Kentucky Father Arrested For Leaving Son In Car

    June 28, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A Kentucky man accused of leaving his toddler in a hot car for over two hours has been arrested, and though he is the latest in a string of parents to do the same, his story is different than most.

For some reason, summertime in Kentucky makes some parents lose their heads a little when it comes to the safety of their children. Not a summer has gone by in my recollection for the past several years that didn’t include at least one tragic tale of a child’s death that could have been prevented were it not for a baking car. The case that started a statewide law is etched into my memory because the victim was just a baby, purposely left in a car by his caregiver; his father worked with my dad. The law is called Bryan’s Law, and it relates to the reformed punishment and charges incurred when a person knowingly leaves a child unattended in a vehicle. If the action results in the child’s death, the adult responsible can face 2nd degree manslaughter charges.

But 31-year old Kenneth Robinson says he was simply rushed and preoccupied when he drove right by his son’s daycare center on his way to work, forgetting the child was in the car with him. He was in such a hurry that he pulled up at his place of employment and went in without seeing the 2-year old in the backseat. Luckily, a coworker noticed the boy, who was red-faced and overheated but otherwise okay, and called 911.

Robinson has been charged with wanton endangerment, but the facts of his case are causing people to talk because they differ from the usual stories; if his mistake really was just that–a case of forgetfulness–should he be punished in the same manner as the other perpetrators are?

If I accomplish anything with this article, I hope it is to bring awareness to people who don’t understand that the interior of a car in summer–especially right now, when local forecasts for the week are averaging around 101 degrees–can quickly become an oven and has the potential to top 140 degrees. That is no place for a child, even if you are only going to be gone for a few minutes. And if the wellbeing of your child doesn’t concern you that much, take this into account: business owners, schools, and daycare centers can and will call the police if they see you leave a child in a car.

Slow down, people. Getting to work on time isn’t as important as the safety of another human being.

  • Anne

    If he usually drops the child off at daycare and goes to work, most likely he is telling the truth and should not be punished. It won’t happen again no doubt. Maybe what should be reviewed are the pressures of job expectations.

    • JB2

      So now we’re going to blame the job for this man’s irresponsibility? You must be a real high performer OTJ. Lets just call it what it is. This adult who is responsible for the life of another human being, who happens to be a 2 year old child, did not place the well-being of his child first because he’s got a lot to do at work.

      Well, if it wasn’t for his job, baby wouldn’t be in daycare because dad wouldn’t have the money to pay for someone to care of his minor child.

      We should all be compassionate for one another because life does happen and we are doing 100 things at once BUT it doesn’t matter what’s going on around you when are responsible for a child. Their safety must come first, no excuses. The fact that this was his child and he ‘forgot’ astounds me and he might need to spend some time w/CPS AFTER he gets out of jail.

  • Shane

    How do u forget about your kid? Especially a 2 year old… I don’t have kids but I know how I am around my nephews and my friends lil ones (paranoid and worry about every lil thing they do) which is why I just don’t get it. I guess some people really are that oblivious to their surroundings but forgetfulness is no exception and neither is stupidity :s

  • Diane

    believe it or not My Brother told me that he almost did that a couple of times when his daughter was a toddler- soo I believe the guy

  • Robert

    This is really awesome. The question posed in this artical is. Should this father be held as liable as someone else that may have left a child in a death trap on purpose?..Well, Yes he should. And the reason is very simple. If you don’t treat every single case the same then, you will have a rash of children being left in cars. Their out will be, Oh I forgot because I was in such a rush. I don’t care who you are or what your doing. It is you child for Gods sake. If you are so pre-occupied with your life that, you can’t remember you kid then, perhaps you shouldn’t have kids to begin with. I am in no way saying that I don’t feel bad for this father but, it is what it is. If you are that stupid then maybe a little while in jail or probation will make you remember your kid the next time. Thank God the kid in this case was not hospitalized or worse, Dead..

