Khloe And Lamar On The Rocks, Mistress Claims

    August 14, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Khloe Kardashian Odom has been denying for months that her marriage is in trouble, but a woman who claims she had an affair with Lamar as recently as June says he acted completely available and made it clear that he didn’t want to be with Khloe anymore.

“I was under the impression that he had left Khloe … he acted completely available and we definitely had a mutual attraction,” Polina Polonsy said. “After we had sex, Lamar stayed the night with me; the next day we went back to the Roosevelt. I stayed there with him for the next couple of nights.”

Polonsky says that Khloe discovered the two of them together in another hotel room in July and confronted her, causing such a scene that Polonsky wanted to call the police.

“I told her to leave, but she refused. I called the front desk and asked them to call the police because I was so scared, but no one ever came,” she said. “While Khloe was screaming outside the door, Lamar was calling people to come and get her. She was out of control. The whole scene was so frightening — and I couldn’t understand why we were hiding, because he made it clear that he didn’t want to be with her!”

Now, the young lawyer has reportedly passed a lie detector test about the affair and says she wants everyone to know what she’s been put through because she fears for her safety.

“She’s investigated my loved ones, and she personally tried to attack me,” Polina said. “I can’t even go home, because I’m scared that something bad will happen. I want my story to be made public.”

Khloe, meanwhile, is reportedly still trying to make things work with Lamar.

“Khloé has been fiercely loyal to Lamar – she’s always been a devoted wife,” a source told British magazine Heat. “But she and Lamar have suffered after trying for a baby for so long with no joy, it put pressure on their relationship. Now they’re so distant, no one knows if they can repair things.”

  • #TheSillySurvives

    #SnowapeLawyer Won’t Stop After Getting Black Kock!!!!!

    • say

      If this mistress a lawyer, doesn’t she know what she is doing is ADULTERY? Khloe should suit the heck out of this w***e.

      • DeLo

        say..and what exactly is omar doing (Adultery also) this is no one way street ladies. what is wrong with you women today get on your husbands they are the ones clearly at fault.

    • JIM

      Who gives a shit. You should know when you marry an athlete that you are going to get screwed. Have enough respect for your self not to be with a low life like him. I guess fame and money creates more stupid women..

      • JIM

        Why would a good looking women want marry a ugly fuk as him? No sense I would guess. Money is not everything as they find out.

  • johnG

    Got to be a slow news day

  • MiRae

    I love how she’s all….she was causing a scene. Well duh… you were sleeping with her husband, what did you expect a party? She should of known who Lamar was and known he was still married regardless of if he acted available or not….

  • cindy edward

    Khloe has been my favorite. She really has the quality of a married woman. One cannot compare her to other people of her level. I thought only blacks and Hilary Clinton can hold-on. Hold-on Khloe…..with all love

  • donna rubino

    she attacked me????!!! She should have ripped her friggin head off, like we are supposed to have sympathy for an adulterous who knew he was married???? PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    • DeLo

      donna rubino, she should be ripping her husbands head off instead. Why defend him when he is clearly at fault. I don’t understand why women get mad at the other woman when you should be venting you anger at your husbands. If it were my husband I would be ripping him a new one.

      • http://yahoo kathryn

        THANK YOU !!!

  • http://yahoo Mercy

    Pliz miss, grow up! Leave Khloe alone, how the hell did lamar tell you he never wanted to be with her… Bullshit, as I see it he only wanted to get in between your legs for a couple of nights as you claim… But your aware that he is still married to her, so piss of and get some other rope from elsewhere.. I can help you so you could leave them alone….

  • cindy edward

    I dont understand how others can be soooo judgemental. Khloe knows what she want and why she wants it. Please give her a chance, rathe instigating the divorce. Love is a different thing, provided Lamar says he does not love her anymore……Cheating doesnt mean he does not love you!!!!!

  • RG

    YOU ARE SLEEPING WITH A MARRIED MAN YOU DUMB WHORE!?! What do you mean you don’t know why she’s acting the way she’s ACTING!!??!!…she’s acting exactly as she should be!

    • DeLo

      Hey RG sounds like ur the dumb whore, she should be showing these actions towards her husband. He’s the one married and promised to be true. LOL

      • Georgia Peach

        Both Lamar and the *trick* need to “get the PAWS put on them”…..

