Kendra Wilkinson Can’t Deal With Cheating Husband

    July 5, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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We sometimes forget that celebrities are just people too and when they are in the middle of a scandal of some sort, it can be hard to relate or feel sorry for them. Kendra Wilkinson is currently dealing with a family crisis, or attempting to deal with it and it’s hard not to feel sorry for her.

After reportedly learning that her husband cheated on her with transgender model Ava London, Kendra is apparently inconsolable and cannot stop crying at the thought of her marriage unraveling.

Who can blame Kendra? The former Playboy model and mother of two had become devoted to her family in recent years. Sources close to Kendra say that she is finding it hard to forgive her husband, Hank Baskett, and that she is planning to divorce him.

“She’s not eating, not showering, not sleeping and she’s sobbing all the time. They are 100 percent done. She will never get over this,” said a source.

”At this point, she feels like she doesn’t even know who she was married to all this time,” said another source. ”She’s just so embarrassed.”

Sadness wasn’t the only thing Kendra felt when she first found out about Baskett’s cheating. She allegedly got violent and ripped her wedding ring off her finger before she threw it in the toilet.

Neither Kendra nor Hank have made a statement about the allegations or a divorce, but Kendra has been spotted several times without her wedding ring and looking upset.

London on the other hand, was more than happy to talk about her relationship with Baskett and to make sure that everyone believed her, she even took a voluntary lie detector test before sharing it.

“I think he was just concerned about me not saying anything,” she said. “I was getting annoyed because the last time I talked to him I was like ‘What do you want me to say? What do you want me to do?’ He was like ‘my destiny lies in your hands.’ I was like don’t put this on me, like it lies in God’s hands.”

She also said that Baskett tried to bribe her with cash to keep quiet about the affair. She said that he agreed to pay her $2,000 to deny she ever met with him and another $5,000 to not speak of it publicly.

Apparently the bribe didn’t work and now the word is out, Kendra is hurt and a family is on the verge of being torn apart.

What do you think of the affair?

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Out for Diabetes

    That poor family never had a chance.

  • Alex Thomas

    I typically never give a crap about celebrities and their issues, but she seems like a genuinely nice person. This is a shame.

    • jake

      idiot, where you been, she was in the porn business

      • mistt

        She wasn’t, a porn star you idiot. Posing for playboy is not being in the porn industry, she posed naked not the same as getting pounded on film. Just because she was in Playboy does not mean she isn’t a nice person.

        • Jimbo

          She actually was pounded on film. It’s a good video, you should look it up

          • Class of 1980

            That was her first boyfriend. She did not put that private video out there. He did.

          • wickedjones

            bs. thats why you can look at it on vivid, along with other celebrities.

      • Ethic Slurred

        What does that have to do with her growing up, falling love, getting married, having kids, & being happy living a “normal” life after she had her fun? She isn’t ashamed of her past, but now she has to be of her present. If Kendra can’t keep a man, there is no hope for any woman.

        • sugamorgan

          Kendra is like a Kardashian they both used sex to get their fame so now they have fame poor kids Kendras kids will find out about dad & mom Kims kid will find out about mom & All the NFL,MLB,NBA,to many men to count.

          • lanalang2001 .

            so what do you want their kids to do when they grow up hate their parents. you are insane.

          • Charade Hardmon


      • Mari

        There is no reason to call people names.

      • Greg Hand
        • Michael

          Perfect example of why u should always *delete* *delete* *delete* anything with ya getting freaky in it afterwards! Especially if everyone can see ur FACE!!!! (I know I do!)

      • makingmoneyonline

        So what of where Kendra was and I’m sure Hank know that!

      • Sam Dee

        Even if she was in the “porn” business, that doesn’t mean she couldn’t have been a nice person.

    • makingmoneyonline

      Same for me.She seems to be a nice woman.

  • roxym

    leave the sob! he is obvioulsy in the closet!

  • Talia B

    So sad but such a scummy person to leak it publicly.

    • Darci Habighorst

      He/she is probably making a vault full of $100’s by “leaking” this story, so he/she had not incentive to take Hank’s measly 5g’s of hush money.

  • bob


  • walker

    I know he was a scumbag for doing this, but that person didn’t have to destroy this family by going public. What a horrible thing to do.

    • kathy

      i agree he screwed up, but the oher woman did not need to do what she did either, they both messed up big time

      • Vanessa

        Other woman? It was a tranny!

      • Gawdfadda

        It wasn’t a woman. Just another homosexual in drag. This place is going downhill fast.

    • Ginger

      A gentleman never tells.. Tho days are over

      • heidi


    • Faith

      The worst part of this is that the loser is enjoying every last bit of the attention and fallout. It is just sick to relish destroying a family!

      • Ethic Slurred

        Money kills compassion. I wonder if karma is just a hoax created by the evil does to keep us masochistic? 😉

    • Rosemary Davis

      This what these type women do they seek out men like Hank Basset and others and when they have their way with them they talked to tabloid magazines to get paid by telling salacious details and in the end they destroy families it’s their M/O

      • Class of 1980

        HE sought HER out. She is a transexual who does a lot of videos and Hank saw her videos and wanted to meet her.

        • Rosemary Davis

          Be that as it may she knew who Hank Bassett was and the fact that he was married with children unless he/she was living under a rock.The fact is these people are not dumb they get primarily with those who have money and even if Hank was the aggressor why did he/she go to the tabloids????

        • Gawdfadda

          It is a he, not a she. Get it right.

      • heidi

        Yeah, but most men don’t want to lose their wife & children. Hank risked it all for a cheap orgasm, what a waste.

  • Mozartnow

    Marriage is 50 – 50 and Kendra is no dream she was a nasty redneck trailer trash , something occurred a guy one day don’t wake up at 35 and go tranny sorry don’t happen .

    • Stephie59

      Whether is no dream or not or is trailer trash is not the point, Mozart. She has cleaned up her life and is now a mother of two beautiful children. Who are you to judge her and pull up her past? You never did anything wrong before in your life? Hank married her and he knew who she was before he did. Maybe SHE didn’t know what HE was. For him to cheat on her like that is terrible, and to put such a lovely family at risk is almost unforgivable.

