Kidnap Victim Shuns Family For Not Looking For Her

    May 10, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Kidnap victim Michelle Knight has requested that her family members not visit her in the hospital as she recovers from what has been an 11-year ordeal, apparently because those closest to her didn’t look for her after she disappeared.

32-year old Knight vanished in 2002 after a custody dispute involving her then-young son, and her family thought she had run away. When kidnapper and rapist Ariel Castro allowed Knight and the two other women he held captive–Amanda Berry, 27, and Gina DeJesus, 23–to watch television, he taunted them with footage of candlelight vigils held in their honor. Knight’s family held no vigil, in part because they believed she’d left of her own will.

“They took him and she went out and took off and never came back,” said her grandmother. The family did file a missing persons report, however.

Knight, who was held the longest of the three women, reportedly suffered five miscarriages at the hands of Castro, who allegedly beat her in the stomach and starved her while she was pregnant. She remains in the hospital’s care, though the other two women have been released. Ohio prosecutors say they are pursuing a charge of aggravated murder on Knight’s behalf, which carries a possible death sentence.

The three women were rescued earlier this week after Amanda Berry saw her chance to escape with her 6-year old daughter and took it, banging on the outer door of the home to get the attention of anyone nearby. Neighbor Charles Ramsey was just finishing dinner when he heard the noise.

“I’m eating my McDonald’s; I come outside; I see this girl going nuts,” he said. “I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms. Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway!”

Investigators said today that they’ve confirmed that Berry’s daughter belongs to Castro. Ramsey said he was shocked to learn of the horrors that went on just feet away from his own home.

“I barbecued with this dude! We ate ribs and whatnot, and listened to salsa music!” he said.


Michelle Knight has reportedly been released from the hospital and is asking for her privacy as she continues recovery. She has thanked everyone who helped with the rescue and anyone involved with setting up a fund for her, Berry, and DeJesus.

  • Robin Scheff

    I don’t blame her at all. She’s had a long time to think about it and her request needs to be honored. They left her to her fate because they believed the worst in her and believed she had left her son and run off. I feel so badly for her because it seems she endured the worst of it. Starved in order to make her babies die, beaten in order to kill her babies still in her. Her family never looked for her. Just terrible and pathetic. She will need the most help of them all. I hope she gets all the help and treatment she needs.

    • melfc1221

      What a nightmare for her and those other poor girls as well – but ESPECIALLY her! That guy should be castrated FIRST and THEN left to ROT in jail for the rest of his life! Hopefully, he’ll be forced to become somebody’s BITCH and get a taste of his OWN medicine!

      • JD

        Rot in jail would be too good, rot in general, outside or in a basement tied or chained to a chair.

        • Cristie

          This is my opinion. Death is the easy way out. I would like to see him put in a small white walled cell with no windows, only a toilet and a blanket on the floor. Chain him up once in a while, and then bring in one of the other prisoners that is also a sex addict and let him have fun with him. He deserves punishment, not death.

          • Anne Kate

            I agree that he not be put to death. If he is willing to talk about his life and Mother & Father and what they did to him… I am positive he must have been abused… I think we can help Many Other Families with that information. And as for Michelle.. her family can sit in that room too. Michelle was fighting for her born son when she disappeared…that’s love.. her family didn’t do that. SHAME ON THEM!

          • Sandee

            I totally agree. Death is the easy way out. I think he deserves to get what he gave. Maybe if sentences for crimes reflected the crimes rather than “easy outs” criminals may think twice before committing such unthinkable offenses. And he deserves to pay for each victim, consectutively, not concurrantly.

          • cj

            Well he needs to be put in a dirty room chained up with no toilet actually, I bet they didn’t those girls didn’t have one. The bastard deserves worse then the law will provide.

          • johnny

            Anne Kate..you are the biggest idiot on the face of the earth. You are sicker than Castro.

          • William Links

            shoot the sob and throw his body in the ocean no taxpayers money for years to keep him alive. make him fish food

          • Dot

            Please Anne Kate, you must be out of your mind as well. We should pay some shrinks to listen to this monster whine about his upbringing at the taxpayer’s expense??? For what purpose?? There is nothing to study. He is just another sociopath- one who was smart/lucky enough prey upon those in society with little recourse, in a city run by incompetent fools. He is only human in form- he has no morality, no compassion, no empathy or other human emotions- he has no soul (for those who are more spiritually inclined).

          • wtf

            trying to respond to anne kate— “he must have been abused” really THESE 3 WOMEN were ABUSED as many others that im sure do not turn around and ABUSE as well as others who have NEVER endured abuse and turn around and do horrible things to others THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR WHAT THIS MONSTER DID

        • Melanie Gibson

          Yes, he needs to go to general population in jail, and let the other animals get him

          • Linda

            My thought is he should die a very slow, painful death… put in the worse prison, guards turn your backs when his abuse starts, let him get beat, whipped, raped and starved. He’s a pig and needs to be treated as such. If he gets the death penalty, I hope before his last breathe, the electricity goes out and he gets to linger, and I hope it repeats, causing him unbearable pain.

          • Dot

            People would be lining up to take him out, which is why they would never put him into general population. He would have a cushy little life with the other pedos and rapists. I can’t think of any crime that has disturbed me as this one- so much brutality and torture- for a decade! I really can’t think of any punishment severe enough for this monster.

        • sandra

          I personally think that he should be gang raped every day for the rest of his miserable life.

          • Gigi

            I totally agree! He doesn’t deserve to have the relief of death…he should be kept alive in the most horrid prison with sexually sadistic men. FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE!

      • j

        I prefer the death penalty for this guy.

        • Michelle

          she had 11yrs of misery , how could anyone wish death and let him be over it in a minute. that has to be the worse thing in my book

          • kellsokells

            We would have to feed that sorry sack of crao and that would cost us money I say kill him save the taxpayers money and put that money it would take to feed him bologna sandwiches until he dies of old age and put it in the girl’s funds instead, use it for something productive, we spend enough on fed and housed evil criminals the worste of them still get 3 meals and a shower, a roof over their head and WE PAY FOR IT! JUST AS PISSED ABOUT PAYING CLEVELAND P.D. AND for Family services to investigate only to possibly come out when citizens call IF they do and whe nthey did they left no door to door knocks to talk to neighbors and get witness statements, no thorough investigating WHY ARE THEY TAKING TAX MONEY TO DROP THE BALL !!!!!!!!! SOMEONE NEEDS TO ANSWER THE CITIZENS! WE ARE NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS AND IT DOESNT NEED TO QUIETLY DIE WE SHOULD HAVE ANSWERS – REAL ANSWERS NOT HALF ASS EXCUSES FROM THE VERY DEPARTMENTS WE EMPLOY TO SERVE AND PROTECT, THEY DIDNT DO ANY SERVING AND PROTECTED AFTER IT WAS SO BLATENTLY IN THEIR FACE AND THAT IS BULL, PRAISE HEAVEN THEY ARE SAFE BUT THERE ARE OTHERS HOW MANY OTHER CALLS HAVE HAPPENED LIKE THIS? THIS COULNT HAVE BEEN CLEVELANDS FIRST

          • DALE

            no I can think of many things that I would rather have him suffer through but sadly our system will not let that happen but we will give him an education,cable tv,three meals a day,(more than the girls got I am sure) so yes lets kill him but perhaps we should skip the headshave and let him smoke for awhile.

          • bgoodhuman

            Even if this monster gets the death penalty, he
            would have sufferred plenty by the time they carry out the death sentence. They don’t execute the condemned right away. It does take several years.

          • Cricket

            I agree with letting him suffer AND putting him to death…a piece of crap like him doesn’t deserve to live, in case maybe the system forgets about him or accidentally lets him go and that poor baby girl he fathered will be tormented by the fact he’s alive and her dad. So lets DO BOTH; Put him in a prison and have him confined in a small, windowless room where every night someone comes in and sexually tortures him for 11 YEARS…then and ONLY then put him to death and save us the taxpayer’s our money. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

        • j

          the only problem with death is he will sit on it for the next 50yrs having us support him. then turn around and say hes to fat to be put to death. we have more people on death row these days but they say there for ever.

        • suzie

          death would be letting him off too easy. What about the other men – they also deserved to get the worst punishment we can think of.

          • cj

            yea a few drunk brothers can turn in to a tell all session and I am sure that probably happened. they knew.

        • Cindy Granier

          I agree he should get the death penalty because the longer he’s alive the longer tax payers will have to pay to feed and house them. If he doesn’t get the death penalty, he should be tortured daily.

          • Joe

            Death penalty for sure, and it won’t be the easy way out, because in the meantime… do what the others suggest… because you know it takes them 20 yrs to execute someone…

        • Lorrie

          I do not want to study him. I do not care what his family did to him. He knew what he was doing was wrong. I don’t want to pay to feed and house him. I does not need to live. This is a depraved, sick and twisted individual and should no longer be allowed to breath. It is enough.

      • Mark

        I think this POS deserves a painful death of 96 continous hours of suffering. Then just kill the bastard in a meat grinder in 40 minutes so his last hours will be painful and he will be dead. He is NOT worth wasting a lot of money sending to trial. Just kill him now. If I had found the girls I would have put them in 1 room and WAITED FOR THIS PRICK TO COME HOME. I WOULD HAVE KILLED HIM AND THEN CALLED THE COPS. THIS BASTARD NEEDS TO DIE AND NOT WASTE Taxpayer money on him!!!

        • http://whatdoyouthink brenda

          i agree with you. LAY IN WAIT AND SMOKE THE BASTARD

      • http://yahoo Carol

        OH, in prison he will become some ones b***h and very quickly if not in protective custudy. In regular population he won’t last more than a month.
        Too bad we have to pay for lockup, trial, prison, etc. before he’s gone.

        • Sherrie

          I’m with Carol on this. He will placed in solitary confinement for HIS protection. As if he deserves protection! Praying for those women. They were just girls when they were snatched, raped and tortured. I can’t imagine how they survived, mentally more than physically.

        • http://cox jill

          Send him to Texas…………enough said!

      • markus

        Oh he will get killed in prison, in a few years. Child Molesters and sexual predators are the lowest of the cockroaches there. They have to be housed in separate buildings for their own safety. Some inmate will get through and kill that f**cker !
        The guards will turn their heads. Look what they did to Jeffrey Dahmer. I got a cousin in prison right now and he says the Child molesters and sexual predators are the lowest form of life in prison. Word gets to the inmates before the suspect even arrives at the prison. They will know what building he is located in and they will make his life hell before they kill him. He deserves it.

      • Angelo

        Hey..you “15 dislike people” …go join him in the cell too!

    • Lisa M.

      Robin, I agree with you 100%. I would not want to see this pathetic excuse for a family if they had refused to look for me. Yes, she was an adult but I would have heard alarm bells if my child suddenly disappeared.
      I remember earlier stories about Michelle’s disappearance and I recall one of the family members proclaiming that she had became a prostitute. They removed her from the Missing Persons list. Seriously, what type of family does this? I can only hope that Michelle’s attorneys but a cease and desist order on this family.

      • Lisa M.

        Something is seriously wrong with her mother. Barbara Knight stated, “I’m praying that if it is her, she will come back with me, so I can help her recover from what she has been through.”
        In addition, “… she has doubts that the woman found Monday really is her daughter.”
        Also, she proclaimed that she saw her daughter at a mall in 2010 and called out to her yet the woman ignored her. Why didn’t she call the police then?

        • http://yahoo.com tawana

          think her mom a selfish bitch for not looking for her and which one of you stupid said she went off to sell her self wow is that what you think of your family

        • patricia k

          think about what you posted. you are reacting to something you have no clue about. 1. the women were not let out of the house in 10/11 years and if they were it was no further than the garage. So if this mother thought she saw her at a mall and the women she yelled to did not answer, would you think it was her when she had not been in public? 2. You don’t know what this mother had to deal with, maybe there were other children that needed her attention? Maybe she had a job that would not allow her to be off for any length of time. There are a lot of variables here to which none of us know about but this mother. 3. Maybe this mother has a mental or physical issue? You assume everyone in the world is without problems or issues of their own. 3. I hope you are never on a jury. 4. you don’t read well and don’t understand what you have read. 5. If you don’t understand what you read, most likely you have issues understanding the different between hearing and listening. Sometimes silence is golden. You can learn a lot by keeping the mouth shut and listening.

          • kellsokells

            Patricia the bottom line is CPD was called and children services all of these WE pay for, they were alerted did no door to door knocking and further investigating, they went away when no one answered – I have never seen anyone give up so easily and never return and WE PAY THEM, they should be accountable and the citizens shouldnt let this administrative screw up die quietly think of how many other calls like this were probably made to those separtments and how many others may be out there that can or could have been saved if they did it in this case they probalby have done it in others and should be forced to pay restitution for those girls for each day after that call was placed that they dropped the ball and didnt further investigate, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH HOLD THE GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE FOR ITS SCREW UPS – THAT IS SUCH BS, IT WAS THEIR JOB – NOT – the citizens to find the girls which I am glad they did and we should all do what the neighbors did who heard the cries and call if we hear something suspicioius but it disheartens me and sickens me to know we can call but they may or may not respond! What kind of SH*T is that!

          • MellyLugo

            Patricia you are so right sometimes silence is golden and you should have been the one to keep your mouth shut. 1.I don’t care how many other children I have or about a job if my child is missing that is my number one priority. 2.I am sure the other children may have needed her attention but they are home with her and the other one is missing so who needed the most attention.3. You must not be a mother to even think that way.4.Next time keep your mouth shut silence would have been golden for you.

          • Carly T.

            Actually I think Patricia has a point in that we don’t know what’s been going on in the lives of others. If all those things about her mom are true, then do we know for sure it was because she didn’t care? Could it have been this young woman (kidnap victim) had some sort of history of running away, or behavioral problems? NOT saying in any way that if she did, she deserved what happened to her, simply that perhaps there is a reason why her mom believed the worst about her. She should’ve still made sure of what was really going on, but I don’t know, maybe she had suffered through ordeals caused by her daughter in the past and she believed her disappearance was just another “stunt”. No, I do not know any of this to be a fact, just trying to explain that there can be many explanations for the family’s reaction to her disappearance. We just don’t know their whole story.

          • Shunya

            As a mother of 4 myself if one of mine became missing (God forbid)a job can go to hell because that would become my job. When you are a mama you multi-task. Nothing or no one comes before your children regardless if you are a mother or father. You have to be stupid not look for your child if he or she is missing no matter what your assumptions are.

          • Cathy

            Before you go making comments to other people, you need to proofread your own comments. Point 5, “understand the different between”.

          • http://yahoo.com pam

            Patrick I couldn’t have said that better myself I totally agree with you there

          • http://yahoo.com pam

            Patrick I totally agree with you .

          • . Sad as that isSher

            You my dear are very judgemental yourself. I can tell you this and I think any mother can agree who has lost sight of their child for any longer than a few minutes. Your heart is ripped from your soul and your life stops. No job, No other concern in this world would stop me from looking, searching till the day I died to find my child. PERIOD! So be it with every mother I know. So I gather your Not a mother or you have no parental instinct, which some women don’t. In which I say don’t make your rude ignorant comments to us mothers who would die for our children and can’t understand the abnormal because we are the norm. Look up at the ratings. You will see your way off on this one. Her not wanting to see her family is a clear indicator somthing is amiss with the family. Your the only one standing up for the mother? Wow, some people never cease to amaze me. A child was kidnaped, her babies murdered, she was forgotten as far as she is concerned, and as far as I’m concerned, I care only what she needs right now, not the Mother.

        • Shunya

          She was hoping it wasn’t her. She probably was sadden because she was found. No matter what issues your child have you never give up on them. You work through your problems together. If Michelle was mental or unfit as a mother than she should have helped her by any means necessary. She had no right to strip her child away from her.

          • suzie

            I am just answering Kellsokells commnets. I do agree that the child protective services should have done more to investigate but I will say also I suspect that there are so many calls to them that it is hard to respond to all of them and you are probably also dealing with a “burned out” workforce that needs to change periodically. That may sound harsh but I worked in mental health for a few years and I will say that many of the staff their were beyond their “prime” meaning they didn’t even act like they cared – they were there solely for the check. I think many go into it thinking they can make a difference but burn out quick because there is not enough staff, no funding to speak of. This is of course just my opinion.
            I am amazed that the neighbors did not take more action – report them until they got action.

      • http://about.me/wizardynoid Wizard Gynoid

        maybe you mean a *Restraining Order*.

      • Lonnie

        Yea Lisa, and was even sadder is that if he teased the others with photos of candlelight vigils than he definitely teased her about her family, not even looking for her. I hope that all families who believe their kids to be run away open their eyes and at least look for their missing. Even if it’s to get a “I’m Okay, leave me alone” answer.

        It’s no telling how far he went to beat them down mentally. The neighbor said had he been there he would have beat him to death, and had he done so he wouldn’t have done 1 day in jail.

        • Lonnie

          Once the family say that the child is a runaway police don’t do anything. They don’t even investigate the case. The first thing I would say is what made the child run? What if a family member kill the child, all they have to say is he/she ran away? The number of missing run aways is unbelievable, where are they?

          • boner

            They’re at my house, in the basement, tied up, chains, the whole 9, $40/hour, no drugs.

          • Bella

            Boner – your reply is sick. Not funny at all.

          • reecee

            i hope task kick your door boner! u never kno u might be telling the truth!! hope u get reported!!

          • sad to hear

            boner: I hope you get arrested, you need to be reported to the law authorities. I feel you are telling the truth.

          • http://yahoo Axel

            Hope FBI search your basment you sick MF! YOU DESERVE A BOONER IN UR @SS JUST FOR SAYING THAT!

