and Jews. Pretty sure that it does NOT apply to the KKK.

    • vini

      Jack just spoke the the gospel truth!!

  • Larry Love

    Only in Georgia and the Southern States you see stuff like this. Just unbelievable.

    • chris

      You are an uneducated moron. Have you been to Missouri, Michigan or Ohio????? I can’t believe people are this stupid.

      • Blynn

        I live and have always lived in Michigan and have never had to deal with this kind of thing. Michigan is a very diverse state and doesnt have this kind of “drama” here. Im sure there are ignorant racist ppl here but they sure dont make the headlines like this.

  • Loo

    The thing to do is to have every “positive” group rally to adopt every inch of the highway. Sorry, KKK, but the Eagle Scouts, the VFW, the local bowling team and the Moose Lodge have it all taken care of. Thanks anyway.

  • Wayne

    I think they will have to adopt that AC DC song “Highway To Hell”, as their theme song, just sayin……………

  • http://yahoo roblovett

    sad that in 2012 we have not evolved more racially.Technology continues to advance yet we continue as humans to backslide.Someone should burn a cross and lynch these white so called supremacists.They are just vicious killers hiding behind a twisted christian doctrine.Let god sort em out

  • Michael

    Ive never been an advocate for urinating outside but if they get this and that sign goes up,Im going to Georgia with one single intention.

  • Rodney

    Its a free country if they want to hate black let them have at it. . . .

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/bigtruckseriesreview?feature=mhee bigtruckseries

    The Ku Klux Klan was ruled by the government to be an illegal terrorist organization. Not because they were “White men practicing free speech”, but, because they were murderers who lynched Blacks and liberal Whites. The government has a duty to keep this inbred trash off the streets.

  • vini

    hey let the white trash pick up trash…

  • mack daddy

    Years ago the KKK also adopted a section of road in Missouri – Interstate 55 near St.Louis,……. so county leaders renamed this stretch ‘The Rosa Parks Highway’ ~ The KKK have long since abandon this section but Rosa Parks name is still there.

    • donna

      That was fantastic. I was so proud to be a Missourian then. The legislature preserved the Klan’s 1st Amendment Rights and the Constitution, but made a statement about their insidious activities. Good for MO! Try it GA!

  • LH

    What exactly is this Klan chapter trying to keep the roads clean of… coons? If it wants to clean Georgia up then it should disband and leave.

  • vinnytucceri

    mu330 – kkk hiway

  • Leonard Shumate

    Thay have waight to. So ley them I say.

  • KKK


    • T Jensen

      Perhaps, but sooner or later the trash will die off and stop being an embarrassment to intelligent, decent people of every color everywhere. So keep spewing your hate, inbred white trash boy. And I see that, like most cowardly losers, you don’t have the guts to post under your own name. If you’re so proud of what you say, why not say it in the open, chicken S***??

  • Phil

    Hello people… the ONLY REASON there wanting to do this is for ADVERTISMENT for every person that drives by and see’s that sign with there names on it. They dont care about people do you really think they care about cleaning up the side of a road ????

  • Man of Distinction

    To KKK.

    We survived where life was threadbare.

    We survived Slavery.

    We survived the founding of the Klan.

    We survived the Nazis.

    We survived Segregation.

    We survived Apartheid.

    We survived….you.

  • Gareth

    While I don’t agree with the messages groups like KKK or the Black Panthers preach they still do have civil rights.

  • T Jensen

    Let the bigots have their mile of highway. I’d actually litter that particular mile heavily, though I normally do not litter at all. If the “good ole’ boys” are busy picking up trash, they have less time to cause trouble and spew their vile, poisonous opinions.

  • Clark

    The modern KKK organization does not advocate violence. Individuals may do so but the organization itself has long since abandoned those methods of hate. It is simply an organization that is proud of their own race. When african americans publicly state how proud they are to be black they are congratulated. When caucasion people do it to any extent they are considered racist. Its almost as if all white’s are supposed to be ashamed of their own heritage. There is nothing wrong with a group who does not advocate violence wanting to perform a community service. I’m not a member of any chapter of the KKK and do not agree with everything they stand for or their past but the modernized version of the group isn’t going to be burning crosses or hanging any one any time soon. Oh and btw those “good ole boys” you speak of are essential to the work force of america so take a lesson in economics and geography by being informed that they exist in every state and make alot of the luxuries in life we have today possible. Who’s ignorant now?

    • angie

      I liked your post. Some folks don’t look at the facts. Notice they are so quick to call the KKK evil and it’s like you said. If the whites had an all white college- it’d be considered racist. The KKK does not promote HATE or VIOLENCE yet the Black Panthers put a hit out on Zimmerman and another african american gave out the WRONG address but that’s todays news so I guess it doesn’t count. I wonder what ever happened to that elderly couple? Forced to move in fear of their lives. My best friend is black and it’s real funny too. She blames the tribes in Africa for slavery, said they sold their own people into slavery. Not alot of people know the facts she says. She’s glad her ancestor was a thief because she likes living here. Lol. I think the race issues shouldn’t be used to manipulate your way in life. My ancestors came from Ireland and lo and behold- they were slaves for the railroad.

      • Khalid

        You and your friend are idiots. There were civil wars that occurred in Africa way before the stealing ,trading and bargaining of slaves in Africa, tribe against tribe, the Africans that did sell out other tribes only to do so in order to save there own tribes from the white man English, Norwegian, Scottish, European decent, they did so not knowing that they to would be sold into slavery. Your friend is in deep denial of the truth that a human being would do anything to survive when threaten into a corner, which in turn explains her own denial of self existence..it may be the reason why she struggles with herself when your not around, she hates her black skin therefore she hates her existence which is why she acts other than herself, and that is called self enslavement.

  • Craig

    Mack Daddy is correct. The KKK has had prior Adopt-A-Highwat locations. I think they also had to shut it down because the litter became so bad. That also creates a safety issue on the road.

  • biff tanner

    I can imagine the sign : Atlanta exit turn left next ten exits, if you are black, turn around the next one you see.

  • dustywb


  • Magnatron

    These are the same KKK whose members who serve on the board of directors for United Community Banks also based in Blairsville. That’s Zell Miller’s bank, he serves with them on that board. The state of Georgia runs billions of dollars through this bank every year yet nobody seems to have a problem with that – so whats the fuss?