  • lola

    I agree that it is unforgivable, but as any other parent can understand things do happen!! I think he honestly forgot his son and did not mean to do so!! Thank God nothing happened to the little boy, but I don’t believe he shou;d be punished like someone who purposely hurts their child. Until, you have kids, you will never understand the true meaning of loosing your mind, I forgot, I am late, it’s crazy around here!!! So get a grip, and cut him some slack! I know of a lawyer, who was not in the habit of taking her son to school and that one day she had to, she had the biggest court case ever and was so preoccupied and stressed that she forgot the poor little one in the car on a carribbean island. She only remembered when her husband called to remind her that she had to pick him up, by then it was too late!!!

  • Elly

    I don’t care if you “forget”!!! I worked with a woman in Ohio that “forgot her 3month old, Camden in the car and he died. She didn’t get crap. It is our job as parents to protect OUR children!! If you can’t even do that then you should be charged and shouldn’t have children!!

  • Katie

    “For some reason, summertime in Kentucky makes some parents lose their heads a little when it comes to the safety of their children.”

    Wow, really? How inflammatory. Granted, it’s just plain sick on the parents part, but this happens in places other than KY you know. I know this is the second case within the span of two weeks in the state, but in the defense of the first one – the child was not alone when she went into the courthouse as her idiotic boyfriend was in the car with the child. I agree she picked a real winner there to date and leave in charge of her child, but still, look and see if it happens elsewhere before implying all Kentuckians are irresponsible morons.

    • Rebecca

      I’ve spent a summer in Kentucky. Please. That is not the reason. I would never forget my child and this happens in other states as well. People need to stop being so selfish and think of others first. And one little hint I have heard more than once is if you have a child in the back seat, place something else there you need, your purse, brief case, computer etc that forces you to reach into the back seat and then guess what? You see the child you supposedly forgot.

  • william fletcher

    i hope they put his sorry ass in jail for a long time n i hope the baby is doing okay

    • James

      The problem of this society is we have forgotten our children and not only in the car. He is a father and a real father doesn’t forget his children. Weak excuse to place blame on being rushed. Slow down and love your children and by all means when you are in a confined space of an automobile talk to them, sing to them, so they know and you know that those are special moments. Maybe when you are old and in a nursing home they will not forget you!

    • lexibustamante

      i know right.

      • JEFF

        lexibustamante…off the subject but r u related to the best pool player in the world whos last name is Bustamante

  • Donna

    I have three children. They are grown now starting their own lives. But during the twenty years as acting mom, I never forgot my children when they were in the car with me. I was not a perfect mom, but I was a responsible one. I think when an adult leaves a child in the car they are showing how irresponsible they are. If I was his wife (if he’s still married) I would never trust him again. If I was his ex-wife, I would have to take him to court, and see what could be arranged so our child would not ever be at wrist again, and so I would not be worried. I know people can make mistakes,but when you can’t go from point A forget all about point B then on to C, then they need to be punished. Maybe then his father won’t forget. Poor child..

  • Jim

    I can’t believe this! I’m so glad this guy was arrested. I’m a single father of two school age boys and I haven’t EVER put anything before their best interest. I’m not a perfect parent but how in the world can you forget you have a child in your car? I wish there could be a competency test taht test you for the ability to be a good or even average parent. Honestly, some people should not be allowed to reproduce!

  • Lorelei

    I had four children in five years. Things were crazy, but I would never forget when they were in the car. I feel bad for the baby, and I pray for all our children in this world. It doesn’t say how the Dad feels—I would be heartbroken and want any punishment they dole out.

    • WIL

      4 kids in 5 years…
      I think you forgot to keep your legs closed!

  • JEFF

    You forget to brush your teeth, you forget to grab your lunch, you forget to stop and get gas, you forget to get milk, and you might forget to get rolling papers…But by God you dont forget your kids…I myself am 47yr old and have none..I have a niece and nephew that I treat as I feel they are my own..As I would anyones kids who may read this…People wth is goin on here??