      • My 2 cents

        Good point, this is why she needs to snap out of it, dump the AH and focus on what’s important, THE KIDS!!!!!!!!!! STOP crying, take a shower, eat, rest and raise her kids. Take this as a blessing that it happened now better than later or no knowing at all.

        • My 2 cents


          • Ethic Slurred

            Wow. A blessing? God really does work in mysterious ways, huh? If you don’t mourn the loss of a love, I don’t know what to say. This is a personal matter which should have never gone public, if not for the attention-seeking tranny. Give the girl a break! I’m sure she has family & nannies to take care of the kids. Perhaps HANK should have thought about the kids before becoming a father?

          • Darci Habighorst

            It is a blessing in disguise. More than likely, Hank was not using condoms and was sleeping around with more than this tranny. Some STDs can’t be cured.

    • Faith

      Your right they don’t. They also don’t marry and have two kids and just because they no longer are in love with their wife go out and pick a guy with boobs to give a hand job! That desire or mentality was there loooong before he married her. He wasn’t honest with himself and now he has hurt a lot of people including his kids.

      • heidi

        Porn can bring a man pretty low.

  • roycedressel

    Kendra ,honey,your a porn queen. just pretend your in the grotto with hefs’ friends. I feel kinda bad for pointing this out but the only way you are ever gonna have a shot at “normal” will be to move to some backwater in england or the amazon where the locals have never heard of the internet. sheesh,even i know how snotty this reads,i can hardly believe i typed that. sorry.

    • jen

      you are a scumbag

    • whodoneit

      You wrote it so,you’re just showing the REAL YOU! I don’t know you but, I at least have brains enough to know I have skeletons in my closet..you much be much closer to God as you obviously have none!

    • Stephie59

      Yes you are snotty. But at least you ended it with sorry. Maybe you should have just edited it then. I don’t think you are really sorry though, and it’s bad to beat on someone when they’re already down. No matter what Kendra’s past, she didn’t deserve for her family to be broken up like this, and Bassett is the scumbag and the trash here.

    • mistt

      Posing in Playboy does not make her a porn queen you stupid idiot. She would have to be getting pounded on film multiple times to be considered a porn queen. So what that she posed naked anyway, that is not justification to cheat on her with anybody, especially not a tranny. Everybody has a past, most worse than others, no body is perfect but it doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to be happy.

      • $4094863

        Actually, she did do a film. And a slut that uses her body to get what she wants gets what she deserves. Too bad, too sad.

    • Vanessa

      @roycedressel, Please do not kick a person when they are down. She is a human being and I do have compassion for this woman who has a husband that has betrayed her by cheating. She does not have to hide. She needs support and to be told that this too shall pass…… Kendra will survive this horrible action committed by two cheating men….

      • lovehurt

        Some people doesn’t understand, until they’re in her shoes. Sad to say but I guess there isn’t any good man left.

    • Heather Livingston

      You need some serious lessons in grammar more than anything! LOSER

    • Margaret McClurkin

      Plenty of backwaters in the U.S.

    • Sam Dee

      Congratulations, you are one of the most ignorant people I have ever read a comment from.

  • Jokersmile

    Dude got bored with str8 sex..it happens get over it.

    • Gawdfadda

      Nah, he is a queer, plain and simple. It doesn’t just happen. Oh wait, maybe is IS a choice,after all. Ahhh hahahahahahah!

    • Sam Dee

      That didn’t give him license to cheat. You break up first and then go get your freak on.

  • ciao78

    Don’t sweat it Kendra, you can always come back to strip, do porn, and/or dance around that pole. Come on, stop the prudish act; we all know that fame and fortune can bring a change in lifestyle, but your playboy roots will never die, so cheer up dear, cause you still have a lot of fans out there dying to see you strip for money.

    • jen


    • http://Islandmix.com/ Adrian Khan (Black Tut)

      Don’t forget juggle old balls

    • Mari

      What a nasty, condescending remark.

  • Sarah

    I cannot understand how he married her in the first place. He couldn’t be right in the head. She had that old dusty thingy in her va jay jay. Ughhh! I wonder if dust came out of that shriveled up thingy.

    • mistt

      Like you wouldn’t do hef if he approached you.

      • Sarah

        I wouldn’t even do Hef with someone else va jay jay. I know you would mistt; you sound like you are desperate enough.

    • Dextertee

      Wow. Tell us how you really feel Sarah.

  • jtrose

    Kendra Life hurt but you can get through it. Forget about Yourself , for get about Hank. Think bout your child and your new baby. Don’t let them win, work it out. Your children deserve a dad that is in the house. Remember you were not a saint.

    • Jaz

      Her children deserve a dad who isn’t a disgusting PIG! They don’t need him living in the home… that’s NOT what’s best for any of them!

      • $4094863

        Yes, I agree on the kids and their dad. It is bad enough that their mom is a slut ……

      • jtrose

        What do you think she was doing with Hugh Heifer.

        another disgusting Pig. Sorry Kendra wasn’t perfect.

  • Rocky

    It’s completely his fault for cheating. A woman nor man should never have an affair because of them not being happy. It’s plain wrong, you signed a contract to stick with that person and their bs no matter what. If it ever gets to the point to where you’re severely not happy, than divorce. But to go out and have an affair to fill your missing void is selfish. He has kids with this woman and of course an image to uphold. And performing this irresponsible act can cost it all. This is just the emotional piece. It will take someone with thick skin to be considerate for someone who betrayed them. So child support and alimony would most likely line up. People got to stop jumping into marriage for the wrong reasons. Marriage isn’t just a day it’s for the rest of your life so when you swear in your vows make sure you mean it.

    • Rocky

      Another thing is her past don’t matter if that was before marriage. There’s a difference between husband and wife and boyfriend and girlfriend. And I’m sure he’s more aware of her past than us and still on the wedding day he chose to marry her. Unless there was a ransom or hostage situation involved he chose to marry her despite her past. So just because she messed up in the past doesn’t mean there’s a ticket for him to mess up in the future. It’s becoming more and more clearer why divorces are rising.

