Kelly Ripa Shares Intimate Details of Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka's Wedding

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Kelly Ripa was one of the lucky few who attended Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka's top secret wedding over the weekend, and she shared some of the intimate details on Monday's episode of Live! With Kelly and Michael.

"I spent the weekend, in Italy," Ripa told her cohost Michael Strahan. "I went to a destination wedding… the wedding of Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka."

As the room erupted with cheers, Ripa exclaimed, "They got married, yes!"

Ripa, 43, said the wedding was a "very quiet, very private, family affair."

Perhaps she had second thoughts about sharing the details when she remarked, "I'm probably not even supposed to talk about it," but decided it was alright because "Neil said I could talk about it."

"It was a beautiful family affair in Perugia, Italy. They rented a castle — or I think they rented it. I hope we didn't break into a castle and just stayed there," Ripa shared. "Sir Elton John performed. There were fireworks. The food was amazing. There were magic tricks, because, you know Neil is way into magic. Their wedding vows were so beautiful."

"Their wedding vows were so beautiful," Ripa gushed. "It was a beautiful wedding. The speeches were very moving. They are such a nice family. They are such a beautify family."

According to Ripa, Harris and Burtka's twins, Gideon and Harper, sorta-kinda stole the show

"Harper was going to be the flower girl and Gideon was going to be the ring bearer," Ripa explained.

Apparently, the couple's 3-year-old boy wasn't too thrilled with his role in the wedding.

"He said, 'I don't want to be the ring bearer. I want to be the orange boy,'" Ripa laughed. "And he passed out oranges to everybody as he came down the aisle… he came up with it on his own. He had his little tux and his top hat and he passed out oranges."

The adorable-ness didn't end there. Ripa said she later encountered Gideon on the dance floor and thanked him for the fruit.

"We were dancing I said to him, 'Look, Gideon. I saved your orange because I'm gonna keep it forever.' And he goes, 'Oh, you shouldn't. They're so delicious!'"

Harris, 41, and Burtka, 39, have been together since 2004, and became engaged in June 2011 when New York legalized same-sex marriages.

Pam Wright