  • Laya

    Ok, he was rushed and forgot the child in the back. I guess he did not once use his rearview mirror in the car to look behind him? I can look in my mirror and see all my children in the car. Being rushed is no excuse, especially since he had to drive by the daycare. That should have triggered something, a thought about forgetting something. He should be punished. I have 4 kids and have never put them in the car and forgotten them there. I’ve been in a rush to go to the store for some last minute dinner, but still have to take all the kids out of the car and rush them into the store. My kids also talk to their dad when he takes them places, so I have a hard time believing that this kid did not say 1 word, or that the dad didn’t see him in the car when he went to lock the door, or didn’t see him when he walked around the car. Unbelievable.

  • Amanda

    When my daughter was 2 she never stopped talking. Ever. Especially in the car. Now I am not saying every child is like that but how do you put a kid in the car and then forget to take them out? Get your priorities straight people. He should be punished, because if not, every single idiot who leaves their kid in the car will be “rushed” and “forgetful” Just like “I was holding it for a friend” doesn’t fly, neither should this!

  • http://Kentuckyfatherleaveschidincar Robin Racicot

    What this father is so wrong and unforgivable , but to drag Kentucky into it is crazy as if only poor (those people) would do such a thing. Check your facts. Other states have the same problem. I live in Texas now and the problem is here also.

    • Janet

      I agree with u on this problem being everywhere and Kentucky has a father here who done wrong and should be punished by the law for it. All Kentucky people don’t forget their child or children only the ones who drink heavy and party or uses drugs and has no control let of their thinking. Thats what puts children in danger.

  • Lisa

    Even if he did forget, which I find very hard to believe, the fact that he can forget his own child represents neglect alone! Whats next, he forgets to feed the child or forgets he left him in the bathtub alone?? This child is not safe in the care of this man!

    • Janet

      I agree with u. This sounds like this father is doing the same thing as that school teacher did when her child was left in the vehicle and died. He is saying the same thing and using forgot as an excuse to get away with his wrong doing. The school teacher ended up walking and it should of had justice done for the child. Nobody should be able to get away with harming a child and it needs to have the courts to send a message out for everyone to know there will be punishment for who harms or puts a child in harms way. If he forgets his child, what else does he forget his drugs.

  • DJ

    Sounds like it was a mistake, But he should be punished. Weekends in jail for a month. A large fine. Something so that this dummy will never forget again!

    • Janet

      Give him a drug test and lock him up in a hot cell with no privilages. Keep him away from the child.

  • j.vega

    There is nothing more important than your kids!! all the attention should be for them. a few minutes late for work won’t hurt anyone!! if you are 5 or 10 minutes already late…why hurry?? you STILL going to be late, going faster will not turn the clock counterclockwise!!!!this should never happen again!! give him jail time!!!! he’ll never even forget an anniversary date!!

    • Janet

      I agree there is nothing more important then ur children and they are unreplaceable.

  • karen Faulkner

    we are make mistakes and this surely was a horrific one but he was truley sorry and truly grateful that his son was dead from the heat, so beat him up for it just hope he realises the magntude of his distraction, make him pay a fine but not one that is out of the ball park, and do some community service. we are all human and do wrong things sometimes I know I have. Lets just hope and pray he has learned his lesson. I have a 25yr old I would surely like to leave in the car for a long time in the middle of a huge forrest, and remember he is just a man and with that you have to have some compassion the dont think with their heads duhhhhhhhhh

    • http://www.ahelpinghandforhoosieralzheimerscaregivers.com Pamela Stevens

      I am sorry Karen, but your comment is almost unreadable due to misspelled words, poor grammar, sentence structure and lack of periods and commas.

      I dare say that when this man’s wife gets a hold of him, there will be hell to pay. If my husband had done this when our children were little there wouldn’t be anywhere safe enough for him to hide. He didn’t forget to take his cell phone out of the car, did he?

