Kirstie Alley Sued by Angry Dieter Over Supplement Claims

    July 24, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Kirstie Alley is kind of like the yo-yo of celebrity weight loss. She’s up, she’s down, up, down — her weight could rise and fall at the drop of a hat. Alley has struggled to maintain her weight for years, which, to be fair, is a problem a lot of us are experiencing at the moment. However, most of us don’t feel the need to sue the “Cheers” alumni because the supplement she uses didn’t work for us. That’s just silly.

Marina Abramyan, who is obviously among those who want to lose pounds without doing any real work, is kind of irritated that Alley’s wonder supplement Organic Liaison didn’t cause her excess weight to magically disappear. Although Alley has said the pills helped her lose pounds — the key word being helped — Abramyan did not experience the same results. So, like many Americans who are irritated about one thing or another, she’s decided to sue poor Kirstie for engaging in a “healthy deception”.

According to the lawsuit, Marina claims that Alley’s weight loss was the “result of hours and hours of dancing every day for several months”. No kidding. Abramyan adds that she purchased and followed the Organic Liaison Weight Loss Program to the letter, only to discover that she weighed about the same as she did when she began. Poor thing.

To be fair, Organic Liaison does use before and after photos of Kirstie Alley from DWTS in their marketing campaign, but only someone lacking a lifetime’s worth of common sense would believe that a supplement could help you lose that much weight without a proper diet and a hell of a lot of exercise. Then again, I suppose that’s all the legal system is good for nowadays: helping folks feel less moronic about putting their faith and money into a miracle pill.

Organic Liaison and representatives from Kirstie Alley’s camp have not commented on the lawsuit as of this writing.

  • Marta Fraley

    All diet drugs and programs are different and work differently for different people. Even fasting works differently. If you read all paperwork associated with the aforementioned products and plans then you would know that results vary with each person. As the article states lawyers have to have something to do.

  • Rob

    This should be a landmark Supreme Court decision: Abramyan v. Dancing Pig (2012)

  • a eli

    Skinny or fat she is still hot!!! something about her…and i wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers..

    • Gary

      Hot LMAO ! Do they make anything stronger than trifocals. You definitely could use them.

      • Mimi

        Gary, have you ever heard of the saying “to each his own” or “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”?

      • Muriel Hislop


  • Robert L

    This should have never been able to be filed it is a perfect waste of the courts docket.

  • Sk8eycat

    Read “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes if you’re really serious about learning how the body processes different types of foods. All intensive exercise does is build muscles…and make you hungry.

  • pb

    When are we going to get it? The five senses have everything to do with weight. …….mostly taste…..if your pleasure centers are maxed with chocolate cake, guess what,,,,,, you’re going to want more….sugar in my book is cocaine maybe for others. It is what it is…we need food but for some it is way to pleasurable ….that’s when it is downright addicting. So how do you get rid of the good feelings when something tastes sooooooo good? It’s not her fault.

  • larry

    KA has always been a pig besides a druggie/drunk to boot

    • Mimi

      Larry, I suppose YOU are so perfect?

  • Mr Lucky

    This lawsuit is a frivolous attempt to cover up her own stupidity and failure. That like my suing the NY State lottery for not winning the big jackpot. I guess it’s true what they say, you just can’t fix stupid.

  • jerry d.

    these fad diets in a box, book, food off the boob tube, or whatever are designed to be used for life. once u stop, hey guess what, the lbs come back like a bad habit. the best way you can loose the big flabby rolls, is to eat healthy(organic if possible) and regular exercise and u will see a difference……

  • Patrick

    Newsflash lady your a moron and should know that it takes more the just pills to lose weight you want to lose weight go to the gym.

    this lawsuit is stupid.

  • deb

    if they are going to sue kirstie, they also have to sue marie osmond. she lost a lot of weight on dwts and then started promoting a weight loss program. maybe kirstie used the product while she was dwts and eating a low calorie diet. only kirstie knows for sure.

  • Tim

    child don’t sue, take your ass to the gym!!!!!

  • Apitheous

    Really, you believe all the weight lose ads? humm, I have this amazing weight lose supplement for only $99.00 a day it’s guaranteed by someone somewhere that you will lose weight. Just go to the gym three times a week and reduce calorie intake. Now just get on that tread mill and wait for the pounds to drop off!

  • http://Jeep Jack Nixon

    Is Ms. Abramyan an attorney or did she find some bottom feeder to take her case. Which of the two would be Dumb or Dumber?

    • Jaan

      I worked as a legal secretary for many years. I worked for some super nice attorneys and a couple of not so nice attorneys; none of them were sleazes and never filed frivolous lawsuits either. If they had done so, I would have been out looking for another job. The courts are bogged down with frivolous lawsuits, yet the judges have the power to throw them out and sanction those sleazes, but no judge I knew ever did. Every profession has their share of sleazes. The bar associations or other licensing boards should do what they can to minimize sleazes in their organization/licensings boart, but they rarely do. In this case, this attorney is either a bottom feeding sleaze or is desperate to make a buck.

  • joe

    I used to drink a lot of beer. I also gained a lot of weight. My solution? Add artificial sweetener to my beer. Not only did I not lose weight,I got a DWI because my beer tasted better so I drank more. Who should I have sued for me being an idiot? Who should I have sued because I chose wishful thinking over self discipline?

    • Denise

      Love the comment. YOU ARE exactly right!!! Seriously people get a life, and if people are stupid enough to fall for the stuff on TV then they should be poor. Sorry even Elderly people held accountable They have not been on this Great Earth for this long being stupid Sorry no pity for any-one who fall for these adds. Maybe i will market a aspirin in purple and make me some money and call it a weight loss pill. I will be RICH cuz there are like you said so many fat dumb asses out there!!!

  • rvrader

    Flash: There is no miracle drug for weight loss. Get off your fat a$$ and do some exercise like Kirstie did.

  • Muriel Hislop

    There’s no easy way to lose weight without working at it but they shouldn’t be allowed to market this stuff and take money from gullable people. When scam artists take money from the elderly there charges are brought against them. This lawsuit is a waste of time and money but these “diet” pills shouldn’t be on the market to begin with.

  • Reba

    I have read a lot of comments here.
    Shame that there is so much name calling here. She did’t ask to be steam rolled, esp. by the writer that reported it.”poor thing” Yes, there is folks that want to bleive so much in what adverts say (info commericals etc.) what makes K.A. not to be up front and truthful. Ah yes it’s K.A. FDA needs more people to prove that certain PILLS do not work. And FTC needs to shut these scammers down and make them do time. But,gov $ go elsewhere, Look at real medicine that have hurt folks and they beleive in their Doctor’s and what is told to them. I am not saying doctors are scam artist (well some are) All I am saying is lighten up do we beleive in everything we hear,read,see on the T.V. late at night,just to be called ignorant by info commericals.
    K.A. her claims when she was spoke person for a diet company, her 75lb weight loss? DWTS makes everyone lose it and that is one reason A.K. lost weight, she should stick with her way that works for her and not try to take $ from other folks and she will never be the only famous one to do so.

    • ed moss


  • http://www.PearlsforPaws.org Pearl for Paws

    There is no magic bullet. You either have to make up your mind to lose weight by eating healthy, exercise and maybe take some supplements to help with that weight loss, have a gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy or stay fat. Nothing is a guarantee – not even the surgeries – I know people who even with that have put weight back on. it is a constant struggle and this woman is just looking for someone to blame. Not all diets or diet plans work for everyone – there is no magic bullet