Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Sue YouTube Co-Founder

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When there’s an exclusive video surrounding Kim Kardashian, you should be very skeptical of whether you want to leak it or not. If the reality TV starlet’s last infamous video and lawsuit are anything to go by, leaking any exclusive video of hers is a big “no-no.” Now, it’s happened again.

Of course everyone knows Kim and her boyfriend, rapper Kanye West recently got engaged on her birthday, Oct. 21. The “Yeezus” rapper popped the question in a private affair where he rented out the home of the San Francisco Giants, AT&T Park. The intimate affair consisted of only close family, and select friends.


However, West did permit E! Entertainment Television’s camera crew to film the event for “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” This was the only exception was all that the rapper allowed, so there shouldn’t have been any other footage of the event, right? Wrong!

This is exactly why the rapper, and his fiance’ have filed a lawsuit. TMZ reports that the couple’s attorney, Eric George, states that the culprit behind the video leak is none other than YouTube co-founder, Chad Hurley. As one of YouTube’s initial share holders, Hurley was also apart of the massive merger and acquisition that took place when the company was sold to Google for approximately $1.65 billion.

So, you’d think monetary gain wouldn’t be a factor for Hurley right? Well, that’s partially true, however, notoriety and exposure seem to be the basis of prosperity, according to the suit. Both elements where intended to be a means of generating revenue, and user traffic to his latest video site.


The lawsuit states that Hurley plotted to leak the video for his own upcoming Internet venture, MixBit, which is another video broadcasting site along the same lines of YouTube. The couple also took things a step further with a “low-blow” toward Hurley stating that he was ‘desperate to find a second act’ after two failed business ventures, following the massive sale of YouTube. The suit also states that Hurley was, indeed, in attendance at AT&T Park that day. However, he was not invited, but somehow bypassed security, and ‘manipulated his way in.’

Once discovered, West did allow Hurley to stay, but he was required to sign a confidentiality agreement. The funny part is, Hurley actually took a picture holding up the agreement! Maybe, the small confidentiality details slipped his mind in the heat of the moment, because soon after news of the engagement hit the media, so did the video.

The lawsuit goes on to state Hurley’s damaging actions. After posting the proposal video on MixBit, he took to Twitter the next day to share the video he recorded. Hurley exposed the video to more than half a million people based on his massive number of Twitter followers. A press release was even posted on MixBit in reference to the video. However, the press release has since been removed.

The monetary damages for the suit will include punitive damages, but no definitive amount has been disclosed as of yet. While the couple has not put a number on the value of the video, they do state that it was intended for MC Cable Television, which is a Bunim/Murray and E! Entertainment Television subsidiary. The subsidiary produces and syndicates “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”


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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Sue YouTube Co-Founder
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  • Really Kim?

    This is the most self-absorbed woman in the world. Then she hooked up with a crazy guy. The Kardashians are phony and this in no way damaged their lives. They are just ticked they couldn’t make more money.

    You want to know why men don’t trust women and why it is never wise to spoil a woman in any way? Look squarely at Kim Kardashian. There are lots of her type in America. Not all at the same level, but definitely her type. You know– the woman that always says that it is about —- me me me me me!

    Sad thing is there are lots of good women out there too but they get lumped in with the bad ones cause men have been burned way too much.

  • How To Deal With Kim

    Dealing with Kim and actually all women is pretty easy. Just ignore them. Women in America have to be the center of attention. You can be talking about the sluttiest porn start to the most disgusting feminist. Women just like to be the center of attention. When they piss you off, just ignore them. It is the worst thing you can do to them.

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