          • http://yahoo Axel

            OOPS A BIG BONER!

          • CherisHim

            The family “assumed” she was a runaway. I saw Michelles mother make a comment a few days ago. She did not even smile or seem excited about her daughters return; she seemed very cold. She talked about the friction in their relationship 10 YEARS AGO…..I hope the family that wants to adopt her gets to do that. She needs to be where she is celebrated, not where she is only tolerated.

          • Mark

            Boner – give me your address and I will come over and kill you!

        • Lisa M.

          It has also been proven that the missing person(s) case to find Michelle was dropped because the authorities could not locate the Knight family. They gave up on Michelle long ago…sad. I do hope that Michelle can see her son and (if she is of stable mind) regain custody. She deserves a second chance but Stockholm Syndrome is difficult to overcome.
          I give no apologies but the Knight family appears to be illiterate and ignorant in the media. The best thing that Michelle can do is to forget that she ever had a family.
          I have the best wishes to her in the future but her family will hold her down in the future. She does not deserve to be abused again.

          • Lisa M.

            The family was also making excuses as to why they stopped looking for her. Such as, we only had one picture of Michelle that the police took…

          • J.B.

            We can’t keep saying Stockholm syndrome every time there is a victim in the clutches of a kidnapper. The time they were allowed out of the house,as reported in the 911 call they were naked and with dog collars. They were not able to get away because they were in bondage.

          • CherisHim

            The family “assumed” she was a runaway. I saw Michelles mother make a comment a few days ago. She did not even smile or seem excited about her daughters return; she seemed very cold. She talked about the friction in their relationship 10 YEARS AGO…..I hope the family that wants to adopt her gets to do that. She needs to be where she is celebrated, not where she is only tolerated.

          • Anne Kate

            ???Stockholm syndrome ???? WHAT???? & Michelle’s ‘stability of mind’??? where’d all that come from… Gina’s & Amanda’s state of mind! TO ANY OF YOU WHO DON’T KNOW THIS YET::: MICHELLE HAD TO STAY IN THE HOSPITAL LONGER BECAUSE SHE NEEDS FACIAL RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY!!! THAT’S HOW SEVERELY BEATEN SHE WAS BY THAT PERSON-KNAPPER!!! She will need lots of therapy to regain self-confidence not just from being held for 12years under horrible circumstances, but in addition to her CORRECT DECISION SHE MADE NOT TO SEE HER PARENTS… possibly the brother was young when she left, and did always love his sister… maybe he wondered why his own Parent didn’t look…but chose to dismiss her and move to Florida. She sounds like she has head in the right direction. NO MORE ABUSE FROM ANYONE!

          • suzie

            Mark, boner ( just the name shows what a looser he is) will probably get what is coming to him without you having to do a thing. But I for one appreciate your sentiment.

          • Ellie

            well stated Lisa.

      • sassylipps

        as bad as i feel for this girl, all of them for that matter, how horrible. but who are we to judge any one. we dont know what kind of person this girl was before this happened. how do we know what she put her family through. they did say she lost custody of her child, so that says something right there. there needs to be alot of healing on all parts.

        • annette

          really, what kind of girl would deserve this — no matter what her life is like. No matter what her personality is like. Compassion is the important thing — everyone does stupid things when they are young — that is why we wise up when we are older — What she put her family though doesn’t matter — For I am almost certain, even without knowing, that she didn’t treat her family like she was treated.

        • Kate

          @sassylips, are you for real??? You tell everybody they have no right to judge, then go on to judge the victim (classic society mentality) saying “since she lost custody of her child, that says something right there.”

          Really what does it say, that maybe he had a better lawyer, because the article says “custody battle”. If you are going to chide others for judgment of this NONWINNER of a family, surely the last person you’d judge is the victim…

          If I sound mad, I am, very mad, because she was not only publicly victimized by her family, but a victim that got it the worst by the hands of this subhuman…

          She has every single right in the world to not want her uncaring family around. The trash they talked about her, the “we don’t even know if this is my daughter.” Sadly it sounds like he found a victim, that had been victimized by her own family long before he got a hold of her…

          I know, I have a daughter that has been missing for 7 yrs, she left on her own accord. I know where she lives, and I write e mails to her. She decided that going to medical school, and having any family, or issues that come with family was NOT going to be part of her life..

          She left at 21, and the police in Portland told me that there was NO WAY they would file a missing persons case… After all she’s an adult, and had every right to leave it out telling anybody… Only lead I got was that she transferred from the one state University to another, and I was told that(the university) wasn’t supposed to give that much out…

          If I didn’t know she was alive, and her SS# active (at the university she now attends, I’d have been back down to the police station, banging on every door til someone listened…

          Thank God we have the internet, and it was there back then for this young woman. Her family sounds like a case that feel off Jerry Springer. Her healing IS best left in the hands with people who actually care what she went through… I sooo can picture her family telling her she got herself into her own mess…

          Judgmental, well all the ugliness, and no prayer vigil says a lot about them; saying they had one picture, and they didn’t even know it was her… Yeah, she’s best off far far away, there’s no Stockholm syndrome, I don’t see that in any of them..

          My prayers and warm thoughts go to these girls, and Michelle for having her babies starved and then beaten out of her… Bless her for never giving up, especially knowing the mind games this subhuman tried playing on her…

          • Billy

            What does it say about you that your own daughter won’t even talk to you?

        • Angela

          we don’t know the situation why she lost custody, so know that doesn’t say anything.

          • Anne Kate

            We know Michelle’s own family didn’t look for her… I believe she should have had custody of her own son… and I’ll bet her family was telling her not fight for him… just like they didn’t fight for her.

          • Anne Kate

            We know that she loved her son enought to fight for him…unlike her own family who dismissed her quickly as ‘just disappearing’… How many families don’t panic & search for someone they love? Tons search no matter how old someone is. Michelle’s parents, at least just didn’t care about her!

        • JOANN

          She lost her son because her mothers boyfriend .

          • Anne Kate

            Hi, Joann… I haven’t seen myself… but THAT SAY MOUNTAINS ABOUT HOW LITTLE THAT FAMILY & HER OWN MOTHER CARED ABOUT MICHELLE! Love to Michell.. Hope you’ll read all this support for you.

          • jeff k

            this guy needs to be taken out in a yard and have the shit beat out of him what a hunk of shit

        • http://facebook Jerri

          Come on, REALLY!! There is no excuse for a parent to give up on their child, even if the child is twenty-one.Maybe her parents were at fault and were not as caring! It sounds to me they could give a care less! Not believing it was their own daughter?, give me a break. What did she do make up that name when they asked her who she was? DO NOT blame someone who has been through what she has been through! Maybe it should have happened to them!

        • jack

          Sassylipps, you are as ignorant and as stupid as that idiot Boner or [Bonehead]. It doesn’t matter what she did before. Nobody deserves to be deserted by their family without knowing what happened to them. They are despicable for their non-actions and you fall into the same category for thinking like them. You should be ashamed. How would you like to be in her shoes. Her shoes are probably too good for you!!!

        • sarah

          Really??? Sassylipps!!!! No matter what kind of person she was her family should have unconditional love!!! You say don’t judge…you just did!! She did not deserve this or her family giving up on her!!

        • Jennifer

          @ sassylipps– I can’t believe you would have this mentality. If you are going to fantasize that she in someway deserved for her family to give up on her then way not blame the “way she was” on her family in the first place. Isn’t it after all “the family’s fault/ responsibility how their children turn out.” That kind of mentality is wrong, and to say you don’t know why her family gave up on her/ and maybe there is a good reason is completely absurd. You don’t know why she lost her son and the fact that anyone who(especially her mother) is suppose to love her would just give up without knowing that she was ok is the complete definition of a messed up situation. Not to mention her mother’s reaction– To be in a situation like that and to know that not one person in your life even looked for you. How awful.

        • MellyLugo

          Sassy it do not matter what type of child my child is I would look for her until the day I died.

        • Cee

          Let me guess, you’re one the “family” right one of the hate filled judgmental “religious” out here???….as far as custody, what do you know??? When you’re not around any longer, you can’t exactly fight for your child now can you Einstein or should I say DA??? The way the Cleveland’s CORRUPT government offices operate, you really have to wonder about how custody is awarded too. Who bought off who to get what they wanted??? You seem pretty judgmental when comes to one of these VICTIMS…her family is OBVIOUSLY a bunch of LOSERS…still bad mouthing her to make excuses for not looking for her at all…just SICK!!!! Oh yeah, sounds like a “picture perfect” clan alright. She’s better off without that TRASH.

        • Mark

          @Sassylips – YOU ARE A POS!!! No human being deserves to go through what these girls went through.

      • Ann P.

        My son ran away with his then girlfriend when they were both 16 and I reported him as a runaway. Her mother did nothing. I reported his car stolen (was in my name) so that they police could track him that way. I even went as far as contacting all their friends on FB all 600 approx. of them. I finally discovered that they were both hiding out in her old town 4 hours away. I called police chief there who tracked them down at a house known for drugs, etc. When he did it again I had him put in juvenile as a runaway for a month until he learned his lesson and finally decided to stay home. My point being that even if you think your child is a runaway you do all you can do to find them even when they don’t want to be found. she needed the support of her family the most after losing custody of her child. I’m glad she is at least speaking to one of her brothers. I read that her mother even moved to Florida. I would not have been able to move from her home or even change my phone # if my child had been missing regardless of the circumstances. I hope she gets all the counseling and medical care she needs. I also hope that her son’s father will allow her to see him knowing that she purposely did not abandon him. Best wishes to all these women and the courage and strength they are going to need to adapt back into society after this long and the ordeal they have suffered.

        • J.B.

          You are a great person for this. My dad got custody of me and refused to let me see my family on my mother’s side. For 9 years I had to endure his brutality and isolation. I was not able to move out of the house when I even became an adult. When I called a suicide hotline Adult Protective Services came and got me. The best thing that happened next was that I was able to call my family on my mom’s side using the same phone number that it had always been.

          • Anne Kate

            How did your Mother not go to court for her right to see you… the Court certainly did you an injustice. It sounds like you’ve come out of your trauma Ok… If you ever need therapy, don’t hesitate.. you don’t need a psychiatrist. “pyschotherapy” works wonders… kind of sounds bad..lol. We know the movies.. but it’s not. XO

        • http://yahoo Laurie Karakhanian

          I totally agree!!! Regardless of what your child(ren) do or don’t do, they are still your family and you love them unconditionally!!! I’m saying this from experience. My son was a handful and a half, and ran away several times, but I still always put out a missing report and called his friends and went out looking for him. Once he was found, he was given every opportunity to get it right. He even did some jail time which made him see the life he was living wasn’t a life he wanted to continue. Once he got out, Thank God, he finally understood and has been on the right path for the last 4+ years!!! I never lost faith in him!!! My heart goes out to these three young ladies, especially Michelle! I pray that they find and get the inner strength, self love and support that they need to help them heal and live their lives to the fullest. They are all very courageous for what they have been through to come out and still be able to smile. I hope Michelle can get back with her son and they can make up for lost time. God Bless them!!!

        • Renee

          She was taken at the age of 20. The most you can do at that point is file a missing persons and search yourself. You don’t have the option of Juvenile Hall. It does seem that most had reason to believe she didn’t want to be found. The fact that she happened to be kidnapped is a terrible turn of events that I’m sure no one expected. I’m just saying that it is likely that she had put her family through a lot. I love my daughter more than my own life (19) but we have had our share of up and downs. Your children can say and do things to hurt you immensely, especially when they are at the age where they think they know it all. Although there are many things a parent can do to determine if a child just don’t want to be found or if something terrible possibly happened. Just saying. :)

          • PATRICK

            And exactly how do you know she put her family through alot? Did you care to hear her side I won’t want you for my mother. Maybe you should talk to her before you say “JUST SAYING”.YOU SOUND LIKE YOUR JUDGING HER AND I BET YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HER. MAYBE YOU NEED SOME PARENTING CLASSES JUST SAYING.

          • Anne Kate

            Sorry for you Renee.. you don’t accept your children for who they… who they struggle to tell you what’s wrong with you. WoW! Another ‘Supreme Parent’.

        • http://Yahoo Dot

          It could quite possible be that the father and family said good riddance as she could not claim her son again? Have they turned the son against her? No child should think a parent forsakes them, specially the mother. I think this family is suspect and do not blame her if any of this is involved. Does her son want to see her? I doubt it after what they probably told him after she disappeared! A lot more to this story.

        • Jennifer


      • Anne Kate

        Totally agree with all you wrote , Lisa. Michelle was already being abused psychologically from her own family. Michelle has made her 1st Positive decision in Freedom to never have anything to do with a family like them. I know… I have a family just like that. And many others do too. Wish we can get our message directly to her.

      • Freddie

        Please do not think I am condoning any thing this family has done, but I know a very great family that has gone through hell with their daughter. They will eventually have to put their lives on hold and have to make their own 2 young sons do without in order to raise their 2 granddaughter because their 20 year old daughter is not a fit mother. If she were to take off with one of her loser boyfriends I am not sure they would look for her either.Think about the life this girl led before. She did not deserve the punishment she got! But it is possible her b

    • Mary Cushman

      I totally agree. Even if they thought she ran away what parent would not search for their child until they find them. Also, what about her son???

      • Listening

        She was 19, an adult. Technically she can’t be a runaway. The family can file a missing person report but not much else. This would be a good time for the family to heal.

        • Anne Kate

          Michelle heal with her family???? Are you nuts???? She has to heal from the last 11 years!!! And stay away from a family that didn’t care… Michelle showed the love she has inside her for fighting for her son at 20!!! When did that family do a thing to fight for Michelle?????

    • Judy Steele

      I wholeheartedly agree with you, Robin. Michelle does seem to have had the worst of bad treatment, by this disgusting sadist. I hope and wish, for her, the very best, from here on out. I want this for all three ladies. May the courts find this POS guilty of murder, among the rest of the charges, and that he gets the death penalty, along with his brothers. Anything less, would be just beyond my comprehension. We, as a society, have become so lenient, when it comes to capital crimes and now is the time to revamp the judicial system, so those that commit the worst crimes, actually get the ultimate, in punishments. Thank you, again, Robin, for your insight on this crime and the effect it has had on these young women. MUCH LOVE AND PEACE, TO ALL.

      • angelina

        I think the death sentence is too good for these sick SOBs. They deserve life in prison & be someone else’s b$%&*@#$

        • sheila freund

          These kinds of guys don’t live long in prison if out in the general population. They are classified as “Tree jumpers” by the other inmates and hated immensely. The other inmates view it as if it was done to their kid and eventually the perpetrator is found dead

          • Cee

            Child molesters and kidnappers are considered to be lower than murderers in the prison systems. He should be placed into the general prison population where the rest of the inmates will use him like a toy until he’s found dead. But no need for execution, he deserves to be tortured for as long as those girls were held in captivity…he deserves WISH he were dead but MADE TO LIVE ANOTHER DAY…

        • Dolores

          I wish people would stop saying they want this disgusting man to get life in prison. If he got life in prison he would just be sitting around enjoying the memories of what he did to these women and feeling like he got away with it. This disgusting man needs to be put to death and as quickly as possible.

          • Shell

            He might get life in prison, but it won’t be a long one. Inmate justice – He will get a taste of what he put his victims through. Inmate justice is swift and sure!

    • mary ann

      I do hope that Michelle can find some peace. Wouldn’t it be great if she would be allowed to see her son! Maybe Jacee Duggart can help her thru this.

    • Susan

      MAY GOD BLESS her with peace and prosperity.

    • Angel

      This is such a sad sad thing to have happened to these women, and the loss of self which was caused by this man. Treated like animals, and chained like dogs. Agree it will take time to heal, and learn that they still have value and are loved by many. We send them all our prayers and support, and just want them all to know, NONE of them have ever been forgotten…. we all had hope they would be found….

      • Magickal Hummingbyrd

        Angel… the way you worded your comment reveals a lot about you. You stated that you believe that chaining, abusing, torturing and killing beloved innocent precious loving Dogs, Cats and other beautiful Animals is fine and good and normal in your opinion! I am an organic vegan Animal Lover and Animal Rights Activist… Animals are innocent, loving. intuitive divine spiritual beings… they have no hatred nor deceit, and they are ALL Far More Spiritually Evolved than humans. Humans do/create ALL of the Evils and wars, corruption, toxic waste, deadly inventions, pollution poisons pesticides, deadly and zombie~making pharmaceutical drugs, GMO foods, torture, hatred, cruelty, continual horrific slaughter of precious loving Animals,and absolute destruction of Mother Earth… and every other Evil upon the Planet is done by the corrupted materialistic zombie human beings alone. NO precious Animal has caused even one drop of harm or pollution or destruction to Mother Earth ~ Nature. “Angel”… you are NO Angel to precious innocent beloved Animals! Those who condone the exploitation and harm of precious wonderful Animals are truly Demons! Abuse, Torture, Cruelty, robbing of Happiness and Freedom… should NEVER be done to Any precious Animals, nor to innocent Women or Children! Animal Abusers/Killers are the worst vile human scum on the Planet… they are psychopathic and dangerous and they find it easy to kill anyone.

        • linda

          Good job turning this around to be all about you! How selfish of you! Angel was just supporting these poor girls. You sound just a touch crazy!!!

          • Dan

            thank you Linda! Majikal is indeed wrong on this one! I was trying to post without cussing or using vulgarity. She made it hard for me to do so.

          • Diane

            I think you misunderstand. Seems to me the comments meant that people that kill, torture etc. animals is the type of person to kill anyone and that has been proven true. Serial killers typically start out killing and torturing animals. That doesn’t sound like a crazy statement to me.