      • Stephie59

        Well said Rocky, well said.

    • Donna Tripp

      Very well said, Rocky! People who choose to cheat on a spouse are also cheating on their children and they fail to acknowledge the emotional ramifications involved. The betrayal lasts a lifetime and effects future relationships. People should stop and think before they act on their own selfish whims but they never do, hence people and children continue to get hurt.

  • Paul Schwartz

    What the hell were you thinking n the first place?????? Getting married to a man that thinks with the lower head will always end up in failure. I’ve always dreamed of being with a sexy/ beautiful woman such as you, but after you married him and the reality show, I was like; what in the hell is that girl thinking and does she have any common sense to see what the future will hold with such a fairy tale / false sense of hope relationship!!!!!!! Kendra, you did it to yourself, now it’s time to buck up and move on to a sincere meaningful life of reality and not all the hype and fluff !!!!! Be yourself and don’t be pressured into somebody that you don’t want to be unless that’s the way you like it. I think your more intelligent than that!!!!! Take care and GOOD LUCK girl!!!!!!!! Get out of the Hollywood/ playboy doldrums!!!!!!

    • http://Islandmix.com/ Adrian Khan (Black Tut)

      Compared to a b!tch who got naked for money and sucked the wrinkles out of a old guys bean bag

    • Donna Tripp

      I fail to see why you are blaming her for his actions…why do people always blame the victim? He and only he is responsible for what he has brought on his family! He made the decision to cheat and obviously did not care what it would mean to his family. He is the loser, not Kendra.

    • meret

      It can;t get any more hateful than what you just said.

  • Ethan

    Brothers will sleep with anything if your with one be prepared to be cheated on constantly and you will be a single mother and they won’t take care of there kid!

    • Stacey

      There are many who will sleep around, but there are also many who do not. It is a matter of character and yes there are some men who still have some.

  • Stupid men

    If her portrayal on Celebrity Wife Switch or whatever it is called is in fact true, then she deserves what she gets…she was a spoiled brat on that show and it’s time she grew up, which she’ll have to do now.
    Beauty of it is, she will get alimony and child support, so he’ll regret what he did (yuck, a transgender–what the hell was he thinking) each and every month he has to send the check.
    Have a happy one–all of you.

    • Ginger

      I think Kendra’s the money maker

  • BellaLuna

    If you are going to have something interesting to say, please learn how to spell first.

  • Paul Schwartz

    Your right Rocky!!!!!!! Be sure before you get married because it is a commitment for life, not just some relationship with the thought that ” If it doesn’t work, I can always get divorced” !!!!!!! Wrong attitude, and these attitudes are what contribute to the U.S. Having the highest divorce rate in the world. Sad to say and look at all the lives and families destroyed because of this lax attitude and selfishness.

    • Donna Tripp

      Well said!

  • chiwawa

    Hahahahahah! I love it! Kendra is an absolute slut monkey. I’m sure that Hugh Hefner is smiling in private after what Kendra did to him.

    • kat

      What exactly did Kendra do to Hef? She was never Hef’s #1 girl and she was 18 years old when she went to live at the Mansion. What did Hef do to Kendra? He probably gave her Herpes, since he doesn’t practice safe sex. ( I read “Bunny Tales”, by one of Hef’s exes. Herpes ran rampant around there)

  • mask

    Obviously its something his done several times before because you don’t just decide to go out and get a tranny to take it up the heresy highway on the whim… If I was her I couldn’t touch the trash again.

  • Bulldog

    I was watching their show one time and all she was talking about was how at any minute she wanted to, all she had to do was go back to “The Mansion” and Hef would take good care of her with a bed, staff and everything else. I guess she can do that now and take her kids for them to raise.

  • Bulldog

    It’s bad when the tranny has less fake breasts than the wife does.

  • Paul Schwartz

    Ethan is 100% correct!!!! After working in Africa for 4 years and seeing the non-stop fornication and brutalizations of women ( even in public ), how can anyone believe that Hank would be any different??????? I worked with American African Americans in Africa and the first thing they would do returning back to Africa after being in America to see their families, would be to chase the African girls to no end. Have sex and be in CONTROL or ELSE!!!!! Nobody to arrest them over there!!!!!! ANIMALS going back to their NATGEO roots. I’m sorry to say it, but it’s the truth and even the local Africans complain about it!!!!! They ( the true Africans) know right from wrong. They are too subservient to the American Africans who brutalize and take advantage of their own kind. Really sad because the true continental Africans are GREAT people!!!!!!!

    • Kat

      Hey Dipshit, Hank is mixed. And you are an ignorant racist. Why don’t you get to shopping at the KKK Mart.

    • AfricanQueen

      What a racist ass. Its funny how you jerks have gotten so much courage online. And since you witnessed all this brutality over in Africa by African Americans how many did you confront? How many of those women did you stand up for? I’m sure even a dipshit like yourself stood up for injustice right? You’re lying! This is the first I’ve ever heard of this. I have family in Africa! I have lived here several years I was born there! This never happens you ass. Stop lying to make African American ppl look bad! An make African women look weak! We are strong! And you know it or you wouldn’t be trying so hard to make us seem otherwise!

    • truthbetold

      You are a true idiot!! You’re comparing this man “Hank” and his reason for cheating to something that happens or happened in Africa? Well, since you apparently have less than 1/2 of a brain and want to talk about Africa and “animals” and “sex”, let’s go back to your apparent roots. What about the slave traders who bought young girls (as young as 10 years old) and the moment they arrived at the plantation raped them … and what about those savage plantation owners who had rows of slaves (women) who invited their friends to pick from their selection of young girls and women at any time after a few drinks of brandy (or whatever the hell they were drinking) … and what about those civilized (as you apparently thought they were) slave owners who would rape the wives of male slaves in front of them to humiliate them? Back to reality, Paul, there is no black or white when it comes to cheating, nor is there a face that goes with the act!!! It’s people like you and your mentality that keep racism alive!!!

