Kindle Fire Owners Want The iPad 3 [SURVEY]

    February 21, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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On a day where we saw some supposed leaked images of the iPad 3 emerge as well as heard a rumor about a 10-inch Kindle Fire in the pipeline, deal aggregator TechBargains.com unveils some pretty compelling information about who’s clamoring for the iPad 3.

And unfortunately for Amazon, it appears that the subset includes quite a few Kindle Fire owners.

According to their survey about iPad 3 buzz, 53% of current Kindle Fire owners say that they plan on buying the iPad 3 when it comes out later this year. Of that set of users, 85% said that they wish to upgrade their current tablet and 73% said that “no tablet compares to the iPad.” Not only that, but 31% said they were undecided on whether or not they would but an iPad 3. That means that only 16% of Kindle Fire owners who participated in the survey are completely happy with their tablet.

These findings echo a study we reported on earlier this month that said only 54% of Kindle Fire owners would classify themselves as “very satisfied” with their device.

Of course, the $199 7-inch Kindle Fire is not really a true competitor of the iPad, but it is shocking that this many Kindle Fire owners say they will pony up the cash for the next-gen Apple device.

The study also asked current iPad owners about their future plans, and the results scream loyalty. 66% of iPad owners and a surprising 56% of iPad 2 owners say they will buy the iPad 3 whenever it comes out. What do they want out of the device? Most importantly, 85% said a quad-core processor (which they’ll likely be getting). 82% said that they want a better speaker and 72% said that they want a less-reflective screen.

Check out the infographic below for more insight from the survey:

iPad 3 Buyers infographic
[Via: TechBargains]

  • Tim Hodgson

    Just doesn’t make sense. I own a Kindle Fire, and now I want to shell out more money for an iPad? Who is making this stuff up? Was this a scientific survey or just Techbargains polling?

  • Sandra

    These statistics are really interesting. My brother gave me a book some months ago, “How to Lie with Statistics” by Darrell Huff. An interesting book and this survey reminds me of it. However, having said that, even if these numbers are twice as high as reality, it still says a lot about Kindle and current iPad owners. I don’t have a reader yet but have been thinking about it so this is research for me.