        • Dan

          How the heck did you reach that conclusion? She said they were treated like animals, ABUSED animals! I love animaols also and it tweaks me to no end when someone harms any animal, these girls were human beings, and they were treated way worse than any pig hearted monster could treat an animal. You should really review your comments as Angel is right in her synopsis.

          • Diane

            Huh? ?????

        • mar

          Um… I’m just reading through all of this, and Magical Hummingbird, I do agree with you that animals are innocent and shouldn’t be chained up and beaten, but you are twisting someone’s words around and making it personal to you and your vegan beliefs which don’t have anything to do with this thread… I don’t know if you are trying to prove a point, but lets not lose focus on what the real topic is here. I think most people would agree that chaining up and torturing any creature, whether they are humans or animals, is completely evil and immoral. But, we aren’t talking about animals right now. We are talking about the innocent PEOPLE that were held against their will and abused for so long.

          • CherisHim

            Amen, Mar! Every single time I read comments after an article, there are a smattering of some that have actual thought and empathy….But it never fails that people get so far off topic and into their own little arguments based on a strangers ‘words’. Perhaps some could be ‘worded’ another way to make their point. But when the comments start to be toward each OTHER with low life language, time to x out of the webpage.

        • J.B.

          You seem to be in the wrong chat room here. This is for commenting on a family that abandoned their daughter to a kidnapper.

        • elizaraffles@gmail.com

          agree 1000%

        • elizaraffles@gmail.com

          and the thing is that people can open doors and leave but animals are not able to grow up and open doors and leave/support themselves. I agree hummingbird…and I thought the same thing when i read that. Animals are people and people are animals.

          • mar

            Elizaraffles and Magical Hummingbird, I think you both meant to join the PETA chatroom.

        • http://google Lori

          Actually, it seems to me we as humans have been given dominion over the animals and the earth to take care of them and use them as we need to. We are not to abuse any of the gifts God has given us but unfortunately we have not done so for many years. That is one matter. The other matter is that we humans are the only creature with an eternal soul and therefore are not on the same level as the animals as we are above them. Angel is so right that hers and many other hearts go out to these girls and we are all so sorry for the sins of evil creeps like him. Magickyl is also right that we should protect and promote the safety of animals but they in no way are over the humans. We are made in the image and likeness of God and that is because of our soul. We must keep track of that fact. Believe in the theory of evolution? Notice it’s still just a theory? God bless those sweet girls and may they try to get some sort of normalcy back in their lives. We should only ask, “How can we help?”

          • Mommy9097

            Im a little confused,as to why ANY OF YOU, are using this situation to comment on anything other than this HORRIFIC STORY!!!!! Honestly NOBODY CARES, about whether or not you eat meat, dairy,or how good you treat your pets etc!!!!!!! This is part of the problem with cases like this, people start to lose focus on the matter at hand.I dont care what your religious beliefs are, if you can find any empathy, compassion,or sympathy for Michelle”s family, then maybe you need to re-evaluate the God you claim to serve!!!!This is one of the WORST cases of abuse ever!!!! For the residents of Cleveland, its time to take action and take control of your community!!!!! Your tax dollars are providing a cushy lifestyle for those that have been elected to protect,serve, investigate, etc etc,yet there is unspeakable acts of horror being committed literally in your own backyard. THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING!!!!!SHAME ON CLEVELAND’S LAW ENFORCEMENT TEAM!!!!! Death is to good for this MONSTER!!!!!!! Praying that these women can find some peace, in their lives as they try to heal from this tragedy!!!!!!!!!

        • thatone

          Cows pollute way more than cars, invasive animals cause death and destruction, monkeys eat people’s faces ….
          and you seem way too angry to love anything :/

        • Bella

          Your comment is just fruity! I love animals and treat my dog better than most treat their kids. But my goodness, these poor girls are humans – which is an entire different case. Why would you even being up animals?

    • Stephanie

      I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU ROBIN. SO SO SO SAD…My heart just breaks for her and the others…being a mother of 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters, I just can’t fathom what they went through.

    • Jamal Ramathan and Maribellah

      Yes, we agree that Michelle Knight suffered the most and especially with all those 5 forced abortions. Please let us know what we can do to help. My wife Maribellah and I would like to make an undisclosed donation towards her care and recovery. Please let us join together and pray for all those victims (Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus) for an early recovery and pleasant future dreams in life and whatnot.

      • sheila freund

        I am in full agreement-God knows their plight and HE will help them if we ask.

      • http://yahoo Laurie Karakhanian

        Jamal Ramathan and Maribellah – That is really wonderful!
        It is really nice to know that there are still kind hearted, considerate and compassionate people in this world! God Bless you!

    • The Priest

      But, what would Messiah say?
      John 8:7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.
      Rom_3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;
      Rom_5:12 Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:
      Jas 2:10 For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.

      • MT

        I’m not religious, but if he had any form of mercy, he would not have let this happen to these girls. On the other hand, I have not beaten, chained anyone up, raped, kidnapped, or tortured or even though of doing what he had done to these girls. So, let me cast that stone him and I hope death is passed upon him by any form of sin; he doesn’t deserve any humane treatment.

        • sheila freund

          God does not LET anything happen to any of HIS children. That’s Satan’s doing—God will take this experience and use it for these women’s good.

          • Tawntee

            God does allow things to happen to us because he is a jealous God and commands us to put no other Gods before him…we have been given free will to make the right choice to follow God, but when we don’t God must step back and allow things to happen for us to see just how much we really do need him in our lives…we in essence allow bad things to happen to us because we choose not to listen to God and his perfect plan for our lives.

      • Me

        Sorry, but what is your point?

      • http://sonzchild@yahoo.com tammy

        That doesn’t excuse him. He has to pay. The Bible saws to obey the laws of the land. He mistreated and abused these girls as well as family before him. He raped and murdered. So what is the difference in him and a doctor who performs late term abortions. NONE. Again, he broke many of the 10 Commandments and SINNED. So you ask GOD what he would do. Of course forgive but not punish, I don’t think so. God is a Just GOD.

      • Bonnie

        What exactly is your point?

      • Sue

        I agree with “the priest” that God will forgive this man and forget the sin if he asks, BUT, Jesus tells us that what we sow, we must reap. Man’s law says if you take a life, you must pay the price. You can’t just say “I’m sorry” and have it all go away. If you take a gun and shoot someone, they are dead, saying you’re sorry isn’t going to make the alive again. You must pay the price for your sins.

      • Linda V

        I think he would let the Devil welcome him into hell!

      • givemeabreak

        are you kidding me, mr/ms holier than thou? This is not your forum to spew your religious quotes from the bible. Would you be so forthcoming with righteousness had it been your daughter, sister, mother, etc. Don’t use the bible to justify such evil acts!!

      • Bella

        Priest . . can you really write that stuff. I agree God is a loving gracious heavenly father, and he does forgive. But we as humans have to have a justice system and there has to be punishment for wrong doings. If we did not have laws, just imagine what our society would be like.

        We need to pray for the victims and the terrible things they have had to endure. Castro was pure evil in all his actions. Yes, I pray for his soul but he needs to be locked away forever.

      • anarkiegrl2

        Priest… I agree with the scriptures that you quote because they are God breathed…you are a much better person than I am because my first -off-the -cuff -instinct is to be outraged and “think” or want the worst for this man. However: I know (MT and shiela) and believe that bad things happen for a reason that we do have a criminal justice system here on earth for a reason, Gods justice is a mystery. Good or bad. Perhaps we should focus for a bit on this being a ‘hooray’ moment and thank God that these women are alive and wait to see what good will come from this terrible terrible situation, give our thoughts and attention to the victims not the punishment we would inflict on the punisher.

    • Dee

      My heart goes out to this child, now a woman. We can’t know the horror & pain she has gone through. We also don’t know the family situation and shouldn’t judge them for not searching for her. I disappeared from a dysfunctional family as a young girl. In my case, it saved my life. I did reconnect with my family when I was older & things worked out for me. This poor girl/woman was taken as a teenager and had no chance to work through her relationships. She found herself in a much worse situation. She needs time & help to heal. Hopefully, her family will understand.

    • irvinggirl

      NO she DID NOT LEAVE her son… He was removed via Child Protective Services….. The son went to the biological father… The mother and Grandmother DID NOT fight for him!!!!!!

      • http://sonzchild@yahoo.com tammy

        that still doesn’t make it right. She was still a hostage and abused. Many people “lose” their children at some process but to not look or persue my child at any age would be unthinkable. I would look the depths of this earth.

    • TC

      May GOD bless all these ladies, and this child. My prayers are with all of them. I pray Ms. Knight has someone to help her during this difficult time.

    • Beth

      I wonder if she can build some kind of relationship with her son involved in the custody dispute. What horrible things did they tell him? That his mom left him??? I don’t think ANYONE can begin to imagine what she has gone through in her adult life! First, to lose custody of a son at 21 or 22, only to then be kidnapped and treated inhumanely for 11 years by a complete pervert! I pray she can come to grip with what is true and right in life and start living for that. I pray for her to have peace from within.

      • http://sonzchild@yahoo.com tammy

        I agree. I hope she can find peace in getting to know her child.

    • http://Yahoo Joyce Wood

      Thoughts and prayers are with this young woman. I can’t even begin to know what she is going through. It is sad that her family wasn’t there for her when she needed them most. She is going to need time to heal and with God’s help go forward now that she is finally free to live in peace. All the best to Michelle.

    • Sherri

      Especially after they took her child from her. If she was upset enough about that to leave in the first place, didn’t EVER cross their mind that something was wrong because she never inquired about him?! Forget the family, we don’t know what went on there, but she was definitely a mother who lost her child and was upset. If it were my child, I would have known something was wrong because she didn’t call about her child at all! Shame on that family! Michelle, I don’t know you and honestly, I didn’t even hear of you until this incident, but if you need some family who does care, here we are, and I am sure there are a lot of people who would be willing to fill that void for you! I am sorry FOR EVERYTHING AND I MEAN EVERYTHING YOU HAVE WENT THROUGH!

    • http://Yahoo Janita Hutchinson

      Are you commenting from inside information or are you basing your comments on what the media is printing? 11 years ago that family seems to have been in crisis and seems to have started way before her child was removed from her care. The courts did not give custody to the mother or grandmother, why? I will reserve my opinion until we have more facts.

    • http://yahoo Bets

      She didn’t leave her son-Family Services took him from her because they believed she broke his arm. The family said that is why they thought she ran off-because of losing her son. At least that is what was on the nightly news today.
      I do agree that she is the one who is going to have trouble.
      Wonder why the kidnapper let the Berry girl have a child and killed her babies???

    • patricia k

      you and some others act like she voluntarily got pregnant. “her babies”? This was the result of an act of violence. If it were me I would be glad there were no children to remind me constantly of this piece of scum. How many of you with comments are neglecting your children to sit here and post stupid and ignorant comments. Go watch your children and teach them to never get in the car with someone without your permission or consent. Your time could be better spent doing something constructive and not here.

      • Sad as that is

        Patricia- you are as I expected, childless. As from your last posts. Stop judging mothers and please never have a child. Our children are in bed where the should be. This is mommy time where we get a moment before bed to read the news after caring for my child all day. I have raised 4 and adopted 1. You have no right to judge anyone here you do not know. I have raised and cared for special needs abused fostercare children in abused situations and my heart has been ripped from my soul more than you can imagine. Don’t judge me or any other woman. Your our society is plagued by women abusing and judging others, why come here to support the abused women to abuse and judge other women? Please stop. It is a virus among women and it only breeds our young women to grow up and do it to each other in schools and in the streets and work places. To end it we must stop it as adults. Be a bigger person.

      • YVette

        Patrica, your commenting on here all over the place…. more than anyone LOL I think you should go to bed

      • Vi

        People who get pregnant through violence are still capable of caring about their children. (Talk to them sometime!!) Do you think having your own flesh and blood forcibly killed inside you by your rapist is magically less traumatic just because the pregnancy wasn’t your idea?

        Personally, if I were her, I’d have killed him five times with my bare hands. I don’t know if I have it in me to become a mother on purpose, or even to be a custodial parent, but God help anyone who screws with my family!

    • Veronica

      I think they said that she lost custody of her son which is why they thought she had run off so a little different than thinking she abandoned her son, saw worst in her rather than fighting for her. We don’t know that history for them to think that and could have been more prior issues on both sides. That doesn’t justify her being tortured, imprisoned and her wishes should be honored at this time. I pray she is reunited with her son. I pray all these women have intense therapy and hope her family begs for her forgiveness but we don’t know that entire history with her family to comment. I think her family would probably be relieved and thankful that this miracle has happened and she is alive. Unfortunately, I do not think any of these women will have normal lives and refusing her family is all very complicated and part of the rage she is feeling. Pray that she does see them, that they do ask forgiveness and that she becomes a whole person again.

    • j

      how can a mother not look for a child I don’t care how old they are 11 years give me a break.thats a mother who only cares for themselves

    • debora

      It is so sad that after all she has endured she has such a bitter resentment for her family. We don’t know why her family didn’t search for her like the other girls family, her family knows her better than all of the outsiders who are passing judgement on them, I am sure they had their reason. This girl has been thru a lot and she needs the love and support of her family. I pray that she can find some forgiveness for them and work things out so that they can be a family again

    • Robert

      I’m going to take this opportunity to make a statement on behalf of the unborn… Castro is a monster for this, but he is captured/rendered helpless, and will meet his fate in prosecution and sentencing for murder of the helpless. The giant monster is the system that authorizes sucking down a sink of the helpless for convenience because they are simply unwelcome and unwanted…
      The right to decide is a responsibility needing to be addressed before the panties hit the floor from women who have free choice and aren’t forced!!!
      Anyone who objects to this statement has the opportunity because they fortunately were allowed to be born. The helpless dead crying out to our collective consciences did not have that option. Judgement will come…but there is a way out…God.

    • gloria schwazenhag

      the parents’ neighbors did not even know they had ever had a daughter. the media needs to be sure to not give them the time of day

    • anonymous

      This girl had very bad upbringing, not to mention all of the years in captivity. Years of abuse…way before she was even kidnapped…years of abuse after she was kidnapped. That woman claiming to be her Grandmother is not even her Grandmother…she is the girls Aunt, who by the way, had her children taken from her years ago for abuse and placed in Foster Homes…two of the children (girls) have super forever Foster Parents, husbands and families. I pray that Ms. M Knight will have a new and wonderful beginning with a new and wonderful family…not a family that is looking for fame and fortune…God Bless Michelle, Gina, Amanda and Baby Girl forever. You four are true Miracles and great inspiration for the entire world!

  • http://yahoo Joana Perez


  • http://yahoo sally

    I do not blame her……I would feel the same way!!

  • stay strong!!

    stay strong! all I can say is how sorry I am to hear what you have been thru! I don’t know your past but you need people around you to help you get thru this devastating situation you have been put in. so try to let some people in and talk to them. there are people that love you!

    • http://Webpronews.com BLW

      Your family is who you make it, y’all. There’s nothing wrong with turning away from “toxic” people. Michelle has EVERY right to feel ALL the emotions she needs to. MY loving/just God does ALLOW some serious stuff to happen, sometimes! It’s taken me about 20 years, and a lot of HARD work, to understand the meaning of some unsavory childhood activities. Even the worst of what I experienced, pales in comparison to your ordeal, Michelle. I wouldn’t go through that part of MY life ever again. I’ve tried to use it, though, as an opportunity as a lay council/good listener to others…even in a local women’s prison. So, don’t let anyone OR anything get in your way of seeking the treatment, etc. you so richly deserve. You have the courgage and determination to make that happen!

  • lynn scott

    i almost want her to come and live with me up in Michigan. Get well and may God be with you.

    • cathy

      I was thinking the same thing Lynn. I feel so sorry for her, and her family are shameful for not wondering where she was or what really happened to her. I wouldn’t mind her staying here either.

    • http://Yahoo bev

      She can come to Texas…..get the heck out of Cleveland….I was born and raised there, left in 1975 and never looked back.
      Hope she can see/get her son from such “loving family members!!”

  • Ade

    They should lock that guy in cage for the rest of his life.

    • Helen Carter

      She is not to blame for anything that happened to her and her feelings are completely understandable. But, she needs time of course, however, she must someday forgive (not forget, but forgive)in order to live a complete life, even if she never sees her family again. Poor baby girl (and her babies)! That man should be locked up alone forever, or at least 20 years then executed! Because execution right away is too good for him!

      • Susan

        It is very easy to hold a grudge in your heart when you have been hurt badly by a family member especially a mother. However…as a victim of abuse as a child by my own mother I have learned that holding this type of grudge will only continue the pain you are in and you will never be able to release it or be free from it. I am much older now and yes it did take me a long time to get over the pain from my childhood abuse but the best thing I ever did was give the burden to my Lord and Savior and allow Him to work in my life and grant me a full recovery. Without the Lord there is no possible way I would have ever recovered from the abuse I went through by my mother. I pray that these three young women will be able to put God in control and allow Him to help them move forward towards happy productive lives.

        • Right

          Susan, I understand what you are saying. But why now? Where was He during the 10 years in captivity? Where was His vengeance against Castro all these years they suffered at the hands of a sadist?
          These women need help and assistance that trained legal, medical and psychological people can assist with.

          • CW

            Don’t blame God. Castro is a free moral agent. All of us have the ablility to choose. He just decided to side with evil. He decided to let his thoughts and sick desires move him to a place where he imposed his will on these beautiful young ladies. Thankfully he was caught before he killed them because I’m sure it would have eventually come to murder because he couldn’t ever let them go even if they were 50 or 60 because at least 2 of them knew him. I just wish the courts would take these things into consideration when individuals do such horrible things and add that to their sentence/punishment.I hope these ladies will trust God it was never his intentions for this to happen. God created people He didn’t create robots but He tells us to be good to one another if you take time to read the bible. Ultimately, we have to decide to treat each other the way we’d like to be treated or really how we’d like our loved ones to be treated. We all need to make better choices, keep a watchful eye out and consider others because there’s lots of evil individuals looking for opportunities to do terrible things.