      • Dark Angel

        truth: You are talking ancient history (sort of). The “what about” game is old.

  • 128PC

    Kendra you used to work for Porn-King Hugh Hefner and you and a whole lot of other people can’t believe this happened to you?
    I bet you’re one of those liberals who believe in the LGBTQ agenda.
    You still believe in it now?
    Ladies and gentlemen this is only the beginning.
    Be prepared to marry or have sex with someone and find out that they were once a member of the same sex that you are.
    Ava London is an medically transgendered Frankenstein.
    Can’t produce progeny…no babies.
    Traded his testicles for a surgically fake vagina which can’t have a orgasm.
    I’m a 100% sure she would have felt better if it were a lady who was born a female
    instead of a genitalia reassigned he-she freak.
    Ava London looks like a woman except facially…go to youtube or google it.
    Hank and Casper what up?
    Kendra and J-LO are supremely gorgeous women with 100% female DNA..
    Real. Organic.
    Can u dig it?

  • jen

    It is a private matter between the two of them & should stay that way. Everyone else should just leave them alone, let them deal with it, & what happens happens…

    • Paul Schwartz

      Your right Jen, but should this little slut muffin put up with hubby wielding his one eyed trouser trout to LADYBOYS in the heat of the night / day at the red roof ??????? Or should she look the other way and say ” I’ll keep the light on for ya”. Pretty el sicko to be boinkin a ladyboy after having a new baby, unless slut muffin has been withholding for no reason except to be mean or the hormones are way out of wack. Whatdaya think???? Personal opine!!!!

      • Kat

        Paul Schwartz, why don’t you go and live somewhere else? Like the Saudi Arabia, where women don’t have rights and homosexuals are stoned to death? That seems to be about your speed.

      • Shutupalready

        Paul is a closet homesexual that seems to hate women obviously. You’re using too many comfortable terms and you’re exposing your true nature. This angers you because this is who you are.

      • Dark Angel

        Interesting language you use Paul. I have never heard most of it. Wow, how old are you! Not that I care, but I did wonder if you write for some type of smut magazine.

  • Mary

    Hard not to feel sorry for her? Then I guess I’m hard. I mean… ok, it’s a drag. It’s a whole lot more of a drag without the mansions, millions, fans etc. Hope she’s ok but… really? Inconsolable? Being cheated on is a whole lot more problematic when he’s the sole breadwinner of a whopping ten dollars an hour to feed the kids, hon. I think she’s neat, I’ve liked what I’ve seen about her… but… hard to remember she’s just people, too? How about it’s difficult to remember she IS just a person when she has fourteen thousand articles written about her every hour of life, and about fourteen ZILLION “oh honey we’re with you” letters each day? And why… and I mean this most of all… WHY is the focus on the whole “transgender” thing? OH… RIGHHHTTT… *THAT’S* why it’s so difficult to take… grow up America.

  • Nomdefaitour

    First Jennifer Lopez, now Kendra: trannies are stealing all their boyfriends.


    I hope she finds out how many others there have been before she thinks about forgiving him. It’s usually not the first one they get busted on.

  • Middlefinger

    What in the hell is Kendra crying for?!!
    Hank slept with another man…AND…it’s NOT the first time!!
    She needs to leave his tranny-loving arse ASAP!!

  • Carmen

    Well it figures he*s kind of colored, they just cannot keep their genitals in their pants!

  • bill

    dont care……throw him, her and it on the Kardashian pile……..

  • Jmdintpa

    duh you marry a pro sports player… no sympathy for her

    • jimmie1151

      duh you marry a gro sports player… no sympathy for her

  • HimThatsNot Him

    I still find it funny how these people never anticipate infidelity in their relationships. Maybe they should all just stop getting married and spreading B-stard kid’s all around the country.

  • Sarah

    Marry a black man…expect it.

    • Dark Angel

      Very sad when people say that and mean it. Even worse if it’s true.

  • kcy2014

    Next time marry a white old ugly dude.

  • Kat

    The guys done. The transexual was disgusting looking anyway.

  • Caroline M.

    I have read about what this woman said that happened when she and Kendra’s husband got together. The description of the encounter was very visual. I understand why Kendra will be depressed and wanting to end her marriage. She just became a mother and has another child. Unfortunate situation. She has being humiliated.Hank has serious commitment issues.People need to be committed to a relationship and fidelity is a must .

  • raggz

    I dont feel sorry for her.. she chose to run with a nigger.

    • makingmoneyonline

      Why would you call Hank a nigger? Actually he’s mixed with white and black.Why hide your picture when you’re talking like this? Don’t hate Hank because she’s married to a mixed man.She knew the color of his skin when he asked her to marry him so apparently,she didn’t have no problem with this

  • South Side Johnnie

    Hank likes the Peter !

  • Joe Bo

    You stopped Washing your Self

  • jimmie1151

    Mudshark, what did you expect?

  • Mr. E

    I’d still dump a hot load inside her! :)

  • Sammasser

    Who cares if this slut is unhappy. She went the OJ/Tiger Woods road to doom and is getting exactly what she deserved.

    • Dark Angel

      No one deserves this type of slap in the face, nor do their children.

    • Mari

      Your comment is disgusting.

    • makingmoneyonline

      Remember this could happen to anyone and why blaming Kendra for his screw ups.We can tell that you’re single! You must be jealous because Kendra won’t date or marry you.

  • chance

    I saw her on Wife Swap, she isn’t much of a mother, the nanny and him took care of the kid while she does her regular club time and parties. He lives off her, doesn’t work, time to move on, Hefner is probably looking good now.

    • Dark Angel

      Hefner never looked good.

  • bensidran

    She shouldn’t have to deal with the cheating SOB. Dump his sorry cheating ass and begin to move on with her life.

  • Donajo

    Its especially sad because they have a new baby!Coping with it all would be enough to cause anyone to break down.

  • OhDannyBoyO

    First women think they want a rich man… then they think they want a black man…. This is hilarious!