      • Janet

        If my husband done this to one of my children, my rolling pin would be rolling all over his ass. Im a true kentuckian and we made sure our children r safe. Rolling pins keeps our husbands remembering. This man needs a rolling pin on his ass for what he done to his son and make that rolling pin hot like that vehicle was with that child.

        • GMa

          If you read her comments, you get the idea…..all people do not care about spelling,etc. but have the right to comment anyway………Get a grip!

  • Michael Judenis

    I saw my girlfriend cheating on me so I shot her & her lover….I FORGOT I was not allowed to do that….oops!

    • Janet

      How can you forget u murdered somebody…This isn’t funny.

      • Sue

        Janet…..get a life!

  • Jossa

    Sure it was a mistake. But, how do you forget your kid(s) are in the car????? Even when I am in a hurry, I always know where my kids are…especially if they are WITH me! I think he needs to see a psychologist at the very least. To be that absent-minded there has to be an underlying issue somewhere. It’s obvious he meant no harm…but still…he needs some type of help. Had it not been for the co-worker, his child would be dead now.

    • Janet

      No excuses putting a child in harms way and he didn’t forget when he putted his child in his vehicle.

    • John Marks

      I bet $1000 that he was talking or texting, got way off track. Shame on people that make that Damn cell phone so addicting to themselves.

  • Janet

    There is no excuse leaving a child in a vehicle and not know its there. did the father forget he was responsible for the child or was he so high on pot he wasn’t thinking clear. Child neglect by the law and it is a crime. Thank God the child is alive and not dead. The law is set to give justice where it belongs.
    Parents need to stop making excuses up when they put their children in harms way. Children is to be protected not put in harms way. Again what drugs was the father on that made him forget his own child?

    • WIL

      Your comment is common until you are the one forgetting to remove a child from the car; then, people like you can’t understand why they are persecuting you!
      Everyone forgets and you are just as forgetful as anyone else…so, jump off your high horse!

  • Gimli

    Could you just use spellcheck when leaving comments???

    • GMa

      You must be a pleasure to live with! Do you tell everyone to use spellcheck? Most of us get the message even if the spelling is not perfect. These are only comments and not as important as a term paper!

  • kate

    Before I form an opinion, I’d like to know what events led up to him arriving at work. Does he have any priors? What kind of morning was he having? Did he remember everything else? Was he using drugs/alcohol? And finally, what is his phone saying? Texting? Talking? Then, there is always the scenario dad was pissed for having to take son to daycare….

    • JB2

      Would you please tell me what in the world what kind of day someone is having has to do with LEAVING A CHILD – A MINOR – SOMEONE WHO DEPENDS ON AN ADULT for their well-being, has to do with the price of butter. Absolutely nothing!

      How in the world do you forget that your child is in the car with you? It’s carelessness. We all get preoccupied and forget many things but no matter how busy or bad my day may be, forgetting about the safety and well-being of my child is not going to be second.

      Stop making excuses for careless behavior. An adult ‘forgetting’ that a child is in a vehicle unattended needs to be held accountable; and jail seems like the right place to me. I’ll bet he won’t forget again.

      • Skyefyre

        I have an 8 year old, and a 10 year old. Both are big kids for their age, healthy, sturdy.

        I was talking to them. My daughter- almost as big as I am (I’m 5’7) was in the front seat, talking to me.

        My mom lives 1/2 a block down from me. Right around the corner. My son, in the back seat, was also talking to me. Normal morning. Couldnt tell you why I made the left to go to work, instead of turning right out of my drive way to take them to my moms house. Couldnt tell you why that until they said “Um, mom…where are we going?” that I really would have driven about halfway to work before realizing… Oh snap… I forgot to drop them off.

        Im a single mom. I have them EVERYDAY. With no “switch off”, their father is not in their lives.