        • Keyle

          Leave God out…Do you really think that would Help?
          I am sure they prayed more times than you did in a lifetime. Where was God and why did he allow this to happened to such lovely girls?
          Call me Clara

          • http://sonzchild@yahoo.com tammy

            Why did God give HIS ONLY son to us? He never said there would be no evil. Infact HIS word says the very opposite. Through all these years of pain, my prayer is that they recover with peace and are able to help others.

        • Sandy

          I agree. I was raised in an abusive home for many years but it took the Lord’s doing to forgive my mother. You never forget but he helps to heal you. I now talk to my mother but before I could not stand to.

      • dj

        Sometimes you can’t forgive, you just do your best to go on. She most probably has PTSD and with abandonment issues/triggers. She is removing the toxic, and I did the same (I was abandoned and then subsequently severely abused by foster parents). It is very difficult to do, in and of itself. You cannot assume there is always unconditional love in a family environment (not saying you are). Unfortunately, it’s a sad reality that there are some terrible parents out there (which explains why so many children are in the foster system). She has a long road of recovery and therapy ahead of her. I pray she has some kind of support system to get her through this. The emotional scars NEVER go away.

      • L.C.

        Ariel Castro is a sick SOB who deserves any kind of punishment that can be thrown at him. He should be locked in a cell with some big, beefy convicts, while they are told that he is a child rapist. Even convicts hate child molestors/rapists, and he would not have anything easy after that. They would tear his a** up, and then throw him off of the third tier. That is the kind of execution that he should have; a humane death is too good for him.

    • angelina

      Agreed & be someone else’s b@#$%^& for life.


    So sad. There are no winners in this situation. This is a good example of what brainwashing can do to a young mind. My heart goes out to this girl and I hope somehow she is able to find peace.

    • Kristina

      What brainwashing??? Those girls were locked in that house and tortured and door had 5 locks on it! With his past wife who filed domiestic violence, he locked her in their house too, and never got out of home as well as reported to have broke her nose twice, missing tooth, dislocated both shoulders etc. This guy is the self centered monster and I want the same to happen to him in jail. Dont let these criminals kill themselves as that would make it too easy to get IV in and sleeping medication meantime they have caused extreme physical and emotional torture. Poor Amanda’s 6 year old who had to live her whole life seeing all this and more, and will always bear emotional damage from this as well as knowing her father was a rapist and more!God bless the girls!!

      • angelina

        Agreed, death is too easy for these SOB’s. Life in prison & being someone else’s b!@#$%^ got life is what they deserve.

  • gayla

    God Bless you Michelle. May you find some comfort and happiness in your future. God keep you in his loving arms my dear.

  • Gennie Figone

    God Bless You Michelle. I’m so very sorry your family didn’t look for you, I would have never stopped if I knew you. I still search for my friend who vanished in 1970 & I’ll never stop. When I saw his mother in 1976 she told me not to tell anyone about her son, I found that sickening. I sympathize with you for that reason alone, you did and do deserve better. I pray you get all the necessary support from those who do have your best interest at heart. There are good people in this world, you have survived the unimaginable. Again God Bless You Always.

  • ALR

    This is tough. I really feel for her. I do. But, as far as her family and how they dealt with this situation, we have no idea how she acted with her custody situation and her son before she was kidnapped. There has to be some reason for her family to assume that she had run off. Those opinions didn’t just come out of nowhere. So maybe the thing to do is give each other some time to adjust and then work to give each other a break and understand each others position and help her to adjust to having a son and her being a mother.

    • Ferne

      her son was taken because her MOTHER’S boyfriend abused him! They are all pieces of shit and I am sure only interested in wanting her around now because of what they think they might get from it. They make me sick.

      • http://www.facebook.com/soniajb3 supervisor25

        I’m NOT here to argue, just here to ask for & state the facts, period-do YOU have any proof about what you’re posting here? You stated that Michelle’s son was removed from her care, because Michelle’s mom’s boyfriend abused him? I’m going to assume that you know this family personally, correct?

        No hating here, I’m just asking for clarification here. Not to mention, another posting previously, that someone in Michelle’s family made the comment that they thought she became a prostitute, so her name was removed from the Missing Persons List? Thereby, making an investigation into her disappearance, not worthwhile-that was just wrong, on law enforcement agencies’ part. Both Michelle’s family members and law enforcement should’ve continued looking into her disappearance, even after all these years. I can totally understand her need for wanting some privacy & space, after what she’s been through.

        Michelle, I hope & pray that you find some solace & strength to reach out to folks, to help you in your recovery. I’d like to know what happened to Michelle’s son. Where are his whereabouts, during the time she was missing? Agencies, I do hope that you all work with Michelle, in achieving some closure, for her & her son.

      • angelina

        agreed. they are POS

      • http://sonzchild@yahoo.com tammy

        I only hope you or your family never have to suffer thru what she did. You are cruel.

    • Valerie

      I don’t care how bad my child would of been at the time her son was taken. I could never live not knowing if my child is dead or alive. Any parent should of kept looking just to know that.

    • Twila

      We cannot walk in another person’s shoes–and it is too early to judge her family harshly. The “proof in the pudding” is to see what her child thinks of her now–was his mind poisoned by things he was told or was he told good things about her? Baby steps, baby steps. I would want some time away from everyone–time in the hospital away from the media and general public–it would take me some time to crawl out of that shell and be ready to face questions and life again. Nothing abnormal here–no conclusions to be drawn–how do we even know the reason that she wants nothing to do with her family –maybe her captor brain washed her and turned her against them. Why did Castro pick on her to abort her children and Amanda’s child was kept–and Michelle was threatened to be killed if the baby did not live? One would guess that Michelle was raped the most often to have so many pregnancies–would also guess that she was abused far more often than the other two. These three are all survivors–as a nation we need to give them time and privacy so they can handle things at their own pace.

      • Ped

        I read Amanda had multiple miscarriages also.

  • http://Facebooknews JM

    God Bless you girls now WOMAN..God will have his revenge in the end…but you do need family, friends and neighbors to heal the heart….build a new life of FREEDOM…peace of mind…God is your strength…you have proven how strong you are..now show yourself, families that you will endure…God died for your sins…cherish family life as it should be…in God’s eyes…

  • Laura

    I think this is so horrible, what this monster did to these girls, & especially what he did to Michelle, the pain of being starved alone is bad enough,but then on top of that add the pain of having a miscarriage, I know how painful miscarriages are, I have had two & they are very physically painful, & emotionally also, and to think he did this to her repeatedly, and on top of that, he propably had alot of time to make her think nobody loved her, or wanted to find her, all the while she being chained, & tied & locked in a room!Unforgiveable, I just wish his punishment could be that, he could feel that same kind of torture, that he inflicted on her for so so long, before hopefully getting the death penalty!!

    • Lou

      Why was she the only one he did this to. Could she be lying.

      • Chelle

        Why assume the worst? Wouldn’t the other women say she was lying? Remember, they were there as well.

      • ro

        The source of this info seems to be the police reports. If she were lying, it would seem likely the other two women would have refuted her statements about what happened. That has not come to light. It is very easy to jump to a quick judgment of character…not enough is known at this point about this girl’s very troubled life…I wish her well and feel very badly for the ordeals life has thrown at her.

        • cyncherri

          you have to remember he had those girls in separate rooms most of the time, They probably never saw each other very often in the 10 years. I don’t believe she is lying, why would she need to lye. she has been through a horrific ordeal. I wish them justice and peace.

      • Kristina

        I cant even believe you may think she may be lying! The other girls verified all the torture and that is why they even had forenics dig up back yard. Do you think he used a condom or supplied girls with birth control while he raped them? She suffered so much even prior when her mother’s boyfriend was abusing her young son. Yes, these girls will be millionaires after the book and movie are certain to come out, but that money will never erase these years of torture !!

      • V

        What on this God’s green earth would she have to lie about? After the HELL she’s been through, for the last 10 years, seriously! People with this (your) mindset, are the ones who probably think what was done to ALL of these women was not a big deal. Are you also the type that would walk away from the screams for help? Probably. Sadly this is how unfeeling you have come through on this particular subject. These women are in my prayers, I will add you to them as well, for a little more morals in your thoughts process & more compassion in your heart.

      • ER

        The medical results from her physical would tell the whole story. There’s no reason to doubt that the miscarriages and physical trauma happened.

      • Sunshine

        Shame on you, Lou!!

      • Ped

        He did the same thing to Amanda. She reported at least 5 miscarriages, starvation and beating also. I have not read anything about Gina having miscarraiges.

      • Kristin

        Lying? I think the fact that she requires facial reconstructive surgery tells you she is not lying!!

      • CW

        Hello, Castro obviously has a diseased mind. Even if you treat most people well there are some you don’t treat with the same care. What is there to gain by lying?? Most people would show care and concern for them simply because they were taken against their will. I’m sure he’s not the nicest guy.

      • Mommy9097


  • DSA

    She was considered an adult when she disappeared and unfortunately the police don’t take it as seriously as when a minor disappears. Her mother said that when she kept pushing Law enforcement because she had not heard anything from her, the police suggested that maybe her daughter just didn’t care to have contact or care about her mother and wanted a new life. Just a terrible situation all the way around. I hope the fences can be mended.

    • PJ

      Wrong!! Many college aged girls disappear and they are all over the news. If my 20 year old was gone – I would NEVER stop looking for her!!

      • Lou

        You might if she were on drugs and hated your guts.

        • Ruth C

          not !

        • ro

          You evidently are not a mom.

          • sheila freund

            What I have NOT read is that mothers with young children CAN USE THIS AS A TEACHING MOMENT–without the graphics–moms can tell their kids that this is what happens when a child accepts a ride with a stranger. I preached it as a broken record when my 3 were little. And they all said “OH MOM! You don’t know what you’re talking about!” Turns out mom DID know after all!

        • Directioner

          No one in their right mind should ever stop looking for their child. That is so low and wrong and disgusting. I would never stop. I’d look to find my baby until the day I died.

        • nh

          lou… you are an idiot.. open your eyes & shut your mouth.. the comments you have posted proves how mindless you are !!!!!!

        • lilly

          lou obviously you r not a parent either that or a sicko
          I mean seriously “she could be lying about miscarriges” and you might not look for her because… no excuse for her family sometimes you have to cut family loose ,not everyone one has that strong, loving ,supportive background as these other girls obviously had may god bless all of them mentally they are still the little girls he kidnapped

    • http://sonzchild@yahoo.com tammy

      It is true. However; many law enforcement officers feel differently now than in the past. An adult can be entered into a Nationwide computer and stay forever or until the law enforcement agency that had the information entered decides to take her out.

  • Barbara

    My heart goes out to Michelle Knight. I understand her pain.I don’t think my family would look for me,however, I think it is in her best interest to forgive them so she can build a life filled warmth and happiness.

  • ann gunther

    I can’t say as I blame her. All this time in this horrendous situation made worse by knowing your family thinks you just left. I think she needs as much privacy as she wants and that should be respected by everyone, her family included. Perhaps a day will come when she is ready and able to forgive them, I pray that is the case but she has most definitely earned her privacy and I pray to God the media leaves them all alone until they are ready to talk to the media.

  • Joy

    Even if she did leave on her own why the hell would her family not care enough to even try to look for her and make sure she was doing ok, what kind of people do that to their own child and family member, even if they were not close you should still wonder what the heck happened to her, people just don’t vanish off the face of the earth

  • renee

    the city of cleveland owes these girls restitution for their suffering they did a terrible job of searching for them and there are stil people out there who knew about it and they need to protect these girls from other people, they should be provided a safe place with protection and support. clearly they are not a very good police force, and they need to clean house over there and the houses in this neighborhood need to be demolished. I surley hope they will file a lawsuit for restitution and damages, they are going to need a lot care for what they have gone through, and now where is Dr drew and Dr Phil when you need them?

  • GG

    A monster took 10 years of her life and her family abandoned her. How hard this all must be for her. To have been raped, beaten, taken from all she knew and loved and then only to find out that no one looked for her and assumed the worse of her–it’s just unfathomable. I hope that she is able to move on–for herself and I wouldn’t blame her if she never speaks to her family again. If there’s any justice in this world the monster will be executed and the world will shun Michelle’s family for their shameful abandonment.

    • dj

      Thank you, GG. Abandonment is not forgivable, EVER. An infant, possibly, as they don’t have the cognitive memory of the traumatic event. Unfortunately, her family probably won’t be shunned and will make up a world of excuses. Also, unfortunately, she will have to live with this abandonment for the rest of her life, and publicly stigmatized (when people ask about your family, the worst question ever to try to answer). A lot of this becomes, “out of sight, out of mind” and is transferable to so many situations right now.

  • paljusty

    Poor girl, this just sickens me.

  • Hurt

    I felt for those young ladies,I felt after the case end which should’nt be long he should sentence to die immedately like sadam….

  • Ashley

    It breaks my heart to hear that she didn’t have anyone looking for her. I mean even if they thought she ran off or not. I have a son,and God forbid,that he where to ever come up missing whether I thought he had ran away or not as a mother I wouldn’t be able to sleep not knowing where he was or if he was okay. I would have never stopped looking for him. I completly agree with Mrs. Figone, I would have looked for you too darling. I’m so very sorry that this had to happen to you Michelle and to those others girls. May God heal your heart because after this you should know he has big plans for you. God Bless!!!

  • Anne Parkhill

    Stay strong Ms. Knight I am so very glad that you survived such an
    ordeal. You now have a journey of your very own to contend with. With
    the strength of a chosen support team, professionals and others I trust the path of your journey shall be well lit. You are in the process of grief for the years lost. Your trusting of others has been deeply tarnished and it to shall have to be dealt with. Please, Ms. Knight maintain your professional contacts as they are there to help.
    You have my thoughts and prayers and I shall be with you always.
    Anne Parkhill
    Sudbury,Ontario Canada

  • LisaP

    yes, i agree with you. but what will happen to her? she has nothing, no money, no family. i feel so so sorry for her. what will become of her. will someone help her heal from this and start her life over? i think she needs the most help and prayers. she seemed to have had the worst of it in that awful house.

    • Sunshine

      She will have a caseworker and there is a fund being set up.

  • CS

    Just like DSA said, it’s sad because from all accounts I did read where they pushed law enforcement to find her and how the family stressed this was unlike her but the police considered her a runaway because she had took her clothes and actually packed right after they took her son Joey. Law Enforcement doesn’t consider adults a priority unless they find some “suspicious” cause. They did speak to missing persons and she was featured on their missing list etc. The family was looking for her but it’s unfortunate that the Police weren’t. Something needs to be done period when people turn up missing; especially when the victim is right under law enforcement’s “nose”.

  • kesha

    my heart goes out to muchelle how could ure family not look for u regardless of what eva was goin on cant say I blame her for not wanting them around but in time michelle u must try and deal with it because u will need ure family one day u are nvited to my home any time and wed treat u just like family my love goes out to u may u find peace

  • Kristin

    It is so horrible to hear of stories like this that happen right here in America. In a populated neighborhood at that. I have never had a miscarriage or had to endure any type of tragedy that these girls went through. I wonder if maybe not having the children helped in some way. He obviously used the 6 yr old to his advantage. Perhaps even harming her in some unthinkable way. Plus I can only assume that having your rapist’s child could be very detrimental. But on the otehr side maybe it would’ve helped Michele cope and have a little sunshine in that hell. Who knows? Only Michele. I sure hope she does heal and has as normal a life as possible.

  • Sarah

    i saw her mom on t.v. they were not exactly these great well educated people out of some incredible life, took her kid and never really looked for her and they look like straight out trashy mean weird cruel , moms are not always these nice people, they tried to make her out to be an unfit person or mother to her child, good for her!! her mom espec is a major witch to her is what i read, and looked like a witch also

  • Kelly

    My heart just breaks for all 3 of them, but hearing this part of teh story, I’m just even more horrified for this one. How agonizing it must have been for her to know all those years that no one was searching for her while she existed in that living torcher chamber! Her family deserves all the shame and backlash they receive. How unthinkable of them to believe the worst in her and not even search. That is just unforgivable. I’d never want to reunite with them if I was the victim. I hope she finds peace in herself and gets the help she will need to live out the rest of her life.

  • Lou

    She should not be bitter. I am sure her behaviors are what made the family think she had left on her own. I just betja she was a handfull.

    • mimi

      Lou, I don’t think “bitter” is the word for it. Her son was taken away from her because her Mother’s boyfriend abused him. That is why police told her mother that perhaps Michelle doesn’t want anything to do with mother. Make sense?

      Frankly, you sound like you may be a family member as none of them appear to be the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    • Vickie

      Perhaps Lou, you should step into this woman’s shoes and try to imagine how she felt all those years..regardless of past bad behaviors EVERYONE wants to know that they are special to someone and they will be missed..even in a simple candlelight vigil..Is it true that Mom’s boyfriend abused Michelle’s child? Is it true that her loving family took her name off of the missing persons’ list? Hmmmm..

    • lilly

      lou are are u a kidnapper??? u just come off creepy…

    • really

      Lou, maybe we need to check your home. You seem to have some real issues that you haven’t yet worked out. YOU seem very damaged. Therapy might help.

  • Kristin

    this is not the place to be posting about completely unrelated topics. go somewhere else.

