Khloe Kardashian Involved In L.A. Accident

By: Amanda Crum - August 24, 2012

Khloe Kardashian was involved in a very minor fender-bender on Wednesday, but, perhaps due to the recent spate of female stars hitting things with their vehicles (and mostly abandoning the scene), it’s getting the E! star some attention.

However, the accident wasn’t even bad enough to leave so much as a tiny scratch on either car, so Khloe didn’t bother to exchange information with the other woman.


Image credit: Fame Flynet Inc.

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  • http://lee larry leon

    how is this even news worthy and everytime she farts and burps is it going to make news as well? “cant be serious” *chuckles out loud*

  • Esteves

    Can’t be consider an “accident” if no damages occured. Geez, I wish that was my case. I pulled out of parking stall a scratched a co-worker’s BMW bumper and is costing me $450!!!! He’s the owner’s Son to boot.

  • Derek

    She should of played a joke and talked to the other driver and wrestle eachother in the street. We know camerea’s would of went off. This would of been a better story to go mainstream.

  • Mike

    Why are the kardashian in the news for anything I am tried of hearing about them they have not done anything worth writing about find a new name to write about

    • http://yahoo stonelation

      Mike I agree with you. I am not only tired but sick of seeing or hearing about them.

  • Joe Shmow

    Khloe needs a Spray Tan..Check out her Legs

  • Mims

    Why do we have to hear about everything and anything involving the Kartrashians? What’s next? “Khloe Kardashian Farts”???

  • sharon

    well its good to see that she can look just like us on a normal day she looked like the rest of us that did not glam up lol. its not often that we see her without the best of clothes and make up or hair done you see we all clean up well . what a breath of fresh air to know she is not naturaly a bomb .

  • c frederick

    i swear what is so special about them guys but they do have a good plan money for nothing sex for free exspecialy fim ask all her ex boyfriends and her new one west raciest ask taylor swift!!

  • k

    I actually think she is the coolest and the prettiest

  • http://yahoo stonelation

    The Kardashians need to go somewhere and hide….they are morally corrupt. No values, no skills and no education.

  • melanier1971

    If people in this country would mind their own business and let everyone live their lives it would be a much better place. Who cares what the Kardashians are doing if their happy stop judging them and get over it JEALOUSY will get you know where…..all you out their commenting negative comments obviously have to much time on your hands and need to find a hobby.

  • brenda

    i dont understand what is so special about this family.. it seems they are still just trying to make a buck off the fathers name, Bruce is the only family member that is slightly famous, i wonder what would happen if these people had to work for a living without cameras in their faces, ? i think they need to be taken off tv and left alone,, they have had their 15 min.

  • http://yahoonews Susan

    The Kardashians need to go away, and Bruce needs to get the h out of there. I feel the two youngest ones will follow in the footsteps of their stepsisters and become very unhappy.

  • R Brady

    Oink. Oink

    • buttman

      throat f@$k BUTTF@#$K all da way

  • m.j.c

    who cares?

    • sarah

      I agree! Don’t these people have REAL jobs? Do they use all their money to maybe, DONATE, to Goodwill or Animal Rescue, instead of themselves?