Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Want A Palace Wedding

    December 5, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reportedly settled on a venue for their nuptials, and if they’re able to book it, the wedding won’t be a low-key courthouse affair (not that we expected any less of the couple); it will be at a genuine palace in France.

Rumor has it that they’ve set their hopes on the Palace of Versailles, the former home of Marie Antoinette, and there is reportedly no budget planned.

“Kanye has never been married and wants a big [wedding],” a source told Us Weekly.

The famous couple are somewhat known for their opulence, and Kim’s 15-carat engagement ring begs for a big gathering. It’s not clear yet whether Kanye will allow the big day to be filmed–he’s already said he doesn’t want their baby daughter North to be too involved in Kim’s reality show shenanigans–but no doubt the media will be on high alert.

West recently showed his love for Kim by commissioning a painting of her by Andy Warhol’s niece, Monica Warhol. The work reportedly went for $30,000 and depicts the same photo of Kim reprinted in various colors, much like the famous pieces Warhol did for celebs like Marilyn Monroe in his day.

“I am picking up where Andy left off, and Kim is the perfect addition to the Warhol legacy. There is no way Andy Warhol would not have painted her. Kim is manufactured gorgeous and is beyond fabulous. How could Andy not have been inspired to paint her like he did Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor?” Monica Warhol said.

  • AnitaP

    I feel so sad for them both.They are both wantabe and nobodys.People are so sick of them!this article just proves that they want to be just like loyal family,which they eill never be!she is not intellegent and no matter how much money you have they will never be able to buy class or education!I am sad that these young generations are looking this crap on tv.I grew up with educational shows,with books and i am afraid for my children that will have all this garbage on tv to look up to!i know many of you will say you like kim and that she is great,but those who have at least a little brain will agree with me!i am shocked every day how many people defend and watch this garbage on tv.and most of people i know are highly educated people.so sad that all we have now days is reality nobodys to look up to!so sad!

  • Jamie

    Money will never buy class!K&K are nothing but garbage that everyone is starting to get sick off!Just because your wedding will be at some palace does not mean you are royalty!The royal family probably thinks you are crazy for trying to be them!Get education and move on with your life!No one care for a whore and some crazy crack raper!!!Tv shows please find something educational we are tired of this garbage!!!