        This guy is just now getting into parenthood. I’ve been doing this for 10 years. With 2 kids.


    • teri yount

      i like the fact you said put something you need in the back seat putting something of the childs in the front seat like the news people suggested isnt good enough i have my grandsons things in the front seat of my car doesnt mean hes in there but you put something in the back with that child like a purse your phone your briefcase you get the picture you are either going to turn around to get it or open the door get out open the back seat and every thing is good.

  • Crystal

    Usually when this happens, the one spouse usually drops kid off at daycare while the other goes straight to work. The problem arises when the one who usually doesn’t take the kid has to for a day and it ISN’T part of the normal routine.

    I once took my son to school, pulled up, paused, started driving home and noticed he was still in the car. He was busy reading and didn’t get out and I was preoccupied with my day, and yes, this was before smart phones.

    I also dropped the older kids off at the park (6-7 yrs. later) and went to a bookstore and forgot I had the baby, because in my mind I dropped the kids off. Didn’t make it to the door of the store before I realized my mistake, and I was sick the rest of the day. I live in Oregon and it is warm about 5 days a year here (just kidding), but I’m just saying I can see how it happens.

    I read an article about this in a Readers Digest in a waiting room and what someone else said is the #1 tip they gave. Put something you need in the backseat with the kid.

    Me, I’m always leaving my phone, wallet, purse in the car and having to go back and get them. Can’t say I’ve gotten that far without the kid, although that time I got to the sidewalk is scary enough.

  • SlimJim

    I’m glad you all here have perfect memories and never become frazzled by anything, that makes you do stupid things.

    I guarantee many of you calling for this man’s head have willfully run red lights, failed to stop at stop signs, and drove way too fast.

    Get off your high horses each and everyone of you.

    People forget… people screw up… people make mistakes.

    I guarantee you he will not make that mistake again.

    And yes, there was a time many years ago that I arrived at work to realize my sleeping son was still in the back seat (before cell phones so don’t go there). I went back and was late for work, but did my forgetfulness mean I had intentions of putting my son in harms way? Hell no.

  • GrandmaBooBoo

    OMG!!! I am so very glad that this baby is ok! This could have turned out to be such a tragedy.

    As for whether the father should be charged or not simply because he says it was an “accident”….I really do NOT think that that matters. Does this father have even the slightest inkling that because of his negligence….he COULD have been facing making funeral arrangments today!!!!

    I’m not unsympathetic, BUT this is not like forgetting to drop of the drycleaning or remembering to pick up a gallon of milk. I have to at least suspect that while “Dad” may be a good and responsible employee, that this “oversight” is probably not the only instance of irresponsible parenting.
    Yes, I think that the charges against the father should stand, but that the penalty might be more effective IF “Dad” were ordered to a series of parenting classes and community service.

    Again, I’m just thanking God that this child survived!

  • DP

    This will surely start a fire storm, but in my opinion, a parent leaving a child in a car is NOT an accident. It is NOT a case of “I forgot”. Parents don’t forget their children. There may be something subliminal going on about them not wanting a child anyway. In the case of the woman in Ohio a few years back, she went back to her car TWICE – for donuts! And didn’t see her kid? Sorry. These incidents are NOT accidents.

  • http://yahoo David A. Markham

    the father should have his drivers license taken away until his son turns 21. his employer should seriously consider if they want such a forgetul peron in ther employ. I mean if he can’t remember his own little boy is in the car with him and that he has a responsiblity for the childs safety and welfare how capable could he be at his job. his wife should divorce him.

  • Jim

    And it’s not just children. You don’t leave pets in cars in this weather either! Just a week ago several people, myself included, applauded a guy who broke out a window of a car at Home Depot that had 2 small dogs in it, windows all rolled all the way up. The dogs were laying in the back seat, the toll on them too much for them to even stand, and when people there removed them, the poor things couldn’t hardly pant they were so overheated. Children, animals, nothing should be left to potentially die because of stupidity.

