Kentucky Police Officer Killed in Ambush

    May 27, 2013
    Chris Richardson
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A Bardstown, Kentucky police officer was shot and killed on Saturday, May 25, in what is being termed as a potential ambush. Details about the homicide are still being filled in, as the police officer, Jason Ellis, was not using a dashboard camera, nor did he radio his dispatch before he stopped his car. Reports reveals the officer shot “multiple times” with a shotgun:

Nelson County Coroner Rayfield Houghlin told The Courier-Journal that Ellis was shot “multiple times” with a 12-gauge shotgun. Houghlin said the officer’s service weapon was in its holster, suggesting the possibility of an ambush.

The Kentucky State Police indicated in a televised interview that they were not sure Ellis was even the target:

The Bardstown Police Department took to the social media universe to help inform the public, posting an announcement about Officer Ellis’ death on their Facebook page later that morning:

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the loss of one of our finest officers. Officer Jason Ellis started his Police career in 2006 at the Bardstown Police Department. He was our K-9 Officer. He was active in the community and quickly earned the respect of his peers. He served Bardstown with dignity and honor. He wore the uniform well and he will be missed more than mere words can express. We ask for your prayers and that you pray for his wife and two children…

Currently, the assailant is still at large. If you have any information concerning Officer Ellis’ death, you can contact the Kentucky State Police’s Text a Tip line at 67283. Earlier this evening, Bardstown held a candlelight vigil for their fallen policeman, and the funeral is scheduled for Thursday of this week.

  • Roberto

    Well, looks like this guy won’t be giving any more DUIs. He should have minded his business and not attempted to pull the car over.

    • Jenny

      You should read the article before displaying your ignorance and arrogance. He stopped to remove debris from the roadway. Sometimes that IS the business of police, along with conducting traffic stops and dealing with DUI’s. None should lead to the death of anyone.

    • E

      Roberto you need to die in a fire.

  • TJ Mercer

    I always hate to hear when a police officer is killed anywhere. They put their lives on the line every day to protect others and it’s just so unfair when their lives are taken. He has such a nice smile and kind face…it’s just sad.

  • Reese

    It says nothing about a DUI. He is an Officer of the Law DUI’s are his business Roberto aka heartless Moran!
    I hope they locate the assailant and the first place I would go to is Roberto!

    • Mark

      “the first place I would go to is Roberto!” Using the force of law to violate a person’s rights in order to exact revenge or cause suffering for your own enjoyment exemplifies why many people including African Americans distrust and even hate the police. Perhaps you should learn the legitimate function of government and law before expressing such hatred.

      • Dot

        Pretty sure this person was being facetious.

  • Dot

    It’s an unbearable, unthinkable tragedy that this family is going through. It’s something that, as a police family, you know is a possibility, but you push it far out of your mind as to not let it drive you to the brink of insanity — so you can lead as normal a life as possible for yourself and your children. To hear that he was killed in what looks like an ambush — how horrible, tragic, senseless, heartbreaking, infuriating, unfair and incredibly sad. He got up everyday and went to work knowing that he could face the possibility of taking a bullet for anyone — a stranger, a fellow officer, and yes, even a complete IDIOT like Roberto. DUIs are his job, sir (and I use that term VERY loosely). You see, people who are driving under the influence are a menace, nuisance and DANGER to society. They KILL people — innocent people, including children. It is AGAINST THE LAW to drive under the influence. I’m not sure if you are a child or a drunk that this has to be explained to you, but it’s sad to see that the rights of a drunk driver mean more to you than the life of a hero officer. I think it would be incredibly redeeming of you to man up and apologize to this officer’s grieving family for such an insensitive and stupid remark.
    And to the officer’s family — my sincerest condolences. I am so sorry that you are going through this. You are all in my thoughts and prayers, as well as the nation’s. Rest in peace, sir.

  • http://hockthaifuneral.blogspot.com/ hockthai

    Prayers to the officer and his family. Another sad day in America.