    • Dark Angel

      OhDanny: Have you researched your family history? It is never wise to point fingers at another person’s family tree.

      • OhDannyBoyO

        Zzzzzzzz… Unlike today’s weak Liberal Mind… I do not need to dwell on the ‘evil’ or set my laurels on the ‘sucess’ of my dead relatives… researched it well.. great information, but useless to how I live today

    • makingmoneyonline

      Sound like you have a big problem for white women to date black men,oh well just get over this.It’s happening all around you and the world.It’s nothing wrong with dating outside the race.Stop your madness!

      • OhDannyBoyO

        Not a problem at all… even my BLACK brother in law says the majority of white women get infatuated with the idea and do not know how to choose, quality men…

  • NuckyTson

    Now I know why he married her. Even though she is an Ex-Playboy model, she is a Tomboy. She likes a lot of things men do. That was his closest thing to being with a man, though she lacked the KCID. You have one foot out of the closet Hank, just step out with the other already.

    • Dark Angel

      He could have been more decent about it.

  • Disneytourist

    with a transgender….that is so gross!! Why?? I don’t get it. He just felt he had to conquer it?? Kendra, please get a good attorney.

  • http://Islandmix.com/ Adrian Khan (Black Tut)

    You can’t turn a ho into a housewife.He wifed a skank who got naked for a rich old white guy now that hanks money has dried up she wants out.You lay with white trash you’re bound to get maggots

    • Herdfan

      Did you not read the story? The dude slept with a man. Are you serious. Call her what you want but man get your facts straight. Do you not see something wrong with that?

      • Dark Angel

        It’s his choice if he’s single, but being married with children should have provided him with a tiny bit of decency. Time to dump him and move on with her life.

      • http://Islandmix.com/ Adrian Khan (Black Tut)

        He just needed some homie love.He probably got tired of his wife’s fake t!ts and none cooking annoying laughing @ss and where’s the proof other then she say?

  • seductini

    It’s not her fault his down low gay ass likes men.. N no i’m not gay bashing as i am bi myself but who the fuck does that?? Batty man bloodclaat waste of time nigga… fire and lava for that snake ass nigga.. Drop him in the first active volcano she can find

    • wtaylo

      why are you sleeping with women?

    • Whit

      Ya my questions would be if he is a closet gay, and how many! But… I guess maybe hes bi too?? As a woman I would find this very disturbing (the lying and sleeping with another manish type), he should have been open with his WIFE about his sexuality. I do have a hard time feeling sorry for her too much though on the cheating part; did she ever care if the men SHE seduced were married?? I just find it embarrassing and low (as a woman), it was with a man, and her husband was not open about his sexuality with his wife. Im not trying to be offensive, but wouldn’t you think this guy OBVIOUSLY has some closet issue?

  • Guesswhat?

    Gonna say this one more time!!!! Down low blk men love to marry white girls!!!!!!Black women pick up on that crap in a heartbeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sugamorgan

      Starr Jones husband was on the down low and she missed it.I think he died of AIDS

  • Herdfan

    Dudes gay he should not be married to a woman, much less a good looking woman like Kendra. Looks like we have another NFL player that is gay.

    • Dark Angel

      Or something.

  • Tom G

    destiny?? I though it was her balls that lied in his hands…..

  • Faith

    Okay guilty. She is the exception to my reality tv/ famous people disgust. She has always come across as sweet, funny, a little slow but a genuine personality. My heart aches for her situation and that of the kids. I wish the media would pull there fangs out and leave that family alone!

  • guesswhat?

    Not surprised!! Next subject please!!!

  • cooper

    Very sad story. But, really. What does she expect to have for a husband.

  • dkgambler

    Why should I feel sorry for her?

  • guesswhat?

    When are white girls gonna learn!! Down low black men are attracted to you!!!

  • jose

    Kendra Karma is a bitch, you did it too, many many many times

  • Dark Angel

    I don’t know who this woman is, so it is difficult to get overly emotional about her personal problems. However, given the explanation in the article, her husband is a pig and she should let him go.

  • 123

    haha now thats funny

  • Patrick Zim

    He is an idiot and any hole will do. She is just upset since it is not her hole he wants anymore. But I am sure they will get some mileage out of this. Think of the first transgender three way marriage. Isn’t this where we were supposed to be heading anyway?

  • Whit

    I have a hard time feeling sorry for her; did SHE care if the men she seduced were married?? Hilarious from a former “bunny”.
    I will add; EXTREMELY low, gross, and embarrassing as a woman knowing he cheated… with another man!

  • LD

    LOL, A playboy bunny, menage a trois live-in with Huge Hefner, also poses nude for a living ! Partied and dressed like a slut,what makes her think she is any better than him ? What kind of man did she expect to catch ?!?! “YOU” married him, now deal with it ! Boo-f’em-hoo !Take some responsibility for your choices and life chick ! !

  • Contrarian

    I try to feel sorry for her, and then I remember that she actually had sex with a cadaver.

  • chris pro

    I am sorry Kendra …get rid of him. He is no good

  • Dextertee

    I’m confused on this post. Do we respect Kendra or we don’t respect her? By the way, why is she the one getting grief. Isn’t she the person cheated on?

  • Rosemary Davis

    My goodness Kendra is not the only woman, and certainly not the first and want be the last who has found out her husband had indiscretions, (infidelity)and if their reality show is still on it may not be for long, so I’m sure them not making money is also a huge concern and another reason for her not being able to pull herself together after all they have lived a life of riches and now all of that may be gone.No one win in a situation like this, but Hank stands to loose the most life goes on, Kendra put your grandma panties on pull yourself up by the boot straps and move forward.