        • DeLo

          Georgia Peach..i agree!

  • gadogs#1

    And why exactly do we even care about this? If my husband was cheating on me it sure wouldn’t make it online!!! This article surely did not change my day or will it change my life
    Wake up people they don’t care about you why care about them they are normal people at the end of the day with normal problems like everyone else theyre problems just tend to be more expensive

  • DINO

    Just in case my original post does not get posted because of curse words I’m re-writing it without the curse words to make sure it gets posted LOL

    “I gotta laugh at this Jezebel because she’s complaining that Khloe “attacked her & created a scene” …. SHE’S LUCKY she was confronted by KHLOE & not some woman who is A WHOLE LOT MORE AGGRESSIVE & VIOLENT. If it were ME, I WOULD HAVE gotten arrested & charged with assault. Possibly FELONIOUS assault. You cant sleep with, have sex with & hang out with someone else’s HUSBAND & expect nothing to happen, even if it happens EVENTUALLY. I mean, is this woman THAT DUMB??? To believe a married or “committed” man when he says “I dont want my wife/girlfriend/baby mama anymore”, is just a PLOY to GET LAID, he’ll tell you anything you wanna hear to get his way STUPID!!! I dont feel ONE OUNCE OF SYMPATHY for her, nor do I have admiration for Lamar – Lamar is a big DOOFUS – really – he is ONE SIMPLE IDIOT & he’s acting like a BONAFIDE MALE “ON THE STROLL” FOR WHOLESALE. If I were Khloe I’d divorce him IMMEDIATELY & try to take every DIME he has I’d try to literally BREAK that SOB, I HATE CHEATERS & WOMEN WHO SLEEP AROUND (AFFAIRS) WITH MARRIED MEN AND/OR MEN IN COMMITTED RELATIONSHIPS – this trick knew Lamar was married. These women are just as bad as the man who’s doing the CHEATING!

    • aunt bee

      She’s a whore. When did we as American’s make it ok to come out as a mistress and tell everyone???? Are they media whores? Reminds me of Tigers girls and they were dissapointed they didn’t get money out of him, or a permanent spot it his life

    • DeLo

      Dino honey, the married man is the worst…cheating on his wife. she should be venting all this anger at him…he is the one cheating on her with this other woman. go get your man and rip him a new one and stop putting blame on the other woman. men know just how far they can go, because they know the wife won’t confront him instead go after the innocent gold digger…in this case she probably isn’t a gold because she is a lawyer. you go girl…it’s ur thing do what u wanna do with it. he is showing her no respect by sleeping with other women.

    • Jennifer

      I don’t think it’s right for people to persecute others …as a whole … gosh are we living is Salem witch trial days. Seems everyone needs to go to therapy and realize that human nature is a gift and we need to be respectful of others liveliehoods instead of gimmie gimmie gimmie. Social foundation isn’t built upon money seems the core of the issue isn’t the mistress it’s Khloe’s self esteem. geez not that hard to pinpoint.

      • Judi

        The mistress is playing the victim here?? Really?? What an idiot. But, I guess if Lamar did tell her he didn’t want his wife anymore, it must have been true. I mean, what person, cheating on their spouse, would ever tell such a lie?! The mistress is lucky all Khloe did was yell and scream. Jennifer, how on earth do you get its about Khloe’s self-esteem? It has nothing to do with Khloe, its about a man who made a commitment and didn’t keep it and a sl*t that told herself, oh, he’ll really love me. The mistress admitted she slept with a married man, not quite the Salem witch scenario. Sounds like maybe you’ve had your share of married men so you have to defend it. Look around, where are all the other well known mistresses who had their 15 minutes, Monica Lewinsky, Tiger’s mistresses, Donna Rice, Marla Maples, Gennifer Flowers? Why do mistresses continue to think people are going to feel sorry for them.

  • T

    Um seems like you wanted some attention from this situations yourself… Why go take a lie detector test? You have a bright future ahead of you young lawyer, just keep popping your legs open to get what you want.. Slore!

  • jay

    Khole take B-hop and enjoy your life. He wasn’t faithful to his children’s mother so don’t be surprise he wasn’t with you. Lamar has a problem not you!

