Kim Kardashian Via Twitter: Jon Hamm is “Careless”

    March 13, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular people on Twitter, and she has used the platform to tweet out a response to actor Jon Hamm to her nearly 14 million followers.

If you haven’t heard, Jon Hamm (best known as Don Draper on Mad Men) had some pretty harsh words for Kardashian in an interview with Elle UK. Talking about a certain crop of young celebrities, he said:

“Whether it’s Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated. Being a f*cking idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you’re rewarded significantly – it’s celebrated. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

Jon Hamm isn’t the first actor to take this kind of angle on the Kardashian model of celebrity success. Back in November of 2011, James Bond (Daniel Craig) said: “Look at the Kardashians, they’re worth millions. Millions! I don’t think they were that badly off to begin with, but now look at them. You see that and you think, ‘What, you mean all I have to do is behave like a f*cking idiot on television and then you’ll pay me millions?”

Now, Kim Kardashian has responded with a rather eloquent statement, published on Twitter.

I just heard about the comment Jon Hamm made about me in an interview. I respect Jon and I am a firm believer … http://t.co/XUwqxzJ6(image) 21 hours ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

The link goes to tmi.me, a service that house longer tweets above the 140-character limit. Here’s the full response:

I just heard about the comment Jon Hamm made about me in an interview. I respect Jon and I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that not everyone takes the same path in life. We’re all working hard and we all have to respect one another. Calling someone who runs their own businesses, is a part of a successful TV show, produces, writes, designs, and creates, “stupid,” is in my opinion careless.

Hamm is not on Twitter or Facebook, as he reminded us on Friday’s Real Time With Bill Maher.

“I’m not on Facebook or Twitter,” he said. “It’s a little too…much privacy that I’d rather keep private. It’s not for me.”

What do you think? Is stupidity rewarded when it comes to celebrity these days? Let us know in the comments.

  • Carolyn Bigbie

    Yay Kim! I am a big fan! I am very proud of the classy response. She is far from stupid. I agree that it is very “careless” of someone to spout out garbage about something or someone that they apparently know very little about. If he truly knew anything about how hard those ladies work he would know that they deserve nothing but respect!

    • pete

      Carolyn = idiot
      kim k = cumdumpster

      yes…she worked hard at spreading her thighs

      • greg

        I suppose it could be worded differently, but I do agree 100% with pete,Kim is only famous because her mom pimped her sex video…which they get full royalities on!! Famous for –cking

        • shad

          Lots of chicks make sex tapes the don’t turn it in to a multimillion dollars business. Haters gonna hate. I don’t know anything about Jon Hamm but as an actor he’s in a group of people that aren’t necessarily known for their intelligence.

        • Sandy

          Its funny that you say she gets royalites on that tape when she was only paid once on it. The cost was 5 million and the rest of her fortune is based on her business adventures. Stop hating!!

      • Cigar Mann

        It is not the Kardashian’s fault that America has turned into a pornographic drama driven society. The Kardashian’s are geniuses if you ask me. They totally exploited Kim’s “leaked” sex tape, now porn, and turned it into a reality show. Who is the idiot? Kim, or the world that is watching?

        • http://yahoo Michael Trimmer

          Just another lucky air-head, thanks to Mommy Dearest, and Bruce, Daddy love you all desrve what you steal, Lawyers are just hired thieves anyway

      • Victor

        BAHAHAHAHAAH carolyn your a fool…

      • james toki

        now thats funny

      • Bill

        I agree. Without the sex tape, she’d just be a no name cum guzler!

      • http://yahoo.com Nik

        lolsz your a fool lolsz but it kinda is true rayj did bang the head board in lolsz but kim is a sweet girl who just so happens to be a bit of a freak and knows how to keep the public intrested ….but me personally i love her for it and shes definally not stupid

    • http://hammspeaksonKim curtis terry

      Hamm was on point but should have used the word “‘MANIPULATIVE’ not ‘stupid’ her wild partying as a teenager and let us not forget her GREAT SEX TAPE …She has always been a realll role model for all girls of the world..Look foward to the future when Kim Kardashian becomes a thing of the past like OVALTINE.

    • kyle Booker

      IM Glad Kim Took the High Road !!

    • Bianca

      You sound so dumb, how can you be a big fan of her? I feel bad for your daughters when they grow up.

      • Bianca

        To Carolyn Bigbie…You sound so dumb, how can you be a big fan of her? I feel bad for your daughters when they grow up.