  • cupcakesugar

    IM GONNA SAY THIS SHI..T ONE MORE TIME .. BLACK MEN WHOM ARE DOWN LOW LOVE TO MARRY white women ,cause black women , know who they are instimatically , they can not hide from BLACK WOMEN … there are signs black females pick up right away …. white women are just wanting a black man and dont think to look for the signs .. like sweet voice , mannerism about cleaning house and decorating , hanging with male friends all the time .. hating on her when she wears something nice … all you racist saying ni..ger , and blaming africa for all the issues with hank GET ON YOUR MEDS SEEM LIKE YOU MISSED A DAY OF PROZAC ….
    I BE GLAD when yahoo start sensoring these comments .
    we know the history of slavery white men on boats bringing slaves to the usa and rapping black girls as young as 10 yo . and that happen a lot , we know that wives were sexually assualted infront of husbands . and master and his sons took turns in bed with 10 yo girls for pleasure and fun…. so if anything the white man part of hank makes him evil pedofile and gayish … black men some are gay but rarely are they gonna rape a child .

    • JoJo

      Plus shut the hell up. This has nothing to do with the color of her or his skin. He is a slimeball, and he would still be a slimeball if he was white. Black women know the signs to stay away from…pft..women in general know the signs to look for, some just choose to ignore, and sometimes a person is great at hiding their true selves. Just because a woman is black doesn’t give them mystical powers of intuition. Don’t come on here spewing your crap, and then blasting other people for doing the very same thing you just did. Your comment is just as racist,if not more, as the ones you are complaining about.

    • US Worker

      don’t forget cupcake that the blacks in Africa sold the blacks to the whites and blacks to this day have blacks as slaves in Africa. Also, America was not the country with the most black slaves there were many other countries with more black slaves than America – and Africa was the one with the most black slaves

    • Ang Michelle

      I hate to admit it, CupCakeSugar, but US Worker IS correct about the slavery. It was BLACK SLAVE TRADERS whom brought the slaves to US and they stopped in Haiti and Cuba for supplies & to sell up to a quarter of the slaves. That is how those islands because predominantly black or such as the case in Cuba, with a very large black population. I just watched it on History channel via Internet. I didn’t know that either until I watched it.
      I do see what you mean about black women can see when the guy is a total fake & loser. But there are lots of white guys like that too!
      I grew up in Cali w both races plus ASIAN & I can tell you that there are certainly racial issues & tension there. Also the Hispanic population which is expected/predicted to become the dominant race in most if not all Western US states, that’s something you might think about bc Hispanics & Blacks pretty much do NOT get along. We all need to stop this old story @black/whites & start learning SPANISH!
      Now re:Kendra… I don’t know @Hank. Did you see something in him, Cupcake???

    • Ang Michelle

      Ps. Do you REALLY think ALL white women want a black man?? And is “instamatically” a word??? (I think only in the Urban Dictionary).

    • http://burnercnbc.wix.com.usrfiles.com/html/6dafcf_7051e6b2dbfb39693144f5d0390d8c78.html Magoo

      Your lack of education and hatred for white women is showing through loud and clear. You got dumped for a white woman eh?

  • BusyBee

    Kendra, just drop this ugly butterfly and don’t waste your life – let the other women wash his clothes

    • sugamorgan

      The other woman is a man

  • Ingrid

    $2,000 with $5,000 payment? Really??? No wonder his life is in shams. He couldn’t afford to cheat!

    • Ang Michelle

      I was kinda thinking that too! He must be on a very short leash that she would know if $$ was missing. (At least my husb would or vice versa but that’s bc we bank separately, always have bc he balances to the penny & I DON’T). But ALOT of couples do bank together & that’s fine too. One just assumes bc they are famous that they have ALOT of money but doesn’t sound that way.
      Guess she shouldn’t of flushed the wedding ring (if that was even true???)! There’s many lies made up so none of US knows what’s true. All I can say is: 1) I couldn’t forgive a cheater & it just busts up any TRUST in a relationship. 2) The fact that this should be HAPPIEST time of her life having just had her sweet baby girl, it’s hard for me to feel any empathy towards HIM! I think I would be so furious that I’d need wks to cool down, before I could even look at him or talk to him. He embarrassed her so profoundly in the public that I don’t know how she could deal w him OR the public!
      3) there’s also the concern of suicide (him not her) bc he KNOWS his life is destroyed now.
      And sadly, “Ava London/Paul Masaniai” looked better as a guy & since he didn’t transition till he was 23/24 that makes me believe he did it ALL for money. AND accepting $$ for his … uh ‘liaisons’ makes Him/Her a PROSTITUTE! This individual doesn’t care about ruining a family! He is selfish, self-promoter that will SOMEDAY pay the price!

  • jane

    Leave the loser you dumb sh!t. Staying with a cheater is not what is best for the kids.

  • Sarah

    Where was the judgment? You are the one calling other people ‘idiot’ in your other posts when they weren’t even talking to you. You are the one who made this personal. This is a comment board. People are allowed to post. You attack. Usually when people bring up sh it like ‘happy marriage’ is because they are not even married. Time to stop getting personal on these boards. I have my stance. I think Hef has dust in his thingy and I won’t do him even with someone else’s va jay jay. You have yours. Now rest easy. Find something to do with your pretend marriage to your pretend wonderful person. LOL. I am done.

    • Lori Kay Brown

      child. Sarah I think it is past your bed time.

    • Gawdfadda

      STFU and crawl back under your rock, little girl.

  • Ja-Boom Boom

    she did a 3-way when she was with Hef! Duh!

  • woo soo

    what would ann slanders say if it was the other way around…she would say you must find a way to work pass this…but if it was the man (as in this case ) she would say leave him and take him for every nickel …

  • US Worker

    Hey once you go black – your a single unwed mother forever – hahaha

    • Ang Michelle

      Mr. Worker,
      Please don’t make this into a “race war” bc it isn’t! Hank is HALF WHITE (& possibly more)! J Lopez boyfriend just cheated w Trans too! He’s so white they called him “Casper”!
      Thus, you can’t put this out there as racially motivated! He was horny – that’s it! And now he is paying the ultimate price – his family!
      It’s sad, plain and simple!

      • sugamorgan

        Well said. Ang

  • $4094863

    I just laugh at her. Karma bites back. If she wanted a normal, happy life, she would have taken a different path. Oh well, she still has her photos she can look back on 40 years from now and she can say to herself …. what a sleeze slut I was!

