Kim Kardashian “Mommy Blog” Gets First Post

    February 27, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Kim Kardashian is, as we all know, about to become a first-time mom, and has decided to document the pregnancy along the way with a “mommy blog“. The first post was put up on Monday and has been well-received by her fans so far.

The entry concerns maternity-wear, which is of particular interest to those who are familiar with Kardashian’s style of late. Rather than give up her racy clothes, she’s just sort of found a way to drape them around the baby belly (think leather pants and see-through tops). But she says she’s found a pair of jeans that are perfect for accommodating a growing bump and recommends them to all her readers.

“So I love sharing my favorite products and beauty and fashion tips with you all and I wanted to do my first mommy blog today to tell you about these new J Brand jeans I received,” she wrote. “They are these super comfy maternity jeans with soft, stretchy side panels in the front and they are absolutely amazing! I feel like I’m back to my old self and I’m so happy! With this being my first pregnancy I’ve been finding it really difficult to find clothes that are comfortable and fit me well, but these are great. Are there any other moms to be out there who have tried these? I’d love to hear you pregnancy tips too!! ”

So far the blog seems to be a hit with Kardashian’s fans and has received about 45 comments so far.

  • http://yahoo Dove

    You knew she would find a way to make money off this child who isn’t even born yet. Were is all this privacy she wanted? She is a past master at lying.

    • cindy

      you need to get a life and lose weight Dove,you are a jealous person

      • V.L.

        Well, Cindy….we know you are the same kind of person Kim is with your comments! Better look in the mirror sweetheart…you may be the next Hunni-Boo-Boo Mama!

    • V.L.

      There is always some greedo who is going to make bucks off of having a baby. Most of us who are parents and those who are planning to be parents are married, have waited to be blessed, and find out we are going to have a child and are elated by that fact. However, at a time when I was expecting I did not find any GLAMOR in it, worshiping the porcelain alter 3 to 4 times a day, wearing clothing that looked like over sized potato sacks, suffering from bouts of humor, crying, shouting, and a range of emotions that I won’t continue with here. I was worried about my children being born healthy, 10 toes and fingers, the normal stuff normal parents worried about. I followed the Dr.’s orders, got the exercise I needed and than some. 99.9% of the time I looked like hell, so much for the “glow.” Both of my children were “natural child” birth, meaning no drugs and no appointment for the scheduled day of birth, they came when they were ready to come, not before and not after. There was no prolonged stay in the hospital, I was in at 3:30 a.m. and out by 6 p.m. the same day, driving, grocery shopping and doing what needed to be done. Mainly because my husband was working and my family lived 2200 miles away in the opposite direction. Mother’s of my time were pioneers…there was no news broadcasts, or reality shows hyping the birth of our kids! We supported ourselves, did the work of raising our children ourselves, maintained a home, career, and some how managed to balance it all with no help!

      I don’t care about Kim’s tweets, I don’t care about Kanye, and frankly I don’t care if she is giving birth to a duck. I think all the media hype, her mother’s constant pushing and shoving, demanding the girls pro-create is sickening. The one I do feel sorry for and feel that deserves a child is the youngest sister and her husband. Unfortunately Kim once again stole the spotlight almost like it was scheduled. Tweet away Kim K.and realize your ass is going to become 3 times wider than it already is and when the bump gets larger, you are going to look just like Hunny Boo-Boo’s mama before she lost weight!! I can’t wait :)

    • http://yahoo.com darlena carter

      then don’t watch her

    • V.L.

      You go girl…you hit the nail directly on the head!!!

      • michelle

        To all the people on here that are making negative comments. You must care a little or you wouldn’t be on here. you’re all just jealous haters. I love the whole Kardashian family. And I don’t miss a show. Every family has issues, they’re just not afraid to show it. I’d trade lives with any of them in second. Hang in there Kim, you and Kanye will great.

        • khaalisha

          EXACTLY LOL someone sure had alot to say who didnt care, it’s entertainment..its a preference..ur personally disliking ppl you dont and will never know while they r out living a fabulous life with so much money they definitely arent reading your blogs..haha haters

        • jami simpson

          your life must be pretty sad then if your willing to give up your own family to wish you were a kardashian-seriously get a life.

  • http://yahoo.com Margaret

    Good for you Kim…there is going to be so many things that are going to change for you but just because your pregnant doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of fashion. Don’t pay attention to all the negative comments your going to get stay true to yourself and just do you…I personally want to hear all about this great journey you have been blessed with and as far as you and Kanye I think the 2 of you are great together. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND STAY POSITIVE

  • http://yahoo.com bashley000

    I think this Mommy Blog is a good idea and I’ll enjoy reading it. I’m done having babies but it will be nice to follow Kim’s pregnancy. Just one thing Kim and that is to buy maternity clothes and you will be a lot more comfortable than what you have been wearing. I’m sure you’ve already realized that after you purchased the maternity jeans.