        Instead of Jesus pictures they should have RAY J everywhere and they should be kissing his butt and thanking him every day!!

        They really need Jesus. I cant wait to see how Kortney is going to pimp her daughter.

        People need to wise up! So many many stupid people.

    • Kirsten

      Really?!?! This skank thinks that she is a successful business woman. First off, she’s not a woman; she’s a fame whore. Successful business isn’t making a sex tape, whore! With all her money; everyone does everything for her. Saying that she directs her own stuff/show is HILARIOUS!!! Yep, you direct your own dumb slutty ways and look and act like an idiot, and you make a show with that…..STUPID LITTLE GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! John Hamm is acting his part; key word being acting. Kim Kartrashian is not acting. She is an idiotic slut and making money off of it. Ugh….can you just go away please….and thinking Tim Tebow would actually look your way and touch a cum dumpster like yourself??? too funny!

    • Lisa

      A reply to your comment…yes SHE is stupid and what she does is a waste of time. She treated her marriage as a joke. What type of a role model is she??

      • Diva M.

        Lisa, the Kardashians should not be expected to be “role models” or other celebrities, for that manner. They are entertainment, only. Role models are parents, relatives, teachers, coaches, etc.

        The “role model” term has come about in the last 20 yrs, and is overused. Prior to that we were “fans” of actors/celebrities. Celebrities have the obligation to do the best performance, possible in whatever their career category is, but, they are not role models.

    • Isabele

      Far from stupid? Have you heard her talk? She has a very limited vocabulary and only knows the words, like and like. Who wears expensive diamond earrings to the beach and then whines like a baby when they get lost in the water? HELLO?!!! That was idiotic! I don’t know how she can earn respect when all she does is constantly take pictures of herself and post them on twitter. She’s greedy, fake and dumb to top it off. I’m glad that Hamm called her out! He is only one of millions that think she’s a moron!

    • angelina jones


  • haha

    yes she is a fuking whore

    • Elisha

      are we speaking of your mother?

  • haha

    she a puta -golfa

  • Lisa

    Good for her, ANYONE who think that the Kardashians are dumb are pretty much dumb themselves, those ladies are smarter than most businessmen. I am happy that she is not sitting by and letting people just make assumptions and say what they want. You dont have to like them, but you must respect their game. I applaud Kim for continuing to respond to these bullies.

    • ali

      Lisa..you’re an idiot like kim..

    • Lisa Marie

      She is a waste of space!!

      • http://yahoo.com Nik

        lisa Maria you sound so ignorant lolsz what do you think you are a saint lolsz kim was young and no one is a waste of space come up with a better termonolgy then that n i know you probably have done worst so stfu tryna act all holy and no ones a waste of space but ure comment is a waist of time for anyone to read
        (going in on all the Kardashian Haters)

    • Lisa Marie

      Are you including their “sweat shop ” businesses as being successful?

  • Greg

    Her father help OJ get away with two murders. She sold a sex tape, which she still profits from. She may have another one out there with another guy. Her purse designs are knock offs of other designers. She wears fur, she doesn’t care about animals. She wasted all that money on a wedding on a marriage that lasted less than 3 months. She is an Idiot. And the 14 million people that follower her on twitter (making her money) are also idiots.

    • Lisa

      no you are an idiot for taking the time to figure out everything that she does and does not do. Seems to me like you are too invested in this woman’s life and choices, how about you worry about your own life?

      • Maria


      • Jenn morgan

        Thats the problem lisa…. everyone is to wrapped up in everyone else, that their own lives are set around ppl like her, and thats what they want…the kardashians want you to talk about them… the more that happens with them the more ppl talk… they will forever be around

    • Maria

      I agree with Greg!

    • Scott

      Greg … couldn’t have said it any better myself.

    • montana

      so is the IDIOT who took the tym 2 comment…. now who’s the IDIOT!!!

  • dnblanco

    Kardashians = Over-rated

  • Charles

    I think Kim’s response was elegant and restrained, and shows a lot of maturity. However, I tend to side with Hamm’s position. You have to admit that you lose quite a bit of credibility when your claim to fame is a porno, another endless entry into the vapid reality show roster, and your marriage doesn’t outlast the milk.

    • Elisha

      Thats all you see?,negative people tend to see the negative things in life. I see a woman who was able to parlay herself into a successful business woman, and not live off of her parents money, not only has she made a good life and future for herself but for her entire family, she could have simply crawled away and hide after the whole tape thing, but she kept it moving, as you should, and take note people, everyone who has come after them legally so far has ended up with egg on their face. Maybe you all are the stupid ones for underestimating this family.