    • Ang Michelle

      Just bc she made poor choices doesn’t mean she should SUFFER forever! We are all imperfect & that’s just life! She, from all we know, was a dedicated mother. Why put this on her???

      • KimB

        What is sad is poor choices does make people suffer forever some to the point of no return that can mess up their mind forever. Yes we are imperfect and make mistakes, however, when we all choose a lifestyle that can destroy many homes knowing it is wrong, this choice can cause you to suffer forever.

        • Ang Michelle

          Kimb – Are you referring to Kendra or Hank??? Or the prostitute?

  • matteus

    Basket and that tranny are both home wrecking whores…

    • Ang Michelle

      He DID try to hide/deny the rumors! But “Ava London/Paul Masaniai” (prostitute) wanted the fame & the possibility of larger payouts. I bet HIS parents are proud!

      • sugamorgan

        Bet Basket parents are proud

  • matteus

    nobody deserves to be cheated on especially the mother of your children…

  • JoAnn Williams

    Kendra changed her life got married had kids & thought she had a complete normal happy married life jut like any other woman wants. There’s nothing wrong with her wanting that, she trusted her husband & was in love with him. Then wham she gets all of this throwed in her face . Put yourself in her place as a wife & mother with the public all knowing your business how would you feel?

  • northroad1

    As a mudshark what did she really expect? Cheating comes with the territory

  • Who Cares

    Face it your husband is a fa;;ot

  • Marto

    Maybe she should pretend like Mrs Beckham and pretend it’s not happening.

  • sugamorgan

    Why is she on the net crying every day either leave him or stay its not that hard you like men so does he, whats best for the kids? a mom who banged an 80+ man or a dad who banged a man??

  • Nadia Spolar

    oh my oh my…oh my doesn’t pay to be porno star or hufs kitty……who cares who pretty you are ….guys will cheat and lie and lie and cheat and find someone better??!!! uh uh uh

  • jtrose

    Kenda get with the program. Life has it up and down. You have been up for a long time , time to come down.

  • brian

    She’s a gutter tramp. She designed her world– she can live in it.

  • sugamorgan

    Kendra need to get tested ASAP 4 HIV

  • America Rising

    Hank Baskett cheated with a dude.
    End of story

  • America Rising

    Homosexuality much like crime are rampant in the broken black community.
    They learn it in prison

  • Stephanie.

    Just because Kendra had a “fun” past does not mean she deserves getting cheated with a MAN. or a woman. Yes, she posed naked but she left that in her past to create a family. They have two children and they are married. Its completely disrespectful for a husband with two kids to do this to his wife after everything they have created. It is disgusting and the fact that he bribed her to stay shut is so wrong, i lost complete respect for Hank and i hope Kendra gets over it quickly and moves on.She is gorgeous and from what i’ve seen on her show her personality is nice. he is disgusting, No one deserves to get cheated on especially if they’re married and have kids, So wrong, disrespectful and just plain disgusting. STAY STRONG KENDRA.

  • lyesha

    Kendra stay with your marriage a whore is always gone to say they slept with your husband do not leave what you hear is hearsay and if you did not catch him then don’t believe everything you hear. You just had a baby the kids need a father now days sit down and talk to your husband about the situation don’t give up easy I know that it is hard but way the good things and done and the bad and put it in your hands and the good will way out the bad hang in there I’m quite sure he will not do this again think about your kids.

  • lyesha

    Kendra do not give up on your husband a whore is always gone to say they slept with somebody husband you have 2 children now and they need there father in their lives especially little hank I know that it is hard but why don’t you way out the good things he done and the bad and see what you get I’m sure it will be good things sit down and talk this over with Hank and let him know if this happens again then it will be grounds for DIVORCE but stay with your husband don’t give up, yes he made a big huge mistake everybody is not perfect in this world only one who is pure and perfect is the almighty God,

  • Stacey

    Throw his ass to the curb Kendra. That ho is a ho and will always be a ho.

  • Ginger

    These kind of people should never have bore children, they will suffer the name calling ! Just a very sad situation.

  • Vanessa

    Everyone has a past if you have lived anytime on this earth. Show some compassion and support this woman instead of talking about her past. I know one thing, she has money to show for what she has done and she is beautiful woman. Hack on that HAM of a so called husband that wanted to be with a tranny. He is in the closet, condemn him for being the one that has broken up the home with his man…..

  • Tommy Roland

    she went for a player and got just that a player poor ol hoochie!!!

  • mitch

    never works out when you marry for money

  • Tony Ventana

    Mexifornia bi raciality at its best.

  • Mari

    Celebrities or not, I’m so sad to see a family broken up. Especially by some you tube trash. I feel Kendra’s pain but I wish she would fight for her marriage rather than just give in to the hurt she is feeling. There is obviously something wrong with this man and he needs a strong woman who can encourage him to get the help he needs. Those children need their daddy. I just wish people could get over themselves and put their kids’ needs first for a change. I really hope Kendra changes her mind and fights like crazy to keep her family together and I hope Hank comes to his senses and does whatever necessary to earn back her respect and find forgiveness.

  • LSK

    LSK… Her ego is getting in her way to realize she has little children to take care for. She is old enough and has been around the block a few times. That’s life, get over it!!. Be a mother first and foremost. Be careful not to traumatize the children. It’s easier to be a girlfriend than to be a wife….

  • Ms. West

    Hey if he like that type of people dam you need to take your kids and run like hell and never come back. Sorry for the children when they go to school sorry girl but leave his sorry ass

  • carol adams

    they are both scum…she was Hugh Hefners girlfriend..so youknow she is a money grubber…ohhh, and by the way she was a crystal meth addict, she admitted to it..the two scumbag’s deserve each other and deserve what they get..one more thing, shes not showering, probably getting ready to look for fix and ready to fall back into old habits

  • eric rivera

    wait a minute!..isn’t this the same women who was scouting around to sell a sex tape of her having group sex?..Like attracts like.

