Khloe Kardashian: Lamar Wants Millions For Divorce

    November 27, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Khloe Kardashian and husband Lamar Odom have been battling rumors for months now that they are headed for divorce, and now there are reports that Odom wants $10 million and the return of the $875,000 engagement ring he gave his wife in exchange for a divorce.

According to the Daily Mail, Odom wants the money to keep quiet about a sex tape he and Kardashian made, and to keep mum about the inner workings of the Kardashian family.

“Kris and Khloe are very worried about Lamar… He knows all about their extreme surgery procedures – when, how often and how much – and the pressure put on the younger girls to follow suit,” a source said.

The news comes after Khloe and her mom Kris allegedly went to a lawyer to talk about divorce preparations. Earlier this year, Odom went missing for a few days and was rumored to have been having difficulties with drug abuse, though the Kardashian family later denied that was true. In August, a woman claiming she was Odom’s mistress came forward with her story, saying Odom led her to believe he was a single man and that Khloe busted them in a hotel room.

“I told her to leave, but she refused. I called the front desk and asked them to call the police because I was so scared, but no one ever came,” Polina Polonsky said. “While Khloe was screaming outside the door, Lamar was calling people to come and get her. She was out of control. The whole scene was so frightening — and I couldn’t understand why we were hiding, because he made it clear that he didn’t want to be with her!”

The latest drama comes at the same time as renewed allegations from O.J. Simpson’s manager that the former football star is Khloe’s biological father, not Robert Kardashian, who was Simpson’s lawyer during his infamous trial.

“It’s all going to come out sooner or later,” Norman Pardo told In Touch Magazine. “Khloe could be O.J.’s kid.”

Image: Wikimedia Commons

  • Please

    Good. Take her for all she is worth. Women have been doing it to men for decades. The Kardashian women embody all that is wrong with women in America. People think what they do is harmless but really it isn’t. A whole generation of girls think they can get by on their looks and by doing nothing. Then those girls grow up and blame men when their lives don’t go well.

    No ladies. Men are not the cause of your problems. You just followed the example of the bimbos you saw on TV and thought that you could be them. Why don’t you try something like studying or being a scientist or learning about computers or studying math? Nah…. you just want to dress up use makeup and get paid because you look good. Problem is that there are hundreds of thousands of good looking women and every woman gets old.

    Makeup can’t cover up being stupid, old, or having a bad personality.

    • Bored With TV

      Talk about hitting the nail on the head. Kris Jenner is adamant that her daughters do not need any more education than they get from reality tv. These people have sold their souls and were tricked, infamy is not fame. People of limited intelligence watched the show and unfortunately these vapid, materialistic women somehow because they were on tv became role models for others who aspire to drive a Bentley and wear Prada. For these losers, all that mattered was/is money and media coverage. American idiots made them and now American idiots are relishing their fall.

    • Jessica S.

      Uh, I would agree with him taking her for everything she has IF it was her fault. In case you are forgetting, all of this was caused by his drug addiction. So why the hell should she have to pay to support his drug habits?

  • Please

    By the way, OJ may very well be Khloe’s dad. I wouldn’t put anything past Kris Jenner. Kris is the type of woman that can’t stand to not be the center of attention. She would screw a horse if it would make her money and make her the talk of the town.

    Also, Kim and Courtney are short as hell. Get them out of their 5-6 inch stilettos and they really are tiny women. Khloe is a freaking amazon. I guess that is possible they all had the same Dad — but it is very unlikely.

    Who knows. If you look what all those women have done in the past five years alone, I wouldn’t put anything past them.

  • dyanna

    Don’t give him a nickel. H should have plenty of money himself, he’s an NBA basketball player for cryin out loud, or was. If he spent all of his money on drugs and whores or whatever that’s on him and not her responsibility. He’s the one that screwed up. She has went way above & beyond what most women would with him. She has given him every benefit of the doubt. She has bent over backwards to do right by him. Who cares what he tells, as far as sex tape goes, extortion is illegal & furthermore its a sex tape of a married couple, someone she should’ve been able to trust. Whatever he does is gonna be a reflection on him, not her. Kick his sorry ass to the curb.

  • ginetteapirana

    i just feel so much sympathyfor khloe she is just a sweet upfront professional whos just an amazing funloving kindheartd happy go lucky drama free sexy diva. take over the world girl. ps lamar hu???

  • chichi

    He is a very stupid man who never cared about khloe, he should go to hell n remain there now I know why he left a woman hwo gave him children for another woman. All was bcos of money, his a gold digger and he never deserve khloe