Kindergarten Brawl Breaks Out Over Spilled Juice

    June 2, 2013
    Zach Walton
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A kindergarten brawl at a Cleveland school was caused by the most innocuous of incidents – spilled juice.

The AP reports that a brawl broke out at the Michael R. White Elementary School during a graduation ceremony on Friday. At the end of it all, eight people were arrested.

The brawl reportedly started with some spilled juice. After that, two teenage girls began to fight. The families soon joined in. At the end of it all, it was revealed that two of the people involved in the fight brandished a pipe and a hammer.

Even with the heavy weaponry, nobody was hurt in the fight. The police still booked eight people for a count of aggravated rioting. Charges may be filed against those involved after prosecutors have a chance to review everything.

After the fight was broken up, parents were allowed into the school to collect their children. As you would expect, some parents are scared for the future safety of their children. One parent in particular said that the fight makes her “not want to send them [to school] for the rest of the school year.”

The city has also chimed in on the incident with city councilman Jeff Johnson saying that any parent involved in the fight should be barred from school grounds. He said that the city is “not going to have people coming into our schools, being disrespectful, fighting.”

  • David Hoover

    The headline photo shows white people fighting but this story didn’t sound like this was something white people would do. So I did my research and guess what…IT WAS NIGGAS AS USUAL! Report the news accurately or not at all and don’t use a fake photo!

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  • Scott Froid

    Here are the 15 most dangerous cities (with populations over 200,000):
    Rank City, . . . . . . . .Percentage Black
    313 Dayton, OH . . . . . .43.9%
    314 Richmond, VA . . . . .58.0%
    315 Kansas City, MO . .. 32.0%
    316 Washington, DC . . . .61.5%
    317 New Orleans, LA . . . 68.1%
    318 Memphis, TN . . . . . 62.1%
    319 Compton, CA . . . . . 41.8%
    320 West Palm Beach, FL .33.3%
    321 Tampa, FL . . . . . . 26.9%
    322 Camden, NJ . . . . . .55.5%
    323 Gary, IN .. . . . . . 85.5%
    324 Baltimore, MD . . . . 65.3%
    325 St. Louis, MO . . . . 52.2%
    326 Atlanta, GA . . . . . 62.2%
    327 Detroit, MI . . . . . 83.5%

    Here are the 15 safest cities in the US (with a population over 200,000):
    Rank City, . . . . . . . Percentage Black
    1 Amherst, NY . . . . . . 3.9%
    2 Newton, MA . . . . . . .2.0%
    3 Mission Viejo, CA . . . 1.2%
    4 Cary, NC . .. . . . . .6.3%
    5 Brick Twnshp, NJ . . . .1.0%
    6 Simi Valley, CA . . . . 1.3%
    7 Sunnyvale, CA . . . . . 2.3%
    8 Colonie, NY . . . . . . 4.0%
    9 Sterling Heights, MI . .1.3%
    10 Clarkstown, NY . . . .8.0%
    11 Orem, UT . . . . . . . 0.3%
    12 Greece, NY . . . . . . 2.9%
    13 Thousand Oaks, CA .. .1.1%
    14 Canton Twnshp, MI . ..4.6%
    15 Livermore, CA .. . . .1.6%

    • Maya

      Okay? Racist much?

      Race has nothing to do with what happened. Your comment has nothing to do with what happened either.

      What’s your source anyway?

      People need to stop bringing race into everything.

      • FL

        Provided that the statistics are true, it’s not racist…it’s math.

        I would like to see some sources, though.

      • Mark M

        If race is not an issue why does it always enter into any situation that involves minorities justifing a situation. He stipulated simple math. Real numbers do not lie. When everyone ignores the real truth it only facilites the labeled situation. When this administration and others decide to address the “real” truth then things will change. We use numbers all the time I find it amazing that when it comes to minorities the numbers somehow always lie.

        • John

          You are right, it is math, assuming the sources are true. But if you are ignorant, as most are, you are assuming it is race- not the poverty America has subjected minorities to- that is the determining factor of the violence in these cities. We all need to read some real American history and start pulling our heads out of our asses.

          • Robin

            America has not subjected minorities to poverty. Any minority who lives in poverty has only his or her self to blame. Refusal to get a job is not victimhood. Slavery ended 150 years ago. It’s time to get over it already, because nobody alive today was ever a slave.

          • Chanel

            I don’t see race an issue here. It’s about people that got over heated and when they sit down and talk about it several days later they all will be embarassed. But as for race…..Your assuming its poverty is the determining factor of violence. It’s not. I know a lot of poverty stricken people that aren’t violent. What it is these days that are a lot of miniorities think they are owed something because of what happened to their race a long time ago. They think this generation owns them a lot. There is a lot of reverse discrimnation these days. I’m a minority and I see it all the time. It doesn’t make sense that you would say poverty. These violent people don’t do it cuz they are poor they do it cuz they want stuff they can’t have. Guns, radios, cars are not a necesity’s of live but yet they still rob and steal for them. Even if the numers aren’t true as stated but the numbers of minorities in jail doesn’t lie. You people should stop bitching and do something about that.