  • Sandra

    First of all Lawyer GIRL chill out if the situation was reversed you would be doing the same thing Khloe was doing. Lamar how can you stand there and do this to Khloe instead of pointing the finger at her just because she is unable to have a baby and thats the reason of your separation LAME EXCUSE!! HELP her, go with her to the fertility doctor and find a solution and if there is none than adopt if I was in your situation and have your money I would adopt a baby. There are so many kids out there that need good homes. Erase the past you two and make it work. Love you both. Lawyer girl stay away. Go find yourself a new man and always remember when a guy tells you thats its over or its not working out with thier significant other, ITS A LIE. MOST MEN ONLY WANT SEX

  • jay

    sorry about the miss spelling of your name. KHLOE

    • The_Phantom_Irritator

      Personally, I liked “K-hole” myself…

  • Josie

    Too high of an expectation: a FAITHFUL NBA player. DUH!

  • HDR0920

    Dino, you are so right. It takes two to tango and yes the men are wrong but the women are just as guilty. Then when the wife threatens or tries to put hands on the mistresses they go to the police.
    If you want to play those type of games prepared to get beat down.
    But again we are dealing with women who have no self respect or self esteem, anyone man or woman who is willing to be the side piece needs Jesus.

    • Georgia Peach

      Amen to that cuz you better believe if I caught my husband in a hotel room with a *trick* I’m gonna put hands on BOTH of them! What does it solve…….nothing, but it’ll make me feel better before I kick him to the curb!

  • IntelligentInternetUser

    Why any woman would want Lamar beats me. Come on ladies…seriously?

    • Van

      I agree. He’s disgusting to me, farting all the time. How disrespectful to his wife.


    You are an idiot u want ur story to be heard, I HEAR U LOUD AND CLEAR U ARE A HOE SLEEPING WITH A MARRIED MAN….HOE HOE HOE!

  • Amanda

    Really who is this home wrecker? She wants this story public why? It only is embarrassing herself and making her look like a whore, who cares if she thought he made t clear he didn’t want to be with Khloe, he is still a married man, and of course he was acting like that he wanted the whore to sleep with him, how is she a lawyer she sounds dumb as bricks! I hope she is scared she is getting what she deserves, you don’t get involved with a married man period, and she is admitting she knew he was married who doesn’t, she is no victim just a wannabe trying to get her 15 minutes of fame, just like all of Tiger Woods mistresses and we don’t even remember their names now do we? This girl needs to go back where she came from and keep he mouth shut and hopefully she can spare some of her dignity, I have just never seen someone this dumb in my life, please Khloe don’t give her the time of day, just walk away, so many men I am sure would be glad to have you, please leave your joke of a husband and show us the strong woman we see!

  • http://WebProNews Lenda

    Who cares? Is this really news? People’s personal lives should be just that, personal!!! Try solvoing the buget crises in America….thats news, not this crap!

    • CJB

      Also, based on the spelling and war crimes against the English language above, we’ve also got the more important education crisis to deal with in America…

  • Eliese

    This trick better not say where she received her law degree. Why put that educational facility to shame. An attorney who blabs to the public about sleeping with a married man seeking public sympathy is not a smart person to represent anyone. She’s doing a very bad job representing herself to the press, she just appears to have the biggest stupid moment this year. You don’t have to be smart, respectable, and educated to see the wrong in having to meet a married anyone in a hotel room. No sympathy here for her, just barf, so LamHo go find sympathy in the people who think it is ok to be a marital wreaking monster. But they weren’t together….well *LAWYER* if that is the case, where is the legal separation papers..none? then its just a piss poor excuse to jump a gear and go for a ride.

  • J. G.

    Sigh…I miss the old days when mistresses knew how to keep their mouths shut!

    • rich

      I REALLY miss the old days too…

    • http://webpronews.com Liz

      Only the “mistress” would say the marriage is failing.

      • Nikkit531

        They have to justify their actions somehow don’t they? Unbelievable!

  • http://Yahoo The Madman

    Make Khloebacca mad.. Khloebacca smash!

  • http://Yahoo Barbara

    Maybe there should be a reality T.V. show about Lamar’s affair (‘s ) and his girlfriends! That should be more interesting than Keeping up with the Kardashian’s!

  • Wily Cat

    This type of story is published because there are people who want to know anything Kardashian. If we don’t want to read it, we shouldn’t come here.