    • coveringcherub

      This is not unrelated this is real talk and I can careless what you think. In Jesus name. I am concerned for Michelle’s healing. There is no place for your comment especially when you have no experience in what it is to be raped and abused. Sometimes it takes someone who has this experience to help someone else. I’m just saying.

      • kellsokells

        I agree, she needs counseling from someone who truly can relate and who has made it their mission to help others they are the most effective at getting through to them, its proven

  • Michelle

    She may not feel as if they looked for her, but maybe they did and she just doesn’t realize it. I am sure that she was ‘hurt’ when her son was taken from her. But we don’t know the circumstances of that. What she went through was horrendous and she did not deserve ANY of that to happen to her! But for her own healing, she really should forgive her family. It’s been a lot of years and she really does need them now more than ever. I wonder where her son is now. Surely she would want to reconnect with him, at the very least. My heart goes out to her and I pray for her healing.

  • Babygirl

    Stay Strong and hang in there. God has nothing but goods things ahead for you.

  • chris

    Death penalty is tooooo good and toooooo easy for this beast!!! I want Big Bubba and the crew to work him over from head to tail (if you know what I mean) — really hard and strong for at least 10 years with the guards turning their backs!!!!

  • Annette

    I wonder how many bodies are buried in the basement ?????

    • Ranae

      You have to wonder because there are still young girls missing.

  • Redneck country girl

    I’ am sure ya will never get around to reading theses committs. But lady you have survived for a reason. You have stayed strong and you do not get down on yourself now. God was with ya my lady whether ya believe it or not . He was with all you ladies and I mean LADIES.. you are loved and life is here for you. That thing that done this to you will get his. I f not death he will get it in prision. the inmates will take care of him….someone needs to assist him in killing himself and save the state a lot of money cause he is not worth the time. Its to bad someone did not kill him before now. God be with you.

  • Ranae

    I was told once a long time ago, “To let bygones be bygones, and to start over.”
    I realize she was thought to have been a runaway, however, I think both parties have felt they were betrayed by the other. She needs time to heal and to realize that that monster did a job on her making her think no one was interested in finding her or loving her. May she find her way back to her family, especially her son.

    • J.B.

      We can’t forget about her brother which in the article stated that he did know his sister was missing because his mother kicked him out when he was 14. He is in contact with his sister now. She is just not in contact with the rest of the family.

  • mildred

    I feel for Michelle but her negativity cannot be good and shunning people cannot be good for her healing process. Being helped by strangers may not be good for her either. She really does need help but who does she trust. if and when she finds the answers to that she can begin the healing process. You can never forget but you can forgive…it will take a lot but it will help you heal. My prayers are with you.

  • mimi

    From what I’ve seen of her family, I understand why she doesn’t want to see them. She needs to be nurtured and these people are too busy covering their butts to make sure she gets everything she needs. And she’s going to need a lot of love & support. I don’t think her family is capable of that kind of support so they’ll likely just get in the way of her recovery because it’s all about them. My heart aches for these 3 young women, but especially Michelle.

  • melisa

    I feel so sorry for this girl. While the other families never lost hope, her family didn’t have any to begin with. After she went missing her “mother” moved to Florida. Come ON now. No wonder she is bitter. I hope that the system doesn’t fail her, that she gets the mental help she needs to live some form of a normal life.

  • M.E.

    feel so sorry for all the girls, makes me sick to know what they have been through. I wish only the best for them all, and may the media hounds, and all the publicity creeps stay away and let them adjust to life. They have alot of catching up to do. Please let them do it in peace. God bless them all, my prayers are with them.

  • http://yahoo Joan

    I knew a girl whose mother locked her in one room for 4 years with just food and water and NO COMPANIONSHIP because she wanted to try it for a psychological experiment on her own daughter!!!!!!! She had little “gremlins” she talked to and could not be sociable when she was finally released. Her mother was NEVER punished!!!!!

  • Andrea

    I just hope and pray Ms. Knight is able to find some sort of peace and healing through this whole horrible nightmare. I can’t imagine how she must feel but, whatever she requests should be honored without questioning. She has been through enough!

  • Mary

    Michelle I am so sorry this happened to you. And you probably had a horrible childhood. You are a strong woman and very beautiful too. Go forward and don’t look back. Read these comments and know people love you. There are good people still in this world. Your family don’t deserve forgiveness. I wish you to find peace and happiness.

  • tmw

    You just dont ever know who your neighbors are…….

  • Starla

    We cannot judge a person or their family just by their appearance in an interview. There are plenty of dysfunctional families–many poor families–many uneducated families–and Castro was bully and a con artist. When you are held captive for ten years, you give up hope and are easily manipulated. Sounds like Michelle received the most abuse and probably can no longer have children. If your only child was taken away from you before this happened, you would be devastated. Without hope, comes depression. Sounds like Michelle has the longest road to recovery — and chooses nobody in her family to take this journey with her. Relationships take time–we can only pray that Michelle gets the help for healing that she needs. Time has marched on and left them behind-all three need time to re-adjust to how the people they knew and the world they knew has changed.

  • http://yahoo Margrit Koch

    I don’t blame her for not wanting to talk with her people. Sometimes these abducted children, have such crappy parents. Stacy Duggard for example, when she called her mother after 19 years of absence, the first thing she said,” Is he still there.” (meaning her mothers boyfriend at the time of her abduction.) Why do you think she asked that??? make your own conclusion. Her mother and her crappy boyfriend meant nothing to her. Just saying.

  • http://yahoo.com Suesique

    I’m sorry this happened to anyone and that she was estranged from her family before she disappeared, however, there are two sides to every story and I’d want to hear what was going on on the families side before making a judgemental statement about the family. When a woman looses custody of her child, there are reasons for that and the woman is usually not in a stable frame of mind. Parents are at the mercy of the courts and the child who’s child they are raising. It’s hard on both partys and unless we have their story, we DO NOT KNOW>

  • http://Yahoo Sherry Le

    I can only say, my heart is so sad for all three girls or young women now. If I had millions of dollars I would give each one, 1 million dollars each just to help restart their lives. God bless them all. All the Oprahs, baseball, basketball (etc) people hope you”re reading. I work part time but will contribute when I find out where to send.

    • Ivy

      Sherri Lee.

      This is a great plee. I hope your voice is heard loud and clear and the fortunate care givers can help these girls.

      With a heavy heart but optimistic!

  • dejuan turner

    May God bless her, and help her heal.

  • Camelia

    I would do the same. I feel like that for ALOT of my family and “friends”…They all of a sudden want to be around you when they seeing you doing good pretending that they care and want to come with excuses..Good for her.

  • http://yahoo Margrit Koch

    Michelle, keep up your hopes and new dreams. You too will get better. Don’t let that creep have another moment of your precious life. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are a beautiful girl, don’t give up. much love and courage.

    • robin


  • natasha

    don’t waste tax money on this guy,use that money for schools,and give this guy and all like him to the public!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we will handle this guy for free!!!!!!!!!!! and i wonder if this girl has a place to live,or a way to be financially supported,i hope the gov. doesn’t make her live on a tiny welfare check,or have to get a job. she should be taken care of.give her a few acres,and a cabin or something.people should rise up and kidnap this guy and his brothers!!!! we need to get back some of the old ways of handling justice.

    • cyndy

      I think that they should chain the guy up and let everyone throw big hard rocks at him, let him feel some pain

      • JD

        Here’s and idea… cutoff his weapon of choice… stick it down his throat. Then load those women, and their families up on that bus he used to drive and let them take turns running his A$$ over until justice is served!

    • Rachel

      Well apparently we need to be getting back to English class as well.. -_-

    • Concetta Vaccaro

      I think the family should be ashamed of them selves. How dare they .Even if she ran away they still should have looked for her . I do not blame her .If it was me I would disown them. Have nothing to do with them

  • steve

    I will pay all of my on exspenses if the good folks of ohio will give me three days with this person. I asure you when i am done with him he will beg me to kill him.!!!! now starts the justice system he will get free dental free lawyer and free food and a new suit for court!!! this piece of monkey shit needs to see me for 72 hours. for free!!!!!

  • http://WebProNews Barbara

    I hope dear Michelle that our Lord takes you in his loving arms and helps you recover from this horrible ordeal you lived with. There is no punishment fit for the animal that did this to you and the other girls. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. I’m sure none of this helps, just know that you are thought of and I am so sorry that you lived this. Happy you are free now. Sad that you have all those memories that will haunt you for a long time, if not forever. Please take care of you. Your family will be there, it’s TIME for you right now. Peace ~ Love ~

  • Anthony

    Cannot blame her. Her sense of loss and betrayal (and anger) must be intense. She has been in captivity physically and emotionally. But even now, if she never finds a way to forgive them (not live with or be close friends with that rotten family of hers!) she’ll be a prisoner of hatred and resentment.

    • Sharin

      I don’t believe anyone really knows how much her family went thru when she disappeared or how hard they looked for her. I highly doubt they just said “oh well” and went about their business. In any case, let’s get real. This girl was held by someone who obviously did not care about her well being. I’ll bet a lot of the resentment and anger she is feeling was brought about by what was drilled into head by her captors as she was brainwashed. As for all three of the girls…it’s a miracle they are alive and, hopefully, will be able to begin to live again. Other than tie these animals up in someones basement for a decade or two, I don’t know what could be done LEGALLY that would compare to what they did. Kudos to Amanda for her strength and bravery for helping save the others. While they did have 10 years taken from them, they all have many years ahead to heal, put behind them and look forward to what the future holds. Bless you all.

  • Sarah

    This Monster said he didn’t know that DeJesus was so young…as if he just found out after his capture!
    Well she was his daughter’s best friend so he had to know. Additionally he blamed the three girls for
    getting in the car with him….as if he was a complete stranger. But DeJesus would have gotten in the
    car because she trusted him as her girlfriends father. She was likely in their house many times, since
    they were neighbors. He made himself known in the neighborhood by playing with the children in
    the streets. He tried to gain their trust so he could abduct, rape, torture and imprison them. How
    could he live with himself everyday knowing that he had 3 woman tied up, waiting for his torture
    and rape. They should have been in school every day; dating; being with their families; enjoying
    themselves. He is pure evil. So self-centered that he felt entitled to do what he wanted to these
    girls and take away their lives. They will be damaged for the rest of their lives and will need a ton
    of healing. Can these girls even walk straight? They all need a relaxing vacation on a tropical
    remote island. How can anyone survive this treatment for this long. I went to bed thinking of
    their ordeal and woke up with it still on my mind. My entire body is affected by this and I’m sure
    most people knowing about this would feel some emotions, hopefully. You don’t know what evil
    looks like on the outside. How can he do this to his own family? I think he wrote the note with
    the intention of it being found so he would have sympathy, as if he is mentally ill. But, he’s not!

  • Ped

    To make matters worse, after asking for her privacy, her grandma reports that Castro messed her face up so bad she will need reconstructive surgery. Why did grandma need to report this to newsmedia when Michelle has requested privacy? I don’t blame Michelle at all for distancing herself from her family. Poor girl.

  • muffy

    I don’t blame her at all.. come on.. 11 freakin years and not a word.. whatever.. what a bunch of selfish folks… wow.. I would be beside myself… now since all the publicity they are gonna want to cry bitter tears and show love…. whatever, wipe them tears with the same rag u wiped them years ago with… this girl not only was kidnapped and received abunch of torture, but now she needs counseling for that 11 yrs of bondage, and God will have to help her with her hatred and forgiveness towards her family… I do pray she eventually forgives them however,,, it will help her heal faster… God bless u

  • Michelle

    Castration for Castro!!!

  • Naomi

    Reading all of the comments and with knowing what I read about everything that happened I just can’t help but feel bad for these three ladies. It kills me a little on the inside to know that there are really people in the world who could care less about someone’s where abouts because of the things they may or may not have done in their past. No vigils were held on her behalf and they stopped looking for her. FAMILY don’t do that. What kind of mother could just give up on looking for their child, someone they carried full term and delivered however. I don’t have any children but I know I would have NEVER stopped looking for her. It seems as though she has no one and that’s sad because she probably wouldn’t even want to let anybody in and that’s understandable. I pray that GOD blesses her and the other two with great help and get them to a point where they can LIVE again. I just wish I could give her especially a huge hug, I wish I could help her with her healing process as well but only GOD can get them where they need to be to find themselves again.

    And for the police and detectives in that area, y’all need to retire and hire people who’ll actually get the job done. How could they have searched the house and come up with nothing when clearly they were there the whole time. That’s another thing I’m not understanding.

  • http://yahoo wendy escude’

    i can only pray michelle finds a new and loving family to help her thru the trying times ahead…this poor woman needs all the love and support she can get…its very apparant, she did not get it at home before this horrible monster kidnapped her…i respect her for shunning her family..it sounds like they were never there for her when she was there…good luck michelle and god bless…

  • hollie

    After you’re 21 years old its not a big deal if you go missing. They believe that you’re an adult and should be able to do what you please. The police in Cleveland took her off the list after 40 days because she wasn’t found. It wasnt their fault they didnt look for her, but the police.

  • gerontologist

    Once Castro is moved to prison, the state won’t have to put him to death because other prisoners will do that themselves. There is hatred among inmates for people who commit crimes against children, and these young women were so young when taken.

    As a social worker, they all need counseling but Ms. Knight seems in need of it the most. I hope that they are all able to recover and adjust to being free.

    • Renee

      Not true. I know that it DOES happen sometimes, but for the most part people like this are put into protective custody and on suicide watch, and anything else they do to make sure high profile people are safe. It is foul and a waste of money but none the less, this man will make it to whatever it is the law hands him. Look at Scott Peterson. The man who savagely killed his late term pregnant wife, threw her in the ocean, causing her baby to come out of her body and be found separately. They lived in my town. He is still sitting on death row, alive and well and appealing his sentence. Just saying, I wouldn’t count on the other prisoners to bring justice. It seldom happens anymore.

  • http://yahoo Ann

    God Bless this poor girl. I would have gone to any length to find my child. God gave us our children to love and protect them and this girl was abandoned by all means. May she find peace in her soul to forgive them.

  • jeff

    I’m glad the death penalty is on the table. Why would anyone want to put money towards feeding, clothing, and housing a worthless piece of filth?

  • becky collins

    the truth is some families are not very nice, I pray that she will find love in her life. God Bless her.

  • Linda Baker

    How do we know her family never cared or looked for her. They filed a missing persons report, they must have cared. She was an adult when she disappeared/was kidnapped. They may not have done candlelight vigils, but that probably never stopped them from calling old friends, extended family members, or current and past acquaintances. How can we be so judgmental? This man totally hurt those three women physically, tortured and starved them. Just imagine what he did psychologically to them. Of course he taunted her about the lack of attention she was getting compared to the other 2 captives. Any way to hurt them further and break them down to nothing. Show some compassion people and look at the whole picture, which we all obviously don’t have a clue what that is. Until we stand in someone else’s shoes we have no understanding of them and who are we really to judge. She’s been traumatized and just needs her space. When she’s ready I’m sure she’ll speak to her family again. Let us not ASSUME anything folks and make an a$$ of U and ME.

  • tammy

    poor baby, she is going to need a lot of therapy. i believe she dealt with most of the abuse and she was there the longest. right after losing her son; she was picked up by this monster and felt alone. my heart goes out to her and she will be in my prayers every night.

  • tamarahope

    I think her familys lack of concern for her well being is shamefull on there part! I mean we hear all the time on the news about custody battles & how deadly they can become!They had know Idea if the babys father had did something to her or what was going on,& couldn’t be bothered to check it out,so I feel she has every right to be mad!I’m not saying the father was bad but you just don’t know in the world we live in today.But to do nothing,thats wrong,I hope she & the 2 other girls go on & have a good life and can put the awful things that happened to them behind them!

  • http://yahoo.com janice

    keep in mind the person who told her no one wanted her was her abuser, gives him power, I do not believe her mother ever gave up, it’s hard with a troubled teen or young adult you do your best and you worry terribly, my own daughter went through an awful experience with a child and sometimes they push you away when they need you most I will pray for her and her family. Long road ahead hope people give her space and time to heal.

  • Michelle

    I believe in our justice system and the courts; however, this man/monster should be taken out to the middle of nowhere and be shot in the back of the head for what he did. All the women will be spending a life time healing and recovering. I feel for all the women but I also feel for the little girl. On day the little girl will find out how she was conceived and brought into this world. I just hope the little girl realizes its not her fault or her mothers either. For Michelle McKnight, I’m sorry for what her family didn’t do. If my child was missing, no matter how old she was I would tear this world apart looking for her for the rest of my life.

  • calvin morrow

    what I like to no, what did he do to get them to go to his house in the first place, he had to offer them,
    they need to tell what make them end up in his house,
    I belive that was a drug house,

  • Lorie Northcutt

    I think the betrayal of her family is just as bad as what that crazy bastard did to her.

  • http://WebProNews Doreen Sawyer

    I can fully empathize with Michelle and how her family has treated her disappearance. I hope she moves on with her life, WITHOUT her mother in her life.

  • tom

    muslims sanction violence against women with their religion. If you dimwits permit them to penetrate Western culture and marry Western women you’ll see more of this. so you politically correct f&^%% out there have been warned.

  • evelyn

    I TOTALLY AGREE tha Michelle had the worst time of it it seems. I really feel for her but one thing all these women are young, with youth on their sides youth has its place and maybe it will help hopefully. and I hope that she and her family can reunite peacfully. and that dog, monster, sadist, demon, mental idiot (and these are his good qualities) His behind cant take the beating that it deservers maybe he can stay in a place for the next ten years by himself and learn to eat whatever he can find to eat just throw him a loaf a bread once a month

    • http://yahoo Paula Goldman

      No food for this s… head. Death by starvation is slooow and painful.