      • yeah

        Plus she has great t*ts and a perfect a$$!

        • Kirsten

          you do realize that she wanted the sex tape to get out right? It was planned so that she could became a fame whore, so saying that she rolled with it when she could have just crawled up and went away???? What are you talking about? That doesn’t make any sense. I suppose you are one of the idiots that makes her famous by following her “twat” account. Keep idolizing women like that…I hope you don’t have any daughters for their sake!

        • Jenni

          Yeah, a perfectly obese fat @ss.

      • Jenn morgan

        They have no shame or humility …. thats part of being human… to learn from mistakes, but how do you learn when you are rewarded for it. Ppl like you are whats wrong with society

  • TheTruth

    To answer your question, yes, stupidity is rewarded in the media in this country. It is getting worse. Jersey Shore, Housewives, BB Housewives, Kardashians, Cheaters, Jerry Springer, etc. People love drama and love to watch idiots on tv so they feel a little better about themselves. Its just the way it is… It all stems from insecurity. Most people have it.

    You know the type that like to hang out with less fortunate people or less attactive to feel better about themselves? These are the same people that watch these stupid shows. I blame the networks for airing the junk.

    • Shan

      totally agree

  • yeah

    She is dumber than a box of rocks.

  • Shan

    Most of these chicks on various reality shows sometimes act as if they forget about the cameras do and say stupid things forget that the world was watching and have to carry that label. They are definitely not rocket scientists. Kim K has been in sex tapes and had a marriage that did not even last a half of a year. Sounds like a publicity whore. What is she famous for again?

  • Maria

    Stupidity is definitely rewarded! Look at the reality shows; the one who acts like an a##hole is normally the one who gets the spin off show or is asked to join shows like the Apprentice. (~wink)

    The fact that she is able to produce, design, write, and many other things started from her recognition as Hilton’s friend, the sex tape, dating so many athletes, and possibly being the late Rob Kardashian’s daughter.

    Look at Basketball Wives; they wouldn’t be famous or have the businesses that they have if it wasn’t for their involvement with these athletes, even if it was just purely sex.

    • Shan

      yes and the reality tv star that i hate the most is snooky or snookie (jersey shore) or however its spelled …she pissed herself in a club …now i heard shes pregnant…. shes a damn whore and POOR CHILD is all i can say

  • http://webpronews Dorothy Corbitt

    I love movies but I enjoy watching and follwing Kim in all her endevors she has had a rough year can we maybe we give her break and breathing space Give Khloe and Lamar All MY LOVE

  • ken

    the people who support these celebrities are the idiots……….

    • Jenn morgan


  • Jenn morgan

    Haaa!! Hes so right… you really think that was her responce…. shes told what to say, wear, how to act…. shes a slave to the entertainment world or her mom… like barbara walters said…. the whole family is completely talentless and they sre famous for nothing… jon had the balls to call it out!!

    • Ron

      Ya, but what a great A$$!

  • terry

    The Kardashians are joke, yes they’ve millions but with the lack of respectablity. Can they act, hell to the no!!! Are they users, yes cry babies maybe they should all get a college education. Does Kim know who the VP of the USA is doubt it!!! But ask her about a purse, piece of clothing or a good lay and she’ll have the answer for you!!!!Thank you to the real actors who have the guts to tell it like it is!!!!

  • Peggy

    Please people we truly have had enough of Kim Kardashian. She is a NOBODY and who would be proud of someone who defended a murderer If you get off on trashy people like that and avoid paying the real tax then knock yourself out. But i think they need to fade away cause i dont like trash and liars like that. I am behind Jon and Kim just find a new and real job not some fake a** sh*t like you have been no one really cares about your stupidness and well your fake as* self and family. Your all a bunch of liars and fakes that just want to be in the public eye for any and everything you people are really sick and thank god Kris is not with a fake loser. No i dont hate people i just hate fake as* Hoes

    • Sheila

      Why dont you move to another country if you feel that everyone doesnt have the righ to be defended, you people are so ignorant our military people are overseas fighting to give others freedom and to maintain ours and you say stupid things like this, everyone deserves to have a good defense guilty or not and that is still left up to opinion. Get a life, what the hell did she have to do with that?