  • http://yahoo Donna

    Maybe she will be the lawyer to represent Lamar in the divorce . I hope Khole eats him alive. She will find better

    • Jennifer

      it’s not like anyone is better in this situation or any other. A union and bond is broken and time to stay out of this one and many others. Look at all of the social problems today created by this family. They wouldn’t of even gotten fame if it wasn’t for the mom being best friends with OJ’s wife. She made the money off of the tragedy. horrible.

    • Deela

      Agreed. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Who’d want a relationship like that…unless she agress and accepts his cheating, and she does the same.

  • loida

    Khloe, what’d good for the gander is good for the goose. If there’s love between you then fight for your marriage. You are beautiful remember that…

  • nik

    is this story for real?

    • LJ


      • chee chee

        Wrong, Lamar has kids already, Khole is the one who cannot have kids. I cannot believe she will not get a surrogate like other people do. She can use her eggs and Lamar’s sperm.Where there is a will there is a way.

    • la

      oh all this is true

  • Jennifer

    I think everyone is in the wrong. No two wrongs make a right. I think the guy is running on empty and the Kardashian person knew what is going on. Womens intuition the entire time. Also don’t think people should persecute someone and be like salems witch trial with mistakes. Gosh get a grip gossips it’s usually people who make up this trash with the intentions of hurting someone. grow up!

  • Rebecca

    Khloe needs to rant at her cheating husband, and if she’s insecure enough to let him get away with cheating on her, then she has no self worth, and she also needs to talk to a therapist to find out why she would condone this kind of behavior from Lamar. In addition, infertility is not always a female issue. Lamar should also get checked out. Perhaps he’s the one shooting blanks.

    • Terri Turner

      Lamar is not shooting blanks; he has two kids from a previous relationship, and Khloe has confirmed with a fertility specialist that she has issues. Under the circumstances, it’s a very good thing she hasn’t been able to get pregnant by her douchebag husband. Unwed mothers are already too rampant in that family.

  • Subway Soup

    Come on, people. Athletes are KNOWN cheaters, but, you add black, or, I am sorry, “African American” into the mix, his sperm can’t spew fast enough, especially in white girls.. Eff you haters, you know damn well I am telling the truth that you have NO BALLS to type. BTW, Khloe is gorgeous, even with Kriss’s affair with ???? Question: who did Kriss bone to conceive Khloe? Look up the stats with blacks (1) how many single parents (2) how may in prison? And I’m talking both sexes. There, I typed it.

    • http://yahoo ms sweet thang

      so sad but tru.. i feel for kloe i thought there relationship was so cute but looks are very decieving.

    • Van

      True that a lot of athletes are cheaters. But why are so many white wh***s willing to cheat with them? That’s why they do it. There are always white girls who can’t open up their legs fast enough for black athletes. I say stop worrying about blacks and try to contain your own women!

    • Rosie

      I am a black woman and I totally agree with you. Never marry a African American NBA player, unless you want to get cheated on.

    • Jeannie5

      Look tell the truth. you know all this because your daughters and sisters are with Black men. Don’t deny it or some Black guy took your woman. There is anger and resentment in your post. you know this is true. Who bothers to look up stats unless you are in pain.. So sorry

    • Tina

      Hope this woman gets checked for STD’s!! And Khloe too!

  • Debbie

    Shes so smart then as much as publicity the kardashians get she would of known that if they were having problems… she deserved what she got what u think that a wife is suppose to sit back and shut up I don’t think so …..This whore is a home wrecking whore that’s it!! but she is putting it out there using the im scared of khole tactic to get her 15 min of fame maybe she thinks that she will make money for home wrecking …she a bonified idiot….THATS FOR SURE!!! Khole did what all wives do and that’s fight for her marriage . Team Khole!!!

    • Terri Turner

      Why do people always blame the other woman and label her a “homewrecker”? I’m not saying what she did was right, but the homewrecker in this case is clearly Lamar. He probably told her whatever sounded good to get into this woman’s pants and he’s obviously afraid of his own wife. What a coward and a jerk he is.

      • Tina

        She’s not a homewrecker?? He’s married. THE END!

  • sweetfx625

    This woman is outrageous. She slept with a married man on more than one occasion and she has the balls to think she is supposed to gain our sympathy? No way lady, you made your bed…no pun intended.