  • ttony234

    1) the father puts his son in the car
    2) Leaving the house he is headed to the Day care center
    3) All of a sudden the father forgets his son and heads to work.
    4) Father gets out of the car and doesn’t see his son in the back seat
    5) I would say the father is fooling around and was talking to his girlfriend, on the cell phone so the father is a cheater and an idiot for leaving his son in the car.

  • KryptoniteBalls

    I’m glad that the people who are calling for the draconian law of his head rolling, aren’t creating laws. You forgot to pay taxes by the 15th?!?!??! OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

    • joyce meadows

      taxes? don’t compare the life of a child to something so common

  • Bud

    I agree with a few of the comments here, but the fact remains, if this man had forgotten his phone or briefcase he would have went right back out to get them-mmmmm whats more important material things or HIS CHILD? I don’t even let my dog sit in the car without me in it, and as hot as it has been, and the awareness of what is in your car should be the first and foremost important things to be on the watch for. I carry a 3 cell maglight just for those cases, leave a child, animal, or elderly in a non running car and I will smash out your window for their safety…..

  • Jodie

    Here is my thought on this. If he got arrested for leaving his child in the vehicle what about when a school bus driver does the same. A child falls asleep on the bus and is forgotten HUM the bus driver does not get arrested they only get suspended for a couple of days and then right back to work. WHY not the same punishment for bus drivers as for parents?

    • Renee

      I completely agree with you. If a child is endangered period, charges should be pressed. Wow, this world never ceases to amaze me more and more!

  • Hollie

    You are so busy that you forget your child….sounds like BS to me. Was the child sitting in the backseat all the way form the house to his work not making a peep….sounds like BS to me especially being 2 you can’t get them to be quite.

  • Bryan

    Author – People understand the effects of heat and a car so your last sentence about the main point of the article is useless. We get that.

    Now for my confession – I forgot and left my child in the car when he was 4 months old. I am probably the most responsible, law abiding person you will ever meet. I plead that you not judge this man and let the local law deal with it based on the circumstances of the situation.

    In my case, I had never had my son alone. My wife does not work and on weekends we were always together. On this one particular weekend, she ran off to run errands and I went with my brother-in-law who was in town from college doing some engagement ring shopping. When you consider that he and I were catching up, I had never had the kid by myself, and the fact that these damn car seats face to the rear, I simply forgot about my sleeping little boy.

    I thank God that I was only in the store for 10 minutes. As soon as I saw the car and thought about loading up the carrier, it hit me that I didn’t take it out. I will never forget that feeling of sickness that I had. I went into survival mode getting him AC and a bottle of water. He’s 15 now and fine. For me when I read these stories I feel for the parents as surely the overwhelming majority are instances of forgetfulness and not something more sinister like murder as some of you insinuate in your comments (comment above mine mentioned he was probably talking to his girlfriend – come on with the speculation.

  • Renee

    I think a case of forgetfulness happens to most of us, but not to the point where you forget your child!! No matter how much of a rush I am in, I definately dont forget to drop my child off at daycare! Really? I cant wait to take my child on certain days, so I damn sure are not going to forget to take her. If you can forget your child when you are in such a big hurry, well, then in my opinion you have NEVER noticed or acknowledged YOUR child! WOW! The audacity of some people really get my blood boiling!

    • Rachel

      Here we all are – the majority of you are ready to cast that first stone! But don’t expect me to believe everyone here has never done anything to compromise another in some way, shape or form. That’s like expecting me to believe you’re righteous. Lets not go there.

      This type of thing angers people, but I agree with the few whose comments aren’t fueled by rage. Is this disappointing? Yes! No child should ever be endangered in this way. This parent was neglectful to say the least, and no excuses are being made here for his actions. Only that there was no INTENT to harm this child.
      Some ‘rehab’ for this guy – some parental reprogramming and probation.