  • Pamela

    My heart just TOTALLY BREAKS for Michelle, and what she had to endure. I sincerely hope that she finds content, if not happiness, eventually. In regards to her so-called “family”…I really cannot blame Michelle for NOT wanting to be bothered with them!! However…I hope that she can, one day (FAR in the future, no doubt!), reunite with them, and not necessarily for her sake…but for her son’s.

  • http://WebProNews Delores Wright

    I watched the interview with her mother. It sound like this one was a bit of a wild child. They were poor did not have much from what I could see. The mother said there was not good relations with them or her and they were taking care of her baby. She says they looked around for her. Because she had a reputation for leaving and disappearing they just did not put much faith in looking for her. Sad, that things like this exist but, it does. This young lady has to look at the role she played in the situation of her family. She needs to get all the support she needs to go on with her life. Terrible experience to have to live through but, I am sure she is terrified of life at this point. Wish her well.

  • dossie

    Even though it’s sad, before everyone starts argeeing with her without all the facts should not attack the family just yet. If there was a custody battles going on maybe she was a party girl and din’t take care of her responsibilty as a mom and had a history of taking off, if that’s the case we can’t fault the family, especially not knowing if she had a history of bailing. If so, that means this awful experience didn’t change her at all it makes her the same selfish person she may have been. Family is all you got, so when you get a second chance to be lucky enough to get them back after all that time you embrace it not shun it. May God Bless her to open her heart to forgive what she could have played a big part in.

  • http://2bbritt.com Britt

    If my child disappeared under similar circumstances, and I thought she ran away, my mind would rethink that if two more girls disappeared from the same area. But that point is moot because I would never stop looking for my child.

  • Lee

    If anyone deserves their child back is the brave young lady, Michelle. Michelle demostrated of what a mother is. With her bravery and courage she saved other lives other then her own. I wish the best for all three young ladies and the child. May God Bless them all.

  • http://Facebook.com Heather Pemberton

    She did the right thing by shunning her family. I would do the very same to mine if i were going through the same terrible ordeal she suffered through!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Paula Goldman

    I sympathize completely with this young woman. Before that evil man is possibly executed she should have him pay her way to settle in a new state with better Police and FBI offices.

    As far as her family goes, I say, “Dump them, there are much better people in the World to associate with. Be even stronger: Move On. Good luck!

  • roxanne hawk

    When the details regarding these girls horrible ordeal slowly started to come out to the public, I felt horrified for them all. However, not to much was being said about Michelle. I felt really bad for her. I don’t blame her for shunning her family. Her mother is just awful! As for this bastard, be grateful it was not my daughter! I live in Texas and I am packing all the time. This bastard would not be going to trial,I would be going to trial for his murder!This talk of maybe the death penalty, no question about it in Texas! He would not be on death row long, less than 10 yrs. Executed, BAM! Right to hell!

    • cheryl

      killing him is too kind. Guns aren’t the answer either. Let the law shoot the guns. Let’s leave him to God.

  • larry

    what happened to the boy?

  • larry

    what happened to her boy??? lame article

  • cheryl

    Michelle and the other 2 girls will have to have a lot of therapy to even begin to get better from this. Here is a prime example of where, I think even God would not ask her to forgive Castro, or her family.
    Ten years of abuse is a long long time.

  • Mackenzie

    fuck her family. She has every right in the world to be pissed off after what shes been through. The best they can do for her now, is to leave her alone for good.

  • http://yahoo Paula Goldman

    This fiend should not be allowed to lollygag on Death Row. Without a doubt, the community could handle the punishment. In the olden days a criminal like this piece of fecal drainage would be hung on gallows in the public square. Then his head would be removed and placed on a pike. This would be good for the birds as they pecked out his eyes all the way down to his slimy penis which might taste the best of all.

    Kill Baby, KILL.

  • Tanya

    I think the death penalty is too good for this POS! He needs to be locked up in a 6X8 cell in solitary confinement. Locked up 23 hours a day. Definately not in general population!! FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE! AND MAY IT BE A LONG AND MISERABLE LIFE.
    Death would be too quick. He deserves to suffer, to be starved and beaten.
    My prayers are with you Michelle, I’m sorry that your family just gave up on you like that. If you were my daughter I would have never stopped looking! Also, I’m so sorry they took your son away from you like that. OMG, the loss you must have been feeling when this asshole stole you. I wish there was a way to snap my fingers and make your pain go away.

  • Songlien

    unspeakable! you’ve been abducted and no one looks for you- they get “family of the year” award.

  • Brooke

    Anyone else find it rather offensive that the writer of this article chose to only include quotes from Charles Ramsay that caricatured him as black? Included the bit about running into a black guy’s arms, eating ribs and McD’s, but nothing about what he actually did to help (kicked the door in, called 911). Even the article linked to suggesting he would make a good meme has more info on his heroism than this one.

  • Sandra

    Investigators said today that they’ve confirmed that Berry’s daughter belongs to Castro

    Really-who would say this insensitive crap. Being her biological father does not mean he owns her and that she belongs to him.

  • http://WebProNews AYB

    What a sick freak who isn’t even human! All these lovely ladies are in my prayers but I pray for Michelle the most. How horrible to be kidnapped, tortured,raped and worse repeatedly for 11 years only to find out that your loved ones didn’t care enough to look for or even miss you. Shame on all her family members!!!! I pray for God’s comfort and healing for the rest of your lives. You deserve that. What’s worse is poor Michelle is suffering through this alone and who could blame her. If this had been my family I wouldn’t want them in my life anymore either. God Bless and keep you Michelle.

  • bahzing1

    Hopefully Michelle, you can rise above your bad feelings and realize a lot of the attitude of how your case was handled wasn’t due to your family so much as it was the police who handled the case, Your age, and it is just what it is. If you are mad at your family I am sorry you feel that way, and I am truly sorry you had to endure something so horrible most of us will never know how it was for you, Be good to yourself girl, and don’t ever believe it was for anything you did that caused this to fall upon you.

    • anonymous

      I am very sorry, however Michelle comes from a very bad family. Uncaring and abusive. I mean, her Mother had no photos, what-so-ever of Michelle…and she did not even remember what she looked like. Really? You never, ever forget your child’s face…Never! I can not blame her for wanting no part of them at all. I believe they are only after fame and fortune. The Grandmother is not even her Grandmother…it is her Aunt, who had children taken years ago and Thank the Lord, they did and still do have (the same) very great Foster Parents. Michele needs a new start with a new family. This is her chance to have a normal (as possible) life with real loving and caring people. I pray for Michelle, Gina, Amanda and Baby Girl. They are true Miracles and great inspiration to the entire world! God Bless.

  • Fred

    Oh good-now the fetus is a baby subject to murder charges. Liberal, baby killing abortionists never cease to amaze me.

  • Elle

    there are some mean and uncaring people in this world. My birth mother never wanted me,the midwife had to slap her and force her legs apart as she folded them to try to kill me. When I was a teen, She even had my step father beat me as she stood smiling at me. it was so bad for me that her mother, brother and sister helped me to run away. and later, she even tried to secretly get custody of my children(she wanted to get checks from the welfare for them) but her brother sent me a message. I have lived through child and spousal abuse, rape by a former fiance’ and being stalked. I forgave them all . I forgave my birth mother to her face at my grandmothers funeral. She said she had never done anything to be forgiven for. I made my peace with God.
    I never remember her telling me she loved me. I moved on with my life and I went to college later and bought my own home and took martial arts and learned to dance and went to art school. One thing i did was let my children make up their minds about my birth mother…I never tried to influence them at all…they learned on their own how she was… We all lost because of the way she is…but sometimes, you just have to stop blaming others for how your life turned out and take responsibility. I for one can understand how she feels…She has choices, she needs to forgive them and either try to be a family again or move on with her life. You cannot undo what has been done…but hate will destroy you. I have always told my children this…”If someone is hurting you, get away from them.(speaking of family or friends )You can choose to let them hurt you, or choose to move on and become the person you want to be. It’s tragic what happened to those girls…they are all still young and they need to heal then live by themselves for at least a year to know that they can survive without a man. A lot of women do not know how strong they really are.
    For me the thing that turned me around was taking survival combat(martial arts). I learned to be a survivor and participator in life. That gave me confidence to move on. They can wallow in pity of what was or rejoice in what is now…a new day and a new beginning!

  • Stephanie

    What a horrible feeling it must be for to know her family did not care enough to look for her. Even if they thought she ran off on her own, they should have tried to find her. I hope she gets all the love and support she needs from others.

  • Cherie

    Im glad that they made it out alive and hope they can put as much as they can behind them and as for her Mom if my child ran away to do whatever they thought she was doing I still would of been looking. in a time when the world didnt know who she was she had a family.When she disappears the family she thought she had gave up on her I would give up on them too. No One deserves that on top of what they went through. Stay Strong girls live the life you deserve.

  • Mary

    We don’t know the full story. Did the woman have a history of doing things like her family thought she did? I know a person whose sister would take off, sometimes for weeks at a time and nobody (not her parents, sister, ex-husband or children) would hear a word from her until she returned. Now, if something like this happened to her, and they knew her history, why would they waste money, time and energy looking for her?

  • http://yahoo Renee

    There is only person to blame for any of this and thats the sick Bastard that did this, please dont turn your family away it was a mistake a very bad one but they are family. I really feel the police dept who were called several times to the house for screams and naked person in back yard should have some explaining to do as to why they didnt look into this further. This Ordeal could have been and should have been over long ago for these young ladys. Ours thoughts and prayers are with you all

  • http://WebProNews Grammy B

    I have had a daughter run away from home at 16, and I was frantic. At that age nobody wanted to do anything. I thank God every day after reading about this horrible thing happening, and for so long. I was also thankful that during the 2 years after, there were signs that she had returned home, either to change clothes or eat. She and I have both recovered from that, and she is a responsible mother of 4. My thoughts now are for these young women who have missed out on so much, and who will have psychological effects of this beastly attack for years to come. Prayers and thoughts go out to them that they get the help they need and find the love that will see them through the next 10 years to life.

  • Michelle

    Michelle might not have seen everything the news reported about her disappearance. I hope she rethinks this and later will talk to her family, if just by phone. Just because she wasn’t a teenager and had a child when she disappeared doesn’t mean she ran away. And she needs to be reunited with her son. He needs to know the truth. Majority of people that disappear haven’t run away. They have been kidnapped and majority are killed. Michelle–please rethink this and talk to them in a few weeks. Hear their own words, not the news reports that you saw on TV. Peace!

    • Darla

      I think that you need to myob and let the woman recover. The family did what it did and Michelle needs a break from advice from bystanders.

  • karen

    “Investigators said today that they’ve confirmed that Berry’s daughter belongs to Castro.”
    I’m thinking this needs serious editing. That beautiful little girl does NOT belong to him. The only thing that belongs to him is a cell with the absolute minimum needed for survival until his last dieing breath.

  • Jo Peterka

    We may not know any of the three girls personally but we love them just the same. It saddens me that Michelle suffered the most physical trauma but the damage is all the same with all 3 of them. I can’t blame her for not wanting to correspond or see her family and im sure she does feel resentment towards the only woman who was supposed to be there for her, in due time thru a lot of emotional therapy she will be able to accept and move forward with her life. God Bless all 3 girls for they have a long road to recovery. We love you Michelle, Gina and Amanda.

    • Malcolm

      Joe, I agree with most everything you said, except you, me or anyone cannot say that “the damage is all the same.” That statement sort of generalizes what took place. We have no idea the amount of emotional and psychological damage Michelle, Gina and Amanda endured or the threshold that each one possesses. Personally, I am pretty darn proud of them for hanging in there. It takes a strong-willed person who believes that “I will survive!”

  • karen

    As for Michelle, I think we should reserve judgement of her desires as well as the other two women whom were held captive. He stole such a huge chunk of their lives, and each went in with their own family related problems with no means of working through them. Every one of them was young, and my heart breaks over what they now face after being freed. I only hope that regarding FIRST each one of these FOUR (including the 6 year old) are given extensive emotional support, both short term and long term. And I HOPE there is a very extensive investigation with accountability regarding all persons relating to finding information leading to possible earlier recovery of them.

  • Paul

    Michelle, Don’t feel alone, I am sure there are many people who wish to help. Stay Strong!

  • elizaraffles@gmail.com

    her family are horrible to not have looked for her. There is no excuse. I would be seething and I mean seething with rage if a demon like that ugly castro had touched any of my relatives or loved ones or myself. That psychopath is a useless eater on this planet taking resources from this planet. If Navy wants to test sonar, then put this bastard under water and test don’t test on sea life. I say we use these types of criminals for testing products, not animals. I can find some uses for some of the lesser psychopaths, the snakes in suits, but for this brand of psychopath, there is no use. There is no use for him whatsoever and I don’t believe his brothers weren’t involved. Eye for an eye. He needs to have the same but worse done back to him, eye for an eye. torture then death. all of these psychopathic individuals are a waste of our tax dollars. Their brains are not set up for rehabilitation of any kind. They are hopeless causes. We need to use them to test products, harvest organs, etc. crash dummies for cars.

  • stephshar

    Don’t worry, when Michelle gets a million-dollar book offer, interview offers, etc. her family will welcome her back with open arms, LOL. Pathetic.

  • coveringcherub

    I would not have anything to do with my family either. It just goes to show that they did not truly care for her. Despite the fact that they thought she ran away because they took her child, but to not wonder what happened to her or see that she is safe after all these years, shows their lack of love for Michelle. If I were her, I would not want anything to do with them either. She is angry and rightfully so especially after all she has endured ad they abandoned their search for her.

    However, in order for Michelle to heal, she must learn to forgive her family as this is the only family she has. But she does not have to be with them. But this is the only way she is going to heal because hate will cause more hurt and health issues and there should be someone in her family who was close and not brainwashed like the rest of the family. She will need counseling.
    I pray for her healing. I have first hand experience of something similar I my life when my family lied on me and I lost custody of my kids and they were taken from me because of the lies of my mother and family given to physical my abuser and I have not seen my kids in over 13 years and had to pay child support to this abuser, I was never married to this man but constantly attacked by him in many ways.
    I learned to forgive them all and this has helped me heal. However, I do not go around them or live close to them but I sought God and my relationship with my family has improved over the years.

    • kimmie Clark

      I wouldn’t presume to know what is best for her. This is not a Lifetime TV movie. Forgiveness means different things to different people. You don’t know what’s best for her. Only Knight will learn that in time. The church and the media tell us “family, family, family” when in fact, I believe, for some people getting away from their families is the healthiest thing they can do for a productive future. If you mean forgiveness in the religious sense as in “we will all be judged at the end of the world, so give your burden up to God” Well, that’s religious dogma which probably isn’t true. The last think this woman needs is to have other people’s beliefs thrust onto her. Let her make decisions from herself. If she doesn’t want to see her family, who are you to tell her she’s wrong? She’s been told what to think for 10 years, I think she’s earned the right to make her own decisions. Really.

      • Darla

        Kimmie, I believe in the information regarding God and forgiveness is true. I do agreee with you that people need to keep their advice to themselves and let these women and the little girl heal without interference. As for Michelle, the family turned their backs on her long ago and she does not need to reunite with such flotsam. Her son might welcome his mother’s love. Poor excuse for a family but I can relate since I have nothing to do with any family members. They did it first so I say let it be. God and friends are my family.

  • http://YAHOO DDAnderson

    He said he wants to die. I say give him a rope and tell him “have at it.” Why waste money on a trial and prison time.

    • Malcolm

      DDAnderson, that would be far to easy. I do agree, bypass the trial. Give others the rope and let them bound him. Then let him be the center of attention for every prisoner who would like to “have” him. But, as mentioned in an earlier post, castrate him so that after they are done and when he is alone, he cannot self-gratify himself.

  • http://yahoo.com Laurie

    This woman most likely is the one who take the longest to recover and I can see why. Was was an adult when taken, had lost her child and it was believed that she had left on her own. Doesn’t see like a real effort was made to locate her. Since she was beaten, raped and who knows what else by her kidnapper, most likely brainwashed, and then to think that no one was looking for her put a heavy load on her head. I hope that she is given the intense counseling needed and a safe place to stay to sort out all of these sad happenings in her life. God Bless her.

  • Phere

    You’re all basing your emotions and feelings on what a woman scorned said. At 20 years of age (an adult) she’s lucky they even filled out a missing persons report. Yes I feel as bad about what happened to her as everyone else. The fact remains though that when adults leave the roost, they leave. How were the remaining family members to know she’d been abducted? They didn’t or they would have done what any other family had done. The other women were not adults, thus the vigils and they had to know they were either abducted or some other act. To crucify this family without knowing all the facts is unjustified and wrong. This girl needs to grow up, reconcile, forgive, and go on with her life!

    • Darla

      You, Phere, are evil. What are you talking about, you abusive hog?

  • Brenda

    family sucks

  • kimmie Clark

    I hope this woman gets the support she needs. Her requests should be honored. She needs to rebuild some sense of empowerment. I think it’s best to concentrate on helping these women and others like them. Whatever happens too him, the abuser will never see the light of day. Don’t waste time thinking about what should or shouldn’t happen to him, other than to pump him for every last drop of info he may have about other missing girls. Michelle Knight needs our thoughts and support, don’t waste energy on the monster. He’s out of commission. Let’s worry about the women who HAVE a future!