  • http://webpronews linda

    Shes far from being stupid. She is a sly cunning woman determined to get what she wants no matter what she has to do. From the very beginning she wanted to be rich, now she wants to be greedy. I am so sick of her and the whole family….I know my family is more interesting….at least it would be real!

  • Layla

    Kim dosent work hard other people do the work for her and all she does is put her name on the brand duh…What a bunch of lames following her on twitter i guess it makes them feel good to follow a “porn reality star” which by the way her sex type was the only buisness in which she really “worked hard” Shes a famewhore thats why she still profits of her sex type thats her thing.

    • Sheila

      Lets see if someone try to tell you that you dont work hard every day how you feel, you are NOT there with her when she is working, those girls are on the go 24/7 up at 3 and 4 for photo shoots and business meetings throughout the day, if anyone could run and empire we would all be millionaire, it takes a special kind of drive to be successful, but people who dont know anything about drive and ambition tends to waive away the work ethics of others. SMDH!!

  • Jim

    Lets not forget she didn’t become popular until the sex tapes happened and then of course their was Playboy, so all I’m saying is lets not forget were her roots started. If she was average looking it wouldn’t of happened 15 minutes of fame and then gone.

  • Kristen

    He didn’t say she was stupid, he said she acted like an idiot. There is definitely a difference.

    • Isabele

      Same thing. Stupid, dumb, idiotic. They all describe her.

  • angela

    why do i feel like people want Kim to fail? i agree that people are entitled to their opinion, but people sometimes take their feeling for kk to a whole other level, i mean why do some people care so much about what she do?

    • Jeff

      Yes I do want her to fail. If she fails then she goes away. I’m tired of her and her family and all their crap. I really, REALLY want them to go away. I have enough of her brand of crap. Maybe if she fails then the rest will follow and we can get back to real ‘reality’.

  • Deirdre

    I agree with Mr. Hamms statement, I also think “stupid” might not of been the right word to describe it! I think “non-celebrities/reality tv celebrities” are highly overrated with their antics. Granted The Kardashians have made a name for themselves as far as fashion goes. But they are not the true celebrity. This has just gone to far. They make millions and we don’t know nor should we what they dowith their money. Their antics are mostly “dtupid” business-wise they have capatilized ontheir “stupiity” and I think that is where Mr. Hamms frustrations is. The fact they are making millions off gossip and personal things that go on in their lives. Outside of business they have no craft in the world of actors/actresses. Reality tv personalities in my opinion are not “celebrities”. True celebritiesnow a days are over shadowed by “reality tv PERSONALITIES”

    Granted I’m not hating on any of the reality tv personalities because if they work it correctly they can capatilize on it, just how the Kardashians have. My question is where are are TRUE CELEBRITIES NOW? Do they still exist or have we as Americans been sucked into reality personalities and confused the two? I believe we have!

    • Linda

      I agree, Deirdre. Celebrity is not what it used to be. I remember when the only singing competition on TV was “Star Search”. Now everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame.

  • granny

    Kim is a hard working woman, who plays the system well. At the end of the day, she can barily make it to a bed. ANYONES… that is.

  • gary

    Hum job artist.

  • http://yahoo Kanstn

    Kim is right. By the way, JEALOUSY, is ugly on some people. You people should stop hating these people for nothing. You never hear of them taking Drugs, or out their cussing people out in public, or Bad Mouthing other celebrities. Leave them alone and stop showing your Hatred, it is also an Ugly Word. This is their destiny, or otherwise they wouldn’t have what they have. If you could make money this way, you would do it too. They made money, but they invested their money so it would grow. Stop hating and you do the same thing.

  • Casey

    At first the K’s exploited themselves. This we can all agree upon, correct? And then came along a way to “capitalize” which in a sense was a smart thing to do, apparently, when one is already “busted” making a tape, etc. And the young will be young and silly/ stupid/ slutty, what have you. And so…past is past. Now in the present day, the K’s HAVE worked hard (don’t know where the term director would come from?)and have made money a plenty. So there IS some smarts there today. So where does this make them stupid? In a sense, seems to be stupid but is NOT, seems to be …. Well just what side would one be on here? Hmm? I am more to err towards Hamm, yet again, are comments like such even called for? Who makes the better person for it or..oh just forget it all. Why am I even sitting here commenting on this silly page? LOL

  • Nathan

    I don’t like her and could say a lot of negative things, but she isn’t stupid. A stupid person wouldn’t be able to get rich for no reason.