  • Lozano Robert

    So sad, she is a gorgeous American looking girl, blonde, blue eyes, big boobs, hot, and has a sweet persona,…. Just shows most guys are searching 4perfection, LOL, guess ‘IT’ can be perfect if its a Tranny that paid 2become flawless

  • Don Baxley

    I am not quite clear what happened? Did her husband like his new girlfriends handle or was he fooled? Some of those transvestites could fool anyone.

  • meret

    She shared Hef with two other women so the infidelity may not be the issue. It is the fact that he was with someone who is essentially a prostitute. This puts her life at risk if he is that reckless and meets random stranger through social media.

  • dave

    This is not a her this is an an IT.. Neither male nor female

  • JustMyOpinion

    First place she was bribed with money not to talk…Well why didnt she just say NO! to him when he showed up at her house, WHY did SHE Even go there ! Knowing she was destroying a family. I am not blaming all on her, it is just as much his faukt for even going there… praying for kendra,and the children…

  • kylie

    why do so many men require a circus show, a carnival, a musical number and cirque du soleil theatrics to have sex?

  • Karen Siegel

    he had something gioor rend it

  • Greg Hand

    She has se with Hef with 5 other women at the same time and a star in a porno but this is something she cannot live with? HAhahahaa

  • Greg Hand

    She has sex with Hef with 5 other women at the same time and a star in a porno but this is something she cannot live with? HAhahahaa

  • James Sunderland

    The tranny was much more woman than she could hope to be!

  • jigsawinc

    London: “I was like don’t put this on me, like it lies in God’s hands.” She/he apparently didn’t give a crap about God or anyone else while she/he was screwing someone else husband. Not saying Hank holds no blame, because he does. He may not respect his wife and his marriage, but London should have and walked away.

  • Soudio

    I have a had time believing this is true, for one reason, wasn’t she just saying on an episode of her reality show that she wanted an open marriage and he was shocked at her with only body paint on, dancing in front of him and his friends on the same episode? And is it not true that when reality stories start to repeat things the actors, or “real people” do in their so called actual lives, the networks start to ask them to do outlandish escapades to beef up the sagging ratings? I just heard Ice T. say pretty much the same thing about his reality show when their ratings dipped from repeating the normal everyday happenings between him self and his wife, and when they asked him to go into a shark tank for an exciting episode they quite doing the show. Sounds kinda like the same thing here does it not?

  • Vida

    How awful to ruin such a special time between mother and new born baby. I like her and think she is strong, but this is tough. Hank is a dog.

  • JDiva

    Some of you are bagging on her for her past but doesn’t everyone deserve a shot at redemption? If not, what’s the other choice? Kill yourself once you’ve messed up because you’ll never be good again? Kendra put aside her wild past and started a family with this man because she believed he loved her. My heart goes out to her. From what I saw of him on their show he seemed like a really nice guy. And she just had a baby. This has to be devastating for her, regardless of what or who she did in the past. I, for one, feel sorry for her and wish the best for her.

  • Mack

    Is Kendra Wilkinson not a former whore? What type of man does she think would settle down and start a family with a former whore?

  • Glinkster

    Dump his Ass!!!!! There is NO excuse for what he did. He needs Kendra, she doesn’t need him. The guy is a has-been in sports. Not even good for a paycheck. Dump Him Now!!!!

  • Charlotte DiLondon

    Kendra was a playboy Bunny for God’s sake. She’s done it All herself. Hugh, girls, what ever “He” wanted the girls gave him. So I would suggest to her, Stay with your family. He had to over look a lot that you did, now it’s your turn.

  • Marconi Polonius

    Looks like the transsexual model was hotter than she was…..

  • http://yahoo.com Mrs. gerkin

    Kendra: I n the words of Jerry Lewis… Smille though your heart is aching… Smile even though it’s breaking….. When there are clouds in the sky… You’ll get by…
    I used to smile all of the time untill i started wearing dentures. A few months ago I was smiling all th e time, when suddenly my dentures fell out of my mouth, fortunately a nice handsome young man, picked them up for me. I could have accidently stepped on them and broke them. You look like you have all your own teeh, and they are beautiful.> Anyway back to you, You are such a nice girl and a wonderful mother, You deserve to meet a nice young man who will take you out to dinner…….. pull out your chair…….. last week My 87 year old husband and I went to an all you can eat buffet. He came over to me and pulled my chair out. I screamed at him…. I told him “You are supposde to pull the chair out before I sit down, not while I am sitting on the chair. Fortunately two waiters came over and picked me up. Cheating ….why do men cheat when they have such wonderful wives, this I do not understand. Just last weeks I was walking with my elderly husband, A beautiful yound woman walked by us, he said He said “Hi babe what is happening”? I got mad and said “Why don’t you act your age? He then said ok I will act my age. Let’s go home and have a nice big tall glass of prune juice.. I said now you are talking my language. I guess you can read my mind afterr all these years. we then watched a lawrence welk rerun Goodluck to you

  • Deborah Burke

    It dos not matter who he cheated with,he cheated and you can not blame the person he was cheating with, a ho is a ho that is what they do,and if kindra has a sex video out there with her being pounded by a boy friend she is as responsible for it getting out to the public as her boy friend because she was there getting herself pounded on -video-.

  • Adrian

    From a Playboy Model to a chick chick with a d*ck. This dude has some issues.

  • T

    These pretentious a-holes can’t keep it in their pants to save their lives! Baskett is a disgrace to tear up the family over that star-frucking, gold-digging shim!!

  • Dawn Riggs

    She not the only woman that husband had a affair.Grow up yes you are hurt and depress.But other women got to worry about the bills, rent, money and might be on up in age.Looks not like they use to be.,,,,,,,,,You have money, fame, looks, so stop bitching

  • Kevin Bethke

    Sue the piece of krap for all hes worth, cheating is hard the way it is, but with a transgender, how humiliating for her.

  • ShD

    I say, dump his ass now and dont fell sorry.

  • Stephanie Breen

    It’s so pathetic that this he/she “Ava” felt the need to run to the press at all. You karmically just F’d YOURSELF. Now, because of you, those kids are the one’s who will be scarred by forever. You SUCK!!

  • Brown Emma

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