KKK Litter Suit: Group Wants To Adopt A Highway

    October 23, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A chapter of the KKK in Georgia has filed a lawsuit against the state through the American Civil Liberties Union, which states that the group was unfairly denied the chance to at the Adopt-A-Highway program, which keeps roadways and surrounding areas free of litter. The suit could be dismissed, however, on the grounds that the state cannot be tried by citizens.

It’s a touchy subject, to be sure, and one which is sure to see a great divide between supporters and those in opposition. The state of Georgia says they denied the request because of potential motorist hazards presented due to the speed limit on the stretch of highway–55 MPH–and the distraction the group could cause to drivers. The ACLU contends that in doing so, the state has violated the group’s right to free speech.

This isn’t the first time the KKK has attempted to participate in the program and been denied; a 2001 case saw the KKK win a lawsuit against the state of Missouri after they were refused a permit based solely on their organization’s history. However, the state of Georgia says they have a stronger case, because the stretch of highway the group wanted was ineligible for the program.

In a response to the lawsuit on Monday, the state of Georgia has asked a judge to dismiss the suit, saying the KKK didn’t file a challenge to the denial of a permit within 30 days.

  • Ann Long

    This terrorist group should be federally disbanded.

    • Justin

      The terrorist group called the federal gov should be disbanded….

  • Ellen

    The KKK was allowed a permit and had a section of Interstate 55 in St. Louis County, Missouri. Not only did the KKK not pick up litter, people kept vandalizing and removing the Adopt A Highway sign. That section of Interstate 55 is now “Rosa Parks Highway”.

    • Jason

      I disagree with their views but the previous poster is mistaken. The stretch of highway that they adopted used to be absolutely filthy and it was near spotless after they took over. The police “could not” stop thieves from taking the signage however, and the KKK moved on to different projects. Just because I don’t agree with their views doesn’t give me the right to deny them credit for good works. Maybe one day the USA will understand that individuals’ beliefs aren’t nearly as important to society as are constructive acts. If this group wants to do something good for the environment, even if it is for their own egos, we should let them. If it was Al Sharpton’s or Jesse Jackson’s group, they’d already have signs, tax donations, and paid help, but the highway would still look like dog dirt. That’s the truth.

      • Todd

        Just because we have the right to freedom of speech doesn’t mean it’s right to speek on every asinine, hateful and prejudice belief we have. We have to realize the freedom of speech amendment was created over 230 years ago, and sorry to say, it is antiquated, outdated and needs to be amended to fit the today’s times. Basically what I’m saying is, it needs to be fine tuned. I’m pretty sure when your founding fathers pinned the Constitution, it didn’t have minorities and women in mind. It was also written for the norms and thinking of that time period.

        • Justin

          Then why when ben franklin left after the founding fathers had finished the constitution did he say to a woman that we were given a REPUBLIC if SHE could keep it. Speeking to her just as any other man or person.

  • supporter

    why is it that people only support freedom of speech if they agree with whats being said. You can’t have it both ways. I can’t in good faith defend your right to free speech if you can’t allow others to have that same right!!

    • Jason

      Totally agree.

      • mbooboo

        Did no one read the part where it mentions that the stretch of highway they wanted to adopt is not up for adoption? What next? The KKK begins adopting children also not up for adoption, just to keep discrimination accusations at bay?

    • http://none jim billington

      how about the new black panthers, just like the k.k.k. (hate)

    • Deven

      Because when you blow up a church and kill four little girls inside, you are now a terrorist group. Or does that not apply to white people?

  • Aguilar

    Don’t get me wrong I Hate these people and what they stand for, But They do have the right to say it.
    I value my freedome of speech too much To demand that theirs be denyed.

    • william

      Its the law and freedom of speech. Typical doubled standard in the country. If this was the NAACP you bet they would get their mile of highway. Then in a couple of years of not keeping it up they would blame someone else. These KKK groups are upstanding citizens and are respectful.

      • J

        You have to be kidding me? Upstanding and respectful? Anyone that aligns themselves with the KKK is trash, pure and simple (and those that support them). Should we let the Taliban or Neo Nazis partake in civil programs? No F’ING WAY!

        • http://webpronews Jane

          Nicely said:)!