  • DW

    “Careless”. It took her a week to come up with that word.

    • Isabele

      Surprised she didn’t write ” like careless”. Like is the only word she knows how to use in every sentence. I think someone else wrote the response for her.

  • M row

    Who is Jon Hamm? Daniel Craig I am disappointed that he would say something so insensive…The thing about being American is that everyone spouts off and don’t have the least respect for anyone. That is disappointing too. Anyway, you can call me an idiot if you want, who cares? But they are rolling in money, how many porn stars do you see rolling in money? Not many…If you don’t like them ignore them, don’t make an ass of yourself!

  • Linda

    I wouldn’t say that Kim is necessarily stupid. She’s more like shameless. She parlayed her sex tape fame into a “career” of narcissistic photo ops and reality TV shows. Some people here are saying that Kim is smart for making millions instead of crawling away, but whatever happened to integrity and dignity? I think that’s what Jon Hamm and Daniel Craig were getting at in their statements.

  • angelina jones


    • Nina

      Yet she is smart enough to have people to advise her. SMDH!! you people are a joke.

    • kirrin

      kim is the wad of cum her mother should have swallowed.
      shes a plastic fake lying abusive sinfull slut.

  • Nina

    It amazes me how ignorant people are. Lazy people are the only people that question the work ethics of others, because they have no clue about hard work, sitting at home collecting a welfare check takes no thoughts so I guess its easy to say that someone is not a hard worker, or that they have no worth, I find that people who have that sort of anomosity towards others are very sad, ignorant, hopeless people, Negative people see the negative in everything, people who are positive can find SOMETHING positive in everything and it makes life so much easier. Some of you are so sad, you act as if you know this girl, or know her heart, you act as if you live with her and sleep with her . I guarantee you that if we were to spend 5 days videotaping your lifestyles, the trash and disgusting antics that would be revealed would be 900 times worst than anything that these people have done. Kim is a smart girl, she parlayed a bad situation into a good one for herself and you can call her irrelevant but she is relevant because she is a brand and there is not a damn thing that you can do about it, because those who hate her have always hated her and have not supported her or her products and those who love her will continue to support her. Misery is a terrible thing and it makes life so much shorter. More powere to Kim and I hope that she continues to push back against the Bullys and nay sayers. People think they can just say anything about anyone and get away with it.

  • Tim

    Hookers are “businesspeople”, too…and drug dealers are in “pharmaceutical distribution”…KK is just a nasty skank…and people are calling her on it. She got famous by making a porno…’nuff said.

  • Tragedy

    I wonder who wrote that for her? F***king IDIOT!!

  • florence

    If u think they are stupid,why watch their show bse thats the only way u might have known them.They are just a nice family that are happening to live the American dream.Stop hating and being jealous,mind your own business and leave the cute girl alone.

  • jack ripply

    I think Kim is one of the sexiest women in America, and completely agree with Danial Craig and Mr. Hamm. She is a horrible role model to young American girls which is a shame because she is so fun to look at

    • kirrin

      she is UGLY AS A WARTHOG….

  • Brian M

    She and the whole clan are nothing but media whores. The mom will do everything to milk the cash cow that is that whole family. If they and other celebrities don’t like the comments of us lower “commoners,” well the First Amendment is our friend.

  • Nick

    Kim, you ARE stupid. And desperate. But hey, at least you’re fine! So come on and make an adult video with me and my girlfriend so I can leak it and become a famous rapper!!

    One Deep

  • anne

    Lets not forget Kim Kardashian became famous because of her sex video w Ray J…

  • Cara

    Careless… Kinda like Kim was when she slept with Kanye West will he was dating Amber Rose and Kim was with Reggie Bush. Careless… kinda like making a sex tape with Ray J and assuming nobody would see it. “Oops, I’m so embarrassed. Oh well, let me live off the the fame!” Careless… kinda like marrying some random basketball player, even though you and your family (minus your pimp mother) can’t stand him, and then divorcing him after making all of the money you possibly can from the marriage. Way to go Kim- you’re the epitome of classy.

  • Nicole

    Kudos to Jon Hamm for saying what everyone is thinking! Kim Kardashian is a joke. Doesn’t she know how much people make fun of her and her family. I wish they would go away!