      • Denise

        Hate to break it to you Rachel, but many, many people go through this world never having endangered another person, and I’m one of them. The thought that a parent would not be criminal prosecuted for leaving his child anywhere, and particularly a hot car, is inconceivable. I am a mother, and not only is the safety and wellbeing of my children my moral and legal responsibility, it is always — and I mean always — first and foremost on my mind. Nobody who is enraged by this is being righteous. We are simply parents who are in shock that another parent could actually forget their child. Frankly, not only should he be criminally prosecuted, he should be locked in a car on an 80+ day for two hours.

        • Joe

          Denise, I cannot believe you have never accidentally endangered another person. Have you ever cut someone off while driving, have you ever dropped a knife, have you ever left an object lying on the ground? All those things could be considered endangering another person. Say your child was in the car when you cut somone off and they were hurt as a result. Should you be charged with child endangerment/abuse/anything else?

      • ElCee

        I SO agree with you!!! It may be that the Mom usually takes the boy to day care, and the Dad was asked to do it on this particular day. Not his usual routine, so he wasn’t used to it. Who knows?? But, work now a-days IS very stressful, and you HAVE to really be on the ball, or you don’t Have a Job, so I can see where he would be concentrating on something really hard. I have concentrated on something so hard, I have forgotten to get dinner!!! And, my whole family was standing around me, talking with me!!! So, People, you just cannot judge until you have walked in his shoes. With his problems, and stresses. I think he should take a few weeks FROM the job, get some rehab, as you say, and get his life back on track!!

  • JHawaii

    To anyone that says he really didnt forget his son in the car, and that he is just saying that to get out of trouble, I believe you are mistaken. Are you trying to tell me he knew his son was in the car and that he just planned on leaving him in there for his whole shift then you are insane. I really believe it was accidental. With all that being said, I believe he should be punished to some extent. Maybe a fine and probation.

    • Lace

      well I do agree with you to some extent, however if we were permitted to have our children safley buckled in they’re carseats inthe FRONT seat then there would never be another excuse for this to happen now would there???? but nooo the goverment tells us what and where we must seat our children ,also I have always believed with the kids strapped in the back seat ad mom or dad driving……how can we watch the road and our child at the same time ?? Sorry but I have always been against this ,there are just to many things that can go wrong right down to forgetting our child n he back seat in a rush to get to work,

  • lin

    Here’s an idea: when you have your child in the backseat also put SOMETHING that you need for work in the backseat. You probably have something that you take to work with you, i.e. lunch, brief case or even your cell phone. When you get to work you will look for it and, oh yeah, notice that your kid is in the backseat, too.

    • Ridge

      yeah…put something in your backseat to remind you…like your CHILD!!!!!! how could ANYONE EVER forget they have their child in the backseat on any day!?!? really…

  • Jean T

    Last year a mother left her 3 babies (9 mos. to 3 yrs.) in the car on a swealtering day to chat with a friend inside. She forgot the kids! All three are now brain damaged! Her fate has not been decided yet here in Louisiana although the grand mother now takes care of the children.

    • Jean T

      PS….if that is a picture of the child why is he scowling? Hum, something is going on here. Chid does not look happy.

  • CS

    Where was the mother? There was no mention of her reaction to this event.

  • carole

    A junior high teacher accidentally left her daughter in a sweltering car and the child died. The woman not only was not charged, she appeared on Oprah.



    • CHRIS


  • joyce meadows

    how can you,ttony234, get a cheating husband from a case of a father leaving a child child in a car?

    I am a 69 year old mother of four sons and believe me I never forgot I had a child in the car even when I had only one with me. Aren’t people able to see from their side vision the back seat of their car? Don’t they have a rear view mirror they glance at when they park? If they are that forgetful I wouldn’t want them on my payroll. They could really mess the company up. Yes he should be punished and never allowed to be alone with a child for any reason.