  • Rachelle

    My heart goes out to the three women and the little girl. It’s horrendous to think of what we’ve been told, but what about that in which isn’t being disclosed? It’s just awful. As for the man…I would agree with the death penalty, but that’s the easy way out. Prison life is something that normal people don’t think about much as it’s an easy way out. That’s not the case. Beings that he killed innocent lives while in the womb doesn’t go over well with offenders. He’ll be targeted while in prison and yes he’ll get his just in there. He’ll most likely go to segregation where he’ll be 23/7 lockdown. Once he proves that he’s this so called “good boy” he’ll then transgress to general population and that’s where the true justice will come from other offenders. He should be castrated and I’m not sure who mentioned that, but it’s a very good idea to be done to him! Also no meds to knock him out would be nice too!

    I’m so sorry for the lady who her family didn’t even look for her. It’s a true shame. I can understand her shunning them and I hope with time and healing she will finally get in touch with her family. I know there’s the anger and hurt to get through before she can forgive her family, but in time I think she will. I hope she gets to see her son that she hasn’t seen for over 10 years.

    God Bless…

  • m mcshane

    As a mother who had a difficult time with a runaway daughter I would like to strongly suggest that Michelle go home. Her family listed her as a missing person and other than that what did she expect them to do? They assumed she left on her own. Why? If Michelle were honest she would know that her behavior at home would have her family believing she was leading another chosen life. Right now they are grieving and at the same time glad that she is alive. They also know that until Michelle wants to go home to them they cannot force her to any more than they were able to direct her life while she was at home. Go home Michelle. My daughter ran away many times and we never knew what to do. Today she is approaching 40 yrs. old and she is married and has a lovely child. She regrets all the anguish she put us through.

    • Anne Kate

      You are sooo wrong! Why did your daughter run away… Were you screaming at her? Her parents didn’t understand her.. prob weren’t supporting her in getting custody of her son.. Good & Loving Families don’t behave like that… or just dismiss her as having’ ran away at 20. You think more about your own children’s wants & needs… not yours.

  • monica

    well my first thought is why would they really believe she ran away if she was in the middle of a custody battle and I would think she at least would need to take the time there are so many things to consider her child from before she was abducted is out there and she may not want to disrupt their life and she needs lots of answers other than being treated as a run away my prayers that she finds peace and happiness with her child and family in time as things unfold and her privacy is respected <3

    • Anne Kate

      I hope she gets to see her son… but never ever see the rest of her family..If they knew who she was and her needs & wants… why why would they think she’d just disappear. So , I agree with all you wrote except her ever getting back with a family that didn’t look for her because They didn’t care.After what she’s been through she deserves a new family of wonderful friends.

  • Anne Kate

    SHAME ON HER FAMILY… to MICHELLE.. I WANT TO HELP YOU.. I come from a Family like yours… I ‘went missing’ according to them… they didn’t pay attention to me & my disabilty for over 4 years… They know now… and still don’t…and now I won’t ever let back in either. If you read…let me know somehow if I can give your books, a computer for someone to fix … you should get a bunch of advocates. I’m I don’t trust the money ‘bank ‘ for all of you. I want my help to go directly to you. I want to form a group just for you. You have been doubly horribly abused. I know you can get thru the healing for both… don’t let your family ever back in. I’m sad about you losing your son, too. Much Love & Concern, Anne

  • Kim

    Robin! I totally agree with you 100%. But first, It’s ridiculous how selfish and silly some of these comments are… I’m surprised I even read some to begin with. I understand that there’s different perspectives and opinions of the whole situation. But at the moment, these three ladies just need their time and privacy, prayers, love, and support. They don’t need criticism. Put yourself in their shoes. What would you do? How would you feel? It doesn’t matter what occurred during their youth years before abduction. Honestly, ten years later… it doesn’t matter if subadult Michelle lost custody of her child.
    I pray Michelle’s going to get back up on her feet, take life one step at a time, and recover along with Gina and Amanda. God watched over them the past decade! Now the light shines upon them!


  • Karen

    Whether she left willingly or not isn’t the point. The point is, NO ONE LOOKED FOR HER!!! Not even her own family. What a f’n shame. I’d feel the same way if I were in her shoes. Leave her alone & let her heal…if that’s even possible. My thoughts & prayers are with her, those other poor women & especially that little girl. Such a shame

  • Malcolm

    What I am finding rather surprising about the comments being made is that there are quite a few people who disagree with what should done to the (hmmm, what is the right word I am looking for? not person, not man, not even animal because that would not be fair to the non-human animals that walk this planet), ok, we’ll just call him Castro.

    I realize that everyone has a right to their opinion, but can those who disagree find anything right about what he has done? Right enough that he doesn’t deserve some of the punishment that has been mentioned here?

    I gotta tell you, I am old school – an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and a life for a life. Simple as that.

  • casey

    my heart aches for these girls and the horrors that they lived thru,they have consumed every minute of my thoughts since i heard they were rescued.i just feel the need to do something for them

  • Dee

    What’s worse is he probably taunted her about no one caring whether she was living or dead. I mean, her mother moved to Florida having a missing child! I swear before God that if my child was missing I wouldn’t move off the street, let alone out of the state, just in case my child found his way home!! This is so sad but on a good note I have heard, several times, the DeJesus family refer to her in a familial way and say that they would look out for her and that she is welcomed in their family!!!

  • Jane Doe

    To Michelle Knight, I’m so happy your ordeal is over and you are free to heal from the past 11 years of abuse & torture. You have every right to decide who will and who will not be in your life, your family made such a terrible mistake in assuming you had ran away. Today I bet each of them is torn apart inside now knowing the truth. I just want to see you happy & healthy and now is a time to be surrounded by those that love you, so please surround yourself with all that desire to support you. May the GOD of comfort provide comfort for you.

  • Trish

    Weather she is shunning her family or whatever, really how is this helping? Leave the lady alone, she has not been out of the house in years and comes out to this? “why are you shunning your family” “what do you think of your mom” “what do you have to say about…” come on if she decides to shun her family for her reasons leave her alone, she does not need it to be front page news..

  • kellsokells

    I think it is amazing they survived, especially Knight who had multiple miscarries this is damaging to their mental state and bodies and we should all respect their courage and strength by stepping back and not getting in their faces, not for hugs or anything if you see them dont point or talk like they arent there a friendly wave or peace sign is a simple gesture that shows your support. They need room, healing, no judgement or criticism and the families shouldn’t be bothered either until you walk in their shoes or experience some of these things yourself you don’t know what it feels like to be raped or lose a child much less one that you have mixed emotions about to beging with and this is going to be especially hard for the 6 yr old and this is why I say not to go in depth about her or the circumstance, saying mixed emotions as I have is bad enough but being elaborate online about it and having her stumble across it when she gets older wouldn’t be good, so comments should always be thought out carefully and positive in nature, they have been through a lot and thank the Heavens and the Angels who heard the cries and angels who came to the rescue, you are ALL hero’s and I wish there were more observant people out there – it opened my eyes to pay closer attention in any neighborhood you hear a scream for help, you should always treat it as an emergency and real trouble call – go on a search and call authorities the worste that can happen is a false alarm and someones life could be saved it’s worth it to investigate each call – thoroughly <> CPD—– dropped the ball on that one, YES they did, they are trying to bring justice now but some of those miscarries could have been prevented if the call was investigated and door to door knocks were conducted when that lady called and said she heard screams, and to see someone crawling naked outside is not normal that should have been investigated, when cops knock they dont just go away on any show I ever saw or in person, but they did in this case and so did Cleveland Family Services, HMMM THEY DONT DO THAT EVER BUT THEY DID HERE, THEY SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE AT AN ADMINISTRATIVE LEVEL DONT LET THEM SKIRT RESPONSIBILITY HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR LAZY, HALF @SS INVESTIGATION SKILLS THAT IS NOT RIGHT, THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE THE GOVERNMENT THEY ARE WHO WE CALL WHEN WE NEED SOMEONE, WHO CAME TO THE RESCUE NOT THE POLICE NOT CLEVELAND FAMILY SERVICES THE NEIGHBORS AND CITIZENS – IT WASNT THEIR JOB TO DO THE JOB THE TAXPAYERS PAY FOR THE RESIDENTS OF THE CITY AND STATE SHOULD BE OUTRAGED AT THIS!

  • Shelly

    I am a mother and flip out if I don’t hear from my grown kids every other day! I would scream from rooftops, plaster their face on every surface, hound the media for coverage & go to my grave looking for one of my kids if they suddenly disappeared – regardless of the reasons I may have thought. My heart breaks for her with her knowing no one was looking for her all of those years. She must have felt totally alone, defeated & unloved.

  • Cindi Jacobs

    This breaks my heart…..she has endured so much pain in her short life. Even in captivity, she was treated more poorly that the other two held hostage. While the whole thing is tragic, I hope this woman gets some real love soon.

  • http://yahoo.com sally

    i hope that the other prisoners will rape him and torture him the way he did to those 3 girls and than he should be hanged for he’s crime.

  • http://yahoo.com sally

    i hope that the other prisoners will rape and torture him the way he did to those women and than hanged.

  • me

    my family wants to adopt her as well… we’re not perfect, but we mean well… my heart goes out to you and you deserve more than that… so… just know people do care…

  • sally

    i hope that the other prisoners will rape and torture him the same way he did to those women and than hanged.

  • LisaK.

    This horrific crime deserves a public stoning.

    Very odd that the brothers walk away with no charges.

  • Kathy Pickett

    It doesn’t sound as though her family cared too much about her before she was kidnapped. She lost custody of her child and they just figured she ran away? I can certainly understand why she wouldn’t believe they really care now. They just figured she was dead? What kind of parent just figures that?? I feel bad for her. So many years living a nightmare. I hope she finds some peace, though I’m sure that will take some time.

  • Kelley

    I think he should be put in public square and every Clevelander that ever worried about those ladies or had vigils, prayed, etc. should be able to stone him with him being tied up like he did to them. I hope the girls can heal and we will all continue to pray and send healing energy their way.

  • Cynthia

    I understand all of your viewpoints, but, and I know it will never be done, because we’re all about protecting the rights of the perpetrator and NOT the victims, but I think he should be doused with gasoline and set on fire. Then, and only then, would he have any idea the physical and mental anguish he caused these young women. It certainly would go a long way in setting an example that wastes of protoplasm might consider before attempting this in the future if they knew this punishment would await them. It would be swift and timely.

  • manwin

    All that glitters is not gold….

  • Z

    Now I feel even more broken hearted for her. Yes, her family is horrible, they thought she ran away so they didn’t they even try to do an appeal to ask her to come back home. :-(
    I hope that she can live the rest of her life happy and filled with LOVE.(Big Hug)

    That man was a MONSTER!
    Yes, he deserves the death penalty, but death is easy, so not yet, let him endure severe beatings, having his food stolen and getting humiliated everyday for a few years before saving tax payer dollars to house this scum!

  • http://Yahoo K K

    Castrate the Castros.

  • Carolyn Taylor

    I too believe that this woman suffered the most and the loss of those babies is heartbreaking, being punched in the stomach repeatedly to miscarry is just sickening and being forced to deliver another’s baby after her babies were knocked out of her is just sickening

  • A.D.Bunting

    While I understand her position, I have complete compassion for her families situation. My oldest daughter was abused by her sociopath dad for many years. Obviously in secret. She has high functioning personality disorders, Narcissistic and Borderline, which she had developed way before the abuse started. In our separation when she was around 13 she chose to live with him. At 15 she turned him in, he was arrested and she was placed in Foster Care in a different State. When I found out I was in NYC establishing connections to move with my mom and two younger children. I flew back to the West Coast where I tried relentlessly to see her, get into therapy with her and was always firmly met with ‘No’. I had no idea why. Decades later I discovered that she blames me for what he did, the typical I should have somehow known, and nobody told her how I frantically tried to contact her. She has since negated anything I’ve ever done for her. (I was raising the three as a ‘married’ single mom).
    So there are always two sides to a story.

  • http://yahoo katie

    Has a mother and women I was so happy that they found them but so hurt that the young women had been through so much hell! But to have your on mother not look for you is unthinkable no matter what a child do are has done a mothers love is always there. And has for him I will not waste my thoughts on how I feel because to do so it means I will go to a dark place of what should be done to him, if there is a place that is something like real Hell that they have here on earth place him there. Every word that has been post agree are disagree one thing we all seem (minus a few)that we pray that they all come to a place of peace and have a healthy life, Michelle you could not help the family you were born into but you can now choose the people you want to call your family now, and I will say only this don’t make a decide right now and to the family that wants to take her has their own I say wait let the raw emotions die down first, because she I going to need a lot of time love and counseling and that and we two people needing that kind of help will not be easy on any family. I believe their hearts in the right place but they should talk to a counselor first. Being abuse just one time is a hard thing to get over, it takes years and a lot of not thinking you did something wrong because you did nothing wrong and to find peace and forgiveness not for there sake but for your own is going to be very hard, but one day it will be their choose and I will be always praying for them. From someone unfortunately you knows what it like to have been sexually abuse, but forty years later I am in a place of peace surrounded by a lot of love. You all are strong women because you fought to survive together. MUCH LOVE

  • jimb

    She is making it very hard on a lot of families to accept the fact that their loved one is probably dead. I hope she has a change of heart because she needs her family now.

  • Pam

    Well I wish they would chain him up in his own basement and let him starve to death.And every few days let one of those girls family members go in and beat the crap out of him. I don’t think going to prison and letting Bubba get him will be any punishment at all. He would enjoy that. I don’t think he would last 10 or 11 years because he is not as strong willed as those ladies are. I never thought I would ever feel so much anger at any one person but this man is just a monster.

  • bong

    I have suffered sex abuse and incarceration. America does not torture those incarcerated. The loss of freedom is the punishment. No commentators above obviously have been locked up. Think what it would be like living on a island like the movie Castaway, time stops. This man/thing should NOT get the easy way out by death.

    • ships58

      I totally agree, but I also do not want to give him anymore attention. He just needs to go away and fade into obscurity.
      Jail in isolation until he just dies and then throw him away.

  • ships58

    The media needs to stop using inflammatory language. She is not shunning anyone. She is asking to be left alone and everyone needs to honor her request. This young woman has been through hell, seems like for her whole life. If she does not want to see them, then she doesn’t have to and there is nothing sensational about that. The fact that she told the family she did not want to see them and they went to the media to share how awful they felt about her rejection and that they hired a lawyer tells me more than I need to know. They even went to the other victims home to try to force a reunion, this enrages me. She has had no free will in years, and they won’t honor her request??? really???

  • Ivy

    Great Plee For to the Victims

  • becky collins

    I know just how she feels. Wish I could wave a magic wand and make it better.. she will have lots of support, so where is the fund to help her, the other two have families, I want to donate to this girl.. lets start a fund and get her some help, maybe we can be her family. Love is not just in your family it is in the strangers that want to help.. whats the number?? get somebody reputalble to handle the donations and cards and help. We are her family, lets all step up. Thats what we do in this country, no matter what our political bent etc, we step up.

  • Lisa Picard

    Sometimes families fall short for a lot of reasons. I would be so hurt to think that nobody looked for me. It doesn’t mean that she wasn’t loved. If she needs a family- we would be honored to have her. Our family is made of strong women who survive- she’d fit right in. Don’t give up girl- better days are coming!

  • Gerrie

    I don’t understand why we must have a trial when someone confesses to a crime.Let the girls decide his fate. he said he is guilty. Take the money it will cost to take him to trial.or house and feed him for life and give it to these girls to get the help they will need.

  • Sally

    This sorry example of protoplasm will probably have to have an incredibly expensive trial, the women will have to testify – more agony for them – then he’ll be sentenced to prison where he’ll cost taxpayers even more money. Hardly seems logical, does it.

  • Sally

    To discover that your family didn’t seem to give a hoot in he** – now that’s a really bitter pill to have to swallow.

  • becky collins

    supportive comments are great.. what is better is stepping up and DOING SOMETHING this girl has nobody but us, lets step up.. anybody a CPA who can set up a foundation or whatever we need to benefit her somebody honest?? anybody?? hello GOD is calling, anybody home???

  • http://webpronews uglycuss

    Crazy ain’t it! You think her family would’ve known her well enough to know she wouldn’t leave her son like that. People are so quick to look for the drama in s#$t that they overlook the whole picture. I’m glad also that God continues to show us that there are good people out there and thank you Charles Ramsey. May you stay blessed in God’s favor.

  • Dave Wright

    What an incredibly sad saga, for all involved! Society certainly contributed in part to make these people who they were; like someone making a bomb from ammonium nitrate, the directions were readily available. All that was needed was someone with the initiative to go ahead, make the thing (figurately speaking), and see how long it worked (in this case, for about a decade!).

    Now we have a lot of finger-pointing! At whom? Society? Just read all these comments. Even those that want justice, hate. Are we the Christian nation we espouse?

  • Michelle Hughes

    I do agree that it will probably take Michelle Knight the longest to recover. The mental turmoil she went through fighting for her son and then walking right into mental and physical abuse, the deaths of her unborn babies, and at the same time knowing that her family wasn’t looking for her. And my prayers are with her. But please people. Don’t shame her family. Put yourself in their shoes. IF they had any clue that she was in harms way, they would have moved mountains!

  • John

    the cops did a shoddy original investigation, the first procedure, is to usually list ALL male fathers or single men living alone who were relatives of Georgina’s friends and other things that would’ve possibly set up a list of about 30 fathers and single men living alone mostly who could’ve actually picked up Gina and done it, or had some dead bones or more in their homes, this guy should’ve at least been ON a list as a suspect, which i doubt he was in Gina’s case, cops also have the ability to easily make even a small connection and use anything to get access to search a person’s home. They most likely did nothing really with the case and will lie and cover up within hours most of any calls made to that address may have been deleted out of the system as fast as possible to avoid a 20 million lawsuit like CA had with Jaycee

  • John

    the cops easily could’ve had this guy on creepy single person living alone, with boarded up windows and more list, suspicious person with connection to the crime and prob found any reason to search his home, even hey we saw you urinate and take ur pants down somewhere, they lie other times with anything and usually as any lawyer will tell you get away with what they want unless something violent is caught on camera, cops often use lies and other things on even simple traffic stops to get what they want done with even nobodys nowhere doing nothing, and surely they can and do if they want to search someone’s home, so this little “we could not do one thing, he had constitutional rights even if we had decided to search his home” cops and even FBI get away with anything! they have so much power, most of us know this due to minor traffic stops turning into 1/2 hour sessions of harassmen. The public will never believe that cops simply couldn’t find a reason to search this guy’s house sometime in 10 yrs or more!