      • Robin

        It’s not racism when it’s evidence-based facts.

      • Deathgoat

        Interesting how when Truth goes against Progressive dogma, it’s labeled as racist, by racists.

    • Mark M

      Imagine that, I’m shocked LOL

    • ihateniggas

      Wow, facts are shown how these monkeys ruin their own cities and people still try and deny it? My Pappy always said, 14 percent of the population 90 percent of the problem….give em all a one way ticket to Africa!

    • I agree

      Stats don’t lie my friends. Most the problems School of Choice brings into play. Think they don’t have to follow the rules, have the same problems round my neck of the woods.

      These are the same people that would start a fight if you step on their shoes or pull a gun on you to steal your shoes. such a shame.

      Thanks, David for this http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/05/31/18657765-8-arrested-after-brawl-at-kindergarten-graduation?lite
      It may be sterotyping, but its hard not to when its true.

      If you go to England, there is no difference what race or color you are, they all act the same.

      how about I AXE, oh wait, ASK you a questions. And when you give me my change, its no 27 cent its CENTS, that’s a plural. Abide by the other rules, not your own.

  • Maya

    First world problems.

    • eric bradshaw

      YOu can take the monkey out of the jungle but you cant take the jungle of the monkey….

  • richard

    Parents must be very frustrated for this to escalate to these proportions. Although this is now way to act schools routinely disrespect parents and single out children. This is very dominant in small districts where there is so much nepotism that school personal create self fulfilling prophecy for their own and disregard the rights of others.

  • Britt

    Why does race equate into every situation? because the majority of white people posting it are RACIST & IGNORANT. They should be concerned with the fact that it’s their people commiting mass shootings, and killing kids. tuh, I’d take a fight over a mass shooting anyday. STATISTICS that.

    • David

      “Their people”?? Black people are some of the most racist, ignorant, intolerant people out there; that is a fact. Look at the statistics; those are facts. Look at this news article:http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/05/31/18657765-8-arrested-after-brawl-at-kindergarten-graduation?lite ;that is fact.

    • Casey

      Really bruh? All the black gangsters/wannabe’s responsible for murders every single day in Chicago and Detroit, among others, and you have the BALLS to spit this shit. You fucking suck as a person.

    • Ryan

      What about all the innocent kids getting killed in gang shootings every day! I bet there are more kids getting killed that way than there are in (as you call it “their(white)people” mass shootings. Who brings a pipe or a hammer into a school kindergarten function?? Moron. That is why race gets brought into this. Simple facts.

    • Deathgoat

      And you know what color everyone post is..How?

  • Sandra

    Sad, overweight unattractive white middle-aged people with no one to talk too and an internet connection. Just by reading the vitriol that is written here I can tell y’all have some sort of personality disorder that is the basis for your being alone and only able to feel special by putting others down. You need therapy.

    • Robin

      “…only able to feel special by putting others down”, says the person who begins her diatribe with “sad, overweight unattractive middle-aged people with no one to talk to and an internet connection”, and uses the term “y’all”.

      That awkward moment when you realize you are exactly what you’re talking about.

      • Kevin

        Robin, I was about to say the same exact thing about the “awkward moment when you realize you are exactly what you’re talking about”. I still do not understand why people argue on comments. It is so pointless, and most of the time you end up embarrassing yourself like Sandra.

    • brian

      What article did you read that said anything about the race or the weight of the people?

    • Shane

      Whats sad is that savage ape like that are even allowed to be in society.

    • Deathgoat

      Sorry your black.

    • suze

      I think it’s YOU that has a personality disorder, moron

      • suze

        “”for Sandra”

  • pkjashdfkljhafs

    The article says nothing about what race the people are that got into the brawl. So there is no point in bring up the whole racist card. Shows what fucking morons you are when you don’t know what race was in the fucking brawl. Grow the fuck up. For all you know they were fucking purple with green spots.

    • Deathgoat

      Look at the pictures fool.

  • Kindergarten Gangsta

    who the F*** brings a pipe and a hammer to a kindergarten graduation? CLEVELAND ROCKS!!! CLEVELAND ROCKS!!!! …. oh waits those weren’t rocks, it was just a pipe and a hammer.

  • Sir William

    Sounded kinda fun to me, probably the most fun action that school has ever had at a school function, these schools getting so tight on there rules. A pipe and a Hammer, is it possible thee items were fro self defense and if something was wrong with them why ere they there in children’s reach ?

    I didn;t think it was a crime to use your 2nd Amendment Rights? or is it now.

    • Shane

      What really pisses me off is that they put a pic of two white women mock fighting with this article. Any fool knows at first glance that it had to be ni@@ers. This kind of thing would never happen at an all white school, certainly not involving pipes and hammers at a kindergarden grad for Christ sake lol. Jewish propaganda! At least people are getting smarter and see what’s really going on.