  • Momo

    She’s a lawyer, one of the best liars in the world. Move on Polina Polonsky, if he slept with you it wasn’t an affair it was sex and I’d be willing to say you threw yourself at him. Happens all the time with celebrity type guys. They just have to be strong enough to say no, cause there’s always your type trying to get your moment of fame or should I say $ to shut up.

  • http://none john hams

    Leave the pig,

  • Judy

    If this is indeed true…..Khloe would have to be a complete FOOL for taking Lamar back if he had an affair as blatant as this one!!!!

  • Ken

    The family is 0 for 2 when it comes to the NBA.

  • YP

    I think Khloe should leave Lamar> She deserves better, she is a very beautiful person. And seriously, he is just sooooo ugly!!! May she find herself esteem and have the courage to leave him. He is not worthy of her. yp

    • spacebob2020

      what u talking about. If i was Lamar i would cheat,Khloe is ugly, she look like a man lol!!!

  • http://yahoo debro

    Lamar is creepy. Kick him to the curb Khloe.

    This “lawyer” tried to call the cops? What? She expected to have the upper hand and for Khloe to not react? What a complete moron!

    • http://yahoo Anasara

      I totally agree with you.Could you even believe her remark that she couldn’t understand why they were hiding? Is she nuts? And this woman passed the bar exam?

      • Karla E

        Anasar, You know to some people “Common Sense is not so Common” in some people. A beatdown would do her good, and I got Khloe’s back. Just call a Sister and I’ll be ready with the Vaseline and the straight razors. She better be happy it wasn’t my Hubby,because Girlfriend would have gotten it real bad.

  • http://fb bobbie

    the point being this woman knew that he was MARRIED even if he was giving her the comeon,she KNEW he was married and who he was married too,so she was very STUPID in the first place for even thinking about going to bed with a married man,what if he had been her married man and it had been Khloe would had done this to her just because he gave her that look,she is lucky she didn’t get the you know what beat out of her,maybe next time she will think not once but twice before she sleeps with some other womans husband no matter what the look is he is giving her,she got lucky this time she might not be so lucky next time with some other woman’s husband and i guess she just jumps into bed with any man sounds like to me,.

  • Brandi

    I hate the media. I hate that the like of any Kardashian girl is exposed daily. I have been cheated on and I cannot imagine if it is true, having the entire world know about it. It is a humiliating experience within itself. I can only suggest Khloe find a church and read her Bible. God can change any situation.

  • Stephen

    Lamar gets it in. DAAAAYUM

  • BarbaraG

    If this is true Khloe please don’t make a huge mistake by staying with him and giving him another chance. He is married to you and he was well aware of that the fact that he was cheating on you and obviously it didn’t bother him one bit. Did he consider your feelings? Did he consider the fact this affair could go public and be humiliating? NO and NO… So don’t give him another chance to hurt you again, and trust me if he did it once he WILL do it again. God Bless you Khloe and good luck :-)

    • Karla E

      I agree with you 100% that Khloe should drop Home-Boy ( Lamar), and find another Guy. I don’t know what these fools are doing when they get married. Keep it in your pants, or just don’t get married if you can’t control yourself and your manhood. I am so in shock, I thought all was cool with them. MEN!!! Makes me sick. I have been married 2 times, and both of my ex’s cheated on me. None of it was my fault, and I dropped them fools fast. Best thing I ever did in my life. Khloe take Beyonce’s advice on her song, ” To The Left” everything you own is in the box “To The Left” Peace.

  • Bill C.

    So sad, too bad, but then again Mommy Kris will have new material for magazines, photo shoots and that is what is really important for hanging on the walls of the trailer.

  • David

    this woman is a WHORE! And she deserves whatever Khloe decides to do to her! You knew he was married and had not filed for a divorce! It doesn’t matter what he represents! I’m not a Kardashian fan but i respect Khloe! I like her! I Khloe ruins this ladys world!

  • babybird

    Wait she called the desk to call the police??? She didnt know the number herself.(911) She was in fear of her life but she took the time to call the desk instead of calling the police herself that doesnt add up and why is she reporting it now?

  • la

    And if All say that he was on drugs we have to think when it got started and if this heffa was with him then that means she was doing drugs too and what Lawyer has that much time to just lay around like that and not take care of her clients I would not trust her she was probably Doing drugs right along with him