  • S

    Well, there are so many pregnant women out there. They fit in the clothes perfect… it always depends on the body style… lol

  • http://yahoo amy mccluskey

    She is a money whore. Fake and has no idea what it menas to be humble, with out making a profit off of it. Dont really blame her, it’s her poor excuse of a mom who raised her that way.. Feel sorry for this little innocent baby.

    • jami simpson

      much agreed. couldnt have said it better myself

  • http://yahoo.com darlena carter

    I think it’s awesome you got pregnet congraulations I hope you guys make some more home vidio’s. I’ve watched them all.love your hole family.You guys are great!!!!

  • http://yahoo.com darlena carter

    that was ment for dove If you don’t like her then don’t watch her

  • barbara

    just another celebrity thats having a baby. I wish her and the baby well. otherwise anything else is no ones business so keep it private girl.

    • shaughni@yahoo.com

      A baby is a gift, a blessing and a miracle. First, congratulations Kim and Kanye.
      How they choose to share their news is their prerogative.
      So sing to your baby, (or have Kanye do it) love every second, it goes by far too quickly, ignore the doubters, they never have anything good to say. Be monumentally ecstatic and share it whoever will revel in your joy.
      Have a healthy baby.

  • Johana Marin

    Kim ur going to be a good mother but that doesnt mean too lose the fashion sense you can still rock that clothes that you use to wear.

    • Mary2

      You’re right there is plenty of time before we need to call cps, just remember her poor little kitten.

    • jax

      I can definitely tell you are a Kardashian fan. Wonderful use of the English language and spelling. Keep admiring those Kardashians and you are sure to go far1

  • jami simpson

    i think jay leno said it perfect ” is it to early to call CPS” she should be having a baby for the right reasons & not for publicity. wish you were more like your siser courtney

  • glo

    NOOOOO!!!! HATERS HERE. Simply just making STATEMENTS and our OPINIONS of how trashy this family is. Just kuz you KISS thier ass, Well, we give let the world know how much they are really HATED in America.

  • Steph

    It’s kinda hard to read that when the entire page is filled with ads. Do something without trying to make a buck for a change, Kim.

  • Gus Sands

    She is the last person that should be giving advice on mommy hood

  • http://yahoo.com Diana L Klein

    why,why,do all the people who “WORSHIP” bulls**t like this as a big deal? I guess the people who care about this shit are adding to there fame… thanks Brody J. for staying out of this junk! Bruce…..YOU ROCK!!!

  • Tennis Mom

    Gag me! I’m sure she’s interviewing nanny’s as we speak! She’s not going to raise this child. She’d be better off to let Courtney babysit for her…. then pick the child up at night!

  • Loucarr71

    A baby is a gift from God! So happy for you!

  • Fred

    I’m hoping this pregnancy will turn her into a hippo and she’ll go away for good.

  • http://yahoo.com Maria

    I really happy for Kim and Kanye

  • http://webpronewsletter Ann Dearman

    Kim, congrats on your baby. One thing I can give you advice on is to carry crackers on you at all times. You will get times when you feel nausea, just eat a cracker even if you don’t want it. It will help tremendously. You won’t always be hungry but make sure you drink enough fluids as well. Good Luck with the new baby.

  • Stephanie Donato

    OMG stop selling us ish.Focus on the health of your baby and take a break from the public. You are over exposed.

  • http://yahoo Sick of K’s

    Just go hibernate for the remainder of this pregnancy, enough IS enough!

  • http://yahoo Sick of K’s

    Just leave us alone for the rest of your pregnancy, sick of YOU!

  • http://yahoo Sick of K’s

    Just hide for the remainder of this. I am so sick of you!

  • http://yahoo Sick

    Good for you but leave us alone till you hatch the kid.
    So sick of the K’s!!!!

  • Rosa

    Dear lord. Kim Kardashian is giving mom advice. It’s the seventh sign of the apocalypse.

  • Chez

    Kim, really must you sell everything? Clothes, perfume, jewelry, your body, self respect and dignity. Have you no shame? Now selling your unborn baby? Girl, you have real issues. I have no problem with someone making a buck, but seriously. Kanye has work. Let him support you and the baby for a while. Just give it and us a reprieve, please.

  • http://www.libertyreplica.webs.com/ Chris Submariner

    I Love Kim! :) Great Blog :)