          • Nick

            “Should we let the Taliban or Neo Nazis partake in civil programs? No F’ING WAY!”… So you;re saying it is okay to deny someone a right because of what group they belong to… I’m not supporting it but that isn’t right either. Besides the KKK isn’t even as violent as it used to be, People should be more afraid of the Earth Liberation Front(most active domestic terrorist group in the US)

        • J

          In response to Nick below, yes I believe that there needs to be additional repercussions to those that have been identified by our FBI as a Domestic Terrorist Group. Just as an individual’s right to vote is removed after a felony conviction, the same guidelines need to apply to organizations who have been justly prosecuted for hate crimes, including both the KKK and the ELF.

      • Todd

        You must be smokin’ some illegal substance if you’re trying to compare the NAACP to the KKK. The only reason there is an NAACP is because blacks needed a support and backing for all the injustice and prejudice whites inflicted on blacks after slavery was abolished. KKK is a hate group, the NAACP is a help group. Big friggin’ difference Champion.

      • t

        They are a bunch of racist murderers who hide behind sheets.theyre the reason this country is divided. the bad part about it all, they call themselves Christians.

      • Holly

        I completely and all the way agree with you William. We know whats right. Those other folks are just stuck in the past and dont know how to come in the present.

  • wesidirtdigger

    Give em a six pack of beer and a pack of palmals and they will go away

  • chevy

    They are a domestic terrorist group. Those that sympathize with them are just as guilty. Denying history does or facts does not erase them.

    • Noneya

      I find it funny that these people are always soluting as if they are Nazi’s, Hitler believed that “all” non-Germans were inferior and should be erraticated. “Hitler asserted that the Germans, whom he incorrectly called “Aryans,” were a master race”. “He declared All other races were inferior”. Read a book sometime you smart ass people.

  • Leonardo

    The state has a point, you can’t really adopt a highway, it’s goes against safety, anyways if they really do want to clean-up, why don’t they just volunteer. :p

    • http://lelo gee

      The black panthers my be loud and one sided but dont have the history of killings hangings and killing of children for over 100 years.

      • http://lelo gee

        WoW! The black panthers my be loud and one sided but dont have the history of killings hangings and killing of children for over 100 years.

  • kevin

    I say let them do it, what is the worst that happens they get killed, are we really out anything? On that note, let the black panthers volunteer as well. 2 groups of ignorance that are causing more problems than helping with the greater good.

  • dennis

    How can you even dare to compare the kkk with the black panther party or the naacp…there’s no way that they compare with each other. KKK was started and maintain over the years as a hate group. They believe in terror, prejudice and hate. The NAACP is an organization that combat those ugly people by lawful means and not preaching hate or the other stuff that the kkk represents. While the BPP is an organization that believes in hnot turning the other cheek. They really don’t have any clout with society or the black community for that matter.

    • jack

      you really are stupid! before you start quoting history you might want to take the time to learn a little about it. its funny the blacks can have a month, a special holiday, there own tv channel, there own movies, and someone to call or shout about when they think they are wronged about something, but if your white you get nothing! how is that even fair? i would love to see a white tv channel a white history month and a white holiday!!

      jack, worcester ma

      • Edward

        you do have a white tv its every other channel but B.e.t. You have white month it every month but February.
        stop crying about your privileged ass not getting anything when everything is handle to you from birth.
        mom and dad boxed it all!!!!

  • Forrest

    Did anyone think that aslong as you comment on groups of this nature,wether KKK,BPP or any other non-educated group of morons,that all there looking for is publicity and keeping their name out there? Don’t comment on trash like these people and they loose their power. Not that they had any…….just sayin

    • Johnny DoNothing

      Would that include the NAACP???

  • BossMan

    Are you kidding? Almost every comment as strayed away from the point of the article and turned this into a racial conversation. It’s not about black or white, right or wrong, hate or love. It’s about an organization, whether you like them or not, asking for a piece of highway to adopt. Whether I agree with the KKK’s, BPP’s or any other group beliefs or not has nothing to do with their petition. It was stated that it’s a dangerous part of the highway and it does not qualify for the adopt-a-highway program. Human life is still the most sacred no matter the persons belief or stand.

  • Deven

    Aren’t they a terrorist grip?