Kim Dotcom’s Mansion Raided By Special Tactics Force, Details

    February 8, 2012
    Billy Thomas
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A helicopter hovered above the ground, a squadron of highly trained men erupted from the chopper. Armed to the teeth, the men raided the fortress of MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom searching for the file sharing kingpin

Officials raided the mansion, invading room after room searching for firearms and bombs and other threats that may pose themselves. According to popular site TorrentFreak, police moved upstairs to find the notorious site owner, destroying a dumb waiter in the process, thinking he was hiding inside.

Dotcom’s bodyguard later revealed that Kim had been hiding in the mansion panic room referred to as the “red room”. When asked if the invasion was overkill, Dotcom’s bodyguard explained to 3 news that if only a few police officers had shown up rather than a whole task force:

“He would have complied with everything, we would have sat at the large table, he would’ve probably offered them breakfast and he would have complied with everything”.

These accusations that Dotcom and his staff are facing, although serious, are a bit dwarfed by the overkill actions by authorities. The aforementioned squadron is an elite terrorist task force and Dotcom has never been charged or accused of terrorism. Some media and other news platforms are a little puzzled as to why the authorities used such tactics, but nevertheless, the crimes faced by Dotcom are indeed serious and if found guilty or not, justice will be served.

  • http://www.grputland.com/ Gavin R. Putland

    If the American jury thinks Mr Dotcom’s likely sentence is excessive, it can acquit him regardless of the “law” and the facts, and the acquittal is binding. It’s called “jury nullification”. But the jurors won’t be told this in court. They’ll need to hear about it from elsewhere. Spread the word!

  • http://thephilippines.co.nz Levi

    The whole thing is just a big farce, if it wasn’t so serious I would say that its a joke. But the John Key administration that show pony’s American style house invasion tactics to impress their capitalist masters is the beginning of a very serious attempt to set a legal precedent in or tiny Island nation!

    This man is not an American citizen but a dual German/kiwi one

    He has not yet stood trial yet they are stripping, seizing and freezing his assets under the proceeds of crimes act.

    He has done nothing but contribute financially to the economy bearing in mind that megaupload is just a small part of his over all fortune and business activities, yet other immigrants are given the dole and relocation expenses under the u.n. immigration scheme whilst they have no hope of ever contributing a single extra cent of foreign capital to our countries coffers.

    The biggest joke of all is that the crimes Kim is accused of do not meet the requirements of New Zealand’s extradition treaty with America.

    This is disgusting and there should be a public outcry.

    I just thank God that the New Zealand judiciary is actually quite level headed in respect to fairness.

    But too bad for poor old Kim who will no doubt be deported back to Germany for bad behavior. Tsk tsk tsk Shame on you don-keys