  • kirrin

    you are a whorthless lying foulmouth abusive plastic fake dumbass slut. YOU HAVE NO TALENT and deserve nothing
    and your ugly as a warthog. give all the money you made to st.jude, schools,ect. to people who need it not on dresses and jewelry which means nothing. then buy an island somewhere and GO AWAY.
    if i were you i would sit down and pray to GOD for your soul cause satan has you and the second you die you will be in HELL. thats for all eternity forever.. you are the wad of cum your mother should have swallowed..

  • kirrin

    kim is the wad of cum her mother should have swallowed

  • kirrin

    why didnt you print my last two comments ?

  • Robert

    bobbywhoopass says that hating is not the answer,Hamm should have a Ham stuffed down his troat!!!!1

  • http://tinyurl.com/7rudw6v Robert

    Ham iz a bad man sais bobbywhoopass,he should keep his mouth shut.

  • Gracie

    Kim Kardashian is a filthy, worthless cooz.

  • Ve

    “stupidity” is not stupid when prostitution makes you a millionaire, then you can call your self whatever you like, an “artist” for example, a designer or producer even if you did not earned a degree like a lot of people out there with morals and self-respect whom are not afraid to work hard for what they have and therefore they do not have to steal any true professional designer’s ideas…it is her body though, she can use it to her financial advantage if that is what her brain limits her to.

  • Focus

    Whatever her IQ might be, I definitely believe she is a hardworking, smart business woman. If you ca use your “stupidity” to make millions, hey u r a genius….

    • loveli

      i totally agree with you.. it doesnt matter what got her famous.. the point is that SHE HAS TAKEN IT TO HER ADVANTAGE AND is becoming more famous and rich now.. doesnt sound like a stupid girl to me..

  • loveli

    i dont see how the sex tape made her famouos.. she was a lame *uck… i think its because of her fake “black girl” booty.. its rare for her type..

  • loveli

    Amazing.. she is doing SOMETHING. RIGHT because.. ALL OF YOU PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT HER RIGHT NOW.. LOL so ya.. she’s smarT

  • Mike

    I would rather eat out Snookie’s asshole while being sucked off by Courtney Love than have to about the Kartrashian.

  • tina

    What people dont realize about the Kardashians is they have been around celebrities growing up and lived in Beverly Hills. They just did not come out of nowhere. Mrs Jenner has been building towards this for years. They are probably more shocked about their fame than all there fans. They had alot of help along the way, Dad was a lawyer and helped OJ Sipmpson his good friend. There connections got them where there at. Thanks to Paris Hilton, Kim K. was noticed because of her, not only for the sex tape. The rest is history as we can see. The thing with Kim K, is she just doesnt give a damn, as long as she is in the spotlight and I think its not her that is so hated, its her behavior that pisses alot of people off. The thing with her marriage, yea they divorced in 72 days, but all the damn fuss she made and how much she loved him and wanted to marry forever, she is full of herself. I think people were more made at that than the actual divorce. She made such a grand spectacle regarding her marriage and all the money, thats what I think people were more made at, her behavior. Good luck to them, cause the Kardashians have to live with what ever they do, and quite frankly with all there money, you think they give a damn, so dont waste your hate on them, it is so not worth it.

  • Marissa

    I love Kim’s response. First off, anyone can run his or her own business; it doesn’t mean it’s going to be successful. My 5-year-old nephew is a part of a lemonade stand business. Regardless, Kim’s businesses are only successful BECAUSE of what Jon pointed out; stupidity is rewarded in this culture. Whether it’s purchasing her clothes or watching her TV shows, girls in this country unfortunately believe that the lifestyle of a porn star like Kim Kardash is filled with glamour, and therefore seek to emulate people like this as oppose to those who can really make a difference in the world. Anyone who is already rich and famous can drop a couple thou into opening a business. Second, a “successful” TV show… again, a successful REALITY TV show. Jon isn’t saying that American culture does not enjoy its reality TV, only that it’s unfortunate that viewers revere shows of this sort and deem them “valuable.” Third, designs…? HAHAHA. Yes, she may design and create, (and I admit, her line is pretty tasteful) but anyone with a rich & famous daddy will have their design fantasies financed as oppose to working hard to gain popularity for one’s fashion line… I bet if her dad wasn’t Robert Kardashian, Kim Kardashian would not be “a part of a successful TV show, [a] produce[r], write[r], designe[r], and creat[or].” That old saying, “you need money to make money,” should be revised to, “you need money (and a camera man documenting your trivial daily affairs) to make money.” She’s definitely not stupid, apart from a few flops in judgment, but it cannot be said that she worked hard for any of her successes.