      • Sherry

        That’s a really ignorant response and if you’re going to refer to them as such, at least be bold enough to right the actual word “nigger”.

      • CommonSense

        Funny how racists love to hide behind the computer these days. I’m just surprised they know how to use one.

      • JED

        And all white people do is get a gun and shoot the children.

    • J


      • Deathgoat

        Heavy Weaponry…. PIPES AND HAMMERS? Obviously The little White Boy author Zach Walton has never been to Chicago.

  • J

    I am so tired of these morons saying they don’t want to send kids to school over stuff like this..it had nothing to do with the kids in the school and wasn’t directed to them.. You know what, nevermind..let them seclude themselves from society–that’s one less clan of idiots that we have to deal with. It is however, pitiful that this happened..Don’t cry over spilled milk or punch over spilled juice.

  • Mother of Teenage girls…


    For all who said i was racist – the photos show shome of the people being arrested in theis article – make your own decisions & research first. Regardless of race – if anything it looks like it was teenage girls who started it & that has nothing to do with race, but everything to do with hormones, immaturity and teenage attitude.

    • Mother of Teenage girls…

      sorry for the typos, I do have the kids in the house distracting me.

  • Jethrine321

    Boy, was this article very disappointing, or what. I actually thought this was going to be about a bunch of kids dukeing it out, then I find out it was about a bunch of childish adults setting a very poor example for the real kids to learn from. It’s no wonder your countries youth are going to HELL in a hand basket.

  • http://yahoo Adam Bolonyi

    If this would’ve happened here in my hometown of close to 80,000, most every single person closest to the actual spilling would’ve helped grab towels/napkins and tried to help clean it up if they could, regardless of who spilled it and how. So glad to live in a community where people still try to say “hello” to each other, even though they are strangers, and males still “try” to make an attempt to open doors for women, children and the elderly. You can have your “bigger” cities and “shove it.”

    • Deathgoat

      Ghetto rats.

      • none

        red neck

  • Suze

    Come on everyone!!! Just adults acting like idiots..

  • Deathgoat

    Seriously? First you have a poorly written story, then it’s topped off with a picture of two WHITE women fighting, but when the actually story is researched WITH pictures everyone is BLACK. Imagine that.

  • TG

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Every person involved in this fight, no matter what race they are, should be ashamed.

    I am so sick of all of this racial bickering. Every single race has people who do horrible things, it doesn’t mean that everyone in that group is the same. Come on people are we really that ignorant? Stop generalizing.

    • Deathgoat

      Blame it on our 1/2 Black, Bisexual Marxist. This is the Change he was talking about. Set Americans against each other by race and economic position.

      • JED

        Right. He’s the one dividing us by race. Says the person with the blatantly racist post.

      • G Seaman

        I worked there…this could have happened 13 years ago too.

  • ruth

    ever see the show “bad girls”? this is how our society reacts now. very sad that so much disrespect is out there. what kind of example do you set for your young kids? ban these people from the school

  • G Seaman

    I used to work at this school. The problem, as I can imagine it, is that many of the parents and family are children themselves. It is troubling to me that children are having children and the entertainment world exhaults them with shows as “Teen Mom” or whatever it is called. Teen pregnancy, and the phenomomem of young adults who are still emotionally children themselves leads to childish behavior when in a conflict situation. This year, I had the priveldge (as I see teaching as a priveldge) to teach a child who is a child of a teen I knew when I taught middle school. That was 7 years ago. The child is now 5. Social services are available…however, those services work only if the people receiving them are willing to change their behavior and do the work necessary to move forward.

    • Patricia

      This comment is for the teacher, G.Seaman: It’s a sad reflection of today’s society that an educator cannot spell. I think you are trying to talk about “privilege” in your post. As an 8th grader I am frequently aghast at the ignorance that abounds. People do not know the difference between “discreet” and “discrete”, are unable to use the words “assure, ensure and insure” correctly, and split infinitives all the time.

      • Kittycatgirl101

        I completely agree with you. Especially as she was/is a middle school teacher, I have also noticed some of America’s teachers can’t use basic grammar. There is a difference between a typo and a mistake. Why are people worried about the race of the people in the photo and stereotyping and such when we, two young adults, are expressing interest, not necessarily solely, about America’s system rather than others?

  • josh

    the black plague continues

  • none

    it’s crazy how y’all with all them black people comments can sit up there and say them kinda of things when white people are the first ones to break they necks tryna be BLACK!!!!!!! FACE IT BLACKS RULE!!!!!!!!! and y’all know it.

    • http://stayclose dawn doran

      Your comments tell me that you’re not very well educated…I can just hear your comments, sounds pretty bad…

    • white people rule!!!

      Oh please! And whats “tryna”? Yep all white want to be like you, bad grammar and all!