  • Dumbfounded

    I’ve always said that if anyone wants to know what is wrong with the world today, they only need to read the comments left on news articles. You all know nothing of this man or his life yet some are going so far to accuse him of having an affair. Really? Could you be more judgemental?

    What he did was wrong, no doubt. I fully agree he should face some form of punishment because regardless if it was intentional or not, his child could have died due to his actions.

    As for the circumstances, we cannot judge or make assumptions. Perhaps his wife usually took the child to day care so this was out of the ordinary for him. It’s also possible the child could have been asleep in the backseat. And since this man cared so much about his job as to rush to work, I highly doubt he would then put the job on the line by leaving his child unattended in the car while he worked. It would have been much easier for him in the long run to drop the child off at day care, so I hardly believe this man intended to leave his son in the car.

    How many parents have forgotten to pick their kids up from school? A LOT! Your mind gets focused on something, you feel rushed and busy and things happen. It’s not right and he should be held responsible for it, but coming up with complete BS that he definitely knew the child was there or that he was on the phone with his mistress is just as absurd! It must be nice to walk this world being as perfect as you all seem to think you are.

  • sandi

    this sounds accidental to me, dad was probably not used to doing this everyday, thank goodness the child is ok. putting a baby in the back seat was a bad idea to make into a law, I say, get a baby onboard sign and put it in the front seat when there is a child or pet in the back.putting something you will need in the back is good, but forgetful also.

  • http://yahoo.com Du’Nesha

    Point, Blank, Peroid A good caring responsible parent doesnt forget they have a child in the care with them thats just irresponsible and not good parentingthats crazy and hes just using that as an excuse he should be punished even if it wasnt hot in the car so what he forgot the baby the child was left unattened and not being watch. The babys father was just being S-E-L-F-I-S-H

    • Ed

      @DuNesha, Not true. I know from first hand experience. I almost did the same thing myself once. For ten years, I’d leave in the morning and drive to work. When our son was a toddler, I dropped him off at daycare 2 days a week. We are creatures of habit. Dropping him off at daycare was not part of the usual routine. On the way to work, I was used to concentrating on what I needed to do at work that day. One day, I was almost to work when I realized he was still in the car with me and that I had forgotten to stop and drop him off. It had nothing to do with not be a caring or responsible parent. It was just a matter of doing what I was accustomed to doing at that time of day.

  • Keith

    Total BS. I dont care how old the kid is, I know when I have a kid in my car. Its one thing to forget dropping him off at daycare but who doesnt even look in the back of the car and notice there is a 2 yr old in there? If you’re really that out of it maybe some time in jail will help you slow things down a bit.

  • Sarg508

    While most post are correct, some seem to forget that not all humans are able to think about more than 1 thing at a time. But wonder if he did in effect remember to put the youngster in the car and not on top, as some forget doing so when getting in the car. That in fact he quickly dreamed up a story that would protect himself. But if he could make up the story, then would wonder, if I want him working for me.

  • loving parent

    I too have been in a rush getting to work being over whelmed as a new mother, and drove my daughter right on past the daycare. It wasn’t until I got out of the car and noticed her carseat still in there that it dawned on me what I had did. So, I know personally how this could happen. Not saying that there is an excuse for it, but that I love my child and would never intentionally harm her. Accidents do happen and I am happy that the child was not a statistic and neither was mine.

  • Prestina

    I’m glad the child didn’t die. The father must be so distraught as to how he could’ve accidentally done this. Especially since a couple of weeks prior in the same state there was a similar case with a dad where his baby died in the car when left alone. This dad probably felt the same as some of these negative comments are towards that dad……until it happened to him. A person can’t really judge another for a mistake made untintentionally, unless they’ve walked in the other person’s shoes. Sadly, some of you throwing verbal stones at this man will some day walk in similar shoes. To the ones who haven’t unintentionally harmed someone……yet…..by accident……….. your life isn’t over yet. Never say never.