    • star

      don’t blame cops…………blame the f*** government for needing PROOF. innocent till proven guilty. the cops do what they are bound by LAW to do. so don’t just put ALL of them in your little nutshell.

  • Robin

    i don’t want him on death row. i want him stuck in the general population and there he can be brutalized for what he’s done. hopefully,guys in prison will give back to him just what he gave to those girls! he’s disgusting.

  • star

    leave her alone!

  • Pamela Tipton

    My mom just found out that a man, living like 2 blocks away from her, who was convicted of raping his grand daughters, given a 20 to life sentence was released after only doing 6 years of that sentence. No one and I mean no one was notified of his release–not even the police!!! His neighbors saw him and began notifying the neighborhood. What’s worse is his wife passed away (I’m sorry for her family who lost their loved one) so he now lives alone! My mom wasn’t sure the authorities were notified and wanted to know why they weren’t notified–it was the first time he heard about it–apparently no one else had the sense to call them. My mom said he was beyond furious and was going to investigate the situation. My mom is raising my twin 17 year old daughters. He’s lucky I don’t know where he lives and my mom knows me, so she won’t tell me–If I did–he wouldn’t be very happy-I used to work on a hog farm and I castrated about 80 cute,little, adorable, one day-old piglets a day–and am not squeamish about blood and guts–you see where I’m heading with this–just let me at him and this guy and all of them–the Bible says: an eye for an eye–enough said.

    I pray for these women and the little girl–may they find the peace and joy they so richly deserve. Amen

  • Shelley Shepard

    I am an American Indian MFT (therapist) who has dealt with multi-generational trauma as a therapist and intern therapist/trainee for over 20 years. During this time i have been successful in assisting many with horrific stories, by using a variety of ways (inc nature), to heal after significant, chronic, enduring trauma. Why? Because i spent the first 18 years of my life dealing with significant abuse, and had to witness and hear the abuse of my siblings as well. There was no CPS then. My current position is being a therapist in Juvenile Hall, where every single ward has experienced significant,chronic debilitating, trauma. Wish i could help her through this, for free<3 Would fly anywhere to meet her (hopefully in a place with nature that she would feel secure)at my own expense (no, i am NOT thinking book deal/exploitation; EXTREME confidentiality, not looking for anything for myself) to see if i had anything to offer to her to help her get through this. As a Native American Michelle, EVERY TIME i sing a drum song, i will sing a prayer song for you <3

  • Pamela Tipton

    My mom just found out that a man, living like 2 blocks away from her, who was convicted of raping his grand daughters, given a 20 to life sentence was released after only doing 6 years of that sentence. No one and I mean no one was notified of his release–not even the police!!! His neighbors saw him and began notifying the neighborhood. What’s worse is his wife passed away (I’m sorry for her family who lost their loved one) so he now lives alone! My mom wasn’t sure the authorities were notified and wanted to know why they weren’t notified–it was the first time he heard about it–apparently no one else had the sense to call them. My mom said he was beyond furious and was going to investigate the situation. My mom is raising my twin 17 year old daughters. He’s lucky I don’t know where he lives and my mom knows me, so she won’t tell me–If I did–he wouldn’t be very happy-I used to work on a hog farm and I castrated about 80 cute,little, adorable, one day-old piglets a day–and am not squeamish about blood and guts–you see where I’m heading with this–just let me at him and this guy and all of them–the Bible says: an eye for an eye–enough said.

    I pray for these women and the little girl–may they find the peace and joy they so richly deserve. Amen

  • nana_terrie

    As I sit and read all the comments, I feel sad
    Sad…what has become of our world
    Sad…that these precious girls had to endure all that happen to them
    Sad…that this pervert is going to sit in jail for yrs, and I have to feed him w my taxes. JUST KILL HIM NOW, he admitted to the crime!
    The world is getting worse, and we need to change it
    These perverts would have been hung or killed within 24 hrs of their crimes in Americas past. Our children/wives/mothers/daughters were safe then, we taught them to carry and shoot firearms. The adults carried firearms, prepared, but rarely had to use them for violence.
    Michelle, u dont worry about anything, u need to do what is best for u. You and ur docs are the best to decide.
    U are free now. This man can no longer hurt u, just take day by day.
    I wish only the best for u.
    U are a survivor. dont ever forget that. Be proud of ur strength!!!!!

  • anthony

    funny, a white man is guilty and the black man is the hero….why don’t I hear mean, nasty racist comments now???

    • Darla

      Puerto Ricans are hispanic and not caucasian in the real world. Where did you get YOUR information?????? Some are mixed with black race as well as white. But we are all of one race, THE HUMAN RACE.

    • http://www.environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

      he’s not white; he’s hispanic

  • Kelly

    This is the saddest thing I have read in long time. Victimized by her brutal kidnappers and now not allowing herself to be loved by her family and forgiving them for their mistakes. Life is too short and can be very hard without a family to love and be loved by.

    • Darla

      Kelly, the family threw her away a long time ago. I do not blame her for her feelings. You just have no clue what it is to not be loved by family and be surrounded by jackals in that family group. She will forgive but she cannot go back for more abuse after suffering what she did and they did nothing to help the situation by continuing to look for her. That “family” preferred to think the worst of her while she was isolated with a madman and the other two women and a child. No, you just don’t get it, Kelly.

  • deborah

    I think he should be put into a crowd of people that are disgusted and mad as hell about what he did. Then let them punch and kick him to death.

  • kerry mill

    Odd how this story missed the whole rescue part by reading it it seems that amanda was able to knock down the door by her self and charles did not make contact with her until the middle of the streert I really hate when someone does not tell the truth espically a story of this magnitude the knight girl would still be sitting there if it werent for charles coming to the aid of amanda.

  • Arden

    I really wish for every man who is convicted of rape they would fit the crime to what he did. They should strap him down and then use a rusty nail and hammer down his penis to a piece of wood. Let him stay like that for a few days and then take him back to his cell, and let lock jaw set in. This way he would know he was dying. His death penality would be a slow tortureous death.

    A man who did what he did to those woman should be given a punishment that fit the crime and this punishment would fit his crime.

    Why should he got to jail and get benefits. I also am of the opinion that the men and woman in jail now a days should not get all the privledges they do. They should be in jail and punished for it. No tv- no education- instead make them actually do the hard labor. They are in prison for a reason.

  • Ruby Petty


  • Ruby Petty


  • Theresa

    Where is Dexter when you need him. This definitely fits “The Code”

  • R G

    I don’t understand when police and family decide someone has run away, when the person did not take any of their stuff with them. Only someone very rich with cash would run and take no clothes or toiletries, but the police seem to decide someone has run away for no reason. I really disliked the movie, the Upside of Anger for the same reason. The woman assumed her husband had run off with another woman but he had taken no clothes or money. Crazy. Who would do that.

  • hotmama

    Sad truth is, some families just don’t want to be bothered ….. this poor woman had to endure the taking of her son, and then being kidnapped by a monster …. wow – it also shows NO ONE KNOWS that someone “missing” is dead and the search hopeless until a body is ever actually found … many cases of the past few years where children have been found as adults, held for years by a kidnapper …..

  • hotmama

    VICTIMS need more RIGHTS and SAY in punishments ….. victims currently have NO SAY, almost, whatsoever, they are at the mercy of the DA …. we need a NEW STANDARD OF PROOF and PRESUMPTION OF GUILT for some case, with strict requirements of course – we are not all morons, reasonable people know what happened here and there is no reason pieces of @#$@# like this should be allowed to waste tax payer money and torture victims with court proceedings for years and years because some defense lawyer makes money off of it and can exploit the publicity …..

    • Darla

      I hear you, hotmama! You are so correct. Years ago in Los Angeles, my daughter was sixteen and waiting for a bus to her job at KFC in a very nice neighborhood. We lived a block from Bob Hope and across the street from the King family home. I wanted to give her a ride in the car but she chose to take the bus. I left and later was told a creep tried to abduct her and two guys in a car helped her escape. We filed charges and they caught him but he had a TWIN BROTHER AND THEY DIDN’T KNOW Which one had committed the crime so they kept continuing and we showed up each time. They let him go without notifying us! I was so angry that I filed charges but to no avail. That happened in 1977. So much for change……

  • Kimba

    regarding Ms. Knight. I could tell something by the way her mother was talking to the news the other day that all is not well within that family! How could you not look for your daughter… Later she will probably forgive her family..

  • rivka

    have the girls decide his fate.

    • http://www.environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

      no, they’d be too nice

  • mihsil

    The monster should be sexually tortured ,starved and beaten up daily for 10 years then put to death.

  • William Links

    when he gets thrown in the ocean make sur ehe has heavy weights with no way to take them off let him sink while still alive. and have a slow drowning death. let him suffer.


    I say let the three girls decide his fate, I don’t think after some needed rest that they would have a problem with that. Best of luck to you ladies, you have a lot to over come in the years ahead. I am very happy for you all.

    • http://www.environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

      no, they’d be too nice. they all three need the death penalty

  • Darla

    Her family abandoned Ms. Knight and although she will have to forgive them, it does not mean that she needs to be involved with them. What a horrible mother, but I can attest that so-called family members can be worse than nonrelative enemies. No, I hope she recovers mentally and physically as well as the other women and as for that beast, I hope he is publicly castrated and then hung to death. He will face God and receive his just desserts.

  • Kim

    I think all of you loose site or are not aware of how this went down. I am SURE her mother and others truly thought she left to “start her own life”– thus not wanting to be found etc. etc. MICHELLE was a strong willed teenager… that is very common…. can’t tell them what to do or how to do it. I KNOW many teens like this…. whether it is for their own good or not. The articles have said they put out a missing person’s report…. until it was dropped (police etc.– now that WAS a mistake cause they could never prove where she was). My youngest daughter who is now 25 was VERY STRONG WILLED when she was around 15 years old…… she tried running away… on and on… and her friends encouraged it…. and housed her. I took her to Juvenille Hall to have them talk with her about “life at home is bearable” and if she is running away cause she wanted to drink, drugs, and not do chores that was “dumb” and immature. The Sheriff Dept. explained to me (without her there) that these young girls leave home walking and before you know it someone picks them up and they are trafficated to LA or elsewhere in to prostitution. They affirmed me that THIS IS A FACT….. so don’t let her out and on her own no matter what. So I had to tighten the reins and be “over protective” to a teenager than became violent over not being able to “run away” or “do her own thing”. I am SOOO HAPPY those years are over!!! SOOOOO I do feel bad for Michelle, however I am sure she knows her role in the “bad relationship” between family and her….. and it is not mendable now after all this. JUST THE WAY IT IS. When you people have teenage (girls in particulat)…… you or one or more of the families you know will have a child as such. Be strong as a parent…. don’t let your kids stray!!! This is an example of the tragedy that exists for everyone when it does happen!!!

    • http://www.environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

      too long

  • David Rodriguez

    These girls need a lot of time to heel and hopefully get over this horrific time in their life’s if its possible. I feel nothing but heart ache for these girls for what they went through for so long. Evidently this man was very sick. people need to be aware of their surroundings and neighbors. He was feeding five people in that house not just one. His brothers or neighbors never picked up on this. It makes me think of how many other situations there are like this and no one knows about it. You know they exist out there and maybe in your own back yard.

  • David Rodriguez

    Where or what site can I give to these girls to ease there suffering?

  • http://www.warnerbrown.com Warner Brown

    Death is an easy way out for this sick man. Killing him would be doing a favor. He should live an eternity of pain until his last breathe.

  • Cindy

    I agree with Dot: there really isn’t any punishment that could possibly equal what these three girls endured. The closest thing I can think of is hard labor 7 days a week, until the day he drops dead in the field that he is slaving in.

  • oda hose

    no matter what WE WANT TO HAPPEN TO THE CAPTOR…lets realize the we do have a justice system…on a personal note*…he will indeed suffer…wether in this lifetime or the next….i hope at least of the victims see it or find out he did…they do deserve at least that

  • clevegirl

    I am getting tired of seeing the over-publicized word of SHUN. If you are a native Clevelander, like I am and listen to this “mother” you would reverse the heading to reading Michelle’s family shunned her. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2322655/Cleveland-captive-Michelle-Knight-removed-missing-persons-database-15-months-snatched-street.html That should help to understand her a bit more. Her child was conceived from a rape, her mother’s BF beat her and broke her baby’s arm, and the baby was taken away. Michelle was fighting to get her baby back when she was kidnapped.

  • Tirian

    So here is the challenge for the people of Cleveland. If you believe that the Cleveland Police dropped the ball on the kidnap victims, and you feel they are not meeting your expectations in the aftermath, then you all need send polite, but firm, e-mails to your elected officials with clear statements of what you want them to do. Then if they fail to follow through, you vote them out of office at the next election, and watch them to make sure they can’t hold elective office again in your community. DON’T let the situation continue, just because you’re too busy watching TV or whatever.

  • jeff

    Give him life in prison. He can share a cell with Jodi Arias.

  • Bea

    We can’t blame her family. This poor girl apparently had some serious issues before her kidnapping. they filed a missing person report. It is very sad that it appears that her absence was not as publicized as the other girls, but who knows how her family dealt with their grief, and NOW more than ever. To realize that she was abducted must be heart-wrenching for all! God be with each and every one of them and bring them inner healing and forgiveness.

  • http://www.environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

    I know what that is like; when I was released (ie: HONOABLE DISCHARGED) from the US Air Force, my family shunned me, and I shunned them right back. Don’t go back to your family Michelle. Stay with DeJesus’ families

  • John Gage

    Not sure which emotion I feel more of: Deep disgust. Deep sadness. Or Deep anger & pure hatred towards the scumbag coward(s) who did this to the girls. The best punishment would be to put this scumbag into general population and leave his cell door open. Justice would be served within minutes. Save the taxpayers some money.

  • Gina

    I don’t blame her at all…how sad that the family didn’t even bother to look for her. Even if they thought she “ran away”, where’s their common sense or love for their daughter to even WONDER what happened to her?? If that were my daughter and she had come up missing, whether I thought she ran away or not…I would have still tried to find her.
    Shame on them…………..

  • http://yahoo wiseass

    An Alcatraz solitary dungeonsounds good for him !

  • Leah

    I think the three women should decide his punishment…. Although it may be asking too much of them at tis time, it should be up to them. None of us had to endure what they did…. They know everything that happened, they should choose what happens to him and when….

  • monica

    It “appears” as though McKnight’s family abandoned her then and now wants contact and has been denied it by the woman herself.

    Sounds like they might be sniffing for some money….sadly.

    I’m very tired of tax money going towards idiots like this. I just hope the cops turn a blind eye, and
    someone kills him.

    Even though death is too good for him.

    There is something to be said for being abused as a child and needing help. I have been a group facilitator for women who’ve been raped and tortured as children and used in child pornography. Broken bones,
    pregnant at age 12 and on and on.

    NONE of these women had a criminal record, they were in a shelter for battered women.

    Yes, men need and deserve the same help as women if they have been abused as children.

    However, that is no free ticket for them to rape or any other crime, much less something on this level.

    Hec, no.

    Somewhere, somehow, this “justice system” needs a makeover.

    May everyone in this world be grateful for what they have with their children who are safe.

    May we all remember that we need to watch out for each other.

    Does everyone honestly believe that no one saw nothing unusual about Castro’s house in those
    10 years? I can’t fathom that.

  • dt

    Ariel Castro was SURELY abused, but he deserves the ultimate punishment for the depravity he inflicted on three young women.

    It would be great to explore, with depth, the cause of problems like his…to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

    That exploration would be more important than putting him to death.

    But he deserves the death penalty and I can see no justice, otherwise.

  • YLS

    Michelle no one can imagine what you have gone through. This monster has taken alot from you but don’t let him take anymore time. With life being so short and so many changes in 10 years talk to your family and then make your decisions. Let them help you heal you are not alone.

  • daniel

    There are a lot of sadistic comments in reguard to this man and what his fate should be. I rank these comments equal too the crimes this man committed. ie he should be castrated, he should be chained in a little room and sodomized by other men, death is too good for him….
    Your comments demonstrate how low humans truly are, how depraved, how loathsome. You people are as sick as he is if not worse. It’s a good thing none of you vile people will determine his outcome.
    He may deserve the death penalty, he may deserve life in prison, what he did was wrong, I in no way condone any of his actions but neither do I condone your ignorant sadistic rants.

  • Sancar

    he needs the death penalty and it needs to be carried out asap ….no long trial …no jail time with meals , clothing , heat , electric ,etc…. this is costing us money people ….when there is no doubt that someone is guilty lets not spend money on answering stupid questions like why he did it ! He doesnt belong sharing the same air we breathe !We need to start cleaning up this country of these horrific crimes …what if they were your family he did that to ? If you know you are going to be put to death for your crime you might think twice about it….we are to easy on these monsters !

  • http://yahoo.com R.M. Ward

    This guy, Castro, does not deserve the death penalty. He should receive the minimum of (5) life sentences. Hopefully, when in prison, he will spend most of his time on his knees, bent over and maybe a little sleep in between.

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